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  1. Hah that nerver actually occurred to me I have something hopefully coming soon (number 2 of the goodies) that would be even better at that (or maybe work a bit TOO well given said thing hopefully arriving soon, puts out such a tight and powerful beam that im pretty sure it can set fire to things at close range, lighting that one without actually setting something alight in my room is going to be fun...) continuing with the new toy I dug out one of my 1000W high pressure sodium lamps and fired it up, now everyone on the block probably thinks im growing "tomatoes " (or that my
  2. and just got it all wired up and lit, as predicted its stupidly bright photographs dont do it justice sadly first a couple pictures just after striking before it has run up to full power/temperature and then here it is at full power to give you some idea how bright it is, this was with the fastest shutter/smallest apature my iPad would do and then a close up picture through a CD as a make shift ND filter (it is times like this where I wish I had a proper camera!) to give you some idea how bright it is, here is a picture of
  3. Yeah Enfield 8000 for sure I noticed it but im surprised no one else did until now I dont think there are many survivors so its not something you would expect to see randomly in the background, wonder which it is @coalnotdolebought one fairly recently
  4. first one of 2 of the lighting goodies has arrived this big fuck off bastard, a 1000W Flood light, made of the finest chinesium, its quite amusing as its literally like one of those cheap 300/500W halogen flood lights from a DIY store, just scaled up LOL but that does not bother me, because it came with this slightly ominous looking black box which is a Control gear box, which unlike the floodlight/box itself actually contains some decent gear, a 1000W High pressure sodium/Metal halide choke (Ballast) plus ignitor and power factor correction capacitors
  5. I THINK they are gearing limited, but I have never driven one etc sadly but from what I have seen I think if they are gearing limited its to the maximum capability that the ol 11E can do (as in I dont think you could adjust to the gearing to go faster then 50 on a stock Mk12, to do so you would also need some extra power as well as adjusted gearing) I do know someone who emailed the ICR to say he got 60Mph down hill in his Acedes Mk15 Model 67 back in the day which is pretty impressive! (and must have been quite scary LOL) (I also dont know what the red line/rev limit of a Villi
  6. ah yeah, heres a short video clip that went with it when it was first aired https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-45907925 and yeah theres plenty of holes in it, like how they exclusively talk about Villiers powered machines, and make no mention of the massive improvement the Model 70 was over previous vehicles yet a Model 70 is what they show in the video/pictures! and how they are quite negative about it all, nor did they explain Why they only had 1 seat, and that if you where a married couple or had children, you would be issued an appropriately adapted Morris Minor and or
  7. Bloody hell! like fuck me, seriously im in awe, at A just how fucked that was, and B for how quickly and well you have both managed un-fuck it both The Acclaim and the Dolomite, seriously hats doffed so when is the Yellow Dolly getting its turn?
  8. Yeah, until I got these I had never seen Radar red in person either, which Is why I have wanted one for many years and was really happy to finally get some! I was thinking I wonder what your garage would look like if we swapped all the the tubes in it for these radar reds (IIRC every single fixture lighting the garage is a 4fter right?) and yeah you can have a few thats not a problem, (as mentioned in the post the person/seller I got them from has another 8 cases, so I can always get more if needed ) (I was thinking it really is a shame I dont have REV with me, would have been
  9. as per the Autoshite End User Licence agreement @eddyramrod
  10. ah yeah im not surprised sadly, hopefully sooner rather then later, im very much looking forward to buying a few (was quite tempted by the 1/43th scale one, but a couple too many niggles with the accuracy of the model meant I just could not drop the £80 they want for one, they are still very cool tho!) surely being all flat glass it would not be TOO costly to have some new glass made up? but iv never priced this sort of thing up... speaking of the 4*, I have been informed that 2 of said 4 are now driving, he seems to be making quick progress with them (*or the Garden 4 as S
  11. so my 7000th post! figured id make this mile stone post a LightBulb related as today I got some fluorescent tubes iv been wanting for many years now! and that is a radar red fluorescent tube, in-fact I got 50 of the buggers! 2 cases of 25, brand new! one case is mine and the other was bought by a fellow collector in the states and ill be mailing it to him in the new year after the christmas rush and all that has calmed down some hopefully, (he is paying shipping!) the Radar red fluorescent tube is a very rare colour of fluorescent tube developed for use in lighting radar r
