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  1. very cool! do you have direct links to either of the posts? NPD39 is a Petrol Stanley Argson thats been doing the rounds for sometime, I first posted it the thread in 2019 when It showed up for sale on car and classic, it then later showed up on ebay a couple years later Looks like NPD39 is up for sale again, on ebay this time! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194237804428 also came across this cool picture of a Vernon Invalid car https://www.facebook.com/groups/123243264448778/posts/670894656350300/ so I wonder if its moved again! FJG371 is a Fitt Continental, a very curious machine, but one with no known survives sadly, the George Fitt Continental was pretty much the last new design of tradition petrol open invalid carriage to be penned before the bodied machines came to be speaking of old school invalid carriages I came across these 2 photos from here https://www.facebook.com/christopher.whelan.336/posts/pfbid0mLeYmR3FFJZ86xJJ88yorqGdXQGPs8Ba2VNU3vUsP1mqvturLBnzS7XAj4s8iZyAl the Electric Harper Mk1 is quite notable as XPL434 makes it a really early one, given that the last Stanley Argson known to survive is XPD805, I almost wonder if there was some overlap in production
  2. FTFY (and if things are as bad as they sound, you might be able to count them as they come out of the drain plug hole...)
  3. if only there was a full workshop manual for the Model 70 that might detail how to change the differential Oh hang on DHSS Workshop Manual For The Model 70 Three Wheeler(OCR).pdf the only scary sounding part is the need of a special tool to set the preload on some bearings but im sure something can be figured out, its all standard Fiat stuff here, so a Fiat 500 licker will know what to do! indeed I have wondered why TPA's gearbox is locked in first gear, I cant imagine it being hard to solve, the gearbox of a Model 70 is pretty damn simple so unless its locked because its full of water and a rusty mess, I cant imagine it would be too hard to free off (and likewise I do wonder why TWC's gearbox keeps jumping out of gear!)
  4. I know its Italian and all but it seems to be dissolving at an alarming rate if the additionally advisory of Corrosion to some body panels from the 22nd to the 24th is anything to go by! maybe the beam deflectors rusted away...
  5. 16th of June Nearside Headlamp aim too high (4.1.2 (a)) Offside Headlamp aim too high (4.1.2 (a)) 22nd of June Offside Headlamp aim too low (4.1.2 (a)) Nearside Headlamp aim too low (4.1.2 (a)) im disappointed that on the 24th of June the MOT tester did not put Headlamp aim just right in the advisories somewhere LOL "Goldilocks and the headlamp adjustment saga"
  6. im frustrated I missed it myself! I made note a few times in the month that it was coming up, only to blow right past the 19th! on the diff front, I think I mentioned this before, but you still have TPA's transaxle right? perhaps you could borrow the diff from that, or just drop the entire gearbox in whole as I imagine putting Sawdust in is just masking the problem rather then solving it, and is liable to still leave you with an exploding diff otherwise it is just a Fiat 500 diff, (although I sadly dont know the ratio of said diff is, its something I Have been wanting to know for a while!), so you could in theory just borrow one from a fiat 500 or such
  7. as a side note last Sunday was TWC's 50th Birthday! it will be TPA's 50th next year which is a bit scary in its own right!
  8. what sort of time works best for you? generally I aim to catch the 10:20 or 10:43 from Euston which gets me at MKC around 10:50 or 11:13, but I am happy to work with other times if its too much bother then dont worry! im trying to avoid being a pain in the arse if I can help it!
