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Hammond Microcar collection


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1 hour ago, GrumpiusMaximus said:

Great to meet you Dez.  Hope you had a good time.  Your knowledge of Invacars really is quite alarming!

Likewise! :) indeed I had a good time, (although my back is protesting otherwise, but thats to be expected)


44 minutes ago, skoda_fan said:

Yes many thanks to egg for arranging a fab afternoon, to LBF for his encyclopaedic and genuinely fascinating knowledge of Invacars and to the collection owners for being so welcoming and friendly . I'm just sorry I wasn't there for the start due to OMG traffic chaos on the M20. I arrived as the lady was explaining the Velorex, It made me wish I had donated my example which I owned years ago to this collection instead of selling it. My bro who arrived by pedal power enjoyed it all too. And yes, the Jap Sherpa convertible in LBF's pic is mine; my recently acquired bit of summer fun.

Thanks for the kind words and good to know on the summer fun :) (I think we also got held up on the M20 a bit? but was not too bad, SMH can confirm the details, I was too busy sending him round the bend with invacar natter :mrgreen: )

29 minutes ago, plasticvandan said:

To fill in a gap lbf might not know,the Acedes in the collection was actually obtained direct from the dhss central stores in around 1997 when they were about to destroy all villiers powered machines and spares,the ICR,then run by famed eastern bloc nutter Julian Nowill gained access and got them to stop until he had contacted museums around the country to see if any would save them,the Hammond collection being one.

ah very cool :) indeed they talked to me about that a little :)

im hoping they get it back on the road :) I dont think theres any road worthy Model 57 sadly

 they like many other people thought it was banned from the road, but the older lady said that at the time it was only this one, in that they had to sign some paper work that said they would not take it on the road

however im pretty sure 20 years on and with the invalid vehicle service no longer even being a thing, they could driive it on the road without any issue from anyone

luckily it still shows up on the DVLA (by the skin of its teeth going by the 1980 tax expiry) so they should be able to just apply for a V5 via a V62 (if they dont already have the V5) and get it on the road :) (At least from a paperwork stand point, it could do with some mechanical TLC but overall looked quite solid)

it was very cool to see a Model 57 up close in detail and study the fine details, turns out while the main body is ally as expected, the front scuttle panel however is steel, and the bonnet is fibre glass!

its a shame the 8ft Model 57 was never saved, I did mention it at the gathering so would be rude not to post a picture :)


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That was a cracking day out, thanks again Egg for organising!  The owners were lovely too, and I think they really enjoyed having some genuine enthusiasts of the odd and the unloved to show around.


Egg admires a Stirling.  I wish now I'd taken a note of all the little information panels; I thought this looked like a really nicely-proportioned miniature sports car though.  Cool little thing.  Fiat 500 looks oddly huge in the background.


Most of this stuff was from the 50s and 60s, in times of austerity and fuel crisis, but there were some (appropriately) tiny companies still churning out these oddities into the 80s.  I reckon Bamby looks quite cute.

Flipper matches the forum colours perfectly, and when I expressed my surprise that a 49cc engine would be capable of propelling a bodyshell and two passengers, the museum owner pointed out an extra foot-pedal that could be pumped to add one more person-power!



I've already forgotten what this green goddess was called, but it was quite appealingly poorly made.  Just a total lack of design; box with a seat in it, and started by a kick-start that's on the opposite side of the car from the single door.  That impressive penis-extension bonnet merely houses the front wheel, no massive engine.


The Ultimate Driving Machine.


These Vespa trucks were still very common when I was living in Italy but I have to forcibly remind myself that that was getting on for 20 years ago.  I wonder how many are still supplying the market stalls now.


This red machine was, believe it or not, an Allard (I forgot to get a shot of the front, but it had a very appealing face and rather nice lines).  The owner had a good story about taking it to an Allard event and being asked to leave, which is probably what would happen if Autoshite ever put on a stand at a proper classic car show.




I've read about Velorexes but never expected to see one in the flesh!  This one was driven here from Poland in an act of extreme bravery - before the wall fell.  Petrol tank?  Airbag?  You'd never know...





