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  1. Been enjoying the Transalp the past few weekends, it needs new sprocket and chain, probably end up going +2 on the rear sprocket, and treat it to new handlebars and a clutch. If anyone can recommend nice levers, I need to change the clutch lever that got bent years ago
  2. Ropey idle may also be Throttle module. Bit fiddly, but once clean it can help. Good work saving a Volvo. MM5 approved.
  3. My old man used to smoke around in a few Granadas. Recall changing the interior out on my 'summer holidays' , as his was poverty spec' and we scored a full leather interior from the scrap yard for £100. Shall be watching this thread with interest, and if you're flogging it, pop us a P.M, as being an Auto my old man might want to relive his youth*
  4. Good man. Enjoyed both videos and all the 'chuffing'. Fancy doing some work on my 110 ?
  5. Shizer, sorry chief I forgot to get you pictures etc of pump tools. I know who to come to now, if I want my pump timing adjusted - As you've nailed it.
  6. These are well and truly on my WANT list. Sorry I forgot to who owned this when chatting at Chum', but it looked / looks spot on.
  7. Yup was a good Pre-Birthday day out. Sadly I'm a socially awkward mong & forget peoples names / faces and usernames etc, so didn't get to annoy you all. Thanks to all involved who made the day happen. Hopefully next year I'll be in something 'shiter', than the Gaffa Tape wagon.
  8. 11am cut off ... didn't know that, this does not look good haha
  9. With my luck, not worth the hassle. Another way around it, would be to wait till another post office opens tomorrow (at 11Am) and turn up later ... which isn't the best of ideas.
  10. Change of plan for me. Post office want to charge me from 1st of August to tax the truck, so 'FRO' was duly noted. Instead I'll be in the Gaffa Tape machine, which has a slipping clutch, dying DMF and a shit handbreak ...yay
  11. DVLA - Got my first 'fine' from them. Paperwork clearly states it will only be £40 if paid before 29th September, aah alright thinks I. Go online - NOPE £84 odd, ooh and the phone number supplied is only a Monday to Friday outfit. Ooh, and I can't tax it online either, as its saying it was sorn or taxed within the last few days. Yay ... don't fancy ringing them up as no doubt the 0300 number will be ££ per minute.
  12. Nice one chief. Ticket and suitable 'shite card' arrived this morning.
  13. Yo Brownnova. Did you get my funds via PayPal ? As had no confirmed reports of tickets or funds landing (Insert shocked emoji face) Ooh also gents (and any women) keep an eye out for folk with these naughty magnetic trackers, someone I follow online has found one whilst washing his car after visiting a local (to him) show. Other than that - Look forward to spending Birthday eve having a crack with you lot. I'll be in the Tonka truck hopefully
  14. I might be massively wrong, but pretty sure you can DTI the pump. I'll dig out my AEL timing kit (same engine) as it deffo has a fitting to screw in the ass of the pump..mhhm. Ooh if you need any bits, let me know as I'll be breaking my daily soon (once I've settled the other one)
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