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  1. now thats all of the Brave, especially in the US where I cant imagine there are many other dead XJ's you can pillage parts from is there? seeing the AJ-V8 makes yearn for the RHD Lincoln LS they made like 1 or 2 of and no more, what a cock-tease, weirdly 3.9 vs 4.0 in the Jag, go figure....
  2. Well she certainly has Christine'ed a fair number of people and property... just ask @brownnova @Mrsbrownnova @Ghosty and all the vehicles and property that have caught fire while she was near by Dont worry tho, I find things only burn to the ground if she gets miss treated, for example that crack in her front bumper i am told was gained when the daughter of REV's previous owner drove her into a tree, and then his shed burnt down! so as long You and Duncan does right by REV, then im pretty sure you wont be finding himself and yourself chased down an ally way where the police find whiteness marks of "DHSS blue paint thats not been made for 30 years..."
  3. Yeah thats a 1976 or later Invacar Model 70 wearing the number plates of an AC Acedes Mk14A, its been like that for a long time, I know the car quite well! its prior history before he bought it can be had below
  4. Awesome to see the pair out and about once more! I hope @dollywobbler was able to get a better/closer look at Brian this time, I still really want to see him do a hubnut review of a Villiers machine I just hope I can be a part of it somehow to make sure all the facts and figures are nice n true interesting that be a pretty early Acedes, note the lack of front indicators speaking of I recently came across this curious period advert for them in an old news paper very curious from a couple points, because this is the first advert I have seen for an AC machine, I had heard they did put adverts out but I had never seen one until this one and the other couple things is the wording of the advert "the Acedes as supplied to the Ministry of Health is now Available for private sale" and this advert is dated to 1961, which also coincides with the earliest Private Acedes that are known to have existed or survive and it most curiously indicates that at first the ministry had an exclusive supply of the machines, that AC was explicitly not selling them privately for the first couple years (its thought the Acedes was introduced in 1957) the other very interesting thing is the fact, the machine shown in the advert is two tone! which is very curious for an Acedes I have never seen a two tone acedes pictured, but curiously one of the earliest private machines I know about as having existed, is registered as two tone with the DVLA 193VPK is registered as mauve and white, I always thought that was an outlier but seeing as the one in the advert is also two tone, perhaps it was something AC offered for private customers?
  5. knowing the FoD its only a mater of time before that ends up either motorised or mounted on some sort of rail-wagon-chassis and also motorised would that make it a multiple unit?
  6. interesting! I thought it looked a lot like something you would insert a key into to stop it moving, but I could not work out where the key, or cotter pin in this case went, IE I did not realise that horizontal hole went right through, makes sense now
  7. @Mr Pastry thank you for the lat few posts on the workings of things, I will admit I have been struggling to visualise how REV's front kingpin/hub assembly all goes together and your posts very much have been most helpful in that regard, I realise the whole thing just goes together and works like like one giant oversized hinge pin in that you got your statically mounted centre "ear" and 2 outer mobile ears that are mounted to whatever has to move, and a pin down the middle holding it all together/that everything rides on the one thing I am still a bit unsure about is why does the Model 70 kingpin have flat milled into it do you know what purpose that might serve? ill tag @dollywobbler so you dont have to suffer alone when it comes to 2CV grease points and kingpins
  8. interesting! again I do appreciate you taking out the time to explain it to me further to that the chap who very kindly supplied me with the kingpin sets, who has also been following the whole kingpin saga with some interest, has just dropped me a message with the following
  9. interesting! the inside surface seems to be darker then the outside surface, but perhaps thats just a surface treatment thing rather then a lining? heres a close up picture if it tells you anything, the fact there seems to be rust staining on the inside would perhaps suggest perhaps actually no lining? but again im not very familiar with these sorts of things! (everyone likes a close up picture of a bush anyways right? *ahem* ) they slide up-n-down freely on the kingpin when I place em there, with only a little bit of side to side wiggle, and indeed they appear to be made of something ferrous, they are magnetic and and as above have the odd rust spot (dont worry the 2 kingpin sets I sent up to Saabnut, are in much better shape! I received 3 sets, 2 bagged and 1 un-bagged, so I sent the 2 bagged ones up as an heir and a spare, and kept the un-bagged example for myself to have as a reference piece)
  10. interesting I appreciate you taking the time out to explain it to me! do you know what they would of been comprised of back in the day? I was just going off whats marked on the bush itself hopefully its clear enough in the picture (I have just slid them both onto the kingpin for safe keeping) to my eye it looks to be marked 10DU12 and the inside is lined with some sort of black material in regards to drilling a hole for a grease nipple, what would stop the bush from rotating and the holes falling out of line? is the bush supposed to be a really tight friction fit inside its housing or is it stopped from rotating by other means? again please dont take this as a me doubting you or anything such like being weirdly against grease nipples, im just trying to understand the process so to speak
  11. sorry im a touch confused, that sounds like your describing what @plasticvandan described, which was just a suggestion to what might be present but what im asking is if these 2 circular thingies right of the kingpin and below the Tippen & Sons logo, are the reason theres no kingpin grease point they dont look like oilite bushes to me but perhaps I am mistaken? googling the part number stamped on them brings up pages like this https://www.hendersonbearings.co.uk/10du12-5-8x23-32x3-4-bush-brand-neutral.html im just trying to understand here what exactly they where thinking, how it all goes together/the reason the way it is
  12. Oh Awesome!, hopefully it all goes back together well and the play/clonk is finally eradicated Duncan also emailed me the other day to say the holed exhaust down-pipe has been suitable patched, so now she will REV-4-SIR quietly as it was sort of said
  13. I am not sure tbh, in the lube chart it looks to be pointing to the end of the steering arm/ball joint or something along those lines, but then the work shop manual makes mention of a "steering swivel pin" is that another term for Kingpin? I admit im not entirely sure!
  14. I think once Duncan has sufficent behind the handle bar time in REV he will find them to be unnecessary! I am told that once you get used to the pitching and rolling inherent to a 3 wheeler, you can chuck a Model 70 about with quite a bit of vigour (shame this one was filmed on a potato that was then mashed through god knows what compression software) yeah sorry about the PM on Thursday, it was only after I sent it and started seeing NEC stuff fill my feed did I realise "oh yeah he is at the NEC this weekend!" thats interesting, the Model 70 is wholly an AC design, especially the parallelogram leading arm front suspension, so in theory you can blame AC for that, unless Invacar went rouge! but I note that in the grease chart there is no mention of greasing the kingpin although I note there is something that looks be pointing to the back of the hub saying "grease" perhaps that is referring to the kingpin? the one below "oil swivel pin", @Zelandeth does TPA have any grease points for her kingpin?
  15. I think what @Split_Pin is insinuating is that the battery is there to get you started, I mean its no good at starting the car, but it will surely get *you* going LOL or to put it another way, the white powder around the battery terminals is perhaps not lead oxide...
  16. @wuvvum quick random question, do you happen to have a picture of the Citroen Belphégor you used to own? I know there is one somewhere on the site but with the search function currently having issues, I cant find it its nothing* to do with this AC Acedes Mk15 at all...
  17. Oh what about that Leyland National that @Inspector Morose Super-charged with the blower off a Commer TS3? @Weird Car how much is a National these days?
  18. hmm, would something with a Detroit 2 Stroke, or Commer knocker count? go halves with @Zelandeth
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