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  1. I apologise profusely for the lack of pics or even remembering the brand however.... Wife's old Hyundai Gets was purchased with about 25k miles on the click, a receipt showed new front tyres at about 10k. The replacements were made from similar plastic to the dashboard and made it feel like driving on ice as soon as it even looked like precipitation was a possibility. After 15k miles they still looked unworn. Absolutely the most dangerous pieces of shit I have had the misfortune to drive on. Iirc they cost around £20 each! The premium brand that went on about a week after buying
  2. I had a swb 2.8 Pajero import a while ago which I seem to remember is the same engine and running gear. This was reasonably sprightly so I wonder if the engine is giving it's full potential? Mine did 24mpg almost irrespective of how it was driven!
  3. I tend to find a newly discovered magazine is great for a few issues after which they seem to run out of original content and repeat themselves with a couple of tweeks.
  4. W172 THG a Peugeot 106 Independence special edition. Purchased brand new for me by very kind parents. If I recall correctly it came with 2 years insurance included and with an annual policy coming in at around a grand it was a cracking deal. Served me well for around 5 years before I traded it in for an imported Swb Pajero.
  5. Very enjoyable watch. I have American barn/ workshop envy!
  6. Just tried to explain the concept of the roffle to Mrs WGL. She doesn't compute. Then tried to explain a virtual roffle. Don't know why I bother..... she likes the gimp though!!?
  7. May be worth trying to cover up any jagged/ sharp edges on the front of the bonnet. As a car that is likely to stand out (unless covid takes us to a Mad max type scenario) and possibly trigger a stop by Police/ Vosa you could fall foul of 'dangerous condition' type rules. ...... I must say I have always quite liked the old Rovers but have to ask, why no Saabs in your car history?
  8. A common fault on these is the abs reluctor ring breaks due to corrosion underneath. Easy enough to fit DIY for a few quid. Mine was like that and caused all the dashboard lights to come out and play. Uksaab forum has a wealth of knowledge for any other subsequent issues. S - something A - almost A- always B - broken Enjoy. (These also respond well to a remap. Google Saabnoob if interested)
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