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  1. Have you got this? My BiL bought it when it was a few months old, only kept it a year. He may have some photos. 1.6 pez.
  2. Spotted this on my morning dog walk. Central Newport, near train station. Seems cheap, could help with storage/collection if any interest. A delightfully pogweaseled Civic was parked nearby, and I also saw a giffer driven dark grey/black E reg Mazda 323 hatchback pulling a substantial home-made trailer drive by. Good times.
  3. I have a pair of the adjusters you weld into the torsion bars if you want to lower the front end a bit. I never used them and now own a 1303. I also have various (̶e̶i̶g̶h̶t̶i̶e̶s̶ ̶t̶a̶t̶)̶ engine chrome dress up pieces that were never fitted back in the day. Gratuitous photo of said, unlowered and pineappled beetle in the Black forest 1991.
  4. A G63 JAK on a blacked out G63. Jak has again won area pharmaceutical salesman of the month for the 23rd month running.
  5. £2222 and rerelisted. (I couldn't find the original listing) I may* regret not going to see this, as it is only half an hour away from me.
  6. Gone already! Here are the other pictures I saved earlier with a corrugated roof, for your pleasure.
  7. Does this belong here? £1k , unrecorded with a V5.
  8. Does the cigarette lighter work?
  9. From the description. Both arches are slightly rusty. Arches can be purchased via eBay for £85 the pair, this hasn’t bothered us in the slightest so haven’t messed around with it. So why are you selling it after 8 weeks of ownership? Admittedly, that is a very long time for certain people in that neck of the woods. I'm going large with the displacement of an MGF engine and the Shitefest value of the HBoL hidden in the rear footwell, so £1796.
  10. I, along with thousands of other nosy people went to Nick Mason's gaff on the weekend. He is probably the thread winner for model related plates. Apologied for pictures, but here are the plates. 250 GTO on a 250 GTO, 250 WMM on a 250 MM, obligatory F40 NPG on an F40 and XKD 1 on a D type Jaaag amongst others.
  11. Expensive Top Gear satnav These must be worth about £20 max as a functional device.
  12. Surely he'd have UVA11U on plastic digit plates, then angle the 1 s together to make a V? ISTR A111GEL on a big Merc driving around South Wales in the 80s and they did this on the middle 1 to get their surname, Angel.
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