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  1. As proposed, I have taken every occasion to drive the 230E over the past two weeks (whilst I've been on annual leave). Weather permitting, I've been out in the 230E to take rubbish to the dump and to visit DIY stores. I've made new friends on route, seems people are enjoying seeing a taxi sign atop a tidy old Merc. After driving the 230E I realised that the 200E's driver's seat was set too high. The height adjustment mechanism didn't work, time to investigate. I took the seat out. Amazing how Mercedes can make a seat weigh 100kg. In the process I uncovered 29.5 year
  2. Good old days! I took the W123 to Poland and back twice, it performed perfectly on both occasions. I also took my W124 E220 for the same run two or three times. Again, it performed faultlessly. I would love to take the W123 across one more time but I’m getting too sensible for such displays of bravery. I’ve lost count how many times I made the journey in moderns but one of the most memorable trips was about 15 years ago, when I caned a nearly new Honda S2000 across German autobahns. It happily cruised at an indicated 155MPH.
  3. How to get twenty five 4.2m and five 5.7m decking boards home from the timber merchant? On top of a W124, of course! The roof was flexing a fair bit to the point that I could see the sunroof panel deflecting whenever I drove over a bump. As soon as I removed the decking boards I checked the (electric) sunroof and I am pleased to report that it is working ok, it has not suffered any damage.
  4. I'm glad that I tidied up the 200E's underside over Christmas but I must confess that I did not enjoy the experience. Whilst I've got two weeks annual leave, I wanted to tidy up the 230E in the same way. I started by getting the 230E on ramps and gave the underside a good pressure wash. As I've already done the rear arches, I decided to work on the underside with the car up on ramps rather than axle stands. I undersealed exposed parts of the 230E's underside a few years ago and I was pleased to find the old coatings are still holding up well and keeping rust at
  5. My love for W123s and W124s relates to an unhealthy fetish for old German taxis. I've been suffering for years. Back in the 1970s and 80s UK buyers paid a premium to drive a W123 and consequently these Mercs were seen as luxury cars driven by the elite. However, in other parts of the world W123s were seen as workhorses and a great example of this is the German taxi. I found these images of a W123 German taxi and fell in love. Whilst it would be impossible to re-create a proper RHD W123 replica taxi, I wanted my hellelfenbein coloured 230
  6. I will happily make the journey again and meet up with you as soon as BoJo says it’s ok to do so.
  7. Oh, ok. From Aldbury I headed towards Aylesbury and then hit the A413 towards Buckingham. I’ve never driven north from Aldbury / Tring.
  8. You are 100% correct. I’ve updated the text. Where is Ashridge?
  9. Due to its sloppy steering the 230E had been a garage ornament for a number of years. I really did not enjoy driving it, the steering wheel needed excessive amounts of input whenever the road camber changed and there was far too much play in the centre position. Last year I had the steering box refurbished but due to covid, life and bad weather I didn't get a chance to drive the 230E far enough to appreciate the improvements. Until today. I took advantage of an opportunity and drove the 230E 120 miles from home (near Beaconsfield) via Amersham, Wendover, Aldbury, Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, Buck
  10. My mechanic is looking after it. It’s had extensive welding to the floorpan and new drive shafts fitted but it’s still a long way from being ready for an MoT. Do you recall how much it sold for?
  11. I haven't provided any updates about either of my two Mercs for sometime as both have been grounded due to bad weather and copious amounts of salt that has been spread on local roads. Now the weather is starting to improve, I hope to use both cars more often. I started by taking the 200E for an MoT this morning. I am pleased to confirm that it passed with flying colours and no advisories. The MoT tester was impressed with the condition of the 200E, which will be celebrating its 30th birthday in December. Whilst visiting my mechanic, I spotted a W123 230TE on a D plate. I've nev
  12. Earlier today I grabbed a packet of wet wipes and popped into my workshop for 30 minutes to give the engine bay a quick tidy up. The inner wings, bulkhead, some of the wiring and ignition bits were a bit grubby and needed a clean. The photos below flatter the engine bay. About two hours into the 30 minute job I realised that I underestimated the scale of the task. A mere four and a half hours later I finished the tidy up. My wife helped out by giving the windscreen washer bottle a good scrub. Unfortunately the photos do not illustrate just how cleaner and shin
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