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  1. Ah, you must be talking about the private clique where a group of you sad bastards have nothing better to do than greet about anything I get up to. May I suggest that you get a life?
  2. You what mate? I put that up for some entertainment after someone complained about my original advert being shit so I copied one of their previous adverts and changed a few words. You stalking me like?
  3. I bought this as a winter beater from Ged after he won it in a raffle I did and fitted a new pair of front drive shafts. I really need to get the original bumper refitted because I think it looks daft with what's currently fitted. It's a 1.8 non turbo petrol, constant 4wd with switchable hi/lo. I've been using it for the last couple of days and it's starting to grow on me a little, it's not particularly fast but makes the typical Subaru boxer burble which makes it sound fast. I swapped that Simson moped for it before and the previous owner had made absolutely no attempt to clean it out, it was full of tip run debris, fag ash, old roll ups and crumbs. I cleaned it out last week but it still reeks of cigarette smoke and weed and there's some stains on the seats, I think I may need to enlist a professional to freshen it up but concerned it might still be too revolting inside.
  4. Acclaim sold today for £1500! I had a closer look at the visa tonight, it actually looks not bad underneath... Interior is horrible Crispy
  5. The joys of ldv ownership! I noticed at the weekend when clearing some stuff out of the back of the van there was a crusty area around the rear arch/wheel tub. After some gentle prodding it became a hole. I was just going to leave it but after driving the van a few miles it was apparent it needed sorted asap because the fumes from the side exit exhaust seemed to be going straight into the back of the van. Driving it with both windows down didn't seem to help much either. Last night I grinded the area, made a repair section and started welding it in, the repair section was quite a good fit but required some taps with the hammer to shape it when it was tacked in place. After a few taps with the hammer I noticed some flaky underseal which another bastard hole appeared under further around the wheel tub so when I finished the first patch I had to make another similar one and weld that in to. I drove it to work today and there's no reek of diesel fumes coming in but it does smell like burning underseal instead!
  6. That took a bit longer than anticipated! Inner sill welded followed by the outer sill and inner arch then a healthy coating of seam sealer to cover up the shitty welding.
  7. That's the easier side done... I'm sure the other side needs a bit more...
  8. Tonight I made a start on sorting out the Camry after its MOT fail. There's loads of shitty bits of welding to get on with.
  9. The jag belongs to Derskine who bought it recently as a retro daily so he can take is Mercedes 190D off the road to do some work to it. I imagine a maximum 20mpg fuel economy will wear thin pretty quickly and it'll be up for sale in due course.
  10. There's some calendar worthy pics! I fired both of these onto Car and classic before I start any major work on them. I can't imagine anyone will want them...
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