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  1. thats why I have screen-shotted the post in my post above, so those who very much understandably dont want anything to do with FB can still see it but if the text is a bit small/hard to read here it is quoted directly
  2. and on that note for @Zelandeth heres a link the Facebook album on KPL's rebuild for where there are a few more photo's https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vanity=accountdeactivationpending&set=a.10164774219330322
  3. twas just doing some invacar sluething as you do and I came across this neat post https://www.facebook.com/SirusAutomotive/posts/4113316525356637 which explains how exactly the whole L plate thing worked back in the day, something I have been wondering about I knew the test was a motorcycle style test, but I was still not sure how exactly it worked with L plates before you passed your test, its interesting to hear there where driving lessons complete with instructor crammed in there!
  4. have you either been near any broken discharge lamps still operating or any weird clear "fluorescent" tubes giving off a dim blue glow recently? those output significant amount of UV-C which is the stuff that gives you arc eye (welding generates a lot of UV-C which in turns literally sun burns you retinas) and it only takes 1 idiot to install a Germicidal UV-C tube in a Bug zapper in place of a safe UV-A tube or something stupid and everyone around it is gonna have a bad time (there was once a case in a nightclub where a bunch of these germicidal tubes got installed in plac
  5. here you go with one of the Soviet/Russian bulbs From @Zelandeth Lada he kindly gave me a few of em 2 21W indicator bulbs and the smaller one above, after I mentioned in passing I had no soviet/russian lamps in the collection (I think I just got the 1 smaller bulb, at least I hope so or it means Iv already lost one!) but these automotive bulbs they are quite funky, oh so very soviet in construction yet E marked etc, its weird to see these western approval marks on something of such soviet construction! anyway im guessing the peculiar way you set the current on the ones
  6. its funny you mention that, as I have noticed a few different exhausts over time and was just discussing them with @adam1db a couple weeks ago, but I have not yet been able to figure out the exact chronology of them as exhausts being somewhat of a consumable item means any car today may have had any number of exhausts throughout its life time but I know that From the Prototype cars to to the end of first 2500 cars that AC Model 70's had an exhaust with a strait exit pipe rather then one with a bend in the end, but the exit port was cut flush not at an angle like above
  7. Nice to see this one on here I look forward to seeing its restoration when its ticket comes up as we discussed I think sadly there will be a fair few Model 70's in need of body work, as the chassis are very robust as you know so survive pretty well, but the bodywork less so so it will be a general problem that will need tackling somehow hopefully in time either original moulds can be found or reproductions can be made from a good body shell as the pattern, so new body sections can be made for the body-less Model 70's out there (and in repair sections for the mach
  8. clearly someones just grabbed a stock photo and slapped it on a dress LOL im sure you can do better for less then £40!
  9. Oh cool! getting the colour right on Invacars and the such like is a "fun" game not helped by the fact that I think AC's and Invacar's where slightly different shades of blue-green from the factory (which itself I think may have changed at some point in the 1960s, I know @Mrs6C's Invacar Mk12c looks a bit more green then later Mk12's I have seen for example) and of course various vehicles will have themselves have been painted over time and or faded in the Sunlight etc so I look forward to seeing how well it matches
  10. in other news I got myself a new Toy I mean piece of vital test equipment a Bench top variable DC power supply, 0-30V at a max of 10A, been meaning to get one for a few years now finally bit the bullet got one as they are very handy for powering up low voltage stuff as shown for example powering one of the Routemaster/Bus bulbs @Yoss kindly gave me a while back and obviously very handy for electronics work and the such like and fun for figuring which of my Automotive lamps are 12V or actually 13.8V, for example the Wotan p45t Halogen retrofit lamps @Mrs6C/@Six-cy
  11. surprised you have not done the obligatory small car thing of parking her in one of the Trolly bays for a laugh? Woo go TPA!, makes me very happy to hear how frequently she is used these days to the point now where when an Invacar gets posted into a facebook page or something such, often someone will say "theres a bloke in Milton Keynes who runs around in one" (along with someone often mentioning Brian in Sheffield)
