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  1. Much love for W123s and W201s here. I look forward to reading more updates.
  2. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. Just found out on Facebook. Another car magazine bites the dust.
  3. Wow! I have a W123 230E + I’m currently taking it easy in the south of France = you’re my Autoshite twin.
  4. Sierra Cosworth wheels are 15”, these as 14s from a Mk XR3i.
  5. That’s the same unit that I had in my CLS. There’s a way of connecting an aux-in cable. It involves soldering a socket with two wires to a circuit board (instructions are easily found on the internet), then you’ll need a CD with a recording of silence. The idea is that your CD player is triggering the system but the source signal is coming in via the aux-in socket. My local audio repair man soldered the wires for me for £20. I tried doing it myself but it’s too fiddly. Once done, I had crystal clear sound and could play music and radio from my phone.
  6. Can you post a photo of the ICE head unit please.
  7. It is a post 2006 facelift car, the shape of the front fog lights and the chrome strip on the boot lid give it away. No aux-in 🙁 I’m considering buying a 6 pot pez W211 but the SBC brakes and 7G are putting me off.
  8. Being a facelift car, does the audio system have an aux-in socket?
  9. PS: and I paid a premium for the low miles!
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