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  1. MB Newcastle post free when I've dealt with them, they list stuff on Ebay and seem quick to reply to questions that aren't about the listed item.
  2. Rare Alfa Romeo 155 2.0 Twin Spark I went to see a lightly rear ended one a few years ago but after driving 70 miles to see it couldn't be started or got out, it was blocked in. Seller said if I was serious he'd get a battery put on it later. Hmm, you think I drove 70 miles to waste your time? Don't bother. Anyway, 99% this is same seller so tread carefully, interesting description of good condition. If the outer arches are bubbling the inners have long since crumbled. £260 with 7H to go as I write. Rare Alfa Romeo 155 2.0 Twin Spark with Set of Black Speedline alloys included | eBay
  3. I'd have run the hoover round if I'd expected vistors! It's hard to say which of the crap in the pic dates me the most. 😄 Thanks to the good folk prepared to step up and make these things such a success.
  4. Ford escort mk2 1975-1980 (Barn find). Barn find without the barn. I get moss growing on my cars occasionally but bracken easily trumps that. Rust is a problem on rwd Escorts but this one must be OK, the strut turrets look fine!
  5. Have we had gem yet? Early Porsche 944 with the roof cut off and Ferrari badges. I thought FHC was fixed head coupe but this doesn't look very fixed. 1983 Porsche 944 Lux FH 2dr Coupe 1983 Porsche 944 Lux FH 2dr Coupe Petrol Manual | eBay
  6. Just back home , thanks for good event, it's good to be able to put a few folk to the usernames. And thanks to the very fair and impartial judges! 😁
  7. Or more likely till the farm owners had enough!
  8. I should be there late morning barring breakdowns, either mine or the elderly Mercs.
  9. Up to June 2006, yep. The later ones are easiest to identify by the mirrors, they're mounted on arms where earlier cars with SBC have flush mounted mirrors. Mine is 56 reg but hasn't got SBC
  10. I think the 3L V6 dieselly Mercs sometimes have oil cooler leaks which are a PITA to do so you probably did well to let it pass by.
  11. If I come it will be in a Dog Dick Red Merc, I have been using a 2.8 Z3 but I started taking it to bits for it's 21 year arse end overhaul and it won't be ready. Still uncertain as I have stitches in my left eyeball 😲 (!) and while I pass the eyesight requirements for driving I'm not sure about a 110 mile return trip. If anyone wants a talk about the need for eye protection when twatting something with a lump hammer I can offer my thoughts! 😏
  12. It's not ever day you see a Gp B rally car getting it's wheels refurbed in Shiremoor. Shit screen shot because getting pic from WhatsApp too difficult for me.
  13. I'm still unsure about coming, I'm recovering from an eye injury and while I've been given the nod to drive I'm a bit wary. See how I feel on the day guess.
  14. Unique Classic 70’s caraboat, amphibious caravan like caracruiser. Good luck with the price! Unique Classic 70’s caraboat, amphibious caravan like caracruiser, restored | eBay
  15. I used to have a 1.4 Tdi Polo with a 45L tank, I drove from Redcar to Le Mans on a tank then filled for 45 Euro, -£30 at the time! Probably c2015
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