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  1. Minimad5

    RR P38

    Yeah it doesn't look like it's had an easy life
  2. When you offering Autoshite Restoration Services? (ARS)... needs an 'E' Anyway, some top work that, well done.
  3. Been on the receiving end of this in the past, boiled my piss and then got pulled in a few weeks later "We've noticed you've got an attitude, and are all negative" ... NO SHIT. Anyway -keep your head down and something will turn up. What field of expertise do you currently work in / looking for ?
  4. Minimad5

    RR P38

    Look at that interior, yes slightly shagged but looks comfortable. Must resist https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1995-M-RANGE-ROVER-4X4-2-5-DSE-5-SPEED-MANUAL-MOT-OCTOBER/154273696946?hash=item23eb6dccb2:g:CGIAAOSwB4tf8K-~
  5. Which would remain to tick even after you pumped or pressed the pedal. I'm replying to what someone said in regards to the noise going away after pressing the brake pedal.
  6. Fail on the quote side of things, but someone mentioned the Vw/Volvo engine, if it is 'ticking' and you pump the brake pedal it goes away - If this happens then change the Vacuum pump ASAP, as they can cause the camshaft to turn to broken metal, as the pump becomes solid, and the plunger is unable to compress the spring & diaphragm. My 850 has the D5252T engine, and they can be made to go fairly quickly. Brilliant amount of torque, good on fuel and not 'that' agricultural, so I'd personally go for one with this engine or derivative in.
  7. That is lovely!! Wonder how much Ceri would want to drag that back 🤣
  8. Many years ago me and a mate thought it would be hilarious to stick his sandwiches behind a radiator in our Spanish class. Yes we stupidly underestimated the gut wrenching stench, as we were permanently positioned next to said radiator, this gradually increasing smell got to a point that all lessons were diverted to the school library. Thankfully we never got done for it. Yep very silly
  9. If Ken passes on that, then let me know
  10. Don't take this sort of thing to heart. I'm a proper weirdo and feel uncomfortable with 'small talk' , so to me talking to folk is easier when it is about a subject - Cars or if you need help with something. So don't just take it you are the problem, as folk may have inner / hidden problem such as lack of communication skills. (Have you ever made the first move and expressed interest in the other persons interests or hobbies ? ... this can get the chatty juices flowing)
  11. Took a S100XR off tarmac and onto the dirt? ... now that I would have to see ! The bike isn't really built or set up for that, but I guess some light grass and mud could be approached with the correct tyres.
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