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  1. True, those curved trims at the bottoms of the rear windows went NLA not long after they stopped making them.
  2. Now don't hold back, tell us what you really think of him 😁
  3. Cullompton sounds like a good description for what's happened to it.
  4. Surely the 'nearby' is superflous? You'd have no use for one at t'other end of the county.
  5. Maybe use an olive, if there's a nut that tightens the shoulder onto the fixing?
  6. That's always slightly puzzled me (though not enough to research it, obs)
  7. Sorry to hear, that's rough. I'd guess though that one of you picked it up before yesterday though, for us it's usually a couple of days before we feel rough and take a test.
  8. I saw some blobby SUV on the road which had lights strung on the outside of the roof. Fortunately constantly on, rather than flashing, but a distraction even so.
  9. Just booted up my Win 7 PC (because my accounts software won't run on anything later) to get "A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". Obs, we're in a loop. Oh great.
  10. Or they're totally clueless? Might be worth having a look, @TheIsleofShite
  11. Liked for the beating of adversity, not for the obstruction of your sight-line!
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