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  1. Many many years ago I had a 1.6 Pinto Sierra, which suffered bad pinking that could not be cured by adjusting the ignition timing. I pulled the head off and found massive carbon build up on the valves and tops of the pistons. Once cleaned, the engine ran sweet. This information may be of no use if you’ve had your engine rebuilt and de-coked.
  2. Rare 4 door FSO Polonez Atu Lada sedan, very rare in Poland And a very tidy W202 Mercedes
  3. Greetings from sunny Crete. I’m pleased that the Boxster is generally behaving itself. I’ve never had any issues with coolant loss or staining around the often temperamental reservoir cap so look there first if there’s evidence of leakage. Still looks great.
  4. Thank you! Order has been restored.
  5. Have the for sale ads moved to where I cannot see them or is nobody selling any crusty old motors on here any more?
  6. Cheers guys. Based on your advice I’m just gonna stick a bit of gaffer tape over the missing bit of bellhousing and just leave it. I don’t have the necessary resources or time to fabricate a proper cover.
  7. The gearbox is usable as it is but I am concerned about crap and moisture getting inside the bellhousing and fucking up the clutch.
  8. I’ve acquired a replacement gearbox for my W124. It ended up being free but there is a snag. In a previous life someone cut the bellhousing to enable installation of the gearbox to a non W124 engine - see photo. I’ve got 48 hours to fashion a repair as I’ve got a slot with my mechanic to fit the gearbox for me on Wednesday. But how? I’m struggling for ideas.
  9. Like. Great engine and in manual flavour. My favourite.
  10. Years ago I went to see a Nissan Almera Tino (not sure why I wanted one) over in High Wycombe. The car was properly cleaned by the trading from home chancer except where he rubbed fresh mud on the bodywork to cover up various dents and scratches. When I looked at the mud he commented that his wife got the car dirty whilst driving through a field. Complete bollocks. The seller was a complete dickhead so I walked away.
  11. Old skool Hi Fi. 1 x Rotel amp 1 x Toshiba amp Both sounded amazing when working but both developed the same intermittent fault - they play ok, then cut out, then cut in and out.... 1 x Akai turntable - read about it here: I don't have time to get it sorted. First come first served, have them for free, collection only from 5 mins from M40 J3, no postage, the amps are fucking heavy. You can collect any time you like. If I'm home I'll make you a cuppa, if not, I can leave the stuff outside for you to pick up.
  12. No!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks perfect as it is.
  13. Definitely available on a B reg.
  14. Mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega jealous.
  15. Agreed. 99.9% of the imported stock has been involved in one form of incident or another and has been repaired to dubious standards whilst 100% of cars have been clocked and sold without any history. My FIL (in Poland) bought a nearly new Megane imported from France a couple of years ago, which apparently has not been involved in any accidents. I appreciate that Renault panel gaps were never perfect but I’ll bet anyone my right testicle that his car has been heavily rear ended. Complete fucking mine field.
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