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  1. Buy an earth cable from hellfrauds,and fit from block to battery,will make a world of difference
  2. Very pleased this has found a good home,do wish Stuart would respond to my messages ,kind of gave up but like seeing what he's up to. My grandfather remembered the Barrett well,he told me one of his jobs was to lower the garage door lock for a woman who was supposedly the shortest in Britain at the time (late 60s) who drove a Barrett Midget.and my dad now lives 5 miles from where it was made
  3. Indeed,my grandad used to have to sit crouched where the wheelchair would go while loosely holding the tiller (pre model 70days) as they invariably ended up in hedges or on the pavement as they got to grips with driving it.he was also given his licence to drive almost everything by the REME during his national service,his test consisted of driving a Scammell forwards and backwards and doing a three point turn.drove until he died in 2019 having never took a test.
  4. Back then either a car or motorcycle licence would have covered,tho I disntinctly remember my grandad telling me he had invalid carriage on his licence as.he had to take a test so he could teach others to drive them and fetch them in for repair/road test.
  5. Guess it was.a.hangup from when the motorways were created 11 years before the model 70,that said I know a lot of users were pulled over and escorted off the motorway. Certainly remember my grandad who repaired them referred to them as invalid carriages,as he worked on all different models.
  6. Indeed,they were banned from motorways long before lbf was born. For obvious reasons. Why not contact red5 directly LBF? If I had been paying insurance for 2+ years in something I had never driven I would be wanting it immediately,perhaps one of the many London based classic specialists or the reliant dealer in tooting might be able to take it on,obviously you would have to pay them though.
  7. Could quite easily,I have a few 1950s motorcycles of the 350cc type and they weigh around 225-250 kg a piece. Of course they have an engine but then they don't have a bank of traction batteries either.
  8. From memory they are around 250-300kg,haven't found the weight yet but might be in my archive. Page from the Ministry's master book And some pics for Mr Lightbulb,wonder what happened to it: I took these in c.2002 only around 2 miles from where REV is/was currently residing.
  9. Well done adgecutler,I've sent the video to my dad who is probably the only person around to have seen your mk12 when it was first driven into its position along the hedge back in 1980!
  10. That is definitely a failure rather than levelling out over time.im.certain that as their business model relies on a dwindling number of Hydragas car owners being happy with their service that they will be only too happy to come and sort it....
  11. Wierdly in the skilled/hands on job market it seems quite boyant,tho slow to respond,after accepting my job offer I then got about 6 other interview offers and one wanting me to do a trial,I'm sure different industries are having different circumstances
  12. Nice local classic meet today,about 40 cars,very varied,took my dad's Somerset
  13. Last price must be the Eastern European translation of best price m8
  14. I'm after a victory industries Austin Somerset in case anyone happened to have one spare
  15. I have today been doing car and have fitted new drop links to my Yaris Verso,went for polybush as the standard ones perish very quickly,and I can't be arsed doing it more than once! Mot in two weeks
  16. Lol,as soon as I saw a Scottish member post a pic of an alarm clock displaying 4am and the word collection I knew it was going to be a Volvo.
  17. It is a fairly common thing on the kitten +now they are knocking on a bit) a friend had both his snap after loaning rh car to his nephew for a few weeks... I have welded on a new handbrake cable mount to the axle in one of mine,indeed was the first time I ever welded,I bought a gasless.mig just for that job and to teach me how to do it.i certainly wouldn't advise driving it any distance like that.as access is easy on a ramp I would get a local mechanic to do it personally.
  18. Screw in my fairly new front tyre getting it repaired tomorrow though
  19. They were still cheapest for me and hadn't had any issues.this year,just surprised at the difference.no matter,all done for another year,bit the bullet and paid the lot rather than pay another £52 in direct debit
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