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  1. Just had a look on Autotrader for new cars between £35-40k...... It doesn't get you much for all that cash! I had a Merc Cla as a courtesy car a while ago and that was quite nice (1.3 turbo auto), just comes in under budget. I would have guessed it would be nearer 30k though.
  2. A couple of interesting spots from around the Atherton area....... I drive past these occasionally on the way to work.
  3. These do some quite entertaining shite reviews in amongst other content and it works well (imo anyway)
  4. Alternative brand which I think tend to be a bit more compliant than some .... https://psbushings.co.uk/
  5. I reckon they are a subtle attempt to piggyback on the proud name and quality reputation of Landsail!
  6. Is there anywhere that shows what percentage of test result in pass/ fail?
  7. Garage stock topped up. Makes an oil and filter change on the Up! about £12 (with a decent VW/ Mann filter too 😉).
  8. Sorry to hear there are a few bits causing issue 😕 I never knew the Saab had HK speakers...... as I have the old rear door in my garage I thought I would see if it has a suitable replacement for you, it's still HK but unfortunately possibly the least inspiring looking speaker imaginable! (you are of course still welcome to it free of charge if it will provide a temporary solution) Edit: I think the rear speaker mounting looks to be smaller than the front ones so won't fit. Probably not much of a loss.
  9. Autoshite....... your bowel movements are our concern 💩😮📸. (Look forward to seeing the results of this thread, vehicular that is).
  10. Agree.... I changed my Saab 9-5 Aero for an Up! partly as I fancied a change and as I thought it would be good to reset my benchmark for size and performance. It's perfectly adequate for most tasks especially as the majority of my driving is the daily commute. Did a few 200 mile trips which were OK but not really what it is best at. £20 tax and around 55mpg, servicing is easy DIY and costs buttons. These are popular for new drivers so need to be a little bit wary of prev write offs!
  11. One thing worth checking out on these (as well as the Noob map) is the seal around the cabin air intake...... this is under the windscreen scuttle panel and water drains past it, the seal decomposes and water can then flow freely into the floor carpet. I removed and resealed with some heavy duty roofing mastic when I had mine.
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