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  1. Welcome! Feel free to post plenty of Vauxhall pictures
  2. It’s sometimes difficult to say what is a good brand and what isn’t - I’ve had cheap good stuff and expensive crap from the same make in the past (Quinton Hazell!). Might be better off swallowing a bill of £30-40 from somewhere like chevronics (who’ll more than likely supply you with OEM quality) and the bellows last 10 years than replace each side every year or so for £5-10 a time from Amazon. GSF & ECP don’t even list them for a BX any more. Changing a rack bellows on a normal car isn’t too much of a ballache if the track rod ends aren’t seized! Other Citroën specialist are available!
  3. A lot of aftermarket gaiters are made from some kind of material which seems to degrade quickly. They tend to look like a shiny soft plastic as opposed to a dull rubber.
  4. The Audi Q series were named in tribute to Spike Milligan’s Tv show from the 70s.
  5. One of these with a manual would suit me fine!
  6. South coast/Chichester. I don’t go on the eBay tat thread much now, I have hardly any will power and even less money!
  7. Some from my friends and family Fiat Teapot - Tipo Ford Onion/Urinal - Orion Ford Curtains - Cortina (Cortina is Spanish for curtain) Datsun Micron - Nissan Micra VW Flog - Golf VW Borat - Bora Skoda Labia - Fabia Ford Scrotum/scrote - Escort Shove-it - Chevette Chavvy Leah - Cavalier Tupperware car - Reliant 3-wheeler Vulva - Volvo Can't think of any more at the moment
  8. I refer to any Blue Oval as a Dagenham Dustbin, as did my granddad who was in the trade 35 years.
  9. oh my. That is one peachy looking little car. Following this thread with gusto!
  10. Cramped, hideous ride quality, numb steering, vague gearshift, poor visibility all round. No redeeming features from the one I hired in Spain last summer.
  11. I would say this is based on where you live than the car for sale. Living all my life in the south & south east, Protons, Peroduas and K-series Rovers I’ve not seen one priced as low as £150 and breakers were full of them a few years back with better roadworthy examples £350-500. Last time I recall seeing a car as low as £150 with some ticket on it must be 15 years ago (outside of car auctions). Fiat Uno IIRC
  12. To be honest most Fords and VWs are and always have been overvalued. By and large they’re everyday cars for the everyday person. Nothing special, some are absolute crackers and some are absolute dogshit. An older car in good order with a good amount of MoT (6 months+) and provenance will always be £500 or more irrespective of make, mileage and condition - the better the condition and the more the history included the better as many cars from the 1990s onwards hide neglect well. Mileage can be a bone of contention because low miles ≠ low trouble - I’ve had more aggro from lower mileage cars through lack of use than those with average or high miles. At the lower end of the car market sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a nightmare and what looks good may not always be so; while there is demand for affordable decent cars the crap will also go up in value and people will be stung.
  13. I’m currently looking at the prices of estate cars because as our only car the C2 is impractical. Up the road there’s an 850 estate for sale on a P plate. Guy selling it wants £2500 but it’s an absolute heap, has short MoT and has no record of servicing or work done to it. The engine sounded sad and stuttery. It’s battered, dented, pogweaseled and has rust in places and looks generally uncared for. I’ve never seen rust on a 90s Volvo. It is low miles (85k) but for the same price (and indeed lower) there are some really tidy examples about. I predict there will be a lot of overpriced tat like this flooding the market.
  14. A good Focus is great, the one I owned was appalling; I gave it to my brother who had to spend a lot of money getting it up to decent. Sometimes, yes. As ‘an car’ it was brilliant. Nothing inspiring at all but such an easy car to drive. For people who just want A to B transport with excellent reliability why go for anything else? Ours soldiered on with nothing more than routine servicing until an internal oil seal had a major aneurysm and repair wasn’t viable - low miles and I’d have mothballed it while I sorted out an engine rebuild, but 200k and tired everything else meant full on resto, for which I don’t have the facilities. We’d consider a good low mileage example, or a tidy one with some provenance. Again a good Golf is a great car, a crap one is appalling. I’ve driven good and crap. I agree with the badge snobbery element. The Focus and the Golf made other manufacturers take a long hard look at their products, and the cheap and cheerful Kia & Hyundai really upped there standard from the mid 2000s, whereas other brands disappeared (Proton, Perodua). Ford and VW - What I don’t like and really pisses me off about either marque is the ‘scene’ and fanboi aspect, where even a polite “yeah it’s nice” gets the same reaction as if you’d trodden dog mess into their living room because you haven’t said “it’s the best”.
  15. Billeh! Long time no hear from. How bi’thee?
  16. Not just bins. Thankfully the issue is being resolved as director has escalated this to cabinet who didn’t realise the local agreement (contract) was so messed up.
  17. That looks like a great yard to walk around.
  18. Nope. Well not in public.
  19. And a couple from Chichester, my current home. “The snobbiest shithole in Britain, but at least it’s not Bognor Regis” according to Ilivehere.com Market Cross, undated East Street, undated. I’m finding old pics of Chi very hard to find. With Goodwood being very close it should be a golden opportunity but I have more luck spotting!
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