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  1. Nice work & Good looking motor !
  2. Evening all, Before getting quotes from dodgy folk off Facebook etc, I thought I would ask here. Any of you folk transport cars ? Or even know a trust worthy person that does ? Need to shift a very poorly (dead engine) Volvo from Barnsley to the 'lovely' Wirral. Thanks
  3. 🤔 If you come to flog it, let me know
  4. Yikes that camshaft looks a tad unwell
  5. Top thread. Currently in the middle of similar stuff for my old man. Going to try an CLS (as it needs to be Automatic too)
  6. Not sure what fluid you've used in the geartronic box, but make sure it's JWS3309 'compliant' , as they are fussy gearboxes. Old Derv V70 - Hope you get her sorted, my cam & crank seals have just started weeping (insert sad face)
  7. Paid / Sent monies/ Palled the pay .. just after replying to your P.M
  8. Always liked these, sadly DERV variety seem to be thin on the ground.
  9. This has grown my hankering for a Jeep. Good to see you're giving it some love, whilst also not being scared to use it. Feel free to add me to the queue of 'when you flog it'
  10. Fitted a new front sprocket to the CBR1000F today, the rear sprocket and chain haven't done many miles- hence me not changing the lot. Also managed to balance the carbs, so fingers crossed I'll get a test ride in, and see what she feels like. Idle is vastly improved ! P.s: Can't believe the state of the front sprocket, ashamed
  11. Thanks !! Surprisingly my K3-SV helmet appears more 'safe' than my Schuberth C3 Pro, according to that website.
  12. 3 door .. Oosh Any pictures squire ?
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