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  1. nice to see TPA out and about its a shame bout the air filter assembly disassembling itself! that air filter housing/assembly still a curiosity for me, as you probably notice yours is much shorter then any other, I do wonder did someone cut an existing one down for some reason or did it come from the factory like that and if so whats the deal with it being so short? is it a later replacement part? I wonder but I have never seen one like yours, every other Steyr puch engined vehicle I have seen has had a full length one like on REV
  2. Both back in the old days, pretty much every plate manufacturer had its own font and style its quite fun noting all the different types and styles, and some people like @MorrisItalSLX and my good friend Stuart Cyphus collect and document all the different types and styles I dont collect number plates myself, but I do pay attention to the different styles and types and find it all quite interesting (and also means I get very tetchy when I see the wrong period of font or type of plate on a car, because its one of those things once you know whats right and wrong you cant un-notice it LOL)
  3. I want to say those are Hills number plates, note the serifs which are typical of Hills number plates what do you say @MorrisItalSLX?
  4. someone figured out why I gave it a like it looks like an ESLA Bi-multi streetlight one of the staple streetlights of the 1930's and one of the first with some proper thought into optical light control http://www.simoncornwell.com/lighting/collect/lanterns/esla-a165-1/index.htm I really really want to get one for the collection but they are not easy to find, and most that are found are in a sorry state missing many of its facetted mirrors they are an amazing lantern to behold when lit-up with a proper clear GLS lamp https://www.flickr.com/photos/8050359@N07/8442752182 I do however have a special Derby 100 lightbulb for one , which was a special kind of oversized 100W lightbulb made in the 150W bulb size for the Derby council and used in their ESLA street lights as the post WW2 100W lamps with their standardised 60Mm bulb size, would pop in the rain (pre WW2 each lamp wattage had its own bulb size, but post WW2 in the Early 50's lamp manufacturers standardised on a 60Mm bulb for all sizes from 15W to 100W) and also messed up the focusing of the lamp in the reflectors (ESLA's are generally designed for 150W-200W lamps, Derby was unusual in using 100W lamps with theirs, ESLA did also make much larger versions for main/major roads using up to 1000W GLS lamps, but these are VERY rare not actually sure if I have seen a picture of one or not!) so Derby requested the old size of 100W lamp, and while lamp makers could not offer that anymore they did offer to make a 100W lamp with the bulb of a 150W lamp which solved the issue a detailed writeup of this lamp can be found here http://www.streetlightonline.co.uk/derby100.htm
  5. I love finding Genuine Factory registered AC Cobra's especially in blue because one of these is an AC Cobra the other one is an AC Acedes invalid tricycle, can you tell which is which without googling/looking it up?
  6. ah cool! if you remember the name it would be good to know, who knows what Invacar bits and bobs they might have buried in the back plus any stories the old timers might have I have seen the picture a fair few times but not the article the vehicle in the picture is just a bog standard AC All Weather Tricycle MoH Model 43 but the vehicle described sounds like an Invacar New Era, which remains one of the very few vehicles which could be controlled while still seated in a wheel chair shown here is Derry Preston Cobb's personal New Era EHJ19 in its early days, which he had for many years, continuously fitted with upgrades until finally upgrading to a modified Model 70 very few Invacar New Era's where produced however
  7. I think its because you got the title wrong it should be "cars that make people angry" to prompt discussion about cars that commonly piss people off rather then discussion about cars that personally piss you off if that makes any sense!