I absolutely loved this.  The design spec was on the display board "Intended for a French peasant to carry one pig to market" and it was as basic as a vehicle can possibly be.  You get a camping chair, a home-made steering wheel, and a tiny speedometer.  Brilliant.


And finally, just one of the car park.  I've always had a soft spot for these little Triumphs, and RobT's Metro just fills me with nostalgia - I spent a lot of my late teens in these, and drove them a lot, so it's always a pleasure to see one.  Modern Merc tries to hide out of the way ( I really should have brought the brand new one but I didn't think you lot would let me in).

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No idea why I've got my hand on my head, trying to cover my ever receding hairline :-)?!

Interestingly the 197cc Villiers engine in the AC is mounted 180 degrees compared to in my Invacar MK12, as you can kind of see from this potato photo.


I think if it gets to the point where I can't road register my MK12, or the project gets beyond my finances/ability* then surely it has to end up with these good folk...it would be a natural home.

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2 hours ago, Spottedlaurel said:

Looks like a great day out. I was laying slabs all day, seeing stuff like this going on reinforces my view that this is the last year I'm slogging away at stuff on the house every free weekend.

Particularly interesting to see the Daihatsu and Suzuki. I wonder if the latter is the one in this shot?


Suzuki evaluation cars - Fronte, GX and Van by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr

Scanned from a 1974 issue of Autocar, so the age is about right and the plate is just a few earlier than this one that the Bubblecar Museum had:


1974 Suzuki Fronte GC by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr

Which I've always imagined to be the one in the photo. If so, remarkable that two of the three survive.



The info sheet on it did say it was imported by Heron Suzuki and used for parts delivery so it's got to be the same one i reckon.

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Good day that bit long ( I'm old)

Currently about to drink tea and read this after forgetting to bring mags from home I haven't read since xmas


Thanks to Chris for being chauffeur biatch - someone please change his rank to hooligan :)

Fav cars the grey goggo and the daihatsu

home tomorrow via the Cotswolds and wales


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It was a good run out thankyou Mr Egg for organising it.

The little twin cylinder two stroke engined Daihatsu was a surprise find.




The underside looked like it had been sitting somewhere salty.


Ten inch cross ply remould tyres for extra win.


The bmw 600 was bigger.

Some randoms..











This engine (3 cylinder side valve ?) was in the far left corner of the building,anyone know what it comes from.

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8 hours ago, wuvvum said:

Is it not a 2-stroke rather than a sidevalve? 

Yes good point,well made.

The inlet manifold is indeed situated way down the cylinder block much like a 2 stroke engine design.

And the distributor looks to be driven by the crank rather than a cam shaft which would suggest 2 and not 4 stroke (unless it is geared down to half engine speed).

But then again the block is made from pig iron,it looks like it has an oil sump and it is water cooled.



It was behind this mildly distressed honey,maybe they go together??

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heres a few more miscellaneous photos etc from the gathering :)

this was papped on the way there :) 



some* traffic



was going to say the Jag E type looking grey thing was a Berkley but it has 4 wheels I think?




Tap to focus why you fail me!




dont worry egg my engine bay shot was even more Potato!




luckily the VIN plate shot is slightly less Potato, but still pretty poor sadly, its interesting to see how similar the VIN plate is to whats in Model 70s :) (in terms of how its laid out/general style)



theres something slightly arty about this shot, remember to lube up!





I wonder what model of hearing aid they took colour samples off of when painting the flipper :) 




this was nice to see, they had a couple of these late 90s early 2000s Fitzgerald LPV270 6ft fittings complete with original tubes and trough reflectors :)





Camper on the way back





I know theres a Shite number plate thread somewhere, this one was pretty epically shite :) 




one thing I noticed is, man theres a shit load more personalised plates about then compared to what I can recall a few years ago!

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1 hour ago, LightBulbFun said:

one thing I noticed is, man theres a shit load more personalised plates about then compared to what I can recall a few years ago!

