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  1. Not you...... them...... Heated windscreen rocks!
  2. No heated windscreen? That was one of the best bits on my old Puma! Absolutely fantastic cars. Not fast but entertaining and nice even level of grip Vs grunt.
  3. Wgl2019

    E10 fuel

    Is your old shitter compatible with the new fuel standard? Check here https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-e10-petrol
  4. I may need to take a little break from Facebook
  5. Unless buying something that is still under manufacturers warranty you may well still have the same kind of jobs being required. Someone I work with had to get a new clutch pack on his 2016 Peugeot after it decided forward motion was too much to ask for (french dual clutch £1500). I think there's a happy middle ground that involves buying good examples of cars rather than a fixer upper that keeps on throwing up new and exciting* issues!
  6. For most normal people, definitely. Unfortunately the likelihood is that anyone turning up out of the blue will be at least a bit odd*
  7. Just because you can doesn't mean you should (or must). End of the day it's your money and toys but don't get drawn into doing stuff that may well end in tears to prove a point.
  8. I had the 3.0 V6 version for a few years, nice comfortable and quick enough. Not a car to throw around the corners, more a cruiser. Very wide. Gave about 25mpg pretty much regardless of use. Auto was a 4 speed which was fine apart from doing an odd thing of setting off in second gear by default and then dropping down to first if you straightened the wheels and accelerated out of a junction. Generally reliable, cam belt was expensive as parts were around £500 including some kind of over built hydraulic tensioner. Alarm randomly went off and immobilizer was slightly temperamental. Sold in 2011 and happy to see it's still going (V860 GDV). Insurance was no different to the 2.0 Saab 9-3ss that replaced it.
  9. Cheap* carpet cleaner should do the job. I was amazed how much shit came out of ours, I have a bissel upright but one like this looks s better bet for smol oooopses https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8265146
  10. Stupid drum handbrake shoes in rear discs. Aaaaaaaarrrrhhhhhh!!!!!!!! That is all. (They are back together again though).
  11. Aiui you can do one or the other, either way gives sufficient squirt! I don't know if both would bee too much (Too much????? Never too much!!!!!!)
  12. Never realised these were so quick.
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