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  1. Is it the front suspension creaking? Mine creaked which I couldn't locate then turned into a creak and chatter which I still couldn't pinpoint. Eventually on the third time of pulling, pushing, prising and generally riving about it turned out to be the ball joint on the arm coming from the front of the arch.
  2. Nissan Cherry 1300 auto 1986. Overspray special? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-Cherry-1300-auto-1986/402768432692?hash=item5dc6de8e34:g:h7oAAOSwQTxgOsF3
  3. 1952 Minerva Jeep. I've driven a 50's LR but this looks a new level of misery. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1952-Minerva-Jeep/124416223191?hash=item1cf7c8e7d7:g:6TIAAOSwZ-9fnFAQ
  4. 1993 NISSAN 100NX AUTO Blue T-BAR Low 35.7k Miles. Shiny but pricey. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1993-NISSAN-100NX-AUTO-Blue-T-BAR-Low-35-7k-Miles/303932921616?hash=item46c3d05710:g:rEYAAOSw2e9gW2su
  5. 64k mile old dears Corolla on £430 with a day or so to go. Usual age related battle scars...... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Corolla/203317588055?hash=item2f56ac3057:g:3AoAAOSwK4RgW1b6
  6. Fiat Pavesi P4/100 Artillery Tractor - WW2 Military Vehicle - 4x4 Project. Looks like some mad steam punk thing, wheels are bonkers. Bit pricey as well but like they say, find another. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fiat-Pavesi-P4-100-Artillery-Tractor-WW2-Military-Vehicle-4x4-Project/294004425060?hash=item4474078164:g:OR0AAOSw7ZlgIqwj
  7. I'm pretty sure my sensor sensed off the bearing with no abs ring there and the magnetic sensor picked up the small whiskers of steel once I started driving. I have a pair of new rear wheel bearings that came with the 1/1999 530d if you want. The owners diagnostics were wrong, - the gearbox grenaded after he bought them!
  8. Is the ABS sensor on the E39? When I changed a rear on my 530d touring it snapped in and after I'd drilled it out the swarf that gone into the hub freaked out the ABS, very juddery! Access was difficult to clean it out, it took a combination of a blade raking about from underneath and pulling the sensor out several times to clean it.
  9. A loose after market steering wheel on an Opel Ascona I bought. The spring under the wheel the wheel kept it from flopping about until it fell in my lap on the A19 going over the Tees flyover towing a trailer and going a bit quick. A good attention getter!
  10. Mercedes 508d 3.8 D 2 Berth Campervan 1982 X Mercedes 508d 3.8 D 2 Berth Campervan 39 years old Retro Barn Find L@@K | eBay
  11. I planned to do some necessary fettling to the 2007 Merc E class daily this weekend but the suspension arm had it's post arrival date amended from 12/3 to 26/3 after being posted RM in the UK, the wheels weren't ready at the refurbisher as promised and the non vital impact gun battery pack took 5 days to send first class. Hmm. Won't be doing that then. As we haven't seen a gritter for a week or so I fitted a battery on the old S class which has been hibernating since the end of October and brought it out blinking into the light and gave it a run out of about 10 miles. All was well, or at
  12. On the Fantom works TV prog they rebuilt a Bricklin addressing some of the design and build flaws.
  13. I have a fondness for Mercs and purple cars but this is not the one for me. Dunno if shit pics are helping or hindering the ad. Mercedes coupe | eBay
  14. Went on Talktalk site to complain about no Internet. Seems I wasn't the first. Not good that its been showing for hours.
  15. Like this? A commercial one I picked up at work left by a visiting HGV I assume.
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