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  1. egg

    '93 Mondy thread

    @LightBulbFunthanks very much, good to know it is still out there - maybe the only 'k reg' Mondeo in NI? Who knows! Seeing as we still only know of 60 odd nationally, it's not impossible.
  2. egg

    '93 Mondy thread

    sadly not, but @greengartsidemay be able to get it from Etis if he still has access?
  3. egg

    '93 Mondy thread

    Your comment reminded me to search for SVE chat on this thread - and found that I don't have 329 KVE on my list (Green GLX registered 2/3/93). I think I have 62 now on my list of K reg cars that still exist. Just in case, here is at least all the numbers so if I'm hit by an Invacar tomorrow it's there for posterity. should just add... 476 TKL is actually now on J13 JOK 379 KVF is on K18 GLX NIW 7979 is now on a BMW - so not sure if that one still exists @LightBulbFunwould you be able to find out please? Also 2 or 3 of the above are being bangered or are donor cars, but shell still exists afaik.
  4. interesting, as the pic looks like Aston dealer on Park Lane in London.
  5. egg

    '93 Mondy thread

    Another one for the list off the road since 2014. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154995510014?hash=item241673cafe:g:4wUAAOSw2LpigQzV
  6. Soz if a repeat, I don't follow this Fred anymore. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/570621551014401/
  7. I may be fat and bald, but yeah not quite* old enough to remember her heyday
  8. unsure, I just did googled Suzie and car because she was on Minder on ITV4
  9. egg

    '93 Mondy thread

    @Eyersey1234well done! A new one to me, and extremely early 4/3/93 reg (pre official launch). Must be saved. Almost certainly the earliest remaining Ghia.
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