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  1. That'd be a later one. It would have been way beyond the BL special tools capability in t'early days.
  2. This is not ideal... The result of your van driver trying to mate the 2011 Vx Combo with the gates of a customer - a car dealership! Repair or s/h door?
  3. ^^ which reminds me, I saw the local green Gogomobil out and about today - too quick to get a pic, sadly.
  4. Stunning, want. Think it made it into production though, maybe not a big seller.
  5. .....slowly. That 1200 dizzle is a terrible thing, the 1.4 wasn't much better.
  6. You're probably aware that GMC1007 is a Unipart number (Genuine Master Cylinder). NOS would be worth considering as you have seal kits on order, but they'll probably sort it out anyway when you eventually get them.
  7. I wanted a new teasmaid, but Alan snatched (fnar) it
  8. Daf n Clio not moved for a while either, methinks.
  9. You think that's bad, try searching on Amazon for 'desktop computers', use the 'new' filter and see how swamped you are by refurbished ones.
  10. Have you had chance to stretch it's legs yet? Kinda shakedown run is what am thunking.
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