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  1. I haz kindling, coal, logs and a chimney. And an anniversary of the silverish variety. When we woz on hol in the sun, obs. Bruising may soon be apparent. Cos card not bought, yet.
  2. Early Reliant Scimitar I think
  3. Is the odb reader worth a punt? Am on hol atm - is it better than Amazshit or ecrap offers?
  4. Saw a low-ish speed carpark prang today as idiot pulled out of a 'junction' a bit smartish as I was approaching. Shame he didn't see the girl coming the other way...until he hit her. Shows how much closer to him she was than me!
  5. ^^^ looks like a grown-up Sinclair C5. It has to be safer than a C5 though, I was terrified after taking one round Bexhill-On-Sea years back.
  6. Not sure what level of tech is involved (sound? light?) but do you know the going freelance rate - is £35 is enough?
  7. Excuse me...Hugo the Yugo? Sounds like a kid's playground game.
  8. I always liked him, especially in The Saint and The Persuaders, though many people didn't/don't/can't stand him/deride his acting ability. Doubt I'll ever make that good an impression on someone, though I did have a very thankful and gracious letter today from a customer of over 30 years standing, who is moving.
  9. If he's waiting for Anglian to replace his windscreen he has major problems!
  10. NSL means you have to be able to think?
  11. Nah, when that rubbish starts you can relax, still 3 months to go. (Puts ear defenders on till Boxing day)
  12. Haven't they finished that yet? Was in progress when I was there in early March.
  13. Wow. Bet there have been many occasions where you didn't think that would ever happen. Perseverance pays (well, sometimes)
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