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  1. It runs but not very well, a new battery and some fresh fuel should sort it.
  2. I can pm their number if you want to go look at it?
  3. It may well be the earliest one remaining. The owners also had an xj8 and viva ha in the garage. similar to these, they are keeping the Viva for their son but selling the Jag. Apparently someone came to see the Jag and made a lowball offer and was refused. How much is one of these worth?
  4. I went to see it tonight, some frilly looking bits around the rear arches and bootlid. Battery was dead, tried jumping it but wouldn't start so just transporting it tomorrow. It was in regular use until the owner gave up driving due to dementia, MOT expired in 2021 so hoping with some fresh fuel and a charged battery it'll go again. It has a bunch of paperwork and has done 34k miles. I may well have paid over the odds for it at £700 but maybe not if I can get it going easily and register it historic...
  5. Potential new shitter incoming! Left a note on a local acclaim and they've just got back to me about it. I can't remember the reg number but know it's silver and could possibly be this one seen at a local show 10 years ago. After pissing around with the brown honda Camino and realising how awful the jawa is I decided to raffle the jawa off at £1 a go over on FB and keep the Camino. I raffled off the vision 80cc yesterday for £550 so need to make £350 from the jawa to break even. The blue Camino just wouldn't run, I removed the side casing and discovered the flywheel wouldn't turn. I tried removing the cylinder, one of the bolts sheared off and I had to hammer fuck out of the piston as it was seized in the cylinder. 70cc big bore kits are available so thinking I might fit one of those if I can remove the broken stud. Not quite sure whether to get rid of this one or not.
  6. I might stick the original exhaust on and see if it's any better.
  7. After Sunday's shite in the park we went to see a BX I'd enquired about over the weekend. I didn't end up buying it but Ged did and I drove it back to the unit. It seems to go well enough although I was scared to drive it too hard as it had been off the road for a while and fuel gauge was either at zero or inoperative. It goes up and down fine too. It's had a wee bump on the rear corner but damage looks superficial.
  8. I should probably hold off buying any more scooters until I've sold the ones I have.
  9. Yes, another top quality vehicle purchased. Honda vision 80cc, I think we should race it against the Yamaha v80.
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