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  1. Looks nice, makes me want to swap my s123 230te for one now. Sent from my moto g( power using Tapatalk
  2. My "mate" has found my gumtree advert... Sent from my moto g( power using Tapatalk
  3. Every time I'm selling a bike, this guy contacts me wanting it for nothing.
  4. I'm wanting to sell them now, not going to use them on anything.
  5. Yeah, I kinda like it. I'm thinking a straight pipe to a cherry bomb might give a similar sound so will try and cobble something together.
  6. After fixing the brakes on the Subaru the radiator started leaking and the exhaust broke at the middle section which gives it that low warble like an Impreza with a large exhaust. I picked up a used radiator today so hope I can fix it this weekend. In other news I've put my Escort up for roffle over on Facebook at £20 a go which has nearly sold out and been paid up in the first day of posting it. Also decided to sell some of my bikes, I sold the KDX 200 tonight, the KE 100 a couple of days ago and one of my KMX 125's might be going tomorr
  7. Then they usually make a shit offer and will be promptly told to fuck off. Sent from my moto g( power using Tapatalk
  8. I bought a caliper rebuild kit and set about trying to fit it today with a terrible hangover. Got it finished eventually but brake fluid went absolutely everywhere in the process and it took ages to bleed the brakes. What a fiddly and messy job, there's a very good reason I've been avoided doing it for so long...
  9. It's 325 miles from me so if I'll need to choose a suitable vehicle for the journey. My choices at the moment are MK4 escort popular, brat, 205, 305, s123 or if it's on the road by then the chevette. I'd want to go in something there wasn't going to be loads of. Sent from my moto g( power using Tapatalk
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