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  1. Thanks Nice spot! not one I had seen before, but I sadly dont think those are Invacars, still a cool shot tho from what I understand DHSS invalid vehicles where never transported in that great a number, you normally only had a few invacars per train the Ministry had a special deal with BR to use them as a sort of invacar mail service, they would either distribute new invalid vehicles from the factory to which ever local ALAC (Artificial limb and appliance centre) they where needed at, or transport existing invalid vehicles for the Ministry or user, they were never shipped in bulk like that to one direct location say for example if an invalid vehicle user wanted to travel from London to Scotland the user could catch a train and have his machine transported for him also by rail, or if one ALAC had an invalid vehicle in stock of a type of configuration that another ALAC needed but did not have in stock it, it would be sent by rail to the ALAC that needed it although Heywood was the DHSS's central stores/reserves for invalid vehicles, as above new invalid vehicles generally went directly to where they where needed, with pre-delivery inspection being taken by a Ministry officer stationed at the factory, so you never saw lots of them on a train together sadly!
  2. if un-scrapping Invacars on the DVLA are anything to go by the moment things go off course so to speak they generally open a case and you will be assigned a person, then you will always be at the front of the queue as you will be assigned to that one person handling your case so will gain a direct line to that person and they will generally respond within a few days there will be a reference string for example you include in any sort correspondence and if you notice that reference string contains the name of whoever is handling your case
  3. Thanks heres a nifty Government link on the different categories https://www.gov.uk/driving-licence-categories but the TL:DR is Category B is Full Car licence, I can drive anything Manual or Automatic (thats not a Motorcycle) weighing up to 3.5 Tons
  4. plan is hopefully go straight into The Invacar once she is here and roadworthy (although ill gladly take up any offers of driving experience I can get in the meantime! im stil very eager to drive all the things!) sadly Living in Central London means I just cant make multiple cars work (parking is 1 car per resident here, I could theoretically get away with 1 more by having it registered in my mums name or such but then that complicates insurance etc etc) which goes back to the whole reason why I got an Invacar when I did even if its all a bit bonkers! since I knew I could only have 1 car both because of parking restrictions and financial reasons (even a cheap K11 Micra or something you still need to pay insurance on!) which I knew was going to be my first car so I was determined to make it something I really wanted/my dream car, I wanted my first car to be something id Want to hang onto for life and be memorable, and I knew Model 70 was something that I was (still am ) wildly enthusiastic about and something I could actually just about make work/afford (I mean sadly Routemaster buses are a bit beyond my price range now! although I can drive one now as they are over 30 years old LOL) but I knew that if I did not act when I did, I would miss the boat on Model 70's (which I see is true, as even the most basket case projects seem to go for £2K+ now sadly) and I was not going to let life screw me out my ambitions yet again! hence why I got REV when I did even if I was in no way really quite setup for her just yet, but now I have finally got my full drivers licence everything is finally falling into place nicely
  5. I dont know what the DVLA have exactly said to you etc but I know a lot of times people come a-cropper here because what they are looking for on the Kiwi V5 (or anything such) is mainly a proof of age thats all they really care about, so if thats not clearly stated then they will reject it sadly (a date of registration in original country is a bonus that can get added to the vehicle record but is not required) you can have all the proof sale reg documents and matching numbers etc, but if nothing clearly says when the vehicle was made then they will reject it but you can get a proof of year of manufacturing from elsewhere, a dating letter, either from the manufacturer or a DVLA approved club (see V765/1), are proof of age examples that they will accept that and in those cases you dont even need to provide a foreign registration document at all if you dont want to or cannot do so (say if you wish to keep the foreign document for the vehicles history folder etc, or the vehicle was a "barn find" with no documents etc)
