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  1. The black grilles located along the bottom of the front bumper were chipped and ideally need removing and respraying. For now, I've just touched them up with black paint. I use my iPhone as Sat Nav and to play music (inc radio) via the head unit. As I do not like dangling wires extended from the cigarette lighter +12V socket, I always hardwire hidden cables to serve the phone and associated paraphernalia. A little research revealed that there is a switched +12V supply and good earthing point under the dash. Getting to it was fun. The iPhon
  2. I had a go at polishing the headlight covers today. The offside headlight was not only faded but also had some nasty scratches and a small crack. I started by rubbing down the plastic with 600 grade wet and dry paper, followed by the same with 1200 grade paper. I got rid off the scratches and most of the mistiness but the process took a good 45 minutes. Then I masked off the paint and polished up the lens with a cutting compound, with the help of my rotary polisher (best thing I've ever bought) and followed this up with a coat of Autoglym Super Resin Polish. The plastic c
  3. Agreed. I’m happy with a 180 and its limited performance. I never drive my cars hard because I know how many expensive rapidly moving elements make up a car and what happens to them when they get abused. I will give it some beans but only once fully warmed up and with the clutch fully engaged, most probably in second or third gear. Unfortunately, I will have to wait six weeks before I’ll get the chance to drive the TT, as the private reg transfer will take a little a few weeks and I have a few work related trips planned in my Korean SUV in November.
  4. Agreed. For me, the Mk 1 is the best looking TT. That said, I think that the W219 I had a few years ago was the best looking CLS and Mk 1 MX-5s have not been bettered....
  5. I bought the Alpine head unit new approx 6 years ago. It looks older than it is. It doesn’t have a CD player, just a radio and USB and aux sockets.
  6. First thing this morning I tidied up the ends of the sills. The nearside front just needed a little rub down and lick of paint. The sills are 100% clean and solid. My heart skipped a beat when I took the plastic liner off and saw enough mud and crud to fill a medium sized plant pot. Once washed out, the metalwork beneath was absolutely perfect. Well built cars, these Audis. Not much to do in the engine bay. Everything is concealed beneath plastic covers, which just needed a wipe over. The alternator is definitely new. I replaced the Sony head unit w
  7. The 180 hits 60 in 7.5 secs. The 225 does it in 6.4 secs. For an old man like me, the 180 will do just fine.
  8. That is just too cheap. There had to be a catch.
  9. It does deserve it but the trouble is that if I have the wheels refurbished, it would make sense to fit new centre caps and truth be told, it would be sensible to fit new boots. All in, I reckon that, if done properly, this little task would set me back approx £600-£800, approx a 1/4 of what I paid for the car.
  10. The lease on my daily Hyundai SUV comes to an end at the end of the year and I wanted to buy a replacement car before Covid-19 restrictions kicked in again. I was in two minds what type of car I wanted. The 46 year old in me wanted a BMW E39 or a Mercedes W210 to waft around in but the enthusiast 49% wanted something more dynamic and involving. I viewed a BMW E39 earlier this week but it wasn't much good. Driving it (despite the potent 2.8 six cylinder petrol motor) left me uninspired. A Mk5 Golf GTi or the UFO shape Honda Civic Type R would have been fun but I couldn't see myself owning eithe
  11. Quick first wash. Few minor chips and scuffs aside, the bodywork is nice and straight.
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