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  1. I used to have a high mile e39 estate with rear air bags that was choppy as is my son's e61 estate to a lesser degree, I now have e320 w211 Merc estate with a very similar set up which is very smooth by comparison. My Merc is an Aventegard which is kinda half sport suspension and is still more comfortable than the e61 BMW standard suspension.
  2. Delorean DMC 12. If nothing else did I think the bit about doors need adjusting should scare you. Delorean DMC 12 | eBay
  3. As well as the freebies I bought a £60 Nissan Cherry, a 1.5 5 door in metallic green with scabs painted in gloss yellow. Got as a stopgap, I used it for 3 months, sold the wheels for £50 and got £30 from the scrap man.
  4. I've had an Ascona A 1.9, Pug 205 Gti , mini Clubman and Fiat X1/9 all given free. Peugeot was the only one in saveable condition.
  5. If it had been a standard car in a standard colour I wouldn't have bought it even though I usually dislike the lowered bodykit look!
  6. 1985 Mercedes 500 SEC Lorinser which I still have, paid a whopping (to me) £7250 to scratch a 30 year itch on NYE 2018. It's in good 36 year old condition but has a list of jobs as they tend to, I don't use it a lot as it's 3rd car. Keep threatening to sell but do nothing, it was bought when I have no dependants or debt and a good wage. At last! This was only slightly more expensive than a 1993 BMW 540i I paid £7150 for in 1999, fabulous car compared to what what I'd owned before but not a clever buy when I had young kids, a mortgage, credit cards, a not marvellous wage. I'm pretty sure quite a few of you recognise that situation! I owned it for 8 years in two spells, it tried it's best to skint me but no regrets, sold the second time for £650 in 2010. I'd buy it back in a heartbeat.
  7. Called to see an old friend this morning, I bought a 2.8 Z3 about 10 years ago from him which I still have. Current stock a 1960 Ford pick up fitted with Lexus V8!
  8. Rear air suspension leak, possible lower ball joint as well looking at the camber. Ask me how I know...
  9. spike60

    W208 CLK 320

    I had a 2000 V W208 320 Avantguard I took from about 180k to 205k over a couple of years about 2010 ish. Lovely to drive despite wooly steering, rot was it's biggest enemy. A couple of years prior to me getting it Merc had it for 3 weeks and replaced panels and repainted it FOC but it was showing on drivers door edge again. Shame when so much of it was right, I'd buy another if it fell right.
  10. Sorry to see this. Oil basically floats on water so if it has oil in the coolant some would be in the header tank or radiator top, wherever you fill it. The pic looks like filthy coolant/water, it doesn't look to have oil in it, it doesn't mix readily. Hopefully it's just the crap out of the block and radiator getting dislodged.
  11. The black crud coating the engine innards is not good, as you say it's often a indicator of poor servicing and the the best economical repair would probably be a replacement engine. Wynns used to sell magic potions to add to oil to boost oil pressure for the short term, - usually until the car was sold!
  12. I don't suppose it makes any difference but yours is not a M103, as far as I know they're the straight 6. If you have concerns about the pressure get a gauge and check it properly. I don't think the senders are particularly accurate, my 1985 M117 reads 1 bar, - before I start it! Fresh oil and filter won't hurt it, the cheapest thing you can fit to an engine is good quality oil.
  13. Colour coded this time, another old S class joined the fleet now.
  14. A friend has one, synchro gone on on 2nd at 80k, not nice to drive either. The foot operated park brake makes hill starts a challenge, it's also seems to be ultra basic spec. He's tall and seat has no height adjustment etc.
  15. Seller says V6 but it's 10 years too old for that. Probably straight 6 12v which is OK
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