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  1. banded dartboards and no spoiler for me please. straight swap for a petrol berlingo? thought not.
  2. Id like to think the silver platter was original equipment in these.
  3. That is glorious. Followed the build. Massive respect.
  4. Welcome to the new age. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/126371858392?itmmeta=01HTW38M7E4MSWVKXJCV723FXB&hash=item1d6c5987d8:g:KsMAAOSwJcJhDY4B&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA4LhGWS%2FBUYeOLg476JzFBpAgFnQ0Tbw0Z0LDZSRBGT%2F6QR8vzbVPXJPjFjAjn3OPd3SLwxJtCW9wACDk6SaZFmdq8L%2Bjwk3Vt9tODeg9KN%2B8H3z2JM%2BZHdRIgJSGJUlG0z0UXSqN9ImYC9ZGP3RRyLzLeO8RGMZw9zlWG%2FOWSpT76EwjlKryaa7yGELfLQS138%2BuuNdJUrj1JTa0Ma406Vt1JCoZ5X3gsn3FAhLkoSD%2FcPikPCtoygnX7So3P15jKaKdj1CGSbvagrUrp9sSiUU3mF5AaHD7SdcFuk9BM8WO|tkp%3ABk9SR-jDooPXYw
  5. Have a mate who needs an engine if it goes that way. Dunno what year model yours is and obviously hope you can do a fix as sounds a goodun apart from the clutch.
  6. 8 years is a long time. Everything has is day though hey. Have noted you seem to be offloading at the mo am curious whats coming next. In a fit of new love I threw a bucket over the Clio. Not bad wet from 10 paces. Up close there's not an unmarked panel on it. Testarosa side scoops yo Tool the wheel off to investigate things. Noted things were bad and put it back on. Decided not to wash the Berlingo. Glad about that as its just come back from Kent looking like this. A robin joined me out the back. They're jolly little things and quite sociable.
  7. Well here we go again get ready for another exciting instalment. Conifer specialist Shark nose bimmer Fast four door Cat piss tarp landy floppy top sherpa Tin top Council spec micra working truck Abandoned grandeur Snail in nature Merican day van muthafuckinghostbusters
  8. Have recently been on the receiving end of a dry bumming for the Berlingo renewal. We've had between me and the mrs 4 none fault happenings this last year 3 of which are still ongoing. Have also been awarded 3 points for making swift progress. It could be something to do with these factors though I feel it's largely to do with the fact that they're robbing bastards who we are legally obliged to provide profit for.
  9. Great bit of chod spotting to be had on the Stonehouse documentary on the telebox channel 4+1 now.
  10. Nice history on that. Gives me silly ideas about getting it registered and smoking about the ulez.
  11. There's something purposeful about those arch's that makes me think id probably end up in a ditch driving that.
  12. Bit of a tool these. A mate bought one for his mrs solely so he could rip about in it. Never really been a fan of white cars though it suits that and the seats are fantastic.
  13. The description reveals all; Use the motor and running gear then make a boat out of the roof i guess.
  14. The other week i cycled to work. Across town with river crossing of Blackwall or the ferry a 15 mile journey took the same time as a good weekday morning run in a car. Hour and a half. A few days later that run on two occasions took 3 hours in the van.
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