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  1. Today's outing was to a gathering of the MK Modern Classics. With the weather being so iffy at the moment my Seicento got another run out to join a varied selection of cars including a 1948 Healey Westland Ex Mille Miglia car looking a bit AS. The other treat for today was a drive of @Prince_of_darkness91 Rover 623i Auto. Smooth easy to drive with a two tone beige interior, very much to my taste.
  2. The big Triumph gearbox does not fit in a Vitesse so I still don't know if a MX5 box will fit.
  3. Back in June 2022 after leaving the local Platinum Jubilee celebrations Mrs6C left our Triumph Vitesse in the road saying it was too difficult to find gears. My friend Andrew from the Triumph Sports Six Club said he would refurbish the remote linkage and sure enough that did the trick. As a reward for doing the remote rebuilt I offered Andrew to use the Vitesse for a while as it was summer. After using the car Andrew reported back that the gearbox was noisy and did I want him to rebuild it for me! I knew it was noisy and had gradually been getting worse over the 18 years we have owned it, but I am pretty good at ignoring these things and was content to live with it as it is. I gratefully grabbed the opportunity to give the gearbox a new lease of life. We already knew the 3rd gear synchromesh was worn out, but it turns out both the main shaft and the input are very worn and damaged. We looked at having the shafts built up and ground down to size locally, but I could not find anybody to do it. We then looked at buying a new main shaft but they are a king’s ransom. We found a specialist who will do the repair work on our main shaft but there is a long waiting list so I bought the new shaft. When Andrew went to fit it he could not get a circlip in place and further investigation with the supplier concluded while the supplier thought the main shaft was correct, it was for a Spitfires only. A full refund was given. Now what to do, I can’t find a used gearbox or the spares to rebuild mine and there is a long undetermined wait for a specialist. Luck took over and when I went to the AS Southern meeting a chance remark about needing a gearbox led to @Three Speed saying he had one. I thought when I defined my need as being from a Vitesse 2.0 and must be an overdrive car I was amazed this is what he had. This led to me following threespeed in his Citroen Traction to his house to buy the gearbox there and then and taking it to Andrew. Andrew stripped the box and found it was pretty worn but the mainshaft is useable so he has built up my gearbox using a few bits from the ex threespeed box and has refitted it in my car. I am hoping it will be tested next week and returned to me soon. The longer term plan is to get the spare gearbox mainshaft repaired by the specialist and then Andrew will build up the spare gearbox for a later swap.
  4. You left early so I could run amuck loading non fitted luggage stuff into your car!
  5. Thank you @inconsistant for organising this and tempting me to start making longer trips again. Thank you @Back_For_More for the selection of Herald parts. Thank you @Three Speed for the Vitesse gearbox and putting up with me wanting it instantly and following you home! I have taken it to my friend from the TSSC who is going to strip it and evaluate the condition. The replacement input shaft I bought for my gearbox is machined wrong and the circlip won't fit. He also showed me my reverse gear has some pitting so we are hoping this one is better. The view following the Traction was great. The journey included the M25 and dual carriageway where it has a genuine cruise speed of 60 mph. It was great to get to out and meet other shiters again.
  6. I think the 911 is a regestister as Date of registration is 1st Jan 2022 and it is LHD.
  7. If you had the choice would you drive home in a 911T or a Seicento? This morning was a local car show at Heath and Reach. It is a show that attracts a very wide selection of cars. I collected my Seicento yesterday with a fresh MOT. I was planning to take the Mercedes E320 Coupe today but somehow the desire to drive the Seicento was so great that I took it this morning.
  8. The Saga louts have been doing the Wales trip annually since 2011 with the compulsory Covid break. Rob the white MGB driver had picked the Hafod from the internet the first year and while very much faded glory it was a great place to stay. They had a chef for the dining room who produced great grub and then there was a small bar which was a good place to finish the evening. At one time there was also a barman called Jaspa who was a fantastic host in the bar. Then it gradual went down hill, the chef left and the atmosphere was more failing business. Rob did ask the Hafod for this trip but they were slow coming back and we had already agreed to stay at the Metropole in Llandrindod Wells. More faded glory with poor internet. The photos are 2011, the TR4 did not make this trip. My Vitesse has a broken gearbox and we are struggling to get parts for it so I was going to use my MX5 until I saw the weather forecast. The black MGB was replaced by the XJS with the owner saying he misses his MGB. The Sirocco owner still has it but choose to bring his MX5 MK1. The white MGB is the same car as this year.
