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  1. I'd like to just thank all those who are doing this right now. Sorry aboutyour problems and that you can't go home, but hopefully you'll have had a cooked breakfast by now and feel ready to dig the ungrateful Merc out of the snow.
  2. Rockers are cool, but toggles have more CLICK
  3. I know it's been said before, but that has really got to be better than new. Can't be another one to touch it, anywhere.
  4. Oh, a supatap - not seen one of those in ages. You can change the washer on those without turning the water off, IIRC. Can you grind the seat flat with a seating tool?
  5. I'm not actually sure that they did. I worked in a Jag/Rover/Triumph dealer parts department when the Acclaim came out, and the mudflaps were Unipart. I think most of the cars had them fitted after being sold or gifted them by the new car salesman.
  6. Good, but the valve was probably there for a reason (boiler manufacturers hate wasting money) so don't give up on searching for a replacement.
  7. No panic, thanks for your efforts. No-one is really counting down the days...
  8. Those aerodecks were brilliant, in 'accord'ance with Honda's build quality at the time, if a tad boring to drive. I'd have one.
  9. No, very satisfying. More than 2 even better.
  10. Again, thank fuck for the NHS. Even if they keep you awake. All night.
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