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  1. thats something I have been wondering myself for a long time! I have never been able to get a good look at the fixtures to see if they where an entirely US affair or if they for some reason are British fixtures who's manufacture decided to use US tubes in? I always just assumed that they used normal T8 fluorescent tubes, until I think it was on here in the eBay tat thread where an RML was posted and in one of the shots you could see where someone had removed all the tubes from their fixtures and you could see the tubes where clearly F48T12/F72T12 Single pin tubes! that was quite the revelation for me LOL and it finally explained finally why us lightbulb collectors kept finding these US fluorescent in bus depots LOL (see my our first question when we go somewhere new is "wheres your spare lightbulb stash?" and then we promptly raid it ) it is worth noting that I do seem to recall some other buses in the UK/(London?) from the 1990's that also used the same fixtures what was used in refurbished RML's but buggered if I can remember exactly which they where! however it means it was not just RMLs that had them which would further add to your economies of scale theory but trying trying to find lightbulb information on buses I have found is just seeming one too many levels of obscure for anyone to know anything about sadly! much like how I have wondered about how the fluorescent tube setup on RTC1 was done (keep in mind this was 1940's and fluorescent tubes where still a very new thing, let alone trying to drive them off a 24V DC system), I know theres a book by Colin Curtis I need to buy regarding that bus which im hoping will contain the info im looking for! and also @Inspector Morose has mentioned a couple times that one of the last trolly buses in service had a sign on the side saying such which was lit up with fluorescent tubes powered off of the 600V DC supply, and id love to know how they pulled that off! but I have not been able to find out anything on that there where special Philips TL-C and TL-R tubes made for running on DC high voltage systems, lots of European trams used them, but there where never really a thing in England, however for a quick show you could just use regular tubes on DC just fine, but they still would of had to have ballasted them somehow! again cant find any details on that (the R stands for Relay because these tubes where operated with a relay that periodically reversed the polarity of the voltage going to the tube, to stop all the mercury migrating to one end and leaving you with a tube thats only lit up half way! or as one old time collector put it "where one end of the tube has fallen asleep!")
  2. anything Pre 1973 is completely ULEZ/LEZ exempt even when on revenue service sadly they never adjusted the LEZ exemption in line with the rolling Historic vehicle taxation class update, so thats why 1973! but thats really awesome to see! that the service is actually happening! must go find it someday and have a ride! not sure if I have ever been on a Leyland engined RM.... I also seeing as it was actually happening I did a bit of digging and found this interesting write up on it https://busandtrainuser.com/2022/10/18/londoner-buses-brings-back-rms/ have to say the modern LED head lamps on RML887 looking fucking shit LOL, but its interesting to see they have managed to keep the 1990's fluorescent fixtures inside going, those are an unusually, American affair and use US F72T12 single pin fluorescent tubes id love to know where they get spares from LOL as for the question of when a Leyland RM last worked revenue service in London, well I know a few have come out to play during tube strikes if those count? I always wanted to go out on those days! I was probably the only person in London who looked forward to tube strikes LOL, but I could never make it sadly
