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  1. We could clear a space for the galaxies at the unit, it's unlikely it would be fucked with here.
  2. Bad news on the mot, my Camry failed on Friday. A good few bits of welding, new cat, rear shock and some bushes required.
  3. Had a few messages from traders lately asking about selling their wares at the car meet. I've had various catering people contact me, a toy car trader and a bouncy castle hire company who said they could provide a 30ft inflatable slide, bouncy castle and rodeo machine. I would have thought traders would be put off by an event called Shite in the park but nobody seems particularly bothered. I'm not sure how well any of this shit would go down with the bus museum so probably best to give them a miss.
  4. It's cheap but I'm just trying to get back what it owes me to make way for a little jawa moped. I tried great fun on small bikes but got the usual "too far away" comments. If I had any sense I'd buy the bits to get it going and relist it for more as a runner but don't really have the space/time if this other moped arrives this week. £600 for this little jawa that's running and roadworthy doesn't quite make my Puch look as much of a bargain.
  5. You're either interested or you're not. Chances of buying it? No chance.
  6. The calendar generally consists of forum members cars rather than shite we've spotted.
  7. I was clearing out a bunch of tat from my spare room recently. I advertised everything for free and also delivered everything locally for free. Everyone I gave stuff to genuinely seemed thankful which was nice but delivering the items just made it so much easier instead of waiting at home for people not to turn up.
  8. I've not sold anything in a while so almost missing the daft messages from morons... I did raffle quite a few cars recently which sold out very quickly (hours) at £20 a go. The only one that didn't do very well was the Impreza, I made back what it owed me in ticket sales at £1k so I just gave the rest of the tickets away and Ged ended up winning it. I might end up buying it back from him soon. I made a £430 profit on the 309, the 306 I took in a swap for the unsellable A3 TDI Quattro so even getting £1180 for raffling it I was still losing on all the money I'd thrown at the Audi. The red 205 I made £300, raffled it on the same night I'd bought it. The green 205 I made £680. Not bad at all and most of the winners were happy with their new piles of shit.
  9. Just a reminder that this is happening on Sunday. Planning on having a bunch of shite in attendance including a 305, 309, 504 and 505. Might also bring a few bikes to play around on.
  10. I know I shouldn't have given the extra compensation but the guy was hassling me relentlessly and I just wanted to get him off my back. I know he was trying all of the tactics to get me to sell it but him having my address and being adamant that he was on his way with his dad and uncle and being reluctant to give me his details to return the deposit I thought a generous amount of compensation might shut him the fuck up.
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