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  1. speaking of Model 70 oddities and differences, the chap above was wondering where he could source some replacement wing mirrors from, and I remember @Six-cylinder mentioning there where 2 different head sizes, so I decided to look into a bit deeper when I came across this web page (I knew they where Desmo wing mirrors, but I never knew much beyond that) https://minorpartsofoxford.co.uk/desmo-wing-mirror/ and very interestingly it also mentioned that there where 2 different arm lengths as well and this got me wondering, what do Model 70's have? and it seems to be* a right miss match! obviously exhasibated by the long life these vehicles had and probably adaptions to a specific users needs and in fact While REV and Dolly both have 2 wing mirrors REV has a long pair while Dolly has a short pair! I wonder if this explains why I dont have any vision/blind spot/mirror problems but @dollywobbler does? as its worth noting that TWC has a short arm mirror fitted (and so does TPA but she has a different seat as well) *most Model 70's until an unknown point in time (1975 or 76-ish?) seemed to have shipped from the factory with a plastic version of the short arm Desmo mirror, but it seems like these quite quickly got replaced with Metal ones in service, as I understand they where very fragile, and often broken hence being very rare today im also still researching to determine if how many Mirrors fitted to a Model 70 was something done at the factory according to the first users need or if they all shipped with 1 and where tweaked after the fact, and if how many mirrors the default was changed over time or not (for example most later Model 70's do have 2 mirrors, but @AdgeCutler's final contract Model 70 only has 1 but who knows if thats how it started out life as or not!) (you can also see nicely the plastic Desmo Mirror on Brian )
  2. very pleased to report that this is now actually buyable! from the ICR's website https://www.invalidcarriageregister.org/portfolio/50-years-mobility-scooters a lovely little book giving a nice history of the early days of Mobility scooters and giving a nice list all the different ones throughout the ages! and this will hopefully lead the way to the big book! also had the chance to speak to the owner of the Private expat a bit more, and it turns out the front hydraulic brake had NOT been disconnected, he simply thought it had been at first but had a better look at things and realised it was still all there! the addition of a front handbrake is still very curious mind! I almost wonder if it was added as a way to temporarily hold the machine, while the driver went to pull the main handbrake, if they where unable to hold the handle bars down while doing so? say if the owner had difficulty raising her arm in a speedy manner, maybe she would park up, hold the car with the lever on the right with her right hand and then use her other hand to pull the main handbrake, but I notice both the hand lever and handbrake pull are on the same side so its not likely to be that (unless the owner had 2 right arms?!) its also amusing to see as when I first found out that the brake hardware on all 3 wheels was identical a few years back, with the front assembly still having hand brake parts, I did muse to myself and wonder if someone could make a Model 70 with a hand brake that acted on all 3 wheels, and in this case thats kinda whats going on here! sadly little is known about the Lady who owned it and took it to the US with her and if the hand lever was a factory adaptation or something fitted after it moved to the states
  3. wait you say Photo? if your referring to @barrett's picture specifically thats from here https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_774465-AC-Invacar-Model-67-1970.html I THINK its APH76H from the APH51H-APH250H block (its defo a car from the APH-H block thats for sure) but he was just posting it as an example of the rear end of a Model 67, in reference to a painting posted on the previous page
  4. thats an interesting thought! as you say I immediately went "oh thats a Model 67!" as you say the split rear engine vent is a big giveaway, and matches much better with the rear lights but then I thought to myself "when where these drawn" to remove any confirmation bias and checked the article which gave the dates of 1959 and 1961, which I just assumed where what dates Lowry himself wrote on the paintings somewhere but if those dates actually have no firm basis in reality, and just experts trying to guess, then indeed as you say, I would say that that its an AC Model 67 before I would say its an Invacar Mk11 another thing worth noting is that both Vehicles are painted the same colour, and of course the Model 67 and Tippen Delta where the same colour BUT, so was the Invacar Mk11 and Tippen Delta Mk1, both of which where dark blue (well I dont know if they where identical, but close enough that in a rough drawing as above I could see the artist using the same colour) however they are definitely painted a more lighter shade of blue then what id expect someone to paint an Invacar Mk11/Tippen Delta Mk1 as, so as you say my first thought was indeed "Ooh a Model 67!" for what its worth the first AC Model 67's rolled off the production line in around May-June 1967 (RPA451E-RPA550E was the very first block from what I can find so far)
  5. Tis like Buses they all come along at once! Another Model 70 has shown up for sale! (I do have to wonder if the port hole car "selling" for £LOL has brought them out of the woodwork...) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134264350173 I have dropped the seller message so hopefully I can figure out which it is and assist the seller in any Model 70 matters those Mini Traveller rear lights make me wonder if its this car... (although the eBay car has both of its lights mounted a bit low down where as the Welsh driveway, blue wheeled car only has 1 mounted lower down) also on eBay are a couple Villiers Carburettors suitable for use on Villiers Invalid vehicles should anyone be needing one or a spare! ( @AdgeCutler and @Mrs6C!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175437147526 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/403921381742
  6. curiously after this years renewal she is showing up properly again! I did make sure to mention the Motor Insurance Database naming anonymity but the guy on the other end sorting out my renewal at the time, but he said that was not something he could do, he was just there for renewals but I wonder if he was able to sort it in the end! I know they/someone there is able to, because when I first insured REV back in March 2020, I did call them back to get the name corrected (at first she was showing up as an "INVACARE" LOL) please to see all is showing up as it should once again, well ignoring the missing space between Invacar and Model LOL (I know the MID is just cosmetic and has no real effect on anything but still I do like to make sure everything is correct where I can!)