  3. I dunno, @Mrs6C probably knows who to talk to if you really wish to purchase it...
  4. Yeah sadly trying to find pictures/examples of ephemera like this is easier said then done! well this is where things get interesting because, after Prototype 9 and 10, came Prototypes 11 through to Prototype 20 (BPE21H-BPE40H) now AC considered these user trial cars, Prototype cars, complete with Prototype chassis numbers, but the Ministry just considered them an early batch of Model 70's, they where fully contracted up (Contract HAD 632/268) and built to Spec No TSS/V/110049 (June-September 1969 Pre Production specifications for an Automatic Invalid Tricycle) which is I suspect the spec that Prototype 9 will have been built to and these 20 Model 70's where just considered part of the fleet in the end, in the same way that Prototype Routemaster 4, CRL4, and the 24 Prototype lengthened RM's, ER/RML880-903 where just considered another of the fleet once main production of their respective Routemaster types got under way Production Model 70's are all built under Spec No TSS/V/110054 (Production specifications for an Automatic Invalid Tricycle Jan 1970) but the inclusion of these Prototype 20, is why the figure for Production Model 70's is 18130 because if you add the 20 user trial cars you get 18150 and indeed 1 User trial car even managed to make it to the end of days in 2003! so I I dont think the Ministry would have any problems punting Prototype 9 out to the public if they had it etc, I mean they punted out the very first Prototype Model 69E, 833BRW (and subsequent prototypes) to the public after it had done its job! (but I see no evidance of any of the pre-user trial Model 70 prototype cars seeing Ministry service, all that is mentioned in period is explicitly the 20 user trial cars, AFAIK the earlier Prototypes remained an AC concern) but the thing is most of what I have said is a bit irrelevant (story of my life!) because the photos where taken in 1970 at the Steyr puch works again to validate things, so this was right as the car was fresh etc, so its not simply just in a role it ended up in after AC where done with it or such, these photos where taken as the car was being actively tested and developed by AC but as mentioned the Ministry was much more involved with the Model 70 development than any other previous type, so again I do if the Ministry just took it under its wing so to speak to help AC get things done indeed @Mrs6C mentioned when I first posted about it thats how it likely would of gotten there
  5. I defo think the 90's positioning looks much better! on the 88 the way it sits behind main rear windows bug the crap out of me, looks like someones set it too far back, and that it should be lined up with the main window when its not!
  6. interesting! I was just looking at Yoss's photo and noticing there was a 3rd holder and also stirred up general memories of there always being 3 holders and I was wondering what the 3rd disc holder was for! I wonder if then thats whats on the Model 70 then? some sort of proof of insurance? again if anyone has any pictures of any of these discs from 1970 or so would be interesting to see them and see how they compare! there are some that say that it was driven overland to Austria as part of the whole validation process, so it would make sense they would want to have some sort of proof that yes everything is as it should be, as they drove through Europe, but I have never been able to confirm if it was actually driven overland or not! *insert picture here of Model 70 at vMax flashing Audi's out of the way on the german autobahn*
  7. indeed a few people I have spoken to have floated those as what it was possibility, but I have not found one that matches with the one on the Model 70, which seems to have writing/lines right next to/either side of the the crown, where as what you show has lines all below the crown still it could be the Model 70 has an older version of a different design somewhat, do you know of any examples from roughly 1970? that is when the photo was taken the question of course is then, if it is one of these Exempt vehicle discs, then I have to wonder what does it say on it exactly, as in who is this Model 70 being operated/exempted by etc! keep in mind that this is Prototype 9, its NOT a Ministry user trial car, so its much more of an AC concern then it would of been a Ministry concern, so I would expect to see the vehicle on trade plates or such, rather then exempted by the Ministry or such, although it is possible the Ministry was still happy to work/do things for AC, given how much the Model 70 was the Ministries own doing as it was AC's, but its still strange because the Model 70 would of just gone into the Disabled Driver taxation class, a £NIL rate tax disc anyhow interesting! yeah thats what I found as well, I tried to see if I could find any pictures and I just found what you found and it clearly does not mach! I Was quite surprised at the lack of photos given most things in the Bus world tend to be pretty well documented if theres a bus that existed at one point in time, theres a good chance someone somewhere will have a Photograph of it, unless its MHJ54P of course.... it would be interesting to know if anyone does have a picture of an older late 60's early 70's operators disc?
  8. interesting! I wonder if anyone has a close up picture of one of these? the reason it caught my eye is it does look very similar both disks to look to have right at the top: small bit of writing *something that looks a bit like a crown* another small bit of writing then a couple spaced out lines bellow a large body of text I dont think on BPE19H it would be a parking permit! to give it more context it is AC Model 70 Prototype number 9, and its a zoomed in part of this picture and this is from when it visited the Steyr puch works in Austria, so Steyr puch could validate that they where happy with how their engine would perform in the Model 70 setup (Steyr puch was known for always requesting a "sample" for them to test with themselves before they would commit to supplying engines, and this is why the Opperman Sterling is left hand drive! bonus little fact there!) it is worth noting that this strange disc is the only disc on the car there is no usual tax disc or such, despite the vehicle clearly being registered, on British plates etc, it seems this strange disc is some sort of substitution for a tax disc but I have not been able to find anything about what it might be!