  8. haha yeah! that idea was floated back when she was at the FoD but I think im likely to have her transported back from wherever she has her work done* given the limited driving experience I have, I would like to ideally gain a bit more driving experience before commencing such a trip but I might be just self doubting myself, I mean I was pretty nervous before doing the trip to the chippy and back, but as I did It, everything came back to me and it was like "oh what was I worrying about" (until the indicator stalk fell off, that was a little hair raising as I was at a set of traffic lights grabbing ahold of the now lose stalk frantically trying to indicate right LOL) but yeah, the current plan once she is fully functional is to do chippy runs and work my way up from there running around the local area and beyond until such that hopefully by the time of the first FoD gathering later this year I will be confident enough in myself and REV's reliability to attempt the trip to the FoD and back with REV (of course that depends on if I can even get REV fixed in time for the next FoD gathering!) and then if the FoD run goes well, im pretty sure ill be confident enough in myself and REV that ill be able to go anywhere which is good, because I have accrued a number of lightbulbs and tubes with various shitters that I really need and want to go and pick up! (the other issue with driving her back, is id have to get myself to where it is she is being fixed at, and I really dont get on well with public transport especially to relatively unknown places) *unless of course I do end up having her fixed at a local garage in which case of course I have no problem with driving her back home! the above is only with regards to if I have her fixed at red5 or somewhere else distant
  9. Oh cool! I had not nice selection of photos this one is particularly notable as in the background is a built under licence Samuel Elliot Invacar Mk6 (note the FDPxxx Reading registration mark)
  10. Certainly there where many a 3 wheelers transported on carfit's! the Ministry's main method for transport invalid vehicles was by rail, so it was a common sight to see them transported by rail I dont know exactly how they where loaded however!
  11. Nice! I mostly focus on British Invalid carriages, but iv seen a fair few foreign ones in my research, most are pretty ungainly looking but this one looks pretty good speaking of IC's in other countries, while digging through the hansard archives some more (a very handy archive that contains lot of interesting info on Invalid vehicles) I came across a report which I find very interesting and something that @Datsuncog may find interesting as well which is a report that gives a break down of all the Ministry invalid vehicles on issue in Northern Ireland from December1973 https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/1973-12-20/debates/971cab65-5482-47db-9fc0-4f860843cb2d/InvalidVehicles its quite interesting to see the figures, and cool to see that a small number of Electric IC's where indeed issued in NI theres no reason they would not be, but we knew that it was such a small "market" that we where not sure if there where any or not I do still wonder if there where any Northern Ireland registered Fred Miller Tippen Delta's ie where any Electric Tippen Delta's issued to NI Post October 1974? for those unaware, until the 1st of October 1974, all government Invalid vehicles issued to NI where British registered, regardless of what went on with local governments and what have you, the Invalid vehicle Service was run as 1 big thing across NI Wales Scotland England (so a batch of cars would be for all countries across the entirety of the UK) but on the 1st of October 1974 the DVLA replaced the Buff logbook scheme with the V5 computerised logbook scheme, However NI did not do the same until 1986! so all Invalid vehicles bound for NI suddenly had to be registered separately locally in NI in Belfast (they where sent over un-registered and only registered when issued, the Last Model 70 was not registered by the Ministry until April 1983! with CXI936!) because you can take a Buff logbook and turn it into a V5 but you could not take a V5 and turn it into a buff logbook, (before that point both England and NI where on the same Buff logbook scheme so vehicles could go between places without having to re-register) the thing is as above NI remained on the buff logbook scheme until finally computerising 1986! so for a Northern Ireland vehicle to be visible to me today will need to have had to have survived until 1986 at the earliest which when talking about Electric Tippen Delta's especially given how few statically where issued to NI is a fairly long time to still survive by then so I have sadly not been able to find any NI registered Ministry Tippen Delta's but I do wonder if there where any! the possibility for them to exist is there, since Electric Tippen Delta's remained in "production" until the very end of Ministry vehicle production in 1978
  12. interesting I have not watched the video but I did notice a few weeks ago that a few had recently gained MOTs so I wonder if thats anything to do with their pending sale? its sad seeing the lined up blindless like that, I spent many many hours riding on the H15 Routemasters as a kid the People and crew at Bow and later West ham where awesome Oh I still want one for nostalgia reasons, but I agree what they did to them was horrible and I never agreed with calling them "refurbished RMs" because it was anything but! when RML2760 was on the route that was a proper treat, I still regret never being able to being able to find her with my preferred crews and riding it back to the garage being the Sad bastard I am and before I gained all my social anxiety issues LOL I would actually call Bow and later West Ham to check that my preferred crews where on duty before heading out for 6+ hours of Routemaster riding
