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  1. spike60

    Stance hilarity

    Last year I coming back to Rotterdam when a cheap Ebay suspension air bag let go , I bodged it so it lifted on the good one and continued carefully. If the Dutch Plod had pulled me in and said" park that here" I would've been a bit pissed off but understood. When I got off the ferry at Hull a traffic plod was waiting before I got to passport control, after a discussion about how, what, where etc she surprisingly let me go the 115 miles home after telling to watch the speed humps. Mine was down on one wheel, the other three normal with no fouling issues, the air bag is the only suspension on the rear, not assistors.
  2. I paid good money for BMW 540i then about 3 years later a friend was using it when 300 bhp, no traction control and 12 hour nights bit him and he felled a lamp post with the bonnet badge. He bought it off me, stripped it all out, got it jigged and the panels painted at a Vx dealership a friend managed and left it in his leaky garage for a couple of years. Then his wife said " when are you coming to get your car?" Me "not my car anymore" Her " yes it is, come and sort it" So over about 4 weekends I put the front back together including a weekend routing the wiring loom the wrong way and then after a few false starts it lived with me another 6 or so years. Have a sale pic from about 10 years after I first bought it. My son bought a dead Corsa from a friend despite not having a driving licence so I took it to my house from his mothers to remove temptation and used lots of TLC and servicing to get it MOT'd . When I started using it it became clear it was lacking 5th gear, the linkage was toast. I priced one at the dealers as nothing was available anywhere else, - £147. Hmm... I built a cats cradle of heavy duty cable ties and it drove fine for a month or two locally then the the son sold it to a friend, and we split the money. It hardly rattled but wasn't a nice thing to drive.
  3. spike60

    Stance hilarity

    The Mercs mods are not a technical issue, they're a danger issue. Aside from the fact it isn't legal in the UK anyway, if they consider it dangerous on the German roads you won't be going any further with it. Technical requirements are amber/ clear indicators etc, not tyre heavily fouling the bodywork.
  4. I'm an occasional resurrector, two relatively recent ones were a BMW 530d touring well out of test, a smashed manual gearbox, 233k and general hard use and Mercedes 300SE parked on a pig farm for 8 years, blown exhaust etc. The BM was a stop gap but stayed for nearly 4 years and 36k miles in the end, the Merc a couple of years and 5k miles. Both are still about locally, the Merc has passed a second test without me recently and the BM failed it's first, brakes and a bush. At 270k! Here's the Merc scrubbed up for it's sale 18 months ago. And here's a dusty BM at the Nurburgring campsite 2017 N24 I don't think it counts for this thread but a couple of months ago I bought another 126 Merc. This one had been off the road since 2002 and the previous owners family got it tested before I bought it but then the fun starts as 17 years worth of problems start coming to the surface. Plus why ever it was parked as well of course...... no dinosaur killers yet tho. TBC probably......
  5. As ever the pics flatter it a bit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143224642821
  6. How old is the fuel filter on the 944? Might be worth a look at
  7. I have a 2.7 944 while it's a good starter despite infrequent use it has a slow turn and sounds gravelly until it fires. Think TADTS.......
  8. I usually go a couple of times a year but I'm full of the snotties at the mo so I gave this one a miss. There's which a vintage meet in a few weeks which I enjoy more than I thought I would so may be there, then the big guns are back for 2 days in July. Sometimes I prefer the more local events as opposed to national ones as they often have a more varied field.
  9. On E39 the heated mirrors kick in as soon as you you open the drivers door as well. It sounds like you've got a small leak on the air suspension, not really a problem unless it gets worse. Speaking from experience don't buy £40 air bags from Ebay, mine abruptly let go on a Dutch motorway 6 months after i fitted it.
  10. I have been advertising my 944 with err, limited success then yesterday someone wanted to swap a Renault Megane R26 F1. As it's about 18 years younger it will be in better condition but I reckon I'm about 30 years too old for it....... 😂
  11. The rear dish probably looks deeper than it is because the they're covered in pad dust despite being driven quite slowly, the fronts have covers inside to stop this this. It has the same size tyres front and rear at the mo, dunno if they should be staggered. It needs a set of tyres, I'm just not a fan of 1999 Nankang M+S.
  12. With the cooler thermostat fitted the temperature remains well behaved so as far as I'm concerned it's a job jobbed if not fully understood. It was running fine with the immobiliser disconnected from the fuel pump so I decided to knobble it altogether if I could. I took a reference pic and pulled the wires one by one with the engine running, ok . So then I pulled them all and left them off, still ok. I've used the car 3 days this week locally with no problems so today I manned up, filled up and set course for No1 son and family about 60 miles north . Uneventful trip, no AA like on the collection run so I'll consider it put to bed. This is what the it looked like on return in its usual habitat , a supermarket car park. Then was I was getting out back home I found this on the passenger floor. Ah. I assume it's from the heater, wonder if really needs it?
  13. 1983 LANCIA DELTA 1.5 LX https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1983-LANCIA-DELTA-1-5-LX-Genuine-Barn-Find/223495362866?hash=item34095c9932:g:GdwAAOSwtzdcng0Y
  14. MATRA MURENA Classic for restoration. Parked 18 years ago. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MATRA-MURENA-Classic-for-restoration/143239098010?hash=item2159b72e9a:g:UUIAAOSwjwNczZBh
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