  6. Thanks! indeed I did realise that it was likely made to be presented to me at the FoD! and I do feel bad for not being there, that and knowing @mat_the_cat made it with his Series 3 Landy, I was especially hoping to get a chance to have a look at that! and I feel bad for not being there for it LOL typical eh the one time I decided to Voluntarily not go to a FoD gathering all the fun stuff happens! LOL and yeah I am really looking forward to getting it and seeing it in person! I have elected to have @Mrs6C hold onto it until I can either be given it in person, or it finds its way down to me via shitely, who knows maybe with any luck ill go and pick it up in Full sized REV as sorry @Yoss but I am not trusting the postal service with this one LOL I dont want it to get lost in the post! although can you imagine someones reaction to randomly being delivered a Fluffy Invacar teddybear cuddly toy thingamabob
  7. Thanks! yeah it will be interesting!, outside of a few laps round the FoD in a 2CV and my Invacar, I have never driven on my own on public roads before etc so I do wonder how I will do when the time comes! will I be a bit nervous because im on my own, or will be a bit more relaxed because I no longer have eyes on me judging how im doing etc LOL hopefully in good time I will find out! but currently im not sure LOL (guess it will also depends on what the conditions are when I take to the road) and yeah! I was actually pleasantly surprised that AEL do still list the 115 (and some other HID cobraheads) but you do have to go for digging for it, I do wonder just how longer they will keep making them before LEDs ruin all the fun I also have waiting with the same lighting collector friend in texas who bought this cobrahead for me, a full sized proper NEMA head (which was factory specced with 277V 60Hz series choke type ballast so I should be able to run it directly off 240V 50Hz hopefully) not sure when Ill be getting that, but he saved it new in box a few years ago specifically for me (he found 2 so one for his collection one for mine) so I am quite looking forward to getting it as those are another type of Iconic US street/area light, that id love to have in my collection (I do actually have a Home Depot type US Yard Blaster in my collection, but sadly its refractor broke, and its not full sized like a NEMA head is) Morris my cat also likes the AEL 115 because warm
  8. haha yes this was shown to me during the Zoom call! what a truly awesome thing it is its so amazing I really was not expecting it! thank you very much to @Slowsilverand Mrs Slowsilver for making it for me! I very much look forward to receiving it eventually! and uniting Cuddly REV with full sized REV! its properly made me grin and I cant help but smile and laugh when I see it (and the detail is very good as well ) once again its so very awesome and thank you very much for it
  9. Thanks all indeed its still a little hard to comprehend! but I bloody well did it, I finally passed! woo! it is a serious weight off my shoulders and a serious freedom gained for me! I dont have to worry about regular driving lessons doing my back in, or running out of money to pay for them! I no longer have to worry about will I pass before my theory expired! all that worry gone now! and I have my full licence, as long as whatever car im handed keys to is Taxed/roadworthy and has valid insurance I can get in and drive it! Scary thought almost LOL and then go pickup rare lightbulbs in it or go to the FoD! no longer have to worry about public transport and all that! haha yeah the thought did cross my mind! which is one of the reasons why I saved my TWC T-shirt for the test
  10. as its over 40 years its exempt from ULEZ, but unless the driver has a blue badge/or its in the disabled taxation class it still has to pay indigestion congestion charge (but if its in the disabled taxation class it will then have to pay ULEZ after 2025, #Clusterfuck) on a more serious note, its been awesome to see the work that @GingerNuttz has been doing to the car, its really come up something awesome its also seriously awesome just how much @GingerNuttz has been helping other shittters out! between this Galaxie and @captain_70s's fleet, its awesome to see the help he has provided in keeping them going!