  13. for the time being indeed I plan to stay with the green cable and see if I can fit with the new twist grip to it but I did/do want make sure the blue cable was to hand for when/if I need to fit it, as you say hopefully I should in theory be able to drill out the screws to get the twist grip off (I do need to get myself a good set of drill bits but I digress!) LOL, blame ships in this case! ships are referred to in the female pronoun and thats just how I refer to all vehicles! even ones with obviously male names I still find myself referring to them in the female pronoun LOL for example "awesome to hear you got more work done on Brian im glad to hear work on her is going well" LOL (although I do generally try and correct myself in such cases) and if I see someone obviously referring to their car as "it" then likewise thats how I will call it but thats a personal thing, you can refer to your or any vehicle however you like, im not about to tell you how you should call your own vehicles
  14. speaking of Model 70's the twist grip I ordered for REV on the 28th, finally arrived LOL, think it just got stuck in that grey period between Christmas and new years im still not entirely sure if it will or will not fit REV's unusual throttle cable's skinny ferrule arrangement but ill give it a try! from what I can work out, via google and a set of calliper, there are 3 sizes of throttle cable outer Ferrule size, 5.5Mm which I think is what REV's current bright green throttle cable is, then 6.35Mm aka 0.25 inch, which is what the new twist grip above measures out to be, and 8Mm which is what my other twist grip measures out to be, and REV's original knackered twist grip has 5.5Mm and 8Mm holes also discovered the Model 70 throttle cable and twist grip I paid £40 is pretty much unusable, as the screws and nuts that hold the twist grip together have throughly rusted solid and the screw heads have turned to cheese otherwise, so I cant get the twist grip apart to fit it to the handle bars, let alone try and see if my new twist grip will fit the cable! I should not be surprised given where it came from, but its still irksome but speaking of REV, things are being discussed, and I was wondering, can anyone recommend any good options for having Her transported from where she is now in London to Worcester city? (and ideally back again once the work is done!) I already have a couple people in mind, but I figured id best ask, incase anyone has any recommendations or does know of someone going that way with an empty trailer etc @bobdisk I understand you might have something on offer? not sure if London to Worcester is out of your catchment area so to speak!
  15. thats one of the things a lot of people dont realise, what the Invacar actually was! keep in mind even a motability car is not free, it comes out of your benefit allowance (it takes the entirety of the Mobility part of your PIP entitlement) where as an Invacar was provided entirely free of charge, they where treated in exactly the same way, as a prothetic leg or a set of crutches where, you literally went to your GP to get one, and where issued from Artificial limb and appliance centres as you say they where a vehicle specifically designed from the ground up to be used and as adaptable as much possible for disable peoples needs and requirements, and enable that person no mater the severity of their disability to personally get from Point A to Point B, without relying on any external factors like public transport or such something that doesn't exist today, name another car you can drive if with 1 functioning hand and no other limbs? you could literally be the Hand from The Adams family and still drive a Model 70! I also find it rather amusing and somewhat hypocritical when people criticise their safety and refinement, when its clear that those people have never done their research on them or actually driven and used one! im obviously not saying they are safe vehicles by todays standards in any means, but they are no worse than any other small vehicle of the same time period, however you dont see people saying such things about Minis so often do you? and for the same reason find it amusing when people point to mobility scooters, how on earth is one of those better in any way the an Invacar when on the road? you are way more exposed in an motability scooter then you are in an Invacar! I would not want to try and get through Milton Keynes's 70Mph roundabout network on a Mobility scooter flat out at 8Mph thats for sure! (the Invacar was crash tested and made to comply with said crash regulations of the time) so yeah I find it quite interesting the hate that Invacars generate, even on this forum, the home of shite cars, my personal theory is it goes back to when people where younger and they did just look down upon disabled people and where rude about them and their implements they cant come to terms that this funky looking Singe seater, was not actually complete shit I also think a lot of the hate directed to Invacars on here, is also because people dont agree with what im personally doing, so they resort to criticising the machine instead if that makes sense note how Dollywobbler and Zel do not get half the shit that I get LOL its also worth noting that depending on your needs and requirements, say if you where a married couple or had a family to look after, you could get an adapted regular car, you could even get an adapted Renault 4! here is a list of regular cars on issue by the Ministry from 1973
  16. ah cool an AC Model 64 looks like 767RPJ so a close relative of this Model 64 which is the oldest AC Invalid vehicle I can find on the DVLA so far its also not far from this one either, which is interesting because its an AC Model 57, and 57's and 64's did not share blocks it could be that there are just 2 blocks quite close to each other, but is rather curious