That's certainly true.  And the definition of what constitutes a "personalised plate" has grown ever wider to cater for it.  Used to be mainly non-prefix / suffix plates - now it's any plate where the three digits are either the same or in ascending or descending order.  And pretty much any two-digit plate.

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I can’t remember the name of the modern one in the first room, it was from about 2005 and looked vaguely  like an Audi A2 but I saw a burgundy/silver one on the way home in Riverhead near Sevenoaks which made I grin. Also saw a black TR7, a red SuperCinq  (and RobT grinning at it in my rear view mirror as it pulled up next to us) and a convoy of three nice looking  Renault 4s. The chod was strong yesterday.

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and home


337 miles  - 5 hours home today only used motorway from a34 - 177 miles today avg 72 mpg ffs

buckingham evesham worcester kidderminster market drayton newcastle congleton home

got to drayton and thought oh can go up 34 and keep going and you drive right past honda so could collect some bits that id ordered

got to m60 at a34 and it was fucked so came home :D



thanks all

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14 hours ago, plasticvandan said:

Still a Berkeley,the four wheel models came first

The Berkeley, Opperman Unicar and Opperman Stirling were all designed by Lawrie Bond, the man who brought us the various Bond Minicars and the later Equipes.

Back in 2000, I was doing some work down in Guildford and stayed in an old cottage on a farm in the Loxwood area during the week. Loxwood Garage was at the bottom of the drive. This used to be the home of Lawrence Bond Cars Ltd and there are a few photos around of a Bond Formula Junior parked outside it. Of course I had to park my 1961 Triumph Herald coupe in the same location and take some pictures! I can't find them right now but when I do, I'll post them...

My neighbour on the farm, Ron, had lived there for 60 years and he liked my Herald. We got talking about Heralds and my Bond Equipes and he said his friend Ray used to work with a chap called Bond who had the garage at the bottom of the drive... well it turned out that this friend was Ray Bristo, who started as an apprentice with Bond Cars in the 1940s and had worked with Lawrie on all his projects. Ray still lived locally. I invited Ron and Ray over for tea one day and Ray brought his photo album, showing photos of him and Lawrie and Lawrie's wife with all the different vehicles and GRP things they manufactured. I remember one of the photos was of Ray and Lawrie's wife taking the Berkeley prototype for a spin.

If it could be made of GRP, Lawrie Bond made it. As well as 2, 3 and 4 wheeled vehicles, he made caravans, trailer tents, boats, domestic cold water tanks, animal troughs, water butts and a few other things besides. Ron had a few and apparently some of the older houses in the Loxwood and Alfold areas also still featured these treasures!

It amused Ray that ARN176B and ACK888B were still around and that I had ended up with them. He signed my copy of Nick Wotherspoon's book 'Lawrie Bond, the Man & the Marque' after tea. He dated the signature, so I can see it was April 17th 2000.

Ray passed away on September 30th 2012. He was a really nice guy and had been central to a fascinating piece of social as well as motoring history. I'm really glad I met him.

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I spoke to Jean this afternoon (the older lady, who originally started the collection). 

Firstly, she really enjoyed our group visit - she thought we were really 'in tune' with their own interests!! So pats on the back to you lot - sometimes all this knowledge does have value in the real world, lol!

Anyway - a few requests from Jean:

1. If there are any Microcar owners on AS that are not already registered with the RUMcar (Register of Unusual Microcars) please let me know - I will pass on contact details so you can register your vehicle - it helps them as a charitable organisation to have as many cars registered as possible (I'm thinking our 4-5 AS Invacars for a start...)

2. If any local AS'ers would like to join a 'working party' working on cars in their collection (which will be on a weekend between now and the middle of June), again let me know - your chance to work on some obscure old rammell!

3. If any AS'ers at all would like to become 'friends of the collection' (certainly I'm considering this) - also let me know and I will supply them with a list (there is no minimum time commitment) of names - but you can then get involved in their annual open day etc...

Happy to take PMs or replies on this thread.

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  • egg changed the title to Hammond Microcar collection

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