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  1. You mad bastard 😅 Got to come have a look at this one day
  2. Bit shit on the FOG front, as you say a bright visual warning on the dash surely is enough ? But well done for not giving up, lad at work has a Tiger that's nearly made him give up a few times, so I'll give the whole kit car thing a miss personally 😅
  3. I've said it once before, but well done for ploughing on with this. Worth posting your rough location and see if anyone off here is willing to help, even if it's just a little lift or two with heavy doors etc ?
  4. Is there no way you can buy a small shed and remove everything else from the garage, thus making garage a dry place to work on the car ? I only suggest this as I know the feeling all too well, drag tools out to car and start tinkering away. Hhmm rain. Come up with a desperate attempt to stop everything getting wet, yes I've successfully got piss wet in the process. Drag tools back into garage. Ooh look its now stopped raining 🤦‍♂️ & repeat that cycle a good few times during the week 😅.
  5. Not seen him for ages, last time I spoke to him at Cholomonoondey he hadn't a clue who I was 😅 ... bearing in mind I've sat co-pilot in his P6 when we were visiting Jon and his Amazon
  6. I've been on this forum for years, and I still find it much easier to understand the Romanian bloke down the road, than any of tooSavvys posts.
  7. I'd love a Cooper S But sadly all the ones I've seen are utterly shagged. If you end up passing on it, do pass details on.
  8. P4 hasn't been getting the love it needs recently, had mental deadlines set which I've completely missed. Days booked off from work were meant to be shared between house & P4 repairs, ended up stuck under a mini in the pissibg rain, then having to rush around finding parts, as sadly folk apparently couldn't get them 🤷‍♂️ Aah well, be alright next week- Just work to contend with... hopefully.
  9. 🤦‍♂️ You know I hadn't noticed the wiper till someone (was it you ?) Pointed it out when we met at the station 😅 Glad she's giving you sterling service! If you ever feel the need to remove the Tossa-Del-Mar sticker from the rear window, do post it this way, as we nick named it 'The Tossa mobile' and eer I'd enjoy sticking it on someones window 😅
  10. I'd avoid the Bridgestones, pretty sure that's what my S1000XR came with, and they made the dashboard light up at the sight of rain. Metzler have good reviews & I was torn between them and the Michelin Road 5, ended up with the Road 5 in the end which are MILES better than the Bridgestones. Oh make sure you get the touring version if you go Michelin, as they have a slightly different carcass made for the heavier bike.
  11. Link to said advert ?? If anyone needs something 'up here' looking at next time, do ask.
  12. Say what, tell me more about this maybe local car
  13. Glad to hear the MG is now in running order 😎
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