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  1. Cowling is present and correct. Undertray is a big metal plate securely fixed with four bolts. Apart from the electric fan, which is fitted in place of the original fan, everything in the engine bay and below it is stock, present and in good condition.
  2. After a week of standing unused in the garage, I fired up the 200E and within less than ten minutes the engine reached full operating temperature.
  3. I’ve been keeping busy during the lockdown. Both Tucsons needed a wash, which killed a couple of hours. Having done a few engine oil changes on both Mercs in recent years, I’ve accumulated a few gallons of used 10W40 oil. A quick Google search revealed that old engine oil makes for a good wood preservative. I have an arrangement of old timber beams making up flower beds in the rear garden. The beams have weathered silver grey and started to look a little unsightly. A quick coat of brushed on old oil sorted them right out. The wood was touch dry within the hour. The oil doesn’t smell and has really brought out the grains.
  4. Yes please! I’m happy with the EBay mats for now but would like a good set of original blue or black mats.
  5. All the coolant plumbing is original and in good condition. The only mod I’ve made is the electric fan conversion. The thermostat sits snuggly in a new housing.
  6. Scroll back to page 6, I’ve already tried reducing air flow to the front of the radiator. During winter months this bodge increased the running temperature a bit but once the weather warmed up, the engine temperature was too high, especially when driving around town, causing the original fan (this was before I fitted the electric fan conversion) to kick in too often.
  7. You’d be surprised how much crap gets in there, especially leaves. Despite the limited miles that I clocked up during my ownership, I removed the bumper every six months and always found enough muck to make the process worthwhile.
  8. Did you remove the front bumper and clear out muck that accumulates at the bottom of the rads? Once the muck gets wet, it causes the rads to rot.
  9. I’ll get in the early with this gem, Lancia Trevi dashboard.
  10. I’ve fitted two new thermostats to cure the problem, including a genuine MB part. Neither made any difference.
  11. The correct running temperature of the M102 engine is 87 deg C. That’s the temperature at which my W123 230E has run for the past ten years, rain or shine, ditto all the other W124s that I’ve had over the years. Bearing in mind that the engine temp doesn’t get near 70 deg C on a run, changing the electric fan setting to 100 deg C will make no difference to the overcooling issue.
  12. I’ve had the 200E for almost two years now and I don’t recall there being any mayo issues in the coolant when I first got it. It doesn’t look like the head has ever been off, all the visible gaskets are quite mature. In my ownership it’s had a couple of coolant flushes, new antifreeze and a new water pump.
  13. Because, when driven at low speeds in an urban environment, the engine temperature gauge indicates that the engine has reached its correct operating temperature and as the gauge reaches approx 90 deg C, the electric fan, which I've set to kick in at 90 deg C, kicks in. Yesterday morning I made an essential 35 mile journey along the M40, M25 and back home the same way. On the motorway, the engine temperature reached: However, once I came off the motorway and drove through town at speeds of less than 30MPH and reached my destination, the engine was operating near enough at its correct temperature. On route home I pushed the 200E up to 90MPH on a completely clear stretch of the M40. Once I got home and the engine cooled down a bit, I removed the expansion tank cap to find no evidence of any significant mayo build up. Deeper in the tank, the coolant was clean. If I have a cylinder head or head gasket problem, it's not massively serious just yet.
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