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  1. If there are Capri's at a show don't think a Maserati is going to get any attention at all!
  2. It was at a small car gathering last night, but ran away before I could give it a good look round.
  3. The format is easy, turn up do as much or little as you please. Work on our projects or your own. Bring non car projects to do here if you want. I normally arrive at 10 am Saturday but arrangements can be made for early or Friday arrivals. Bring your own food and drink although there is tea and coffee making facilities. Free camping, RV, motor caravan, caravan, trailer tent, van, or sleep in your car. Bring a tent even flowery 1980s ones! Remember we don't have insurance for you however you hurt yourself so be careful and look out for others. Pets, children, wifes, parents are all welcome. The only facilities on site are mains water and a Dunny (composting toilet in a wooden shed Australian style) Yes it did end up with walls and a door! PM for the address when you know you are coming.
  4. 2/3 July 2022 FoD Things to do. Motor bike trailer - clean and grease wheel bearing and fit new lighting board Triumph Toledo 4 door – Rub down and paint bonnet with rattle cans. Take the cylinder head off the Carlton 2.0i Club estate to check the damage. Start Carlton 1.8 GLi. Start Bedford CF Get Opel Manta fired up and moving Make a couple of the mopeds run. Work on/clean your own car/stuff Prepare wood for enclosed fire pit if anybody is staying for the evening Drink tea and chat.
  5. Show your car Milton Keynes railway station! Mrs6C is away 2/3 July with a right rough crew in Wakefield! Mrs6C has been collecting Lightbulbfun from the station Saturday late morning and returning him early Sunday evening for FoD, but won't be able to this time. I may be able to but would rather not leave site. Any volunteers?
  6. Don't wet your pants but FoD 2/3 July is On! Friday evening 1st July at 6.30pm there a small car gathering of the Milton Keynes Classic Car Club and I am planning to go. It would be nice if a few others joined me as all are welcome. The meeting is at The Giffard Park, Broadway Avenue, Giffard Park, Milton Keynes, MK14 5QN. It is 13 miles from FoD. It is a low cost pub where you can eat if you wish. There is parking for all cars so don't worry if you think yours doesn't qualify.
  7. Most definitely yes. Some experience of the matter has been gained with my own K series 114.
  8. I have had a couple of my cars used for music videos in the past while I owned them. My 1991 BMW 325i SE was used by "The 1975" for Somebody else. Also my 1994 Audi Convertible was used by "Ed Sheeran" for the Video for Castle On The Hill
  9. That means you will have to leave in June to arrive for the July FoD meeting!
  10. BBC says weekend 2/3 July will be warm and dry. On that basis I am considering opening the FoD that weekend. Any interest?
  11. I wish it was! Of those the only one I have owned is a MK2 Granada. I have driven the Rover, Alfa Six and Peugeot 604. I have never driven a Tagora And am not even sure what the Japanese car is?
  12. I own up I have broken Andyrew's Allegro. The clutch had a variable bite and I thought it might be air in the hydraulics so I bled it. That left it without enough movement to disengage the clutch. Andyrew came over to see what I had done to his car! We tried to take off the master cylinder but could not undo the metal pipe. The metal pipe is a larger diameter to the brake pipe I have so making a new one was not a quick fix. Rather than risk it Andyrew took it all off with the slave and pipes. He has taken it to his workshop to see if he is able to separate the parts, clean and rework the cylinders. Stay tuned for the next episode! * As his first older British car Andyrew has no AF spanners. If you have some lying around doing nothing getting in the way you could always give them to him.*
  13. BiTurbo has now got a new stainless exhaust. It has gone for Service and MOT to a local garage and I hope to get it back by the end of next week.
  14. I don't know if it was because I only bought Cavaliers and Carltons I found a swarm of Astra's gathering outside my house!
  15. Not my Allegro! Today I had an Allegro 1500 Special delivered, but it was not for me. This one is for @Andyrew. The good news for me is I get to keep it and drive it for a few days before Andyrew takes it home.
  16. @Slowsilvercame over this afternoon and worked on the mower tyre. Then it was playtime! I have had the Toledo 4 door for a week and done nothing with it. The car came with a broken hinge that had pulled out of the very rusty bonnet. Today we found the other hinge was seized and bonnet would not sit down properly. This had us changing the bonnet with the 2 door Toledo to get the 4 door ready for the road. It started easily, but after a few minutes it cut out and would not restart. Just 5 minutes later it restarted as if nothing was wrong. It cut out and restarted after a pause several times. A bit of diagnosis from Slowsilver showed the input voltage to the coil fluctuated. We run out of time to consider what to do with it next...............
  17. Yes caught him and made him put it back! My BMW E3 has never been right and yesterday I drove it and it was terrible, loss of power and badly misfiring. This morning was about fixing that and I had a new Mechanic look at it for me. The list: One choke stuck on Timing to advanced points gap a little tight The elect fuel pump was to high a pressure for the carbs so he removed it and went back to the mechanical one which works fine. Front carb opened before the rear one. Vacuum retard disconnected as the new carbs do not have a connection for it. Cleaned Distributor Cap and rotor arm Found rust hole in radiator cap One stud on the carbs has a striped thread. I runs much better, but we are going to need a round 2. It set off on the test drive with no power then picked up but still had a slight misfire.
  18. We did have HIS and HERS, because we both wanted to drive it. Post Covid are mileages are tiny and having a second one just did not make sense so I have sold mine.
  19. We didn't do any overtaking as our pace was set by a Herald 13/60 and 60 as in bhp! This was the trip where the guys from the Triumph Sports Six Club went above and beyond and helped me get the Vitesse out and fix the brakes so I could make the trip. The Vitesse did alright, 260 miles for the day. Job for the future is to improve the gear change as finding first is very tricky. I also need to find a new hood tonneau cover because of some mouse!
  20. When your friend spots you driving down the A34 dual carriageway he gives you a friendly greeting and gets his passenger to record the event!
  21. This evening the 2CV got a run out to the Citroen DS Rally.
  22. This afternoon was maintenance at the FoD with @Slowsilver Mower suffered a puncture and we ended up with a small front wheel of an older machine to keep us working. Jeep, Invacar, JCB and temporary road all got shifted to cut the grass.
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