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  1. Same numpty as ^^^^^^^^^^ Any parts off this any good to anyone before it goes scrap Er, no?
  2. Looking for some worthless shit to tow behind your scene chariot? Yours for only* £500 on arsebook. Mk3 golf cabrio trailer roof still there and wiring so could all be made to work Handbrake works for when its parked Full set of 4 alloys On coilovers so can be adjusted to height of your car all hard work done all lights work hook up and go perfect for a bit extra boot space and a bit of seating at car shows fun little thing needs bits finishing but no hard bits as can be used as it open to offers in no rush to sell just a cool little thing to take to shows festivals or camping delivery available PM me for more info
  3. Needed some poxy plastic clips to put wheel arch liners back on disco. Discovered they're only* £1.50 each and I need about 15. Er, no thanks. Found out P38 ones look similar-ish and are £5 for 20 delivered. Much better and they fit
  4. A man smoking a pipe discussing the merits* of a poo brown maestro.
  5. Went back to village garage today where I got my spare wheel cover stolen from. Sign is pointed to "vehicles left at owners risk", but hey I can look at their CCTV if I'd like. So I do. 3 am Saturday night a disco identical to mine parks in the street opposite garage, hoodie gets out with large screwdriver casually strolls across street, levers it off and then fucks off with his prize. I know the direction he went afterwards and he's obviously local as he knew what he wanted. Not sure I fancy driving round the sink estate to find it though.
  6. Got my disco back today with shiny new MOT. Grumpy thread 'cos I've got most* of my disco back as some passing scrote has helped themselves to the stainless spare wheel cover while parked in my menders yard. He's going to look at his cctv but no doubt it will be a blurry hoodie snapping the lock off and fucking off with it. Welding has also been done to MOT standard. Ie bash in the worst of it, pigeon shite a plate over the top, ignore the obvious scab 3 inches away that will be a hole next year. I think after 10 years I'm losing the love for it.
  7. The man from delmonte he says no. Disco 2 with 194k. Rear chassis hole. Bulkhead holes. Sensibly it's time to look for a new disco. Good job I don't do sensible.
  8. Been getting this page popup on and off for the past few days:
  9. So after wobbing the top I decided to fuck flock it up with a flocking kit from ebay. You get a bag of nasty nylon dust, some magic glue, a wonky paint brush, a squeezy bottle and some impossible instructions. You have to put an even coat of glue on, then within 5 minutes before the glue goes off puff the squeezy bottle evenly to create clouds of nylon dust that you have to put on evenly. Yes, I fucked it up. You can see the filler, and the brush strokes. Fortunately it doesn't like panel wipe, so a soak and scrape later you can get the mess off: Thinking time for plan B. I rattle canned it black to hide the filler better. Then broke out the tools. Old spray gun to apply an even coat of glue. Got out my powder coating device machine. The flock can't be that different to powder coating powder? Annoying fine dust, goes everywhere. Probably can be attracted by electrostatic charge. Let's give it a go. Result: I think that will do. Bit thin in places, but it's only a shonky old series.
  10. Hmmm, maybe a different background colour. When you go to another site it's like when you've used oxy welding glasses as shades and then everything looks the wrong colour when you take them off.
  11. Bulkhead top finished. Not my finest hour, but will look ok when dash is back in. Dash is pretty shit. Brilliant design. Really thin gauge tin with a foam backing to hold water against it for maximum dissolve. Equally shit ones are eleventy million pounds on evilbay so no option but to fix* it. It's beyond my skills to fab up a new end, so it will have to be wob, AA book of the car style. It does feel a lot more rigid.
  12. Spotted lurking round the back / staff area at the trolley bus museum. Googleing the reg (j140oac), it's a preproduction stretched example, and not just something knocked up in someone shed.
  13. I've grassed the honda in to the council. The mirrors where intact yesterday, so somebody doesn't like it. It's a couple of weeks out of test, but hasn't been tested. Maybe broke a spring & they thought they could fix it there? You'd think they'd just swap rather than take the strut away for a couple of weeks.
  14. Sorry baby, I had to dump that Honda. Out of test honda, on an axle stand minus strut for 2 weeks plus. Wonder if it belongs to one of the student bastards who clog this street to avoid paying to park?
  15. It would be nice to tidy up the wiring on the landy project. Maybe add some fuses. Anyone got a suggested supplier for wire etc? I'm also pretty clueless what size wire I want. I'd like everything I add / replace to be smoke leak resistant, so obvs bigger is better, but how big is big enough?
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