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  1. According to this, it's electric. Possibly from same stable as the Enfield 8000. Which is correct? https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1972_Enfield_Safari_YDL_150L.jpg
  2. Oooooh, nice! My first experience of driving on the wrong side was on family hols with parents, sis and dog in a nearly-new 14. France, of course, and Paris. I was 17, maybe 18. Good fun, that Arc-de-thingy roundabout! Dad moved up to 20s and 30s after that car.
  3. Bugger me - that looks quite good and was half an hour away from me! Plenty of conversion tips and examples on the Hijet forum, if anyone's interested. Radiator cover is from a later, 1.3 van
  4. I think I'll pass....
  5. I tried it, bet I'll be lucky enough to get on another 3,000 mailing lists now with no freebie, as per.
  6. Either that's a humongous big truck or you've sorted your squished pic problem - I hope it's the latter.
  7. Servo's standard on the 1.8, optional on the 1.3 with front pads - apparently some had drums all round. Info supplied by, yep, you guessed it, the Olyslager Organisation.
  8. That bootlid looks a right nightmare!
  9. Yes, but you only get 6 issues for that as it comes out every 8 weeks. I already subscribe to PC plus 2 other monthly mags so would be hard to squeeze in another. Might pick one up and have a look when I see it on a shelf though.
  10. ROFL @ Lancia. Obviously Renno 12 body, so deffo Dacia from the front. Lovely* cars
  11. Give him a break, it' Wooooolverhamptn', innit. Didn't say how the previous owner died tho! Think it's Mr Hopkins who has one in the latest PC, lovely cars. 'No returns' though, if you change your mind (as if!)
  12. You have a shin bone in your wrist?
  13. Great news that it's found, hope the little shit hurt his wrist. Why was it parked like that though?
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