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  1. Earlier today I grabbed a packet of wet wipes and popped into my workshop for 30 minutes to give the engine bay a quick tidy up. The inner wings, bulkhead, some of the wiring and ignition bits were a bit grubby and needed a clean. The photos below flatter the engine bay. About two hours into the 30 minute job I realised that I underestimated the scale of the task. A mere four and a half hours later I finished the tidy up. My wife helped out by giving the windscreen washer bottle a good scrub. Unfortunately the photos do not illustrate just how cleaner and shin
  2. Prices of W124s are on the up. This unremarkable 230E in horrible dark blue, parked up for the past 4 years, obviously no MoT, cracked dash.... is up for £2k and the seller is not entertaining offers.
  3. I inherited my good looks from my parents, who were quite glam in their day. 😎 Sadly, my dad’s Orion was written off by the insurance company after the car was stolen and found without the pretty RS bits. It was over ten years old then and had clocked up well over 100k miles. It was on its second CVH after a snapped cambelt killed the original motor. A Mk2 Astra estate replaced the Orion, after which, having made some money, dad bought a Volvo 940 Wentworth estate, which he later upgraded to a full fat 960 estate. That was his last car, registered 2 TAD, before he suffered a massive strok
  4. Back in the mid to late 1980s, I was in my early teens and my dad had a Datsun Cherry 1.3 GL and a Tom Selleck style moustache. He then upgraded his wheels to a 1984 Ford Orion 1.6i Ghia, fitted with RS quad headlights, a chin spoiler and 15 inch seven spoke alloy wheels. The previous owner also fitted an amazing (for the time) sound system that comprised of a pull out Kenwood head unit, tweeters, mid-range speakers and two 10 inch sub-woofers in the rear shelf, all powered by two big amps that sat under the seats. It sounded awesome until the whole lot got nicked. The o
  5. I didn't cut the wing as shown above. This is the remains of my old wing, which hangs from my workshop ceiling. I actually cut the wing like this:
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Interlocking-Soft-Foam-Floor-Mats-EVA-Puzzle-Rubber-Yoga-Tiles-Gym-Flooring/324267920521?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item4b7fdfcc89:g:hTQAAOSwR7JfIKkT&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACgBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickk5v8gVt3hEWLVg%2F253w6XCb8YSPm4XU6yotv8yxbpPASJ%2BrhTezXAy1BKdl9MvhazQ82%2BWXmH8LcNK0WFmL0TAmdqxgq%2B9hwlJ4qp9Z6agdHXuE0XShk7reUiYSlB34%2Fy%2BVZE1mjnV0Y7tCei71p6Q7r%2B0z4uh6NlWqu%2F6Id4VJioKfhgLffBBB5DPoYcu%2FqiJaWbcCJKieTegI1AUYG2qteaCgvvQ0AthNS%2FJshdo9cMrO9WmU4kN%2F96%2B06qsdPoI8jww8JIrh5zgONz%2FGZLw4lnPU%2FWszk8yPc5uAddS%2FcO46VZuqqrLirYP9kNU1O
  7. The 200E's MoT is due next month. I can't see it failing on anything (bugger, now I've done it) but I wanted it to present as best as possible to whoever does the test. The bodywork gleams, the engine bay is tidy enough and the interior is near mint. The only thing that lets the 200E down is the (replacement) oil stained gearbox. I decided to pressure wash the gearbox. I started by getting the 200E up on ramps and covering up the engine bay so not to splash the clean ancillaries with mucky water. The gearbox is just about visible from the engine bay, between the bulkhead
  8. If the front wings are original, I would advise against replacing them with pattern parts. They just don't fit properly. Years ago my W123's front offside wing had rusted away in the same way as yours. As the rest of the wing was original and in good condition, I cut it along the red line, bought a pattern wing and cut it along the same line and had the new repair section welded to my original wing. The joint, which is mostly hidden by the corner bumper trim, was made good and I only sprayed the repair section, blending the paint with the original where necessary. Job done, my original wi
  9. About 25 years ago I had exactly the same issue with a 405 SRi. TADTS?
  10. Photos taken from a What Car? supplement that dates back to 1991. By using the immense wealth of knowledge that we all posses, which cars would you chose and wish to own today? My choices are: Up to 1400cc, under £7k - Proton Up to 1400xcc, under £9k - Citroen BX Up to 1800cc, under £10k - VW Golf Up to 1800cc, over £10k - Audi 80 Up to 2000cc, under £15k - BMW 318i Up to 2000cc, under £19.25k - Alfa 164 Under 2000cc, under £25k - BMW 525i Over 2000cc, under £29k - W124 260E (obviously!)
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