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  1. I'm not saying it's right, but for now can you not put a few wraps of PTFE around the tensioner and re-use the old copper washer ? (As a temporary fix) Or measure the O.D of the tensioner and get a good quality dowty washer / seal ordered (might even have one if you throw me the size)
  2. Not going to lie mate, one of the few cars I regret selling. I didn't see the need for having two estates at the time 🤦‍♂️. That whisper quiet M112, effortless drive and sheer wafty-ness made it a bloody brilliant car (that and the brilliant rear suspension which soaked up everything with ease)
  3. When he decides to start limping and flinches when you touch his paw, yes.
  4. House. These all happened over a few weeks.. Shower started leaking- fixed Bath cold feed - Burst pipe, so replaced Bath sealant- split, ragged out and re-sealed. That must be it right? . NOPE. Shower switch failed (1hr before i needed to be in work, so mad dash to screwfix etc before work) Front door barrel failed - Replaced And last week the boiler 🙈 So yeah, I'm now piss poor 😅 .... ooh yeah and the dog decided to cost me £65 at the vets too 😲😅. No more horrible surprises please life
  5. My old Mercedes E320 Estate. Rear suspension was floaty and soaked up bumps etc, and the M112 V6 was ridiculously smooth. I'd love another (even in Derv flavour)
  6. Going back to look, I now see 😅 Looks like the Sump could be dropped with a bit of persuasion and jack work.
  7. Did you drop the sump on the Mercedes & look at the shells ? If you give up and want to sell it, do let me know, granted I'll have to sell something first, but I'd be delighted to see this old girl back on the road.
  8. Always winds me up that you've got to do all the leg work. If you or a loved one you care for are genuinely unable to work, you should be assisted in claiming the correct things. My old man can't work due to various things (fucked back, pissing blood etc) - He's a bit of a fool and feels ashamed when claiming for anything (after working 20+ odd years beforehand) , and both him and mum have no idea what they can and can't claim. Yes even the local Citizens Advice ain't helped. Yet the rather rotund woman down the road with about 12 kids, has a lovely new Zafira all paid for 🤷‍♂️. Sorry to go off on one Eddy 🤣, but hope you get it sorted mate, as seems the genuine and nice ones get fobbed off.
  9. Some brilliant skills on display here ! Would it be worth adding a gas strut or two, to the lid ?
  10. Yes it's Hill 'n Ditch in Mouldsworth, only took it here to see if the 4WD system actually worked properly, was quite fun & certainly stopped my mate from bugging me about Green laining, for a few weeks (Yes I didn't want to take it 'properly' off-road incase it got damaged / stuck/ broken) It was an Ex Aberdeeen city council car, why they specced a 110 Hi-Cap, instead of a normal 110 I'll never know 🤷‍♂️. Would love another Defender. Keep the pictures of yours coming 😎
  11. This thread has brought back Hi-Cap feelings, sold it and do miss it 😭
  12. I was littered thinking about this yesterday 😅 .... but my piss poor memory ensured I couldn't recall the username of who to ask 🤷‍♂️. Looks mighty fine with that bumper up front. Any plans for a Winch on it ? (Seriously handy bit of kit, if not for dragging yourself unstuck, then for moving others out the way) Shall follow the thread and await more pictures 😊
  13. I've got a load of shit on atm, but do fire me a P.M or Facebook message the day before, as I might be able to make it 🤞
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