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  1. My old 9-3 ended up with wet carpets after the seal around the cabin filter disintegrated. Fixed by ripping it all off and running a bead of industrial strength roofing mastic around.....
  2. Eibach springs are generally well regarded and also not ridiculous ££££. May be an option worth considering. Personally I think new shocks also make a massive difference to how a car rides but that does increase the costs.
  3. It is, I replaced the batteries and capacitors which solved it for about a year and then went again..... Good thing is that the alarm doesn't randomly trigger so another thing I left be. It is possible to remove the alarm warning via Tech 2.
  4. .... you've jogged my memory....... I replaced the ignition switch a little while ago and think I forgot to hook up the central locking button. It's just a push on connection but you do need to remove a few bits to get to it. Heated driver's seat has always been more warm than hot .... certainly not to the same performance as the passenger seats, I wondered if maybe some of the heater pad was a bit lazy? Mirrors have always been a bit obtuse 😉, I cleaned the switch as dirty contacts can make adjustments a bit hit and miss but other than that ignored them. Glad you are getting on with the Saab, I was happy with what you paid, when I bought it about 8 years ago it was £2.5k so depreciation is acceptable 😁. Look forward to seeing more updates.
  5. One thing I forgot to mention that the missus has reminded me of...... The Saab is named Florence. I'll get my coat 🤣
  6. Whilst I am not a big fan of parts roulette.... How much for a set of glow plugs? Our Volvo D5 started and runs much better having had a set even though it didn't complain about the old ones. Set of 5 was about £40 iirc.
  7. Excide/ Varta or Bosch in no particular order, whichever is cheaper.
  8. Holy moly...... If that's small!!!!!! (suppose size is relative to where it may go)
  9. 1.0 3cyl Up! Is actually quicker than the 280bhp lightly tweeted Saab Aero....... (to wash). Bodywork is decent, usual swirl marks but this gives me a chance to play with a da polisher I have had for a while. Will need to get the wheels off and give the inner arches a good clean, VW decided rear arch liners were not required and so there can be a load of crud leading to corrosion issues. Liners can be purchased cheaply so in due course a set will be going on. I've also ordered all the bits to do a full service (air, oil and cabin filters plus oil and 3 spark plugs). After this I can't see that the brake fluid or coolant has been changed since new, there is some debate about when these should be done but I like to have a clean sheet. My mates dad has potentially got an interest in the Saab however if this doesn't happen expect a slightly reluctant for sale advert appearing. Is anyone interested in seeing routine maintenance on a small newish car on here?
  10. And home..... Thanks to @Kiltox
  11. Stage 1........ This can mean only one thing.
  12. +1 I also recommend joining the UkSaab forum and utilising the 10% discount code.......
  13. Re: hot wheels........ The 9-3 uses each brake for stability and traction control, iirc when any suspension work is done the steering wheel sensor should be reset (needs tech2) or the car can get confused and apply the brakes lightly in normal driving to correct a slide that isn't happening. They do generate a lot of heat in the engine bay though which I found meant the front wheels were always quite warm without and caliper shenanigans.
  14. If you are finding it difficult to get the belt on..... The tensioner will allow a bit more movement from its 'slack' position (where it is with the Allen key stopping it tensioning the belt). Personally I cheated and bought one 10mm longer than standard 😉. Other than that I found it one of the few jobs that was easier than expected!
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