  12. Yay happy to see TPA is out and about once more im not sure if you do it intentionally or not but I find it amusing how you always seem to photograph her with other blue cars in the shot I look forward to seeing how the modern capacitor replacement goes in place of the condenser, its something I have on my to do list for REV once she is on the road and at home (she runs fine as it is so I dont have to worry about replacing it right away, but id like to change it so im not left stranded in the middle of oxford street or something because the 45 year old original failed!) I still w
  13. and just got a photograph of "SVW48R"s chassis stamped chassis number a few minutes ago, and as I thought it is actually GTW614N another case of Lazy AR who just swapped the registration plates but left the VIN plate inside original which does match with the chassis stamped number further verifying it very happy to have yet another properly ID'd and verified Just VJN960S left to verify which I think is genuinely VJN960S but I still want to get a shot of its Chassis number to verify it
  14. ah thats good to know Yeah, it makes me very happy to see any Model 70 thats still being used regularly today its also quite fun just how quickly it was returned to the road after I sorted out its registration issue (I know REV is not all that far behind so its all the more frustrating that over a year later she still aint on the road!) as a side note its interesting how I dont think TPA has been papped just out and about by anyone (outside of shows ofc) despite the fact she is also one of the few Model 70's that still get used regularly yeah anything invacar and at least 5
  15. I dont think data to that detail was ever released if you go through the old parliamentary records records you can unearth quite a lot of data on the number of the various invalid vehicles in use for a given a year but it does not normally break down location wise
  16. check this out, my brother is checking out properties in the local area, and this is the 1 picture they provided for one of the properties they where looking at! I have to wonder if its the Model 70 I used to see when I was very small? (its also amusing that they have not updated the picture in what must be about or nearly 20 years now!)
  17. Yeah I thought so seeing as it was on the DVLA records online! on a similar note going back to the Tula on its V5c is "TULA 200M" all on one line like it is on the DVLA vehicle checker or is it properly separated out in the V5c?
  18. funnily enough I was idly looking at its page last night wondering the same thing https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/ac-invacar-pale-blue-76inv001 not see anything new but @quicksilver is probably more in the loop on new diecast models then I am I imagine given all thats going on we probably wont see something until 2021, I just hope it does not get axed completely
  19. I suspect something like that, or maybe it was just done for the LOLs as they say, I mean someone had made a smily face out of tape on her, complete with eyelashes LOL but I dont know for sure sadly Brian her current keeper is an interesting character thats for sure, nice enough to chat too, but is slightly incoherent and posts a couple too many COVID conspiracies to his facebook feed LOL (and other similar posts) and I have to gently remind him from time to time, no you cant use an Invacar to park in disabled and other such spaces! so that might have som
  20. yeah that would do it! I dont think it would be too hard, there aint much to these earlier machines I guess the main thing is make sure you can stop safely and make sure what few lights it has are working (and I would personally maybe consider fitting a couple extra to be extra visible on the road) (and obviously make sure the engine/drive line is working well and not threatning to live you stranded somewhere!) im pretty positive on the 1939 thing thats a DVLA cock up (or end user cock up from whoever registered it in 1984!) GRTxxx was a Suffolk registration first issued in
  21. ah yes JPF413N, you see it everywhere as its one of the first (royalty free) Model 70 pictures to pop up when you google "invacar" also one of the few if not the only Model 70 to be papped twice while in ministry service by 2 different people
  22. I was gonna say, ill let you know when it rolls by my window (which would be very impressive given im 3 stories up! although I am by a main road thats a nice long straight so we have the odd speeding boy racer type go past every now and then so I guess it could get fired at my window after it smashes into one them!)
  23. Yeah, also while im at it, white on black plates where legal for PSV vehicles up until Y prefix I think (not that I know of any that wore a set that late) but its why you see some Late suffix and early prefix London Transport buses on white on black plates where funnily enough on those it does not actually look wrong, I guess A because im more use to it there, and B because they used proper number plates/actual white and black plates, and not modern tacky cheap pressed silver on white plates or what you have, that you see on a lot of cars these days like that allegro
  24. hah just came to post that its the first Model 70 I helped return to the road/Figured out what its real ID was with the help of @busmansholiday who visited it in person for me its fun to see how frequently he gets papped these days, he clearly uses it a lot its story with me and the forum starts here all the way back on page 26 https://autoshite.com/topic/32723-invacar-model-70-acquired-general-ramble-thread-index-on-page-1-model-70-survivors-list-on-page-24-pre-model-70-ac-and-invacar-survivors-lists-added-on-page-135/page/26/?tab=comments#comment-1760809
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