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  1. I just hope you can stay awake on the drive home! Chodspeed.
  2. A Series V or VI Hillman Minx auto that was a bargain* at Shoreham auctions in my early 20s. It promptly lost all drive on Hove seafront so got towed back to said auctions and sold next time, for a (small) loss.
  3. I think the Chrysler name didn't help, and I think it had a rep for being thirsty. Very comfy though, IIRC.
  4. Looks ace! Not sure I remember them in any other colour.
  5. Sorry, where's a 2000? That's a Dolly.
  6. Initial French Safari park fail? Moar info needed.
  7. Could be a broken one, making an offer?
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