  11. so for those who might not know I had my 3rd driving test today, and for those who do know are probably wondering just how it went! well im very pleased to announced, that finally after 2 years I finally passed my car driving test and now have a full B licence woo! heres the obligatory picture of the pass Certificate only 4 minors, Ill take that LOL im so please to have finally passed, Iv put so much time, effort and money into it, and its finally paid off!, 3rd times a charm literally (although 1st time with this instructor for what thats worth ) and there was so much riding on it (with my theory pass which was going to expire in January, but knowing there where just no practical driving test slots for the foreseeable future etc) its a massive weight off my shoulders now! speaking of instructors this is the website https://drivebetter.co.uk/ for the one which I passed my test with I do recommend her if you have someone in East London wanting to learn how to drive, if she can get me through a test I imagine she can get anyone through! heres the obligatory standing by car with pass certificate photo! so yeah finally passed Woo! I just need REV roadworthy and home and finally ill have some form own personal independence once more! Thank you to everyone who has been with/put up with/helped me through this whole roller coaster ride! its seriously appreciated
  12. indeed it has its been discussed at some length, its a great source of getting period shots of some very rare invalid carriages I would love to know if the original negative exists somewhere so I could have it scanned in as high resolution as I can get! but the video is not from 1959, I can actually tell that by the Mk12's and their registration marks that its from 1961 or later as for example xxxUPU was not issued until January 1961 and they are sadly not prototypes, Early Mk12's no suffix (it went Mk12 Mk12A Mk12B Mk12C Mk12D and finally Mk12E) had a smaller rear window and non-glass side windows
  13. im curious about that as I just did a little digging, as you know I like a good DVLA mystery! and it looks like ALR453B or from what I can tell more likely something pretending to be that Vehicle was put through an MOT where then it was robbed of that number which is now on retention (not void As far as I can tell) and was thus was given the age related VRM RCA501B which is showing Untaxed since Feb 2020 registration marks Voided by the DVLA due to shenanigans or the such like, will tend to still show up on 3rd party tools and the MOT checker, but not the main 1st party checker, much like cars given a CoD a couple examples of sadly Void registration marks include PPL787 and JNJ135L (now HKH330C), where as registration marks on retention will not show up on most 3rd party tools and neither of the DVLA or DVSA tools (but some 3rd party websites will still tell you what the last vehicle the plate on retention was last on) of course the DVLA are the DVLA and they may of handled things differently with regards to this coach, but sadly from what it looks like outside is someone has just applied for the V5c of ALR453B just to transfer the mark to use elsewhere I guess because of the Italian job connection which this Flicker comment section seems to say as well (seems ALR453B was rung onto another coach, and then robbed of its number plate!) https://www.flickr.com/photos/10631124@N07/37511098030/
  14. bringing this one back up as I just unearthed this neat period photo another very late Frank Tippen & Sons Tippen Delta 8, in the same OVC-H block as the above flicker car, I still sadly dont know if this block of machines was one last final batch of petrol machines or electric machines (its been presumed that Petrol machines ended production before the Electric machines did but has never been confirmed) its also a neat shot giving a good comparison between the Delta 8 up front and the Delta 6 behind it
  15. not one of these then? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optare_MetroCity aww LOL
  16. if its any help, that black box will contain all the gubbins for the Dynastart unit, which is what starts the engine in both foward and reverse directions as well as charges the battery/provide electricity once said engine is running so I imagine that will be one of those common things you will see on all Villiers powered Locos regardless of design/who made them im curious is the engine really a Villiers 9E? the 11E was a much more common engine on account of it being in use for much longer, but they are very similar looking from the outside so I am just curious which it actually is (the 9E was used in ministry invalid carriages from 1957 to 1962 however, and was also used in some Microcars as well, so it could still well be a 9E!, with the Villiers 11E being used from 1962 to 1971) the Villiers 11E was a variant of the 9E made specifically for the invalid carriage market, and with just how many Villiers powered Invalid carriages there where and where being scrapped in the 1960s-1980's is why most Villiers powered thingies you find today, Go Carts bikes, Miniature train locos and other home built old petrol powered things tended to be Villiers 11E powered
  17. In lighting hobby news I took delivery of this a few days ago my very first America streetlight! imported directly from North America (Shown with a Philips SL lamp for size comparison) a fellow America friend and lighting very kindly bought it for my birthday a couple weeks ago and it arrived recently I have wanted one of these and have tried to get one for over 10 years now so I am very pleased to finally have one! it was brand new in box (and thankfully managed to survive the trip overseas as the seller only sent it in its original box with zero extra packaging or double boxing despite me asking him to!) its an American Electric Lighting Roadway 115, or AEL 115 for short, its of the classic American Cobrahead design, and there are many US streetlights that follow this design style, but the AEL ones are the ones I like the most atheistically so I am very pleased to have gotten one finally this particular example uses a 100W High Pressure Sodium lamp, however US 35W 50W 100W 150W and 