  7. Yeah I was thinking that as well looks like there might be something resembling a Tippen Delta ahead of it I have also been wondering what exactly the forefront vehicle is, the news article mentions dates of 1959 and 1961 the closet match I can find that fits all the data points I have is an Invacar Mk11, I think the Metal bodied Invacars where the only full bodied invalid vehicles to have actual chrome bumpers, and of those only the Mk11 had a rectangular rear number plate with stand out rear fins although the rear lights are depicted quite differently in the painting,
  8. hah very cool! its interesting how its been painted with silver/grey bumpers almost looks Mini-ish at first in that regard, and with how its all a bit rounded around the sides not the first time he has captured an Invalid Vehicle, he caught a suspected Harding Rideinease in "The Contraption" https://www.myartbroker.com/artist-l-s-lowry/collection-figures/artwork-the-contraption-signed-print
  9. are you referring to EGR754 in the background? if so, thats "only sadly" an early Reliant regal! but funnily enough indeed I do indeed know of it https://www.facebook.com/groups/950689934973969/posts/5320322494677336/ the chap ended up with a bunch of Reliants and Raleighs https://www.facebook.com/groups/950689934973969/posts/5304411926268393/
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/109418819125/posts/10162265619069126/ this was pretty awesome to see! "ALB761A" or Alba as its known by its owner , is on the move! the first Model 67 to join the very exclusive ranks of road worthy Villiers machine! and its first time I Have ever seen a surviving Model 67 move under its own power Goodwood themselves even tweeted about it! https://twitter.com/GoodwoodRRC/status/1576515259476623360 but as is sadly typical they got most of their facts wrong! obviously as is well known on here by now, Invacar had nothing to do with AC at all (not until the Mk12E/Model 70 at least) and I am curious where they pulled the date of 1960 from! AC Started supplying the AC All weather Tricycle Model 43 en-mass to the Ministry 10 years earlier then that in 1950!
  11. LightBulbFun


    A suffix was first introduced/used in Feb 1963 and ran till December 1963, used by county councils which had run out of suffix-less marks, and also by the new Scottish offices opened up which where given old London X multiples (for example AXA-A was Kirkcaldy) however county councils that still had suffix-less marks could keep issuing them until the end of December 1964, hence the apparent overlap (some of the remote Scottish county councils never even got to the end of their original 1904 2 letter 4 number allocations!) A Suffix marks are now given out as Age related plates for any 1963 vehicle that needs a new registration mark/is being freshly registered here, back in the bad old days for a period of time A suffix plates where given to any and all Suffix-less cars which where robbed of their original mark, regardless of the vehicles actual age, so you would see all manner of vehicles on A suffix plates, and there was also a period of time where 1963 vehicles got suffix-less age related marks as well these days the DVLA are pretty rigid with their age related plates any vehicle from 1963 onwards gets a suitable suffix or prefix plate any vehicle from 1953-1962 gets an 123ABC style plate any vehicle from 1931 to 1952 gets a ABC123 plate and any vehicle 1930 and older gets an AB1234 style plate pretty much any number plate is readable by ANPR regardless of exact font these days, so dont go slapping set of Tippers, Hills or Ace plates on your car and expect to be able to stick 2 fingers up at the nearest Camera van LOL but as mentioned I dont think theres anything against race numbers on your car, not from a RTA perspective anyhow, what various racing bodies have to say about it is another matter, but thats with them, theres nothing legally against it, a Police man cannot pull you for simply having a number in a white circle on the side of your car or such so AFAIK you can indeed go and slap on a giant 69 onto the side of your Moggie thou if you wished
  12. assuming it actually even makes it to market! the last Model 70 he bought just went directly to Adam pretty much LOL I think thats just an orange lens thats faded in the sunlight, I have seen a number of these CEP rear lights in various degrees of faded over the years! but funnily enough I was thinking it would still be useable if you chucked an orange bulb in there as you say indeed I do thats a 1930's ESLA Bi-multi street light, pretty much the first streetlight to give some serious thought into optical light control, hence the many glass reflectors to me they are a holy grail streetlight for me and id LOVE to get one some day, but when they do show up they are often priced quite steeply for something that quite literally has been exposed to the elements for 80 years and is often in need of serious restoration, beyond my skills/abilities sadly but when sorted out, they are truly spectacular to behold
