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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my brief stint with a W210 E240 earlier this year but found it too comfortable and efficient to be exciting and a vehicle that I could covet. Admittedly, the E240 was an automatic mated to a V6 petrol motor and all my other toys are stick shifts with four pot engines and it’s certainly odd to dislike a car because it’s too good at something that it was designed for.
  2. Sure is boy, as fitted by a previous owner. Three days since I got the Cooper going, it started first time this afternoon.
  3. As updated in the Bini thread, the Cooper didn't start this morning. I got it all ready for a 100ish mile work related trip, I turned the key and got just a few clicks from the starter motor. I pushed the Cooper back in the garage and took my boring Kia to work. When I got home, I dug out my old jump leads and hooked them up between the Kia and the Cooper. No good, it wouldn't start, just a clicky starter motor. I hooked up my (quite decent) battery charger for a couple of hours. And hey presto, it fired straightaway. What is odd, I left the Cooper in the garage for a fortnight whilst I was on holiday, upon my return it started first time. A few days later, it started ok again, I took it for a brief drive and put it back in the garage. Six days later, today, it wouldn't start. Knackered battery me thinks. Let's see if it starts tomorrow.
  4. I’m in the south of France and today I spotted a mint and original Toyota Tercel. When did you see one?
  5. I’m about a thousand miles from home but from memory I think that R2 means it had a radio fitted. R3 was radio cassette, can’t remember what R4 was.
  6. My 230E (and me!) is the subject of a feature in issue 4 of Classic Retro Modern magazine, out now.
  7. I’ve received (three copies) of issue 4 today. I’m away in the south of France but my wife kindly photographed the important pages and sent them to me.
  8. You’re quite the sleuth Mr HMC.
  9. I’m VERY excited about the next issue, which comes out in about a week.
  10. The 200E has developed a fault with the clutch hydraulics, see here: It's currently in the workshop, up on ramps. Turns out that the AutoGlass man did not fit the upper trim / seal properly and when I drove the car on Monday (first time since the windscreen was done), I could hear wind and whistling from the top of the windscreen, where it joins the roof. Before going out in the 200E again on Tuesday, I taped up the join and... silence. It looks like the seal has turned back on itself under the top trim, which has caused a gap to appear between the glass and trim. Someone is coming out on Saturday to fix the problem. The 230E has developed a slow puncture. The offside from tyre loses about 20PSI per week. I've taken the wheel off and fitted the world's ugliest spare wheel. Which I removed from this fine beast a few years ago, before it went to the giant scrapyard in the sky. I've put my wheel in the back of my Cooper, which is the only one of my three toys that is currently in full working order (now I've done it), to have it fixed tomorrow.
  11. I can’t begin to imagine how much it would cost to have the job done privately, especially as it involved two site visits.
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