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  1. Is it the correct jet or a poor sub, do you reckon?
  2. [Pedant] Actually a sash Cramp. Used for making sash windows, and other stuff. Keep. [/pedant]
  3. That's not rain, it's drizzle. I guess PhilA has not visited Scotland recently. Or Wales. Or Ireland!
  4. Pedant mode for pedantic pedants: The genuine 3M product is a different blue, t'other is a cheap* knockoff. Either way, the chocbloc (slang) should be replaced.
  5. First in diary takes precedence. Anyway, you don't need her to hold your hand, shirley?
  6. Full range of weather here today as mentioned above (high of 7 degrees) yet at lunchtime many persons could be seen shivering outside a pub clutching pint glasses containing extra-cold lager. Don't get me wrong, I love a drink, but I somehow prefer being warm when supping and would quite like to stay alive.
  7. I, for one, think you should continue with your verbosity. It might even lead to journalistic opportunities, keep up the fine work.
  8. Yup, same here - had 2 ring up today and ask if we're open again. They do feel a bit silly, and sometimes guilty for not supporting us, when I say we've been here for you all through the past year.
  9. Do we know if the strap is there to hold the doors on, or the floor up?
  10. How did your Mrs get inside - and how delighted* was she when you got home?
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