  13. Looks like I was bang on the money! tis indeed TPE409S I am very pleased to finally get a shot showing its interior to confirm its control scheme turns out its a Handle bar machine, not a Tiller bar machine as I had previously thought, in @dollywobbler's Bond Mini car review the owner (who owned/owns TPE409S and WVW312S ) mentions both of his where Tiller bar machines, but perhaps its just WVW312S that is? but I have never seen any detailed pictures of that one either sadly its cleaned up well and its very nice to see the original Ace plates remain although theres a small anomaly that I have noticed in the pictures that make me just want to see if I can verify its ID with the current owners, and check if TPE409S really is TPE409S!
  14. has anyone mentioned the modern Citroen Ami? as we are finding out through @Kiltox holy shit do they seem to irritate people on the internet for some reason LOL I guess it makes sense since its one of, if not the most Autoshite modern car out there, that it would upset the non autoshite/non understanding people out there LOL but its still amusing nonetheless LOL (I know @RoverFolkUs has left his own personal thoughts on them in this thread, but I make to post, in light of @Kiltox's recent social media posts, to comment just on generally how the modern Ami seems to piss everyone off LOL)
  15. yeah I did notice that as well! I had also wondered just how close they where to the weight limit of things, as on the back was a Low Light Morris Minor as well! but I dont know what the weight of one of those are and what they Payload capacity of the van is, all I can say is a Late Model 70 like TPE409S is 413Kg-414Kg, so ill let someone else who knows more about the van in question etc use that data to figure things out! but I did muse to myself thinking, imaging being a VOSA officer pulling a van opening the back to be greeted with the arse of a Model 70 LOL like some Autoshite version of a Russian Doll LOL I know these Microcar World guys do this sort of thing on a professional basis (they buy and sell Microcars etc as their business) so Id like to think they will have done their research and loaded things up properly, and that the strap is just there to keep the door itself in place, but who knows!
  16. this has been a fun game of "identify which of the known survivors that Model 70 is" as Grham Walker of the Microcar world has got himself another Model 70! https://www.facebook.com/groups/950689934973969/posts/5503226426386941/ identifying this one was quite fun especially when at first I had only the first photo, but having seen the second photo partial reg forced me to consider some Model 70's I had previously ruled out and having knuckled down on it, I think its TPE409S from @alpinerapier (who also has WVW312S ) just polished up a fair bit since I last saw it! and indeed checking the Ye Olde DVLA shows recent movement! so will be interesting to see if I am indeed on the money! if so, its sad to hear its been sold, but im pleased to see it again! its one of those known survivors i had found out about way back the start, but then sort of went dark, so will be good to see all is good on it! (I mean regardless of which it is, the DVLA activity on TPE409S is always a good sign!)
  17. Very Awesome TJN352R not only the very last Model 70 in Ministry service being only withdrawn on the 14th of October 2004! although I sadly dont think the Museum realise/know the historic importance of this particular Model 70, but it is why/how it survives today (as thankfully the Ministry and everyone involved in its withdrawal did recognise its historical importance and made sure it was saved!) but also on a more personal level TJN was REV's first stable mate, TJN and REV having lived together from 1985 to 2000, you may of noticed she has the same non standard clock as fitted to REV it was literally his and hers Model 70's for about 15 years. although sadly I dont have any pictures of them together, there are pictures of TJN at home a few days before her withdrawal but REV had already been sold on at this point in time sadly I have very few photos of REV from before I owned her in fact! (mainly just the screen grabs from her movie role) and then @Mrs6C's Model 70 went to live with REV for about 17 years! interestingly both TJN352R and @Mrs6C's Model 70 have the same special floor mounted handbrake mechanisms! so thats a bit fun coincidental continuity for you!
