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  1. I always forget about these, brilliant things. Good luck with them all 😎👍
  2. Bloke at Happy Als has one the same colour 😎👍
  3. I meant something a tad more indepth, such as showing the new relay details (part number) and what each cable marking says. Well done for being persistent with finding a replacement though 😎
  4. Is it worth you getting some pictures of this new relay etc, as anyone else can use your thread for a similar problem ? He says having never seen another Rover with this odd set-up 😅
  5. Day off. Eaten something that has disagreed* with me. *This disagreement has resulted in the mother of all squirty farts, like full on grand canyon material. Imodium has been eaten. Not helped yet. Parts are now tender 😬 😪
  6. 😅 I don't think I've ever posted a picture of my 'normal' self, never mind a slightly wonky headed version.
  7. Local college does hair training of which a mate of mine teaches a wee bit. Anyway they offer haircuts* for £3, if any of you know me I'm not bothered what my face & head look like so thought I'd help out and donate my bonce. Well £3 turned into £1 and I left with a wonky hair-do. The grin ? The look on everyones face when I said 'yeah do what you want' Poor lass was sweating in fear 😅
  8. Can you get any heat onto the bolt, I'm wondering if it has thread lock applied. And try an imperial Allen key - Might just find one that fits good enough
  9. You do realise the general public are cunts ? So some folk deem it necessary to wear such things to try and avoid cunty customer shouting and ranting at them. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  10. New job induction today - Classroom based 🤯. I genuinely don't do well in this environment, so no idea how well (or bad) I've done, but I've not felt this out of my depth for a long time. 😬
  11. You don't seem like the type of bloke to want to 'rock the boat' But I'd be seriously putting yourself first now. Why do 3 persons roles / jobs to just end up destroyed when you get home ? .... when you could do one job at a time, take it easy and don't burn yourself out, at the end of the day you'll get no thanks AND most importantly you don't want to start a new job f*cked (if you've fired your C.V out) The company haven't looked after you, do your role no more no less 🤷‍♂️
  12. Just the Volvo Estate 🤞😉 *With welcoming arms awaits Ovlov love 😅
  13. Great to see some progress Eddy. Don't worry about the badge, keep it in the glovebox for now 👍 Hope you're doing well - And don't hesitate in texting / WhatsApp/ p.m us if you need anything
  14. @warren t claim - Show them real poverty spec 😎
  15. You posh individual !! you've got Auto gearbox, third rear brake light and digital Hvac. My Derv is manual gearbox, manual hvac and no third rear brake light 😅 Brilliant cars
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