  12. well AF indicates its a Cornwall issued mark, but thats about it in terms of extra info I can provide sadly RAF33 does not turn up on any tools (which would make sense if it came off the road in 1977, as even if it was computerised by 1977 which it could of been, if its been inactive since then/ie seen no activity after 1983, then it would only exist in the DVLA's offline archive) if I was giving the chap the benefit of the doubt, then perhaps rather then a Ford 7Y it could of been a sit up and beg Ford popular or something such which I understand to be a direct descende
  13. given that TPA's bodywork had entire chunks missing out of it with said missing chunks nowhere to be found to be fibreglassed back in, I think you have done very well! obviously not trying to discredit anyone but its worth keeping in mind when comparing your work to others that I think most people on here who have had to do fibreglass repairs have luckily had the broken off pice of fibreglass in hand to "glue" back in which im sure makes life a bit easier!, where as you had nothing and had to build from scratch, with just photographs of other vehicles to use as guides
  14. they dont turn anything up anything sadly but I can tell you that MYTxxx was London Issue from July 1952
  15. someone just posted that on the other thread on this car where I noticed a bit of a whole in that story sadly!
  16. the only problem is RAFxxx was issued in May 1953, but the Ford 7Y according to Wikipedia was only produced from 1938-1939 so that does not quite add up as that would be some 14 years late registration madness! (unless the registration mark itself was already a private registration mark by then, but im not sure why someone would transfer it to such an old vehicle then abandon it)
  17. Tippers vintage plates https://www.tippersvintageplates.co.uk/ and Framptons plates https://www.framptonsplates.com/ both do raised plastic digit plates and im sure there are probably a couple others out there or you could even make a set yourself https://autoshite.com/topic/41229-homemade-retro-number-plate
  18. Very awesome stuff the last picture reminds me of a sort of Autoshite version of ImberBus https://imberbus.org/introduction/ or march of the invacars
  19. glad you got MPUs rear end at long last (theres a joke about saving someones arse in there somewhere LOL) its a shame the rear end was further chopped off MPU like that as the initial damage does not look to be all that bad and probably would of been relatively easily to patch up but at least it was cut relatively cleanly off so should not be too difficult to line it back up and fibreglass it back on just make sure when you do fibre to account for any missing material lost when it was cut off, so dont just butt the 2 pieces up together directly, but leave a suitabl
  20. indeed it would of been although in double checking this via the extra information I have on the XWC401F-XWC500F block, I noticed that XWC476F is a private machine (really wish I noticed that at the time, it would of explained all the "strange" Mk12's I kept on finding much sooner!) and that someone somewhere messed up as, XWC499F is xxx92 but XWC500F is xxx94! because of the aforementioned private car which runs in a different chassis number range taking one of the registration marks, XWC500F should be xxx93, but its not recorded as such, I wonder if it was still recorded su
  21. whoa check it out @egg @BlankFrank @Mrs6Cfrom @JeeExEll in the eye catching black and white thread another XWC-F Mk12c its a good shot you can even almost make out the fine details of the Tippers number plates Invacars had at this point in time, which had semi circular cutouts to clear the rear lights I do wonder if those cutouts where done by Tippers for Invacar or if the plates where modified by Invacar in-house?
  22. very awesome to see the 4 out and about once more (hopefully soon to be 5 with the addition of KPL I hope you dont run out of drivers before then! ) as always, its makes me very happy to see Model 70's on the public road once more
  23. Yeah it was a Ministry specification thing I believe* the colour change happened specifically in the TTW101E-TTW200E block of Invacar Mk12C's I have seen a picture of TTW179E in the old peacock blue and white roof scheme and TTW184E in the then new overall lighter blue colour scheme, taken outside the Invacar works when they where brand new, so that helps narrow things down (but before that I knew that early Mk12C's where Blue and white, from the Period Mk12c brochure and the early Blue and white Mk12c that Simon owns) its a shame I cannot share the pictures (they are ea
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