  9. maybe infamous shite in the making? https://www.facebook.com/StokePolice/photos/a.260291284925300/1050308965923524 I hope theres footage of the chase somewhere! but id love to know just what happened in the first place, how do you come to be running away from the police in an MGB GT V8, maybe some criminal from the 1970's accidentally drove through a time warp? reminds me of some way of the infamous Morris minor chase
  10. indeed the chassis number of most private invalid vehicles are different to a Ministry example of the same type
  11. Many thanks to @EightMegs's who dropped on by to hand deliver this, lamp which I won on ebay, but only realised 5 minutes to the end was collection only, but very thankfully @EightMegs stepped in literally at the last minute to collect it and safely bring it to me its a very rare antique large carbon filament lamp made by the Sunbeam Electric Light Ltd company from 1890's, they specialised in making large high power lamps, to compete with the smaller carbon arc lamps of the time I did indeed light it, for the first time in probably well over 100 years! I knew it was a high current low voltage lamp so I used by DC bench-top PSU for it, which at its max output of 30V the lamp draws about 5A, clearly not full power, but it was quite awesome to see I dont know the exact rating of this particular lamp but I know these lamps ran at about 3.5 watts per Candle power, and where produced in the 150 cp 2000 Cp range, from 50V to 120V, going by the size I suspect this one to be around the 200 cp range, so would be a 700W lightbulb in modern parlance I would like to bring it up closer to full power on the Variac, but obviously especially not knowing the exact ratings of the lamp ill have to tread very carefully if I do attempt that! it joins my 16 Candle power 100V Ediswan lightbulb from c1893 shown on the right, as one of the oldest lamps in my collection a serious piece of awesome antique glassware I am really pleased and quite proud to have in the collection
  12. interesting! I knew that they where supplied because their unique dash mounted gearshift and some other things allowed them to be adapted to certain disabilities that other cars could not but I have never been able to find what exactly the disability that necessitated them was, so thats very interesting to hear I know the Ministry trialed several cars to replace the Renault 4 including the Dyane but for one reason or another, they never found a true successor to the versatile Renault 4! Ministry cars, had Ministry plates on them that stated Government Property a contract number and Ministry specification number exactly like what you would see on an Invacar some surviving Minis still retain this plate (you can sometimes find people on Mini forums getting rather confused by it!) so I imagine a Ministry Renault 4 would have something similar nailed to it somewhere! which may be our one clue to finding an ex Ministry R4!
  13. just as a point of clarity the DHSS Invalid vehicle scheme and the Motability scheme where 2 entirely separate things! one gave you Invacars and adapted regular cars entirely free of charge run directly by the government, the other takes part of your mobility benefit to fund and lease you a (suitably adapted if required) car for you and is its own charity I always shake my head at the people who slag off the Motability scheme when someone posts an Invacar on facebook, saying how they dont like funding £40K Land rovers or such bollocks, like you do realise the Motability Scheme is not free right? it entirely costs the claimant money, and if they do wish to go for something a bit fancy, they do have to pay the difference! and amusingly, they suggest bringing back Invacars, a scheme with was entirely cost free to the end user, so would be paid for by the people complaining about the Motability scheme LOL anyways my musing at facebook idiots aside, here is a chart showing all the regular cars on issue by the Ministry back in 1973 (contrary to popular belief if you needed something more then an Invacar the Ministry would so provide) Id love to know if any Ministry Renault 4's still survive out there...
  14. a stunning photo of a simply stunning restoration by @AdgeCutler
  15. beaten to it by @egg! but its a very awesome photo! amazing to see after all this time! also finally gives me a good photograph to stick into my survives list (now excuse me while I visit the Calendar thread)
  16. you know me! as long as the usual FoD sleeping accommodation are available, I am pretty much guaranteed to be there! if its not then no problems! always next time
  17. that reminds me, in keeping with the Very smoll the Rytecraft Scootacar
  18. can you remember at least any partial details? depending on what parts you may recall it might be enough for a DVLA nerd like myself to figure out the rest
  19. the Berkeley was originally a 4 wheel design only later becoming a 3 wheeler, and the same goes for the Isetta most where 4 wheelers, only later ones made/sold to the UK where 3 wheelers to get all the juicy discounts on being a Tricycle but the BMW Isetta was a 4 stroke vehicle it was only the earlier Iso Isetta which was 2 stroke
  20. well there was the Steinwinter 250, a Fiat 126 with a 250cc Goggomobil engine, (there also was a Fiat 500 version before the 126)
  21. knowing the skills you have I would not be surprised if you have plumbed in a full functioning but entirely period/stock looking air conditioning system by the end of the week like @mat_the_cat did with the V8 Stella
  22. how about something a bit more obscure! I mean its got 4 wheels a 2 Stroke Villiers engine! its a Johnstone Miniature coach, and I singled out FPM 404, to show they really where road registered back in the day, and this one is even DVLA live amusingly its registered as a single decker bus and all, can you imagine trying to take it in for an MOT or a DVLA inspection "ha ha very funny with the toy, now wheres the actual bus?" "erm...."
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