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  1. Welcome. I seen VOLVO and instantly approve. Don't forget to post some pictures, and get yourself a thread going. Welcome aboard Regards MM5
  2. 😪 This is why I need a big garage / unit.
  3. Just discovered I've got the horn for a XM now 😅
  4. I was mate 👍 But need to shift some stuff first 😅
  5. Picture this: Bit early for picking the missus up from work, so I wait in the car cooking & sweating in the heat, wondering how to get rid of this headache. BOOM What the fuck was that 😬😲 Look over to an old woman miming 'Sorry' and peeling her door out of mine 🙈 Get out and inspect the damage, but immediately get greeted with abuse. "Woah hang on you are aware you're the one in the wrong here" says my mush. Old lass:- Frantic wipes of my door followed by calling me a scammer 'and I refuse to give you money' At this point I'm left REALLY confused and uncomfortable, but tell this now irate woman that I'm not after money and to not just assume I'm like everyone else or even these so called 'scammers'. I didn't even mention money 🤷‍♂️ wtf. After listening to her increasingly louder voice I just shook my head and said "aah fuck this" sat back in the car & popped on the Air-Con to both get away from the noise and heat. Why do people need to jump onto the blame game straight away. Grumpy.
  6. I always forget about these, brilliant things. Good luck with them all 😎👍
  7. Bloke at Happy Als has one the same colour 😎👍
  8. I meant something a tad more indepth, such as showing the new relay details (part number) and what each cable marking says. Well done for being persistent with finding a replacement though 😎
  9. Is it worth you getting some pictures of this new relay etc, as anyone else can use your thread for a similar problem ? He says having never seen another Rover with this odd set-up 😅
  10. Day off. Eaten something that has disagreed* with me. *This disagreement has resulted in the mother of all squirty farts, like full on grand canyon material. Imodium has been eaten. Not helped yet. Parts are now tender 😬 😪
  11. 😅 I don't think I've ever posted a picture of my 'normal' self, never mind a slightly wonky headed version.
  12. Local college does hair training of which a mate of mine teaches a wee bit. Anyway they offer haircuts* for £3, if any of you know me I'm not bothered what my face & head look like so thought I'd help out and donate my bonce. Well £3 turned into £1 and I left with a wonky hair-do. The grin ? The look on everyones face when I said 'yeah do what you want' Poor lass was sweating in fear 😅
  13. Can you get any heat onto the bolt, I'm wondering if it has thread lock applied. And try an imperial Allen key - Might just find one that fits good enough
  14. You do realise the general public are cunts ? So some folk deem it necessary to wear such things to try and avoid cunty customer shouting and ranting at them. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  15. New job induction today - Classroom based 🤯. I genuinely don't do well in this environment, so no idea how well (or bad) I've done, but I've not felt this out of my depth for a long time. 😬
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