1000W HPS lamps are not of the same electrical specifications as British/European HPS lamps of the same wattage so I had to wait for a US Spec lamp to arrive as I only had US Spec HPS lamps in 50W and 1000W thankfully I was able to find a UK based supplier for the lamp so I did not have to wait for the lamp to arrive from the states (that is what the Yellow 10 sticker is about, its called a NEMA tag and tells the crew on the ground what lamp the streetlight uses, so Yellow for HPS and 10 for 100W) access is gained by pushing on the latch on the front of the streetlight and swinging the door out of the way with the lamp installed and everything wired it up, it was time to fire it up, of course this being American it is rated for 120V 60Hz, thankfully I have equipment to deal with that, in this case my Variac, a Special transformer that lets me dial in any voltage I want between 0V and 270V as this is 60Hz if I fed it 120V directly it would actually make it unhappy as the UK is 50Hz, so get around this I fed the fixture a lower voltage of about 105-108V to compensate for the frequency difference, which worked perfectly the lamp fired up and ran up nicely after monitoring the voltage and current and ballast temperature to make sure everything was happy (and as you can see by the label the fixture was made on the 22nd of August 2018) I closed the door and have had it running happily for over an hour now, enjoying its nice warm golden glow by my side as you can probably imagine/tell I very pleased/happy with this, I of course have a few British streetlights in my collection but US Streetlights are not exactly common here so I am very happy to have one in the collection and of one of the exact models I had lusted after the ultimate find for me now would be to find and get an AEL 327, which is the biggest Streetlight AEL made and was made for 1000W Lamps so 10x more powerful then this streetlight! as you can imagine they are massive beasts, but follow the same design as the AEL 115 so again I really like the athletic of them but sadly AEL stopped making 327's around 2018, and even when in production where much less common then the standard AEL 115 which was cranked out by the truckload. hopefully someday I can get my hands on an AEL 327 anyways I hope you enjoyed this look at an American streetlight
  18. still on going! I failed my first 2 tests sadly but got my 3rd on the 21st hopefully 3rd times a charm as they say! main thing is I need to get a handle on my fucking nerves, I took a mock test with my instructor last lesson and I failed because my nerves just got the better of me its just really frustrating as im fine during lessons/normal driving, but during that mock test my nerves just went through the roof and I start doubting myself/hesitating so I failed on that during a couple points (one was waiting too long at a junction and another was dithering between lanes while I tried to figure out which I should be in) but thankfully I did not fail the mock test on anything else, Ie I did not pull out on anyone or fail to check my mirrors etc and the parallel parking went well LOL I have got another lesson tomorrow, where we will hopefully be doing another mock test and hopefully I can do better this time round! (and I have another lesson on Monday the day before the test) if I could go back in time, I think what I would of done is insisted on started doing mock tests much earlier then I have done, because I clearly can drive, I just need to get a handle on my nerves during the test/get use to the test environment if that makes sense! its just I got so much riding on this, and I know everything is booked up to buggery so If I fail, who knows when Ill be able to take another test, and ill have to do my theory again because that expires in January and then I also start thinking about all the things that could go wrong how easy it is to fail and just how conditional it is, as you said in a post elsewhere on this forum about your up coming lorry test, so much of it is up to chance/conditional, lots of idiots on/in the road! I wish I could turn my nerves off or something! LOL
  19. one other thing id recommend is if you have a bad back or difficulty/pain walking etc I would recommend bringing along some form of personal transport to get around the FoD, a small car or Mobility scooter capable of running on grass, as there can be quite a lot of walking about as groups of shitters move from one car to another! something i found out the hard way when my Invacar left the FoD and I realised I suddenly had no personal transport! speaking of back pain, just as a heads up incase anyone was planning on talking to me or giving me lightbulbs or something! I sadly wont be at this FoD gathering as I decided in the end it is best I use the weekend to rest and save my back for my up coming driving test on Tuesday the 21st just figured id give the heads up! I hope thats not too much of an inconvenience to anyone!
  20. I wonder how long new cones last these days given that most other replacement rubber components you can get for cars these days seem to split and fail in record time (most scary one for me is just how rubbish modern fuel line is failing after like 6 months, surely that cant be legal!) so im curious how long modern replacement mini suspension cones last?
  21. indeed it has, its a still from a video I shared that @Datsuncog did a lovely breakdown on, back on page 44 still appreciate the heads up tho but speaking of period shots, I came across this nice Mk12 one the lack of any other vehicles in the scene is interesting, its almost like some sort post apocalyptic scene where all non fibreglass cars have mysteriously vanished and hoards of pedestrians look on at @AdgeCutler with envious eyes as he cruises on by, getting ready to floor it if any should make a move
  22. I seem to recall there was a check engine light that @dollywobbler had to get around for a previous MOT but I think that was "fixed" by removing the bulb and going "check engine light? what check engine light!" or something such so perhaps that check engine light might be related to these running woes
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