  9. Sorry I have been two timing you all this weekend! I have done a 3 day tour around Wales this weekend with "The Saga Louts" a group of friends who first met at Jaguar Club in Oxford 35 years ago. There were supposed to be 3 MX5s, I read the weather forecast and took the Mercedes instead. The other MK1 did not make the start line as it was broken and the owner rode passenger in the XJS. I was accused of cheating in the Ex @richardmorris E320 Coupe by the MGB owner as it was so easy to live with. The first 311 miles in E320 of mixed driving resulted in 28 mpg which I think is pretty good for a 3.2 Ltr straight six with a 4 speed auto.
  10. @HMC As many know we have a small holding and we can supply a thrashing branch to your specifications. Just tell us length, width, weight, colour and bushiness' required and I am sure we can grow you something! Lovely car in spite of the hiccup.
  11. I started watching the full last series to Alaska. I totally agree when she was in South/Central America just the road scenes in towns were great.
  12. Tonight I have been watching a youtube channel "Itchy Boots" about a Dutch lady traveling through Morocco on a Motorcycle. Sometimes she lets her video camera show us the road ahead, I nearly fell off my chair when a Citroen ami electric came into view, I wasn't expecting that!
  13. Where is our car! @Andyrew took our ZX away to see if he could find out why on a cold start it was grumpy and puffed a small mountain of white smoke. It has had new glow plugs a month ago but still runs on less than 4 and smokes badly just for 20 secs. Andy could not find anything particularly wrong with it. He put a double dose of injection cleaner through it and it seems to run a little better but still runs rough and smokes on start up. The next stage when Andy has some more time is to take out the injectors and have them tested. To enable that to happen we need new seals. Anybody know of a supplier of injection seals for a 1996 Citroen ZX Turbo Diesel Estate? Andy turned up at the house in a car we did not recognise tonight with glossy bright red paintwork. Looking closer it was a ZX Estate and reading the reg it was ours! Yes he took away a car that was filthy dirty with a totally flat paint on bonnet and grill. Also a wheel cover off because it was trying to fall off and a dull headlight. Now it looks great thanks very much.
  14. Today I collected Ex @richardmorris Mercedes E320 from my favorite garage with a fresh MOT and an Oil change service. The only problem was one of the rear seat belts would not stay clipped in so a clean and lubricate was needed. Apart from that a clean pass. I plan to use it at the weekend for a 3 day classic driving tour in Wales. I was going to use the Ex @Andyrew MX5 but in spite of his guarantee the Mazda came with sunshine the forecast is rain all weekend! I think this is the first time we have had the current two W124 Mercs on the drive together.
  15. It is so good to see you have fallen in love with it again. My 2CV heater control seized a couple of times and I had to call for that great engineer from the South @richardmorris to free it it for me. My Visa Twin ran out of MOT during first Covid and has not been used since so when I get it out I may need to call on that great engineer from the East to free it up.
  16. Yes but where does the cassette slot in!
  17. Don't tell anybody but I want a Cinquecento Sporting! No not instead of the Seicento but as well as.
  18. Acting on the man-maths I have now got the little Fiat out of storage and taxed it. The good news is I reconnected the battery, it instantly started and drives perfectly. The only issue was a tyre without air at the bottom, but we had a pump with us. The photos are today.
  19. Ever wondered where all the 10mm spanners go, I have most of them!
  20. Man-Maths Having given up on the MX5 due to weather I have been driving the XM 2.0 16v Auto this week. I filled it up today with E5 after 299.5 miles for £80.90 and it has done 26.4 mpg. I was hoping for a couple more mpg but ok considering it has not had a run, just local journeys. Still a lot to pay out for local running around. I put my Fiat Seicento 1108cc away in October on SORN to protect it from salt with the view to getting it out in April. With petrol now so expensive paying the £15 a month road tax to have it out makes sense as long as I use it instead of XM for the fuel saving to at least cover the road tax. How many miles do I need to do based on 44 mpg for the Fiat both on E5, I was amazed it is only 130 miles a month to save £15 in fuel cost. Also come April road tax will increase and on the original inflation linked plan that would be 12.3% although the new chancellor may lower that increase.
  21. My own list is hand written because it was started in the early 1980s so is hard to share.
  22. I did not realise I am such an amature compared with you! 600+ while I am only 200+ and that is shared with Mrs6C. Even if you count my 76 company cars, 44 of which were brand new I am nowhere.
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