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  1. OMFRIcKInDaZe. Am off for a smash. 250 four bangers get no better. Rev me to the moon baby 😘
  2. now this pic could of come out better though was leaning across the driver so came out shit. Scrap that that’s illegal too, man the fuck. Was a lovely old thing you have my word. Was one around here in glittery green that was showing signs of needing love not sure if it’s the same one.
  3. Mk7 Transit 2.2 fwd mwb semi high top did 26 to the gallon. Not bad four up with baggage. Worked out on miles and fill ups from south east London to North Berwick a few months back. I do respect this van it earns me a living though Scotland’s a long way away so 80 cruising speed when traffic allows and did crack a ton on the A1 at one point. 08 plate 1.8 focus got a pasting to Devon bank holiday weekend. Again four up with baggage was riding low at the back as we’re all fair big lumps in this family. Turns out it will still crack 110 though needs caining off the roundabouts to keep pace up. Found a menu button in the stalk on the way home which indicated 24.7 mpg! The fucker drank 2 ltrs of oil too! On the plus side the newly fitted 17’s gripped lovely on the twistys. Not sure if I need to change my vehicle or my driving style but hey smiles per gallon are high.
  4. Made it back in one peice. Well a bit of the mudguard tried to fall off though I have that but in my pocket. Much as I remember they’re pretty ridiculous as a road bike. Heaps of fun though . Parked up next to the bimmer. Two very different bikes.
  5. Been a while since I swore myself off sportsbikes though In truth have always missed that four cylinder howl and omfg journey to anywhere/everywhere despite the solid and sensible reasons for selling my ninja. Despite my advancing years seemingly turning me into more of an irresponsible dickhead than I was in younger years or maybe because of it I’ve just bought this. looks ok from there hey. Has and will need more fettling. Have made a start today and got it to point it’s well enough to be thrown into action/the scenery. It’s a bit noisy and a bit of a dog. Perfect. I also need to invest in more zip ties and remember where I put the penny washers
  6. Boom another years grace. So glad I bought a welder years ago it’s paid for itself many times over and had become one of the many bits of kit I couldn’t live without.
  7. I kind of agree, silly as it is. Plus I know I’d rip the rear wheels off it misjudging gaps. Mind you THAT fairing also gives me the horn Phwooorr
  8. Could be worse. I find it’s easier to find sellotape than red electrical tape.
  9. Mot time again for the transhit. Gave it some love with the mig last year ( laying on a sheet of celotex in the snow curb side)* so being short on time got a mate to run it in for me whilst at work. Busy busy as ever get the call and can tell by time of voice the words he are about to say. It’s fucking fucked mate, big time. He asks me what I wish to do pointing out he passes the scrapie on his way home. Erm, cancel the test I’ll have a butchers over the weekend. Arse. Didn’t get a pic of the rear spring hangers as got stuck in making good, well better anyway. It’s an old transit at the end of the day and likely to be replaced by a horse or milk float soon thanks to ulez. Lots of van cut up and swept away old chopped out And new let in Not my best work though hopefully get another year. Finished the job with a perfect * colour match for a seamless finish *celotex is great for laying on in the cold. Doesn’t set alight either which I feared it might
  10. 28 mpg from the transit on a run, haven’t dared take not around the doors where it spends most it’s time. Ulez will force me into a petrol. I’ve been there before, it’s not more economical. Was chatting last night about making a flatbed sidecar for the BM though that things not great on fuel either. Bumhats.
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