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  1. I'd been after an off road bike for ages and this popped up for sale at the weekend so I went and bought it, it's great fun!
  2. This seems to be a great business model, sell rusty cars then have the new owners bring them back for welding. Here's the Riva estate I sold a few months ago back for a new wing and some welding.
  3. RJC_6669 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6667 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6665 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6656 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6657 by srblythe, on Flickr I was shocked to discover the wooden trim wasn't actually home made...
  4. The spoiler appears to be bolted on so think I'll leave it on there. Sent from my moto g( power using Tapatalk
  5. That will be going in the bin sharpish.
  6. Cortina by srblythe, on Flickr Cortina by srblythe, on Flickr Cortina by srblythe, on Flickr I'm looking forward to de-twatting it, need to get rid of that ridiculous wood trim, the front valance, mirrors, find suitable wheels, sell the louvre.
  7. I had been looking at the car for 5 minutes when some other guy turned up with a trailer who had also travelled from over an hour away to see the car, the guy selling the car was like "oh fuck" that will be the guy from Perth... The guy from Perth was raging, I thought he was going to beat fuck out of the seller when he told them "the car's £2k, whoever wants to bid the highest can have it" I was ready to walk away when the guy from Perth just said, "we already agreed on £1500" he then showed me the texts on his phone of the conversation. Then he said he wasn't dealing with the twat of the seller and fucked off in a huff. After he left I said to the seller "would £1500 buy it?" he said he supposed so. I asked if he would accept a bank transfer and he said no, he didn't do online banking but could do Paypal which I wasn't particularly keen on, I had some drama with Paypal and ended having to send half through that and half to his Mrs bank. It was a lot of fucking about. It was advertised for £3k a few days ago then the price dropped to £2k because someone who'd been to see it had poked a hole in the chassis leg and the seller got the fear thinking it was totally fucked and probably nobody would want to buy it. If that other guy hadn't turned up I'd have probably paid more for it..
  8. Oh dear! by srblythe, on Flickr Wow, that was a surreal buying experience!
  9. The guy I bought my lada from also has a UK rhd fiat 124 which has a seized engine and might need some welding. He offered it a month ago for £1650 which I wasn't sure about, he's now dropped the price a little further and offered a tuned 1600 Lada engine as well. I'm considering buying it but have some reservations with the amount of other shite projects I already have sitting around. Sent from my moto g( power using Tapatalk
  10. Looking forward to the wheelspin/burnout video... Sent from my moto g( power using Tapatalk
  11. I just have great memories of going to collect it and driving it around over summer. Sent from my moto g( power using Tapatalk
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