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  1. Had to go to Beaconsfield services to get my copy but well worth it. First impressions are that content is great. Hopefully the journalism is up to scratch. I like the content of Practical Classics but the writing is hopeless.
  2. Muchos gracias, that works very nicely. Although I still prefer the format of the old page.
  3. No luck, 99% of the time I’m on my iPhone and it’s not letting me click on the number of replies. If I try, the phone offers to copy the text.
  4. Pre update, if I clicked on a thread that I’ve viewed before, I was taken to the page and section that I’ve viewed before. Post update, regardless how many times I’ve seen a post before, I’m taken to the top of page 1. Why is this?
  5. Been to my local WH Smiths, didn’t have it. 😢
  6. I had to upgrade the speakers. The 200E was still fitted with the original paper cone speakers, which were too weak to handle the 4x50W output of the head unit. Not only are W124 speaker sizes a little odd, all four speakers are fixed by clips rather than traditional screw fixings. Thank you Amazon for delivering this little lot: I decided to go for 5.25" 3 way speakers for the back shelf and a pair of tweeters for the dash. I had to make MDF rings to enable installation of the rear speakers. Do not judge me by the quality of the cutting, my jigsaw is totally knackered and I am amazed that it got the job done at all. The speakers fit snugly into the original openings and with the original grilles back on, the installation is completely stealth. On the offside, I screw fixed the tweeter to the vent duct. On the nearside I had to use special double sided sticky pads as the design of the duct is different and I could not get my drill to fit into the speaker recess without taking the windscreen out. The results are very pleasing. The rear 3 way speakers provide all the mid range and high level rear fill that is required, whilst the tweeters are all that is needed to give a nice surround sound effect. Of course this installation wouldn't be worth bothering with if I didn't have a 12" sub in the boot.
  7. 16, that's all the Mercedes Benz cars that I've owned. 2 x W201 1 x W202 3 x W123 6 x W124 1 x W126 1 x W219 1 x R129 1 x C204
  8. Another quick look at my old copy of What Car? revealed that the following cars, based on the listed retail prices, could be had for less than a base model W124 200E. Alfa Romeo 164 2.0 Lusso Citroen XM Turbo SD Ford Granada 2.9i GLX Nissan Maxima 3.0 V6 S Peugeot 605 SVi 2.0 Renault 25 TXi 2.0 Executive Rover Vitesse (4 door) Saab 9000 CS 2.3i Volvo 940 SE Turbo All very cool cars! And all of the above have far higher basic specifications.
  9. Time to tidy up the little panels beneath the headlights. Although the panels don't look too bad in the photos, they were both stone chipped and in sunny conditions you could see the rust on the underside of the panels reflecting in the bumper chrome. Once removed the extent of the corrosion was more obvious. Not pretty. A quick rub down with some wet and dry and the panels were ready for a couple of coats of Arctic White aerosol. Professional working environment. Once the paint dried, the panels were easy to re-fit. Job done.
  10. According to one of my period magazines, a base model W124 200E cost £19,942. My 200E has front electric windows, an electric sunroof and MB-Tex upholstery, all of which would have been costly extras. At the same time, a much higher spec’d 2.0L Vauxhall Carlton cost £15,157. A 2.0 Diplomat was £19,678, although I’m sure nobody ever paid the full retail price for a Vauxhall in those days. Interestingly, a 2.6 Senator was £20,726, not much more than a base model W124.
  11. I am such a tit! The same day that I took delivery of the offside wing, I packed both wings into the back of my Tucson and the next day took them to the bodywork man for spraying. In the process I completely missed the fact that neither wing had a mounting hole for the side repeater. This meant that I had to some tricky cutting to do on a pair of freshly painted wings. I did exactly what Ed China always says, measure twice and cut once. The nearside wing was a genuine MB part whilst the offside was a cheap EBay repro. The MB wing was heavier and the gauge of the metal was clearly thicker, the inner lip around the arch was wider and it did not have a cut out at the bottom front corner behind the arch. A little research revealed that very early W124s, pre 1986, came without side repeaters, hence the lack of opening. The thickness of the arch lip is different on phase 2 and 3 cars. The lower cladding, not fitted to phase 1 cars, wraps around and into the arch and I later found that to re-fit the cladding to my early spec wing I had to cut a piece of plastic to make it fit. The phase 1 cars also came without sill covers. On phase 2 and 3 cars, the sill cover is bolted on to the front section of sill, which is why there is a cut out section in the front section along the bottom of the wing. It is fair to say that the generic approach of selling W124 wings on EBay, based on all being the same from 1985-1996, is complete crap. Gaffer tape was used to protect the fresh paint. I then drilled as many holes as possible to reduce the quantity of metal that required removal. Then came the hard bit, I removed the required amount of metal by filing down the wing with a file, all done by hand. Fortunately, my file was exactly the same width as the height of the opening. Working on the repro wing was relatively easy but getting the job done on the thicker MB wing was hard work. In the end I succeeded, both side repeaters fitted perfectly. I applied a little Hammerite to the cut edges and the wings were ready for fitting. I checked everything over whilst the wings were off. There was no sign of any corrosion within the concealed areas of the chassis. I fitted the offside repro wing first. It fits ok, the shutline against the door is fine, likewise the bumper and around the indicator but whilst the line is correct along the front of the bonnet, it becomes 3-4mm wider towards the windscreen end. There is no way of pulling the wing in as doing so would upset the abutment of the wing with the door, which would look awful. The varied width of the gap is not immediately noticeable and I'll happily live with it. The nearside MB wing fits very nicely. Ignore the uneven fitment of the two panels beneath the headlights, these are coming off today to be tidied up. Colour match is perfect and I got the job done in 6 hours. I'm a happy tit.
  12. I collected the new wings from my bodywork guy yesterday, sprayed in Arctic White. I’ve given the vulnerable section of the inner side of the wing a coat of waxoil. I’ll apply two more coats before fitting the wings on Saturday. Can’t wait to get these on. Watch this space.
  13. The NOS wing is definitely heavier. The metal is thicker, this is especially visible around the arch area. Some of the detailing is different but fortunately in areas that will not be visible. I’ll soon find out how well it fits.
  14. After the success at the Enfield Pageant, I wasted no time and purchased an offside front wing from Ebay. Used originals were not available so I went for a reproduction item from a UK supplier. The wing arrived today. I removed the packaging and found a dent right in the centre of the wing. Bummer. I've already made arrangements with my bodywork man to take the wings to him tomorrow for painting so there's no time to wait for a replacement part. I am sure that the bodywork man will be able to fix the dent. The NOS wing looks knackered but I am sure the surface corrosion will clean up just fine. I took the 200E to Kensington today for a work related appointment. It performed perfectly, even in traffic the temperature gauge stayed at around 90 degrees. When I got home I put the 200E back in the garage and gave it a quick once over. And just as well that I did! Whilst checking under the bonnet I found the electric fan, which I only fitted a few weeks ago, totally loose moving around on the cable ties. It turned out that the four clips that slide onto the fan enclosure have become loose. Whilst fitting, the clips needed a good push to fit, however, perhaps due to under bonnet temperatures (?) the plastic has shrunk and the clips no longer stay in place. I removed the fan and glued the four clips in place. They won't move again. I'll have to reassemble the fan tomorrow as I'm planning on taking the 200E on another work trip on Friday, this time up to the Cotswolds.
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