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  1. I keep going to go to one of these things, then remember it's take out a mortgage for a bad coffee at the NEC. So ta for the pics, I'm too tight / poor to go.
  2. I haven't got round to papping it, but idiot sister's lovely* neighbours have dumped a corsa outside sister's house. Not insured, is taxed / 1 month MOT left. I'm assuming insurance has been transferred to new(er) motor parked outside their house. Going on oil pool it's shat something terminal. Not sure how we get it shifted, council website on abandoned vehicles isn't interested if there's mot left.
  3. 2 doo petrol rang rover Roughly 1970’s model With engine and gearbox Open to offers £??
  4. This one looks totally safe as well as being shitetastic:
  5. Idiot sister has taken her nissan joke to see her horse. There is now field / horse shit mixture up to the roof. IS deduces this is because no mud flaps, and not remotely connected to her hooning it round a wet field. Commands are issued that shit covered car is left at her house, so I can pop to halfords and buy / fit mudflaps. Er, no. Halfords don't sell mudflaps that will fit / not look shit. Your idea that they "just click on" to fit is woefully wrong. I do have a day job. It isn't being your personal joke fettler. It's covered in shit.
  6. I'm struggling to understand why they spent a billion* hours on a bonnet release system, and didn't just bosh in a central locking motor?
  7. Northern rail. A bit back I'm sat on the 16:08 pacer to hell waiting for it to rattle into life, and maybe stop being an oven. 16:13, and a bloke comes down the train, everybody off, we haven't got a driver. Hmmm, nice. Being a Sunday I can either try and run across the entirety of Leeds station for the 16:17 slow train, or wait an hour. I've got a gammy leg and I'm not Mo Farah normally so I go for the hour later option and a pasty, and spend the rest of the time filling in a delay repay claim form. Claim form says tell us what happened. So I did, pointing out impossible to get next train within 4 minutes. Got a response today, we're delighted to be sending you £1.49 compo, as we think you could have taken the 16:17. I can see arguments of reasonable vs possible coming soon.
  8. It's a nice sunny day. Tosser who lives that way >>> has got his illegal pit bike back and is demonstrating it's still a piece of shit that won't run under 5K rpm. Silly bitch who lives that way <<< is screeching at child, and has the boom boom boom, man mumbles incoherently music on loud, and is getting nicely pissed at 3 in the afternoon. It was a nice sunny day.
  9. Decided I was going to take Kinky Girl for a walk after tea, a new idea, try and get some exercise in. She thinks I'm a silly bastard with being in the centre of Leeds. I has idea! A couple of years ago we went mooching round where they'd stuck a new office block up, and was in the process of badly building phase 2, struggling for tenants and there's a load of land reserved for future phases if they ever manage to sell the ones they've done. They put in a park for the workers with apple trees on the border fences, and a bit down the road on the edge of a car park someone had put in a small orchard. We can go scrumping! WRONG! There's now a phase 3 under construction behind the fence round the park. So of course they've torn down the original perfectly good fence with apple trees attached and replaced it with a pretty identical fence. The car park is now 50% of original size due to sticking phase 3 on it, and the orchard bit which is on the opposite side to the new building has been buried with random construction waste as prolly cheaper than getting a skip. I'm saddened. What a pointless waste. Plus I had to buy her ice cream from co-op as a conciliation prize.
  10. Reverse ring? 2 door body on later running gear? Most unusual.
  11. Aha! Stupid ebay, if you change search to nearest first it disables the exclude seller thing. Works on the default search. Disco 1 wheels don't fit, they changed the pcd.
  12. Ebay peeing me off as a buyer. I want a single one of these with a tyre with tread: I've sussed if you type "discovery wheel" into the search you get er, discovery wheels. Adding TD5 which usually gets you D2 stuff just adds in 'breakin wheel nut m8' and other unrelated stuff. So look thru until I find one, simples? Nope, 'cos the cock mytyres has listed everything he sells as fits every car ever made. So there's thousands of results like steel wheels BUGATTI Isidor 5B-1 205/55 R16 91V Sunny summer (Fits: Discovery) , and the filter out arsehole sellers option is grayed out. Nice one ebay. Er, in the unlikely event anyone has a single disco 2 tempest alloy with a 235/70/16 on it please hit me up!
  13. Same numpty as ^^^^^^^^^^ Any parts off this any good to anyone before it goes scrap Er, no?
  14. Looking for some worthless shit to tow behind your scene chariot? Yours for only* £500 on arsebook. Mk3 golf cabrio trailer roof still there and wiring so could all be made to work Handbrake works for when its parked Full set of 4 alloys On coilovers so can be adjusted to height of your car all hard work done all lights work hook up and go perfect for a bit extra boot space and a bit of seating at car shows fun little thing needs bits finishing but no hard bits as can be used as it open to offers in no rush to sell just a cool little thing to take to shows festivals or camping delivery available PM me for more info
  15. Needed some poxy plastic clips to put wheel arch liners back on disco. Discovered they're only* £1.50 each and I need about 15. Er, no thanks. Found out P38 ones look similar-ish and are £5 for 20 delivered. Much better and they fit
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