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  1. Ma is with virgin mobile for her phone. Idiot sister rings the land line with one of her OMG! You're not dead! Can't get thru to you on mobile! over the top bullshit. Subsequent investigation reveals phone not receiving calls but can phone out fine. Reboot does nothing. Virgin forum full of other people with same issue. So my logical mind says virgin have fucked up somewhere and will fix it in due course. Idiot sister keeps ringing house, with nonsense. You've dropped off the network!!!! You need to contact them now!!! Ma is in panic mode. Which means I'm expected to fix it somehow. I'm supposed to be fucking MacGyver and fix everything, toilets to light aircraft landing on the roof. Because I can't fix it due to nothing being broken here I'm getting the death stares and sighs every 5 seconds.
  2. Bob the builder next door has m11's round for drinkies and shoutalong to boom boom music*. However 97% of the noise is coming from the back garden full of little bastards darling children, who are obviously doing monkey see, monkey do. Don't know if the kids are drunk out of their gourds too, or just high on red bull.
  3. Bored of welding now Fixerated: Only passenger front arch to check now, and the brown bits are finger prod proof so hopefully not moar welding.
  4. Getting tired of finding unexpected holes in the disco freshening* Thought I'd done all the holes, packing up today and had to prod a slightly off colour bit of underseal. Yup that'll be another hole then.
  5. It's already got one of those boat anchors fitted ! My would be buyer is now telling me it's his favourite car. Good news! If you type ford capri into ebay you can buy one from somebody that wants to actually sell you one! wait a minute... if that technique works can I get a testarossa for £100 by telling a current owner I've wanted one since playing outrun in 1986?
  6. Had someone collect an ebay item today. Later I get a message "Is the capri for sale?" No. that's why there's a fucking fence round it, as a clue like. Ma then says "It's only going to rack & ruin". Oh do fuck off mother dear. When someone spots a capri and immediately asks if it's for sale what they really mean is do you know the value of capri's or can I get it off you for under scrap metal value? If I was to sell to a rigger boot wearing moron the following would happen: It appears on ebay on the back of a recovery truck with a ridiculous price for a kerching! flip. When it doesn't sell, someone wakes up to find their capri has gone missing and my vin tag is going ring a ding ding. The rest of my capri then ends up in bits on ebay and the shell weighed in. It makes me smile to walk past it every day. £100 from some pikey does not make me smile. I don't believe in debt, so my saving to buy a house for cash fund is currently around the 100K mark. £100 is fuck all. TLDR: My fucking car, I can do what I want with it.
  7. Another fun day at Jimmy's hospital. Supposed to be a quick check that the Mrs's cataract operation went well. We're in the queue to get into the department and she goes downhill very quickly. 0 to unwell in 60 seconds type stuff. Her pressure was 62 which is a soupcon high going on how many bods appeared to fix it straight away. Unfortunately it took four hours, lots of drops and 2 different IVs to get it down to 22. Going back again tomorrow for more checking.
  8. Maybe I'm used to Barnsley hospital which does throw people out. You see patients in the bus shelter outside with drip stands and oxygen cylinders. If staff are going to just step out the door and light up it's no wonder patients do too.
  9. Smoking wankers. I'm at Jimmy's hospital waiting to collect. There's huge signs everywhere saying no smoking. There's also a group of staff stood next to the sign gasping away. So I've kept moving locations to get away from smokers. Sat out In the sun and a woman wheels an elderly patient to the next bench. Aw that's nice. He then pulls out a Jimmy Saville style fuck off cigar and sparks up while she pours him a can of beer. Never see anything like it.
  10. Disco is a real land rover now! All real ones need the footwells welding up. Took the wing off for better access. Fucksocks. Entertaining welding thinner stuff when my mig only works on top power (130 amp). Bit at top was done by MOT station 2 years ago. Mine doesn't look much worse, and a good wob up will improve it no end. Still got to fix the huge hole. Spent yonks cleaning to avoid fire, there's thick tar on inside, and seam sealer +underseal on the outside. Apart from where the hole is the steel is in good condition.
  11. Old giffer in front of me bought £2.27 of asda's finest* unleaded. FFS! Also couldn't get out of the shop parking space as everyone terrified I'll steal all the fuel. I'd already filled it, I just want to go home before the end of time!
  12. Don't have a pressure washer I've been needle gunning to knock off the old paint / thick rust then angry grinder. I've got one of those strip & clean disks but can't use it, bloody thing is too thick and the pins of the grinder spanner can't reach the nut !
  13. I was meaning rust encapsulator when I said primer. Been a long vibratory day. Was thinking 2 coats of that, 2 coats of CIO, then a splash of war. Don't want to be doing this again. CAN RE handle a bit of brown?
  14. Does this look more acceptable? Flap disk'd it, but then out of gas so had to try and improve with stick welder. It's strong enough, so underseal? Wheel arch is only localised, so going to fix smoll hole, and monitor rest of arch. @Minimad5 how clean do I have to get things for buzzweld primer to work? Been at it with the grinder flap disk and power file. Is this good enough? Mostly clean with odd bit of brown
  15. Just been to A&E for a grinding spark removing from my eye. Ungrateful bastard thing! Top tip: avoid wilko goggles.
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