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  1. I think y'all mean key fobs. I have some old, unused Unipart and BL dealer ones but don't have any on my active key rings.
  2. I saw an illuminated Christmas tree in the front room of a house yesterday afternoon! I know we all want 2020 to be over, but it's still October FFS!
  3. I think the woman in the next car is trying to solve the enigma of why you want a pic of her.
  4. I can't remember any of the registrations, but seem to recall none were locally registered. Possibly registered on behalf of the conversion firm (can't remember who) or it's not beyond reason that Caffyns bought them s/h in the first place.
  5. ^^^ Caffyns had a fleet of them, operating from the Lewes branch. I'll bet it was one of theirs originally.
  6. You're human, we're all fallible, and so is he. Hands up, grovel, do what you can to rectify it and hope for forgiveness. Nobody died - or did they?
  7. Thanks, had already found that. Victoria Road Portslade has several new car dealerships, I'd like to know where that 2nd factory was. And now this thread can return to it's usual topic...
  8. Those pressed plates were horrid to start with. Not a local car though
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