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  1. If you mean the Ace Cafe, then yes, it's pretty cool, however you still get the odd dickhead thrashing his 125cc bike out in the road whilst the big boys are talking cars.
  2. Great to meet you Chris @Six-cylinder and a pleasure to drink tea and chat cars with you. Look forward to doing it again soon.
  3. @155V6I bought a Matchbox model of a 2003 grey Mini Cooper S, the same as mine.
  4. The 4.5 hour drive home from North Wales last Sunday was not fun, especially with knackered air con and what at the time was the hottest day of the year. Today I had an opportunity to take the Cooper for an A-road cruise to Aldbury and back. I'll start by saying that I absolutely love this car. It looks amazing and despite there being a Mini on every street in the UK, I can't help thinking that mine looks special. The gloss black painted trim really sets of the gleaming paintwork, the previous previous owner did well to spend £1,650 on having that done (as well as other paint related mods). The performance is superb and best of all the engine does not have to be revved hard to get it moving. On route between Beaconsfield and Amersham, a tractor was towing a large trailer at 30MPH and was followed by a van and a car, neither of which were preparing to overtake the slow moving agricultural vehicle. There was a gap in oncoming traffic so I pulled out, in third gear, with just over 2k revs and in no time the Cooper shot forward into the distance, well ahead of the oncoming bus and in the process the exhaust hummed and the supercharger whined - brilliant! The handling is great, the Cooper corners flat, however my driving style is very relaxed and I will not be making much use of the Cooper's agility. The ride is absolutely fine, not crashy, quite firm but comfortable. The steering is nicely weighted and the two spoke wheel feels great to hold. I was planning on changing the steering wheel and fitting the optional three spoke wheel but I'm not going to bother now. The gearchange is quite heavy but precise. The clutch is also heavy and has a low biting point, just how I like it. The brakes work well but the pedal feels soft, typical R50. I'm a big bloke but there is plenty of space up front. The dashboard design is retro cool, I love the large speedo in the centre and the sound system is impressive. Overall, I'd happily give it 8.5/10. Unfortunately, I'm still getting bad smells from the dashboard vents. Pressing the recirculate button solves the problem, however something is not right under the bonnet. I am starting to think that there might be a problem with the engine's breather system. I shall investigate and report back soon. Tell me it's not pretty.
  5. The obvious replacement for a W201 would be a W124, bigger and better.
  6. Thanks dude. I like easy fixes, especially when they don't cost anything. We bought the house because it had a double integrated garage, however once we moved in, I soon realised that the garage is only good for storing cars, not working on them. The house came with enough land to the side to build the workshop, which, apart from the concrete base, I did myself. That was 8 years ago. I've since spent many happy and some unhappy hours in there.
  7. Hopefully I won't need to. All being well, the oil deposits on the rear of the block relate to the leaky rocker cover gasket.
  8. The Cooper's interior is fairly tidy but the driver's seat bolster was very worn. I bought a bottle of dark grey leather dye from Amazon for less than £8. I treated the worn bolster and whilst it looked much better, the dark grey was clearly not as dark as the original seat colour. Undeterred, I proceed to dye both front seats and I am really pleased with the results. The job took 2.5 hours and wasn't particularly difficult.
  9. Oil on the exhaust heat shields most likely dribbled down from the leaking rocker cover gasket. Is it possible to renew the oil filter housing gasket with the engine in situ? It looks a bit tight.
  10. Yep, the S part of the boot lid badge was not on properly. I stuck it on as per the template without checking if it's right. Now corrected. I took the Cooper to west London and back last night, approx 60 miles. It drove great but whenever I stopped, the same oily smell was coming through the dash vents. Today I spent more time cleaning up the engine bay. I removed the exhaust manifold upper heat shield and found it to be coated with oil along its underside and where it abuts the cylinder head. The lower shield was even worse, in places it had approx 2mm of oily deposits. Also, pipework that extends towards the oil filter housing was also filthy. Another hour, a few squirts of Jizer and half a pack of wipes later, everything looked a lot cleaner. I removed the cabin filter and thought it might be best to get a new one. The old one smelt bad and was no doubt contributing to the problem. That's as far as I'm going with this issue now. I will let whatever oily deposits are left on concealed parts of the engine and ancillaries to dry up and all being well the problem will go away. Whilst the exhaust is well concealed behind the rear bumper, I thought it would be a good idea to give it a clean.
  11. I was conscious that the engine oil leak has caused oil to spill down the front and rear of the engine and onto surrounding elements. Before I got my pressure washer out, I drove the Cooper onto ramps and had a good look underneath. EVERYTHING was covered with engine oil. The rocker cover gasket must have been leaking for quite some time to cause this much mess. Ten minutes later, I had most of the crud off and the underside was looking better. It was a hot and sunny day and before starting on the engine bay clean, I created a funky tent outside my garage. Considering how much of a mess I was making, I did not want to undertake this job in my pristine garages. The engine bay was dusty and dirty and the plastic bulkhead linings and PAS reservoir and coolant header tank were covered in oil. I wasn't going for concours quality, just a freshen up. An hour later, the engine bay was clean. The Cooper will be another garaged dry weather use only kind of car, so keeping the engine bay clean shouldn't be a problem. And the replacement Cooper S badge arrived and was promptly stuck on. I'm driving the Cooper to London this evening to see my parents. WCPGW?
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