  17. not much has been going on the REV front, I did get this trolly jack https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00EC83X1Y after some talking with @reb on Le Autoshite Zoom, I decided that to get that Trolly jack which while lighter then most at 9Kg (I think a lot are like 15-30Kg!) is still quite heavy for me, but I figured would be worth a try, as although it will be a lot more weight for me to lug up and down the stairs, it might be worth it in the fact that much less effort will be required to jack up the car, especially if Im doing a Job that requires me to raise and lower the car multiple times! just waiting for a chance to give it a test! I had my booster Jab on the 5th and that kicked my arse for a couple days, and then the weather has not been very agreeable! otherwise I did find this interesting picture! I sadly cant find anything on it, but its interesting because it looks like it was taken sometime this side of the year 2000! its also worth noting, that the registration plate looks to start with JHJ54, so its clearly an Invacar Model 70 part of the JHJ514N-JHJ613N block and I have to wonder is it JHJ548N? the significance of that is apart from REV, JHJ548N is the only other private Invacar Model 70 I know of that may still survive somewhere, but I have never been able to get many details on it and confirm what happened to it stuart only knows of a 1990's photograph of it in a book somewhere (and had no idea it was a private car until I pulled up its chassis number! it was just used in the book, about AC cars, as an example of an "AC Invacar") however it was last taxed in 2008 and had a keeper change in 2009, so id like to think its still out there somewhere, but I cant find any details on it, but I do wonder given the modern look of the photo above, is it of JHJ548N from the mid to late 2000's? but that aside, heres something to test if you have been paying attention to this thread and know your Model 70's! but there is something wrong about the Model 70 in question in the picture! something that does not add up, can anyone spot whats up?
  18. very awesome to see you have been persevering with this one! I honestly thought it would have been flogged after a short while given that as I understand it, it was only supposed to be a hairnetmobile and you where not looking to acquire another car? but I am very pleased to see it has hung around despite the odds against it in true autoshite fashion as always looking forward to seeing more posts on it
  19. hopefully this short video of me that night on the way to the chippy is an acceptable substitute? (I quite like the thumbnail youtube has picked would make for a good photograph in its own right )
  20. no, no such milage policy of the sort, just many did not do many miles (although who knows how many went round the clock!) @AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12E did about 41000 miles before coming off the road at 9 years old, so thats about 4.5K a year and we even have the service dockets to backup the speedo reading https://autoshite.com/topic/32723-lightbulbfuns-invacar-general-ramble-thread-index-on-page-1-survivors-lists-on-pages-24134-adgecutlers-invacar-mk12-restoration-from-page-186-onwards-chips-got/page/191/?tab=comments#comment-2262750 and I know of at least 1 Model 70 with 94K on the clock!
  21. I think a bit of both, but generally the garage would collect and return them depending on exactly what needed doing and you would get given a courtesy car in the meantime if you think about the invalid vehicle scheme as a nation wide single seater bus company/service then things will suddenly make a lot of sense as to why they where done the way they where
  22. Funny you mention that @Mrs6C's Model 70 needs a new clutch if your volunteering! remove 4 bolts round the gearbox bell housing, a few bolts for the engine mounts, disconnect all the wiring going to the engine then get an engine crane and a few straps on it and yank it out, or drop it out the bottom if you have the space to do so, then its just a case of removing the 3 centrifugal clutch shoes from the flywheel and replace them with new ones (or the existing ones relined) the only awkward part is from what iv read the engine does not really have a nice convenient eyelet for lifting from, so if you have enough people/strength it may be easier to lift it out and re-install it by hand (it can also help to unbolt the dynastart unit as otherwise its quite the tight squeeze with it still in place)
  23. contuning on REV's exhaust bodge, I went back down to her today after things had a chance to cure and I think she does sound quite a bit better certainly a lot less parpy at least! there is still some wisps of exhaust smoke coming from the patched area, but its not billowing out either (I put my hand around the area to see if I could feel anything obviously blowing and I could not) obviously remains to be seen how long it will last, but its not completely failed the moment I gave it some beans so ill take that LOL quite pleased with myself that I actually managed to actually pull something like this off even just semi-successfully LOL for reference here is a couple pre patch videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sPWjejgqZM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihe0UX_wYaQ I also took the opportunity while I was down there to replace the spade connector on the wire for the oil pressure warning lamp as I noticed recently every now and then it would not come on when it should and im pleased to report its fully functioning once more
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