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FOTU 2023


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Me and  my pal from Crieff came down in our ZR and Polo.   I was somewhat surprised by the You Tubers. I had expected a couple of the big names but not roving bands of the creatures. Old tat channels must be reaching saturation point.

I greatly admired Colin Corkes Princess. Meeting the Allegro bloke off The Cars of the Stars was enough  celebrity for me. 











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28 minutes ago, Skut said:



I saw this car and Colin at Gaydon. The car is a lovely example and he’s determined to restore it, I tried to convince him otherwise - it really doesn’t need it! It’s great as it is!

I’ve known Colin 15 years, he is a truly lovely guy, but insane when it comes to his motors. He still has and he has had some fantastic cars in that time. He christened my daughter too, being the Rev for the church at Longbridge.

He used to have a Rover 75 estate as his daily, had REV on the reg plate which I always thought was a nice touch. Not sure if he still has it as I don’t live around there anymore.

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