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  1. Went to MOTAT (the Museum of Transport and Technology, in Auckland, New Zealand) today and found some top chod worth sharing here: I will lead with a wonderfully orange/brown Morris Marina Estate: With a fitting beige interior: (This was as close as you could get) The description may resonate with some shiters: This Morris 1100: (Also beige) And an imposing Daimler DE36 Hearse, originally a limousine used on the Queen's 1953 Royal Tour here:
  2. These are ace! They're really quite nippy and a great steer. I went to look at one today; don't let the pictures deceive you..it was significantly crusty. I am tempted as it is relatively cheap, but it is unusual for a car to rust in New Zealand so I have a little umming and ahhing to do.
  3. Hahaha...........no. The Warrington Domain, a sports field and freedom camping ground, doesn't even have a toilet...the local Council installs a Portaloo from November to April over the summer.
  4. Yes indeed! In New Zealand, it's a small town (a collection of holiday bach houses really, doesn't even have a pub, which is the central feature of any New Zealand "town") about 20 kilometers north of Dunedin. It's a scenic spot with some great twisty roads for giving a car a workout! I presume there is a Warrington in the United Kingdom?
  5. Took the Airtrek out yesterday for a run to Warrington to meet up with friends...on the way went past a railway siding at Seacliff (I'm a touch obsessed with railway signaling..may as well make the most while I'm in the area?) On the way it performed flawlessly! In spite of not have had a transmission flush once in it's life, gearshifts were smooth and precise. Though a fluid and filter change are organised for next week. And it kept up speed over the Kilmog Hills, which those who have been to Dunedin will know as particularly steep and trying for many cars.
  6. @Tim_E I won't tire until it's gleaming like a new car!! Pez shot - the fuel tank mustn't have a good breather system....there was blowback and what looked like a litre of petrol ended up on the forecourt. Oh well. Car is home, finally. No woollarding as it's late you won't see anything!
  7. Airtrek collected! Only have a shot of car at the mechanic with a complete cambelt, so no woollarding or petrol station shot yet!! Ok, so the engine bay needs a clean.
  8. @Tim_E I do have a tweed jacket...I think I should qualify in that case? Extra points if the Montego I find has 7 seats!! @hairnet I'm just collecting the car from the mechanic and bringing it home today!! But as alluded to, if I were in the UK, I would love a Montego Countryman. Bus to the hub Downtown: (I've just arrived) We use quite a few Volvo B7R Euro 5's in Dunedin - I'm not complaining - it's a very nice urban bus.
  9. Thanks @Landy Mann and @philibusmo - I agree, the freedom camper culture means that under any other circumstances people movers and wagons would be super easy to find...oh well. Hopefully when this is all over shite will be plentiful again? Though NZ seems to have been doing relatively well...that sort of thing is probably dependent on re opening the borders, which is perhaps not the smartest thing to do at the moment.
  10. Thank you @chaseracer aand @Tim_E - an Autoshite event is something I'm very keen to attend when I do visit the UK. I will certainly be planning any visit around something like that. Also very keen on buying an Austin/Rover Montego Countryman to travel around!
  11. That is a bargain at $1500! With Covid, the lockdown, and economic uncertainty as it is, good truly cheap cars have essentially vanished, so far as I can see. I will make sure to get it up Mt Cargill some time soon - today you couldn't see 200 meters ahead even in Waverly...very misty rain.
  12. Thanks Tim! Post Covid I'm very keen to visit the UK to have a myself. Until then..
  13. Indeed Andy I believe the underpinnings are purely Lancer CG/CH series, which corresponds to Evo 8/9. It certainly steers very nicely and is composed without being harsh. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
  14. Thanks @eddyramrod - yes it is petrol...and I agree! I'm far too lazy for a manual any more, though they are good fun! And doesn't red make a car go faster? Well now that you say it, there is an opportunity for breakfast, poo count, pez station etc as I haven't actually taken the car home - I drove it 10 minutes from the previous owner to my mechanic, where it is sitting overnight awaiting the cambelt change. So tomorrow evening I will indeed be "collecting" the car properly so to speak, and I will endeavor to fulfill the hallowed traditions. (Which I so enjoy watching others complet
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