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  1. Mrs J has had several like that DPD one, but (claiming to be) from Royal Mail. They look convincing, initially, but her number is only used for one online supplier and we know exactly how their texts appear as they use...Royal Mail.
  2. Was debated at some length quite recently, can't recall on which thread though.
  3. PM your address and I'll send you some of mine for free (Guess where I'm sitting right now!)
  4. No, washer dryers g'teed to be less reliable than..well, anything really
  5. It's an open debate, but water & sparks never end well in bed.
  6. Mine is an '08, some are early 2009. Euro regs were the problem, loads around in Italy last time I was there. DSFK have a poor rep, Piaggio not pushed here, the only dealer I know of is overpriced. They're just bloody useful!
  7. Typically, the bus (expert) is late...
  8. Candidate for shite spellig fred
  9. There was a breakaway movement, around 1870 when brakes came into fashion. Maybe...
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