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  1. I have been lusting after a Detroit two stroke diesel and this seems an ideal application!
  2. Yes a 1978 3C I think the plan is to wait until spring and first check it is getting power. If it is, then remove the motor and open it up to see if it can be fixed. If it can't be fixed then I will be looking for a cheap replacement, original or other wiper motor adapted.
  3. The Milk float got a run out today, well 10 yards on the end of a rope to allow a water pipe to be trenched in. We are still looking for a set of affordable batteries for it. The tyre on the JCB has held up. I looked at the wiper motor on the JCB and did not recognise it, anybody know of any other applications? I am sure there is somebody who would rush from Wales to fit it if I could find one!
  4. And even closer to Milton Keynes on the A422 behind the now Esso garage/ carwash.
  5. You have missed my birthday so I guess I need a go fund me page to get a wiper of my digger!
  6. You are right, I was still selling them in 1996 after Saxo launch.
  7. In 1990 I had a brand new Volvo 240 DL company car, 4 speed and carburettor!
  8. Club hammer to break the bead and then tyre levers and crowbar to get the tyre off.
  9. The other job for today was a fitting the JCB tyre. @Talbotmessaged me this morning to say he was willing to give fitting the tyre he nursed down from the north a go this afternoon. A quick rearrangement of the day and we were at it, yes all right Talbot did the hard work but I gathered the stuff together and held the camera! It all went well except one problem Talbot could not see where he was going due to the failure of out contracted digger window cleaner @beko1987!
  10. I collected the Maestro with a fresh MOT today. It needed a small hole in the sill welded , the tracking done and the choke idle reduced. It runs nicely , but they never added a 5th gear!
  11. I am the same and do not have to go under the car to get the battery clamp off.
  12. I have never checked myself but June this year it was MOTed at a Merc specialist who did some welding in the drivers footwell. It has also been to my favourite garage for brakes all round Sep this year and if they had spotted something I am sure they would have reported it.
  13. My father had a GS and the rear tyres lasted 73,000 miles, when tyres didn't crack for years.
  14. A pair of new rear Tyres for the 200TE today. The ones on the car were not quite worn out but we did not like the cracking between the treads.
  15. I have been offered a pair of seat belts for the XM that I have agreed to and now I am waiting for the guy to confirm.
  16. There is a plan "A". Our local Auto sparks Mike ended up working for a Porsche specialist and Porsche along with BMW also use Kugelfischer injection and he has some experience. In fact enough as it was Mike (now semi retired) who got the 504 running for me to start with. I will ask him to have another look, but at the moment there is so much stuff in the garage he couldn't get to it. The problem with it cutting out and not restarting when very hot has been with this car for many years as. I got the car from a friend who always reported a problem. If Mike is unable to solve the problem then
  17. Just check size as they only fit upto 39 cm.
  18. I went for the X lock myself, not quite as heavily build but 1/3 of the price.
  19. That price is excluding postage and +VAT so £44.40 total
  20. Yes I have seen that but have you seen the price £60.10 , for that I would expect the whole car in working order and no rust! And now Mrs6C has broken the front passenger one so I need one of those as well.
  21. The webbing on our Citroen XM driver's seat belt is fraying away and I need a replacement. Anybody got one they want to sell me?
  22. You can't be that keen, google maps says 4 hours 16 mins!
  23. Poo! We had a problem with a blocked drain under the public road to our septic tank the other side and the last manhole is under our garage floor. Parked over the cover was our Peugeot 504 Cabriolet that lost a wheel then failed to start, which had not been touched since September. The 504 started easily and drove in and out of the garage with 2 wheel nuts without a problem. I remember the last owner telling me the 504 would cut out when hot and not restart until it had cooled down properly. The last owner worked on the ignition, but Kugelfischer injection has always been problematic
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