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  1. I was probably a bit harsh but I had initially intended on writing something much more offensive.
  2. I sold the blue Stellar this morning but had a little bit more interest in the gold one mainly because it was cheaper, I had a swap offer of a Carlton TD saloon and another offer of an Omega Mv6 Estate as well as various interest of buying it outright. I had a couple of timewasters including a 15 year old boy who was giving me a big sob story and asking my best price. I basically told him to get lost and he told me his mum was going to give him the money for it but since I'd been rude she would take her business elsewhere. I had a couple of other twats asking about service history, previ
  3. It looks fantastic! Sent from my moto g( power using Tapatalk
  4. After a week of receiving piss poor offers from the scum of the earth (off road bikes attract that sort) somebody came down from Aberdeen and paid the asking price. I did make a little bit of cash but not sure it was really worth the grief to be perfectly honest. In other fleet news I've been using the Bini daily since I bought it and as much as I hate to admit it, it's been a brilliant car to just jump in and drive. The windscreen demists quite rapidly and unlike most of my other cars and I'm not having to scrape ice off the inside of the windscreen. Usually when I've be
  5. With both my KMX's passing their mot's the last thing I needed was another one but this appeared for sale in Dunfermline so thought it was worth a look. A 1989 de-restricted KMX 125 in blue complete with v5 and registration number. It hasn't been on the road for a number of years but with some fresh fuel chucked in and a few kicks it fired into life. Plan is to do as little as possible and hopefully sell it on at a profit, if not I'll probably have to strip it down, paint it and make it a bit less shit looking.
  6. I took the kmx's away to their Mots today, one passed and the other failed on a tight chain and an insecure number plate. Also did some welding on the ranger after some rust fell off.
  7. That's a bit of a random first post, why not head on over to the new members thread and introduce yourself? As for the unit space, it's now been spoken for by another forum member. Sent from my moto g( power using Tapatalk
  8. Today we had a play with the plasma cutter...
  9. The difficulty is finding the right person to fill the space.
  10. Driving it in the snow is the only time it will actually slide, it's hopelessly shit in any other situation. I wouldn't even bother attempting it in the wet.
  11. U pull it is usually the first choice as it's the closest but I always found SCB at newbridge was a better choice for wheels or tyres. I'm not really in the habit of owning cars that have an abundance of breakers in scrapyards so it was a bit of a novelty being able to just head to u pull it knowing there would probably be stock to choose from.
  12. The Stellar passed its mot the other week!
  13. Some more silly videos we made today...
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