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  1. Majestic. Perfect daily for me
  2. Amen, brother. I just can’t bring myself to whittle on about car woes/thoughts/problems to other people, However, I’m more than happy to have the conversation several times in my own head / with George. Particularly after a beer or three as this is when the best thinking / plans are made... We all know those people who do not have sufficient social filtering. My BIL is terrible with it. Not only does he always know best for Car / house DIY (especially after you’ve already fixed whatever problem you had), he also thinks everyone is as enthralled with the latest Dr Who / Star Trek / sci-fi type thing when we go round for the day and wants to sit and watch with you... Sorry mate, just get us a beer and I’ll happy talk to you about pies instead.
  3. A little more progress this week after the timing was done. Lower cover back in place which was a right pain. Gasket seal everywhere but got there in the end. Reading someone’s experience later that day suggested fitting lower cover before the upper one (which has a chain tensioner through it). They may be on to something... I then used significant muscle doing the flywheel bolts up and have just come in from putting the clutch / pressure plate on. Next job is gearbox back in. Oh how I am looking forward to that....!
  4. Happy New Year All! I have a resolution to get the Corrado out a lot more this year, so back on the VR6 rebuild this morning with great assistance from @grogee Lower chain on with only minor fiddling to get the tensioner to work. Lots of painting bits to make sure they’re correctly aligned Then on to the faff of the top chain. At some point VW switched to a single upper chain which would’ve made life so much easier. We fannied about with cam sprockets, intermediate sprockets but in the end we got there. Then on torquing things to spec we had to make some fine adjustments to get everything aligned “just so”. Top cover went on with the top chain tensioner and happily after four rotations, cams, intermediate shaft and crank are all where they should be...! Next to come will be bottom cover, fly wheel, clutch and hoiking the gearbox back in. I then want to do a compression test to see if I’m getting better readings this time. If it’s not behaving, frankly I’ll feel like putting the whole thing In The Bin...!
  5. It wasn’t long ago these were this much in excellent condition. Still, 85k isn’t a lot. Mrs C has been saying I should have an auto... Might not be quite what she had in mind....? I’m rather taken by their Lemon XJS-C as well. Glorious.
  6. I’m still full. God knows how you’ll manage a work Xmas banquet this afternoon but full props to you!
  7. Slow progress but we’re at a point where the head can go back on with the VR6 machine All valves in and the tappets fitted. I managed to do the valves with my Pain in the Arse compressor so happy days. Cams fitted and torqued down (plenty of thick oil to lubricate!) Then i fitted the lower inlet manifold as it won’t bolt on the car with the alternator in the way. So, fitting the new gasket and dropping this on the top comes next! @grogeeto the Garage for cups of tea and heavy duty thinking on timing, please!
  8. Speaking of which, can anyone suggest top class burger / full breakfast locations around / near Rayleigh!?
  9. 15 degrees is right. Makes for a fabulous sound - WHEN IT BLOODY WORKS...! 😐😂
  10. All the valves are now lapped in. This was part way through. Very therapeutic job, or at least to me
  11. You’re right I should get some more pictures in. I’ve added some here just of the few I’ve taken but will endeavour to get more as the rebuild will progresses. Here we have my happy fit of grandads spanner to save buying a flywheel locking tool and the position as we speak. Basically as disassembled as it’s going to get
  12. I have a spring compressor but it’s bulky and so far I’ve not managed to get the collets to sit as I want. PITA. I’ll see if I can find something else for reasonable money. I’ll just flush it as planned, then. I’m not too worried but as it’s sitting all “open” it’s worth doing
  13. Good Morning all, As I have good access to the water jacket, can anyone recommend a method / products to help clean the crap out of the block/clean out the rusty flakes that are left...? I will of course be replacing with fresh coolant but I can get in with some long and thin tools to clean. I intend to flush it all through with the “old” coolant when done (6 months old and has done about 40 miles..!) I was thinking something like bottle brushes just to clean at least the thick off but happy to take advice to those who have been here before 👍 Also, any advice to getting collets/keepers back in to hold valves? I’ve tried a few of the youtube tricks but I seem to be getting nowhere and really don’t want the expense of dedicated tool (£50 it seems) Thanks in advance!
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