  18. @HMC *sells Bentley* @83C "Fine ill do it myself" dont think theres much more I can add thats not already been said! other then of course, very much looking forward to seeing how this plays out! do love me a big old barge! I presume the plan is to recuperate the cost by flogging the plate to @trigger?
  19. interesting!, I was wondering if there was anything in the engine bay shot that would give us clues! good to know what it actually is! indeed the story I have heard is that the owner fitted the diesel engine partly out of necessity rather then choice as something had indeed gone wrong the Steyr Puch engine, so its understandable in that it was either have the car off the road or fit the diesel engine to get it back on the road I did hear also at one point that he was looking to put it back to stock but all of this is second hand info, I have sadly never run into the guy who owns it directly to get the full story! but I am more then willing to help him source another Steyr puch Engine or help him fix his original unit if he still has it, thankfully the Steyr puch engine itself has relatively good parts support, especially from its homeland in Austria and around there which is why I wish I was around at the time the original engine went wrong, as I would of been more then willing to out of my way to help him get the bits he needs/needed to fix his original engine, or help him source an entire replacement engine if the damage was catastrophic I sadly run into things like this a lot where I feel like I have arrived just a bit too late! if only I was around a few years ealier! indeed if I had to re-engine a Model 70, a BMW Flat twin would also be my choice and be quite fun to see as well although, if performance was the aim of the game, as I mentioned before the Steyr Puch Flat twin itself can be tuned and upgraded quite extensively, which I would love to see first before moving onto something like a BMW flat twin
  20. indeed! its a clean installation ill give it that much, apart from where the chap drilled a bunch of holes in the rear engine cover for the radiator, good Model 70 body panels are not easy to come by so thats a bit painful to see! while its amusing to see and it would be interesting to hear what it would be like to drive, its not really my cup of tea, the Steyr Puch engine is a much better engine and I much prefer keeping things stock in generally, especially as I can see people being miss led by it and then run around thinking all Model 70's where diesel powered! I thought I had read that it was a 3 cylinder somewhere, but your right in that I cant say that im 100% sure, the original installation post makes no mention of its cylinder count, so ill have to look into where I got 3 cylinder from! https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/138513/1976-ac-invacar-model-70?page=2&scrollTo=2242210 its still coupled to the original AC Model 70 CVT system AFAIK!
  21. indeed, its a pretty well known one for it has a Kubota 3 cylinder diesel engine fitted! more restomod than restored! (and not recently AFAIK? its been the way it has since 2017 if not earlier) VAV1L is a private registration mark applied by the current keeper, its actual AC given mark is MPD553P
  22. one for the Rover 45 lickers? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4883336098441460 tis sitting on the driveway of a good friend of mine where its now very much getting in the way I dont know any more details about it other then whats on the advert (other then I did just check and it is ULEZ compliant at least!) but both the person selling it and the person who owned/owns it are good friends of mine so figured the least I could do is punt it here to the eBay tat thread to get it some more exposure
  23. indeed most of it looks to modern Chinese tosh but there are some older lamps in there I do spot some tungsten filament lamps hiding in there and those GE Infrared heat lamps bring back many memories for me, would not mind adding those to my collection! I had a few of them from Ryness back in the day and I do see some good quality GE, Sylvania and Osram fluorescent tubes and lamps in there I know @Six-cylinder you mentioned wanting some spare tubes for the garage at some point! (although the T8 tubes wont work properly in the currently tube-less 1970's Semi-resonant start 6ft Thorn Popular Pack you have installed top left of your garage nearest to the garage door! but thats not a problem I want that fixture for my collection anyways )
  24. https://www.facebook.com/londonerbuses/posts/pfbid0pYuQQT3EReAwhSAUB5G9Gn8Jq5toJVBZCThvdEGhXV2s2Eb56dnvQWCdpBowNz4Wl this is quite interesting/exciting to hear! always pleases to me to hear more Routemasters running about have to admit I dont like the lettered Route scheme at all, this is London not Reading! sounds like its a private venture rather then something that was part of TFL like Route 9 and 15 where, so it will be interesting to see how it does/how long it lasts! at least I think one of the RM's being used on it is AEC engined I also wonder how ticketing works, it seems like its about £5 for an all day thing, do they print off a ticket for you to keep ahold of for the rest of the day and just wave at the conductor when you want to hop back on?
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