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  1. Got three Herald / Reliant wheels, in the way now so want gone :
  2. How much do you folk earn, I'm over here with a piss orange bucket, second hand jetwash and soggy sponge πŸ˜… Worked well on the Rover mind, before: After: Would a D.A work on this and revive the paint ? .. or would it kill it and make me shout 'FAWK'
  3. Having a brake pipe fail is not fun πŸ˜… Best get new ones ordered
  4. Saab Update: Ignition switch sorted - What a relief it fitted and works, not a fan of removing trim and plastic panels. N/S mirror replaced, as old one was all cracked. New pair of wipers up front, and all booked in for an MOT next week, fingers crossed 🀞 If anyone wants to buy this, do let me know - Either with or without MOT
  5. The C5 sneaking in behind the MX5, much want for CitroΓ«n
  6. davehedgehog31 ^ not worth the hassle with police etc. (After being hit by a car and getting a letter from police basically saying 'Well you're still alive so we've left it at that' ... I lost a lot of time for them) Just remove his tyre valves if you ever see his car parked up.
  7. Oosh nice that. Big fan of both of your Audis 😎
  8. Good repair pieces and nice to see good quality welds too. Well done for keeping this old girl alive.
  9. I R now Saab licker too. Thanks to Ceris delivery services. It needs an ignition switch (doesn't return to run) and a few other niggling bits and bobs. But it has lived in the same family since new, first owned by prev owners mother and then him, so that makes me the third owner. This has the Aisin Warner slosh-box and seems to drive alright. Plan to tidy it up, service and MOT, then it will be on loan duty to my old man (whilst I fix his daily). After this it will then be for sale, if anyone is interested 😎
  10. You need a lovely Saab 900 or 850 Tdi, no ? .. what about a lovely Outback - Yeah all of these have comfortable seats, and don't sit at megga RPM on the motorway. Yes I do have one of each possibly for sale πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜… Actually spotted a Primera on the road recently, but it was the sporty version and sounded surprisingly good
  11. Since having a small jaunt in Junkmans V8 powered P6, I've always been a bit taken by these. Yours looks like a lovely example. Will own Rover V8 one day 🀞😎
  12. I'll hopefully have a thread popped up soon 🀞
  13. This offends me, as I was called a quilt once when I was 5. So from now moderator man you have to use the term Duvet. Also you and the good lady are mad (in a good way) for piloting that American thing about the Welsh mountains πŸ˜…
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