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  1. My victim recipient may receive his after xmas due to payday this year being 23rd instead of 20th. Apologise.
  2. which butcher is this? I’m not mega miles from Yosstown so if ever I’m passing I may have to partake of cured pig in bread
  3. I just feel run down and mildly flu-ey. Though it does feel like my head is being squeezed by an engineering vice. Wife is really ill, she was last time she got it. I work with the general public, she works at a university so both high chances of getting infected
  4. Local to me Facebook won’t share the link to web browser for some reason.
  5. Had a lovely day with my parents at the Weald & Downland museum then a night out with the mrs watch I’m sorry I haven’t a clue at the Brighton Dome. Both felt like absolute shit after. This morning: Both of us. 3rd time for me, 2nd for the mrs. Arsebiscuits.
  6. 6ft 5 and I can comfortably drive a 205. 3-dr are roomier
  7. I’ve noticed it’s that time of year when the great unwashed turns into an even bigger bunch of arseholes than normal. Had to go shopping this morning. Tesco. I know exactly what I wanted and which aisles etc. I hate shopping at the best of times, I wouldn’t normally go at 11am on a Sunday but needs must. People barging each other to get to the seasonal tat, some old biddy moved my trolley (and nearly ended up with me putting the jar of Branston I’d picked up on her head) just so she could grab the mingebag brand of pickle on a lower shelf. Then some twatbag bumped his trolley into my car putting a scratch in the paintwork, not even an apology. He then got in a BMW X thing, which probably sums his personality up to a tee. Do people not say “excuse me”, or “would you mind passing me one of those” any more?
  8. First call on bin deliveries yesterday morning. It’s 2300
  9. Stepdaughter complained of no brake pedal on the Bini. Checked rear callipers no leaks or greasiness. Nearside front flexi and metal line all oily feeling, O/S/F dry. Brake fluid dripping from underneath ABS pump. So that’s a ballache.
  10. As much as I would love to get up to the FoD again, I have pretty much 25th, 26th Dec and 1st Jan off work so unless some miracle happens and work decides to give the entire workforce that week off it’s highly unlikely I can come up. I have a few days off in the new year mid January so I can always get in the way then.
  11. CUV478C looks like a Routemaster set
  12. I’m hoping just the incorrectly fitted filter and poorly fitted shrouds was the cause along with some severe rain. The seals in the filter housing looked in good order.
  13. Past couple of months SAAB den andra has been pretty reliable, passed the MoT with an advisory which I’ll sort in better weather. Past week with the ridiculous amount of wind and rain I have noticed water in the car which appears when the fan blower is on. Scuttle and plenums are clear, so one can only think wind was forcing the rain past the cabin filter. Old one was manky and damp. It was also fitted in backwards, and the plastic shield between the filter housing and scuttle trim was badly fitted. The fan also looked damp and past day or so it was squealing. Dried off what I could with a rag before placing a drop or 2 of light oil in the spindle, before renweing the filter and reinstalling the plastics and seals ensuring a good fit. While I was there I whipped off the battery negative lead, because the anti-jam in the driver’s window, external temp sensor and a couple of other doohickies were messing about. 30 secs off the batter jormally kills these gremlins, and pleased to report a window which winds up and down on auto correctly, a non-squeaky fan, external temp showing 12 Celcius instead of the previous -6, and the EML light off. This was from failure to regen a couple months back, but as this seems to have automatically cured itself and I don’t have a reader I did it that way. I will monitor the water situation. Thankfully not using coolant, doesn’t overheat and the water with the fan was only ever after heavy rain. May invest in a cover if I know weather will be really bad.
  14. Yes I’ve seen it a few times. Can’t remember where I took that particular photo, been deleted off my iCloud for a while now. I think it’s off North Street
  15. Mouldy Scimitar SE6/6a/6b lurking behind the wall last night.
  16. Probably won’t be until next year as I think Amberley winds down over winter. I’m also thinking about a day at an easy to get to heritage or narrow-gauge railway. Can’t promise footplate rides or the same but a mini gathering of our rammel and a ride on a train. I know plenty of heritage lines do a fish & chip special
  17. July last year. I still haven’t finished off the rolls of film in my Canon TX & EF I took on the day. Happy to arrange another visit there next summer. Still haven’t seen all of it, the steam shed in particular.
  18. A fair amount of the rammel I have seen has been Brack/Witt/Birdham, including the Iveco Daily with the Bedford CF nose grafted onto it
  19. Rather tasty BX spotted on way home from the pet shop It looked pretty immaculate. J533LAY, 88k at last test quite a few advisories though
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