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  1. Yes guys we had a real live Renault 25 in our field and splendid it was to.
  2. My new car has arrived and I do like it very much. Thanks to @richardmorrisfor selling it to me and @Talbot for organising its repairs and bringing it up to me.
  3. I should add we have a camping stove, water, milk, tea and coffee but I think it would be a good idea if people bought there own mugs.
  4. The plan is everybody is self sufficient. Although we have got back to offering a small selection of crisps, biscuits and even an odd pasty.
  5. I would never have gone into partnership with you if I had know you were a Rhubarb hater!
  6. Some ideas for things to do tomorrow at the FoD · Fix ride on mower and cut the orchard grass using our ride in mower · Prepare wood for Saturday Evening fire · Bake me a Rhubarb cake · Clean out Vauxhall Royal, power up and raise drivers window, take some photos and sheet it up · Play on garden railway pull truck · Range Rover green - Start · 3 ton dumper - Pull the cylinder heads off to check what is seized · Toledo – Check parts I have bought and write a parts required list, slap some paint on the rusty bits. Sheet it up for the winter. · Hayter Condor mower - fit cutter plate · Check Anti freeze on all cars in field · Take BMW 323i to car wash and Photograph it for sales Ad
  7. It is all good news today! My BMW 323i has passed it MOT with just a dodgy brake light switch replaced. Our Chrysler Sebring has been marooned in the middle of the drive as a non starter for over a week and today I tried something new. My next door neighbour works in the racing car industry and today he was taking the turbos off his 2009 BMW 123d. While I have not had much contact with him I asked if he had a decent code reading tool. Yes and handed me a Snap-on case, then the instructions about using different adapter links started and and I went for full cheek mode and asked him round to plug it in himself. Plugging it in did not tell us much because it is a 2002 car so he did a couple of basic checks that the injectors were firing etc. He noticed that the coil packs earth was lose and cleaned and tightened that. He also disconnected the fuel line to reveal it was pumping plenty of fuel. Now it starts just fine, he thinks it could have been the earth for the coil packs or the fuel pressure regulator is dirty and little used so has become sticky. Anyway thank you and well done Steve my neighbour.
  8. Now we are working my memory! In Oct 1987 760 saloons gained independent rear suspension and a larger fuel tank. Somewhere in the back of my mind is pre 1987 760 saloons also had a second small tank working in conjunction with the main tank. I can't remember for sure. No 740's or estates had a larger or second tank that I remember.
  9. You can always visit the Field of Dreams this weekend and meet the under nourished Cavalier?
  10. Yesterday the AX owners at the show decided to have an impromptu photo call, I am glad my light blue AX14TRS was amongst such a splendid line up.
  11. A big thanks to @GoGently who came over in his white Visa and helped us get our cars to the local Citroen show ready for tomorrow. I think his speedo is telling fibs!
  12. I am at a Citroen show tomorrow and I will ask.
  13. I collected my DS today following having the accumulator sphere and the two front wheel spheres being replaced. It is lovely to drive with replacement front spheres much smoother now. Also the pump has stopped working overtime now it has a replacement accumulator sphere which is the pressure reservoir for the brakes, suspension and power steering. A yard of Citroens of all shapes and sizes including mine.
  14. The small revenue from film work would never cover restoration costs even if you can get any gigs for it.
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