  9. so this is interesting! while sluething up some more details on a picture in the lads and lasses thread, for @Yoss I zoomed into the tax disc of the RT Bus in the photo to see if I could make out an expirary date, to try and date the photo, and while I could not make out a date I could not help but notice that the 2nd Disc bellow looks a lot like the weird "tax" disc that is on BPE19H above I am curious if @Yoss or @busmansholiday or @Inspector Morose if any of yall have any more details on what this disc on the RT is at least? I always just assumed that the 2nd discs where some sort of PSV operator/licence disc, but why would a Model 70 have something that looks very similar attached to it? (I mean passenger carrying is literally forbidden on a Ministry Model 70 at least LOL) thus I am now curious to know a bit more about em if anyone knows?
  10. Oi! I resemble that remark! the young Lady in the Photo is a (then) 19 year old Pauline Bowden, shown, wearing her new hat, and taken at Reigate bug garage https://editorial01.shutterstock.com/wm-preview-1500/1794402a/74f5fd25/Shutterstock_1794402a.jpg https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/image-editorial/london-bus-conductors-19yo-clippie-conductress-pauline-1794404a sounds impressive! but nothing a bit of reverse google image search cant dig up another photo taken at the same time https://editorial01.shutterstock.com/wm-preview-1500/1794404a/9fb39106/Shutterstock_1794404a.jpg https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/image-editorial/london-bus-conductors-19yo-clippie-conductress-pauline-1794404a no actual year given, however someone could probably figure it out from her age and whenever she was born but ill let someone else figure that out! she seems pleased with her new hat at least!
  11. I dont think so, because the data the HML has is from 2021 for that statistic, and thats "long" before the current DVLA SORN fuckery so I think there is genuinely one on SORN somewhere! just gotta find it you can always FOI the DVLA like what @egg did for K prefix mondeo statistics is is however worth noting that thats 1983 car by year of manufacture, not date of first registration so it could be a later import of some kind...
  12. sadly I dont think anything has actually changed, for some reason a load of previously tax due vehicles (from Invacars to buses) now show as SORN, even those with scrapped markers again them I suspect what has happened is these where vehicles which where SORNed back in the day, but remember SORN was something you had to renew every year like VED, then when the vehicle was disposed of/forgotten about the SORN was allowed to expire, and that was that, they would show as simply tax due whenever the date of SORN running out was, until fast forward to now, and I think the DVLA for whatever reason suddenly "oh these vehicles where once SORN, lets re-instate that" although it is interesting to note that It could also be a front end issue, for example normally when you have a car that is SORN and do a keeper change, the SORN gets cancelled and the vehicle becomes tax due, according to date you put down as when the new keeper got the vehicle but recently @Harriytait I noticed when he purchased a Model 70 its SORN did not cancel like it should of, he mentioned another car he had bought recently who's SORN did not cancel, but he still got a letter from the DVLA saying "Oi you need to SORN this" so I have to wonder if the front end of the DVLA checker is reading "was SORN but is no longer" as "vehicle is SORN" for some reason? here for example is an MCW Metrobus that is scrapped but (now) shows as SORN here is a couple posts from where I first noticed shenanigans afoot
  13. Oh cool! not many videos of Argsons in action so will be great to see! , tho I wonder if the zoom interview will ever see the light of day! I know Simon did one with @dollywobbler but I dont think it ever properly got published for whatever reason LOL https://www.invalidcarriageregister.org/icr-tv
  14. from what I have seen from endless DVLA "reverse engineering" the keeper counter, is only a 3 digit integer gotta wonder what happens when you hit 1000 former keepers... and of course as I have mentioned elsewhere a few times, for vehicles registered before the 1st of October 1974, they could have any number of previous keepers, since the keeper count was not transferred from the buff logbook to the V5 system! always tickles me when I see someone sell an Austin 7 or such with "only 1 previous keeper!" and they show a picture of the V5, rather than any sort of buff logbook
  15. ahh thats a shame, but not all together unsurprising! as who knows when RDE346 was last taxed/on the road before now! very glad to hear you have managed to work with Simon and get a V765 on the go!
