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  1. I completely forgot to mention the paperwork issues! The seller confirmed that the car comes with records of good service history and a wad of receipts. The service book was last stamped in 2011 and the receipts were from a Chinese food wholesaler. The only documents relevant to the car were the logbook, which confirmed that before the seller the car had ten previous careful owners and the current test cert. Oh and the guy had just the one key.
  2. He didn’t say much. We shook hands, said good bye and left. To be fair, the reported issues aside, it was a nice looking and driving car, especially if it could have been bought for sub £800.
  3. I would agree with you if it weren’t for the fact that my polished up and garage dry 200E returned home absolutely fucking filthy. I’ve just spent over an hour getting it clean.
  4. A kind offer. If we bought the car then I suspect that we would be calling for your help.
  5. We were not expecting perfection from an £800 158k mile 20 year old BMW and minor cosmetic issues were not taken into consideration, however last night’s long exchange of messages with the seller suggested that the car was in good mechanical condition. The bodywork was actually very good with only slight corrosion noted to the ends of the offside sill. The interior was immaculate. The driver’s seat showed no wear and all the toys worked. The issues were: Rear tyres were bald to the point that they were illegal. The handbrake was knackered. At least two significant coolant leaks, one from the radiator pipes and another from the thermostat housing. The leaks were so bad that the car would probably not make the 84 mile journey home. The engine was covered in oil to the point that post test drive there were numerous drips, which increased the depth and diameter of the pools of oil sitting on the top of the undertray. But the main concern was the oil filler and underside of the cam cover, both of which had a thick coating of mayo. The dipstick, which confirmed a low oil level was also covered in a creamy froth. OMGHGF seemed likely. Despite the above the old Bimmer drove well but my BIL was reluctant to buy a cheap car and spend a small fortune fixing it up. In the end we walked away and came home. No deal.
  6. Poo count now adjusted. Breakfast done. Oh no! Our SUVs are frozen. Now what?
  7. My BIL is in need of a second car. A session of alcoholic drinks and a lengthy exchange of messages with a stranger from Coventry last night resulted in plans to inspect the vehicle this morning with a view to purchase. We can’t compete with the effort put into a recent Citroen collection but the desired car is not exactly around the corner. We’re due to set off at approx 8:30am but I’ve been up since 6:30am, enjoying a brew. Hitherto my poo count is zero but that is about to change.
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