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  1. That is definitely a failure rather than levelling out over time.im.certain that as their business model relies on a dwindling number of Hydragas car owners being happy with their service that they will be only too happy to come and sort it....
  2. Wierdly in the skilled/hands on job market it seems quite boyant,tho slow to respond,after accepting my job offer I then got about 6 other interview offers and one wanting me to do a trial,I'm sure different industries are having different circumstances
  3. Nice local classic meet today,about 40 cars,very varied,took my dad's Somerset
  4. I'm after a victory industries Austin Somerset in case anyone happened to have one spare
  5. I have today been doing car and have fitted new drop links to my Yaris Verso,went for polybush as the standard ones perish very quickly,and I can't be arsed doing it more than once! Mot in two weeks
  6. Lol,as soon as I saw a Scottish member post a pic of an alarm clock displaying 4am and the word collection I knew it was going to be a Volvo.
  7. It is a fairly common thing on the kitten +now they are knocking on a bit) a friend had both his snap after loaning rh car to his nephew for a few weeks... I have welded on a new handbrake cable mount to the axle in one of mine,indeed was the first time I ever welded,I bought a gasless.mig just for that job and to teach me how to do it.i certainly wouldn't advise driving it any distance like that.as access is easy on a ramp I would get a local mechanic to do it personally.
  8. Screw in my fairly new front tyre getting it repaired tomorrow though
  9. They were still cheapest for me and hadn't had any issues.this year,just surprised at the difference.no matter,all done for another year,bit the bullet and paid the lot rather than pay another £52 in direct debit
  10. Just had my insurance renewal come through,£309,about a tenner less than last year,except I now have a years NCB.run a new quote through with the same insurer,increasing mileage from.5 to 9 thousand,£224! So I've just paid for that to start from when the current one ends,why they can't just send me.the best price to start with who knows.thinking this might be the case I had set current policy not to autorenew a few days ago lol
  11. Weather permitting I will be working on my dad's new car tomorrow 2 owners,first worked at the factory and bought it direct
  12. Yes you certainly won't be able to fit anything but the original wheel on the front,as the offset is such that the centre of the kingpin is inline with the centre of the wheel,you may if the pcd is the same be able to fit them on the back,but with a 197 villiers I wouldn't want the extra drag of wider alloys!
  13. Im pretty sure Steyr had one to check for overheating,how it coped with the transmission etc,as it was their engine they would have wanted to check it was satisfactory before allowing it to be used
  14. Yes I had seen the rest end less invacar appear on Facebook,given the seller has no off road parking or storage or garden I wasn't surprised to see it for sale lol. The car in the trolley pic is a Gordon,a non disabled car,but based on an invalid carriage design.
  15. Personally I think the bumpers would look great in body colour,I always find chrome somehow wrong on eastern bloc cars,a bit too decadent and a waste of valuable resources lol
  16. Just had the rear drums off my Yaris verso and cleaned them,and adjusted them up as handbrake was getting a bit baggy,still some meat on the shoes and I was able to finish off dinitroling the rear beam.now handbrake holds on 2-3 clicks and braking feels much firmer auto adjust my arse lol.its.nice for a job to go to plan for a change!
  17. Given a set of plugs is a tenner I do wonder why they weren't changed,also have to disagree about having to take the dizzy out as I certainly never used to,do need certain tools to get in there but it can be done.dont blame the car it wasn't it's fault
  18. Yes they fetch good money now,as with most things,they won't be cheaper next year
  19. Aha so it's you,seen your posts in the mz group pages,top purchase,my first bike was an ETZ125,passed my test on it,and I've been riding MZs ever since my current MZ,5 years with me this year,which is a record lol
  20. Yes I'm aware of the car,was worked on by Adam "dick" Turpin so I'm not surprised you have issues. Generally oil in dashpot is about half inch below the top.They generally like to run a bit rich.Prior to being mot exempt owners would usually have to weaken it right off to get through the emmissons,then richen it again to drive home
  21. Yes exactly the same,same engine.of course access is much easier in a Kitten.
  22. "mate" gets an instant block,as does anyone called: Wayne,Craig,daz etc
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