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  1. Good to see you again Chris. Shame that it was raining this morning as I would have liked a photo of our two 123s side by side.
  2. @Six-cylinder No doubt something will need my attention and expenditure in the near future. The hole gives access for a spring removal tool. @Zelandeth Is right about the reservoir.
  3. In this overdue update I have very little to report. Neither the W123 nor the W124 has developed any faults and due to a recent holiday and bad weather both have been resting in their lairs. The W123 should not need any significant attention and I have no plans for any improvements or repairs. A few years ago I attempted to replace the W124's leaking cam cover gasket but failed when ECP supplied me with the wrong replacement gasket. I sealed the old gasket and oil stopped leaking from the front of the cam cover but there is still a dribble at the back, which has caused oil staining on top of the gearbox bellhousing. I intend to obtain the correct replacement gasket from my local Mercedes main dealer and the job properly asap. This summer, Covid rules permitting, I am planning on taking the W124 across Europe to Poland. My wife and (twelve year old) son would not enjoy the road trip so they would fly to Szczecin, where we would rendez vous and head to Kolobrzeg (coastal resort on the Baltic sea in Poland where I have property), spend a week there, then drive to Poznan to see my in-laws, then return to the UK a week later. In total, that's approx 2,000 miles from the UK and across France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Poland, including the journey home. I've done this trip in my W123 twice before so it should be a walk in the park for the W124. Before I go, here is a photo taken a couple of weeks ago, with the W124 parked outside a £20M mansion in Weybridge, Surrey. It looked happy there.
  4. It's been a while since I've updated this thread. Since buying the Cooper last summer I’ve been keeping it unlocked in the garage and I’ve had a few issues with the battery going flat whenever I left it unused for more than a week. In December I replaced the battery but having left the Cooper in the garage for three weeks over Christmas, the new battery was completely flat upon my return. A car electrician friend took a look at it for me a few weeks ago. He did various checks and concluded that the battery and the charging system are ok but his checks revealed that by leaving the car unlocked, the electrical system was drawing 0.4 amps but with it locked and alarmed, the draw was down to 0.1 amps. His advice was to keep the Cooper locked and hope that everything is ok. I've had no more battery issues since. The oil leak from the engine has not fixed itself. Once the weather improves and I can kick my W124 out of the garage I promise to get it sorted. I'm still really enjoying driving the Cooper but noisy internal trim has been spoiling the experience somewhat, especially creaks that emanated from the rear nearside quarter panel. I took action yesterday and stripped out the rear seat and removed the offending panel. I found a couple of broken and loose clips as well as evidence of rubbing between the panel and adjoining plastic surfaces. I applied gaffer tape and packed out various plastics and after re-assembly the panel was more securely fixed and hopefully will be less creaky.
  5. Peter C


    £208 according to my sources.
  6. Peter C


    Now available in 1:18 scale.
  7. Definitely. I love chrome bumper MGB GTs, it looks great in white and the electric powertrain is the future, whether we like it or not.
  8. Good news. The B-post trim that I fixed* with gaffer tape is now silent, the boot has dried out and there has been no further water ingress. Admittedly, the 200E hasn't seen any rain / water since my discovery so I'm not getting overly excited just yet. To replace the faulty clutch master cylinder, my mechanic had to remove the lower dash panel. The careless twat caused damage to the panel, presumably with a large screwdriver, whilst trying to lever off the inset plastic trim. Ok, it's not the most difficult job getting the lower dash panel off but it's a faff nethertheless. My wife volunteered* to help and out came the iron and dishcloth. Time for a professional repair. It only bloody worked! Now I don't have to see the damaged trim each time I get in the 200E. Some time ago I upgraded the 200E's front and rear speakers and installed a 12" JBL sub-woofer and Sony amp. The system sounded decent and the bass was loud and clear. However, earlier this year my Cooper needed an ICE upgrade so I removed the sub and amp and installed a Mutant combo in place - see earlier post. Unfortunately, the Mutant kit has failed to live up to my expectations. The sound quality was generally poor, the bass was not as deep and nowhere near as loud as what I had before. I decided to remove it. I'm now left with a big, clean and clear load space. Win. The upgraded front speakers were actually tweeters. I also removed them and re-fitted a pair of Kenwood 4" co-axials, which I had in the 200E before I started the upgrades. For some reason, Mercedes specified unconventional sized speakers in W124s and a 4" speaker is not a perfect fit. I secured the speakers with speaker-bogey and sealed the edges with gaffer tape. It's not professional but it works. The Kenwood head-unit is actually quite decent and features in-built front and rear cross-overs, which enable full control of which frequencies are sent to the front and rear speakers. By restricting the lower frequencies to the front speakers, they only produce mid and high tones and sound clear, whilst the rear (larger - 5.25") speakers provide a full range of tones. For a standard system it sounds ok and I am not proposing to spend more time fiddling with the ICE.
  9. Is that bird shit on the rear bumper?
  10. Twenty minutes to go. It’s all getting too exciting for me.
  11. I’m surprised that a person who owns an R53 has time to fiddle with anything else. Bad news about the clutch.
  12. There’s an offer. Would make a great* Christmas present.
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