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  1. Is Captain Scarlet’s car a possibility?
  2. I got a good tested used one from Neo Brothers
  3. Definitely the temp sensor. Started up after work and it read 27, A/C ice cold. By the time I’d got to Midhurst outdoor temp was apparently -4 and it was trying to warm me up!
  4. New external temp sensor ordered. See if that cures it
  5. It stopped working on way back from taking my stepdaughter home, I also noticed the external air temp sensor had dropped from 27 to -17 degrees C. Wondering if that’s anything to do with it.
  6. I now have aircon. 10g of refrigerant extracted, no leaks and 650g refrigerant pumped in. Lovely and cool now.
  7. No gas in it. Was working ok-ish until a couple of weeks ago. I just hope a pipe hasn’t blown
  8. I woke up at 3:15 this morning , by 4am my eyes were streaming.
  9. Hottest week of the year so far and really high pollen count means for the first time since moving to Sussex I’ve had to take hayfever tablets. Also the week the aircon on the Saab decides it’s time to get a bit feeble, so it’s booked in for Monday. I’ll see if I can fit the Mini in as well.
  10. This lot spotted around Bosham Haven’t seen a phase 1 306 for ages A German thing. The guy who owns this Giulietta doesn’t deserve it. He hoons it around like a complete prick.
  11. I’ll have to get a minibus and do a tat spotting tour…..
  12. As I’m very much rural today I hope to find more. Working not far from the Hampshire border in Emsworth
  13. Few from this morning while on a textiles, WEEE and coffee pod collection trial service Gilbern has been here since I started working in Chichester, which is now 7 years. Quite possible it’s been there longer. 106s are getting a little rare. Early facelift XT on a P plate. First Perodua I’ve seen in the wild for some time. And everyone likes a 13A plug
  14. Can’t wait to see this finished
  15. ⬆️WHS. Sounds like a faulty switch, probably worth testing on the bench if you can. Dirty/corroded inside may allow the small current of a continuity tester to beep but not the load of a tail light. Are the front sidelights working as well?
  16. Wheels seem to be a very marmite thing on cars. People either love the look or they hate the look. I quite like them on the P6. They look period correct.
  17. Dinosaur definitely. Pubs are a lot different to shops and many started taking card not long after they started selling meals. I remember when a few Wetherspoons were cash only in the 1990s. I know of a corner shop in Fernhurst (not far from me) owned by a Tubbs and Edward/Arkwright hybrid couple who staunchly refused to get a card machine, turned down the opportunity to take in the post office franchise when the local branch was closed down and they hyper-inflated prices as “they are convenient for the locals”. Talking £1.80 for a can of coke or £3 for a Heinz tomato soup. They also hated passing trade because they ‘may not shop here again’. With no cash point in the village, and nobody wanting to use cash during the pandemic means they lost their local trade and closed down, all seemingly because of not wanting to take card. Even the greengrocer opposite them saw sense and got a chip & pin thing during the pandemic to save their business. Dinosaur or money laundering? I paid for a bottle of drink in a One-Stop yesterday with a fiver and it confused the fuck out of the guy behind the counter (I needed some change)
  18. Even by the inflated prices of Carandclassic, project MG metros are much nearer £2500 and really good ones nearer the price of this one. I think the seller 1) has no idea of its value 2) doesn’t really want to sell it
  19. Nail bars and tan places definitely, international food stores which change name or management every few months, and anywhere which doesn’t take card.
  20. That is going to be one beast of a motor!
  21. A lot of programmes were deemed outdated or unsellable overseas and the BBC, ITV etc wiped and re-used video tape. Many saturday kids shows were live and only a few got recorded so very little remains. Look up missing episodes of Dad’s Army, Dr Who, Z-Cars etc it goes into quite a bit of detail what exactly happened as it’s too long to put here.
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