  16. poor @egg is probably having bad flashbacks right about now! glad they have found it, now lets hope there is a nice juicy archived record RDE346 for them to unearth and reinstate
  17. hah that one very familiar to me but not one I have ever posted before, I have been sitting on since 2019!, but just never gotten round to working it into a post! but as its right at the start of my archives I find myself looking at quite frequently while I dig around back there for other things! here a direct link to the nice high res original https://flic.kr/p/8Le16N I appreciate the heads up none the less! still! heres another that I found at about the same time that I have never been able to quite work into a post! (one I always found quite interesting, given the lack of any formal paved road in shot!) https://www.flickr.com/photos/fray_bentos/167183130/
  18. Awesome! have you dropped off with them a copy of the schematics also? the Model 70 electrical layout is a little bit unusual for the time/for a British car (at least when all the fuses have not been bypassed!) nothing drastically different, its still Lucas colour codes etc, but its probably good them to have, and just let them know that your car also has a voltage stabiliser for the smiths gauges thats not shown on the schematic
  19. hah yeah as far back as Page 3 I make reference to that Simpsons vehicle in relation to it looking a lot like a Model 70! espically when you have a steering wheel Model 70 thats complete with dash change still! and then on page 84 its gets talked a bit more directly (the guy who did the writeup in Gizmodo obviously typically does not know his invacars at all! saying Harper Invacar, and then saying the AC petite is an invalid car, is like saying "I Have a Ford Rover 2CV!" @quicksilver then did an amusing write up on it himself on his blog http://rustyoldrubbish.blogspot.com/2019/11/put-it-in-h.html one thing I find odd, is the fact that everyone who writes up about it, sees the Cyrillic alphabet on the dash/gear-change and automatically assumes the car must have been produced in a place that used that alphabet! but how do we know it was not a a model built elsewhere where they used a different alphabet, and not simply built for export to the wider soviet union/Russia! in the same way plenty of LHD MGB's where made for the US market! but being LHD does not mean they are not British! I mean on the topic of MGB's the Fly bonnet mascot does look a lot like an MG mascot!
  20. one of these then? (I mean the wheels are silver!) with a very lost @MorrisItalSLX onboard who just wanted to go to Bunnings and made the mistake of falling asleep just before the last stop...
  21. yeah I had posted that before you had edited your post to indicate she was not turning over, rather then not starting since you said she was not re-starting, rather then not turning over, well thats the issue I thought i was dealing with generally when someone says a vehicle is not starting or especially not re-starting after warming up, that generally implies things are turning over on the starter motor, but not catching,hence why we thought, ahh condenser issue! so yeah in your case, the issue would be described as not even turning over as already mentioned Model 70's are a a Dynastart system, that is starter motor and Dynamo all in one! but as it is a dynamo system rather an alternator system it means they dont charge particularly well at slow speeds, so im not surprised she flattened her battery, REV's battery got flattened much in similar ways (well not helped by her charging system being completely inoperative at that point in time LOL) and that is another thing, do check that she is charging! and that the charging light, does go out as it should, and DOES NOT come back on as you then add on even more engine speed, (easy enough to test by taking the machine out of gear and giving it some revs!) if the charging light does happen to flicker back on, then check the inline fuse holder in the charging for dirty contacts, and sort those out
  22. Hmmm that sounds very much to me like a condenser breaking down and failing as it gets hot, I would try fit/bodge in a new one/replacement and see if that helps any, and also just check the points/rotor arm/distributor cap while your at it (or at least see if you can cool down the condenser) or may also be the ignition coil another one to check on as well that may be getting hot and breaking down and failing
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