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  1. I'm with you on that and had been planning a visit later this year taking in the NYMR steam choo-choos at same time. Seems unlikely to happen now. IIRC he has his own boozer.
  2. You do have some shocking ideas!
  3. If yer trying to jump-start it there's something missing!
  4. That sounds frighteningly expensive, but I'm probably 50 years out of date
  5. Sorry. Z. Yea, you only really learn how to drive after you passed, as long as you don't crash badly.
  6. Just watched TV programme on driving tests, did you see it Des? Intrigued that's there's a school specifically catering for disabled. Standards were very poor, IMHO
  7. I suspect it saves the car's occupants from breathing in manky, farty or muddy dog fumes.
  8. Simples, they use lots more water. If you think about it, the whole drum fills up for the pre-wash (if selected), the wash and each of the rinses. A front loader only fills the bottom portion of the drum, using far less. More mechanical action as well (the laundry lifting up and dropping back into the water) so washes better.
  9. You've been looking at too many dodgy websites, M9.
  10. Bones, I'd have thought. Butcher, maybe?
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