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  1. Scan tools...... Don't know if this would be suitable or not, I have a Swedish spec one, works on the Ovlov but is hated by the Saab! https://ljmcardiagnostics.co.uk/products/icarsoft-lr-v2-0-jaguar-professional-diagnostic-scan-tool-icarsoft-uk Enjoyed reading your thread, fair play for the tenacity!
  2. Subframe bushes can be done without removing the subframe if you replace with poly. Basically drill and holesaw the old ones out and use a jack to push the poly mount in from below, can be done on axle stands although a two post lift would make it a lot more agreeable! I would however consider dropping the subframe and treating with rust converter and chassis paint, this also allows a load of otherwise inaccessible parts to be dealt with (alternator, power steering pipes, oil pressure switch, rear engine mount). I wonder if the suspension fail is for the shock mount? If so they are £35 an
  3. The infamous DIC! Some will show signs of cracking underneath when they are on the way out..... some don't. Although Saab's need a Tech2 computermethingamybob for access to all the complicated functions a basic OBD2 reader will give an indication of what the issue may be.
  4. Oponeo suggests either 185/60 or 175/65 as alternatives. Guess the previous owner decided to go for a pick and pic approach 😸
  5. Why? Get a pressure bleeder ( I have a Sealey Vs820, others are available), fill with 1l brake fluid and attach to fluid reservoir. Pump it a few times then go round and loosen the bleed nipples one at a time until fluid runs clear. Really is quite simple. The most time consuming part is likely to be taking the wheels off if the billed nipples aren't accessible. I have also started fitting stainless steel nipples to avoid any future seized or snapped issues.
  6. My first car was a British Racing Green Montego with white MGish alloys. Fab cars, can't remember the last time I saw either a Maestro or Montego out in the wild....
  7. I have never used or heard anything either good or bad about these: https://www.rotboxrustorations.com/workshop.html# I like the name though....
  8. Certain *specialist websites disagree.....
  9. Has to be a balance between spend and save. Too much of either has its downsides. I read this and guess you have a particular car in mind..... Potential for a future appreciating asset? Could be both enjoyable and justify some ongoing spends on maintenance which can make financial reasoning more palatable.
  10. That looks fab. I have an irrational attraction to old Japanese taxis for some reason. Keep the updates coming.......
  11. If it generates some additional views on the YouTube's that may be enough.....
  12. How much are 'better' ones going for? Would spending a bit more initially be money well spent.... Eh https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/699004280712611/
  13. Also..... The liners are held on with plastic nuts that go onto some weedy metal fixings. These invariably snap off if you just undo them with a socket. If you use a Stanley knife the plastic bits can be split and removed. Replacements can be found here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291532248803
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