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  1. Absolutely! The centre box on the Bluebirds is a little low, so you can screw a cassette holder to it and it doesn't get in the way.
  2. A small world again! I'd actually popped up to Bedfordshire after work in the Capri, so I left the Bluebird there whilst I did so. I'm using it quite a bit this month to mop up some of the miles as the Mondeo will be doing a few longer trips. Fuel economy pants mind, and it'll fall foul of the extended ULEZ in a year and a bit but...
  3. Autoshite in the background of the news... https://metro.co.uk/2022/05/12/bristol-every-car-on-road-gets-ticket-when-lines-appear-suddenly-16629818/
  4. The Capri got a wash, which also allowed me an opportunity to get some pictures of the worst bits. I'm hopeful that it'll go into the local garage in October for the winter. Depressing to look at and probably will be expensive, but can't be put off...
  5. Re: the rocker cover. May be worth having a chat with Martin Pawson at Capri Gear. He can get them powdercoated in the exact shade etc which really looks the part. Also when ordering parts eg gaskets check if it's a narrow or wide flange as they changed at some point in 1982 (I think) although as time goes by things may have moved around!
  6. I mean, it's not approved and all, but I have a radiator fan rigged up at low level in the garage at the back, to circulate air a bit, usually if I'm doing painting or using white spirit underneath the car. Definitely helps move fresh air in.
  7. I've never been unfortunately - kept meaning to but Covid happened! Are you planning on going to Enfield in May? I'm hoping I can make the dates work!
  8. I'm back darn sarf now after a nice few days in Edinburgh. I have the utmost respect for people who drive professionally over long distances - it takes it out of you! I set off from Edinburgh at 6am and got into London just after 2. Stopped a couple of times for rest and food. 40.5mpg. Yesterday I managed to spray paint the inside of the Mondeo's back window... the worst is now off with a bit of acetone and much polishing, although the back bumper now looks a bit like a decorator's stereotypical estate. A bit more clean up should see to that. I borrowed a friend's trailer to try out my towing skills in controlled conditions. Didn't do too badly, although it was quite surreal as someone who's never towed before! s then after a long journey home and an afternoon nap I promptly pranged the rear bumper on a bollard, which means the Mondeo can regain the OEM gaffer tape. meanwhile the Capri has had an oil change - not through distance but age, it's done about 2,000 miles since the one last May? so new oil and filter. Hopefully take it for a spin tomorrow before back to werk on Monday.
  9. PSA: do not throw a can of white paint into the boot as it is coming down. This is post much frantic clean up. I also have white streaks in my hair.
  10. 388 miles later, Edinburgh achieved. (Although photo in Jedburgh) The Mondeo is definitely the "comfort and spacious" element of the fleet. At no point was anything too difficult and we just seemed to float up the A1 and A68 (albeit floating at 38mpg which is about as good as it'll do...)
  11. Yesterday I popped to Hampstead, I had no particular reason to use the Capri but with the ULEZ I took it. An ironic side effect of the system... I know the owner of that Transit, he has a particular fondness for Mk5s!
  12. A few things have been plodding along, not especially quickly, as time just seems to evaporate! Finished kurusting/painting the sills on the Mondeo, and had a look over the brakes at the same time, all still good. Back to the Bluebird's struts. I'm sure I had a tap set kicking around, but it was nowhere to be found. Picked up a new one from Screwfix which was put to immediate use and solved the issue, so the boot now stays open. the good weather this morning gave an opportunity for some checks on the Capri, which I haven't really touched this year, having only gone on a few trips to keep everything going. but what's this? ...fuel hose I installed two years ago, if that! Looking inside it doesn't seem to have any cracks that far in, but still not good at all. Now being a paranoid sort I always keep some fresh lying around, promptly put into use, then went out for a spin around the back ends of Herts and Bucks.
  13. I got some replacement gas struts with different fixings for the Bluebird, the originals were past their best. Naturally, the studs sheared off and resisted all attempts to remove. Had to drill this one out. I thought there was enough thread left to be able to screw in the new one - but it doesn't hold under load. Think I'll have to nut and bolt from the other side.
  14. Offer of space in the boot of the Mondeo - London to Edinburgh (Wednesday after Easter) and return (probably the Saturday).
  15. I was trying one of those drill brush contraptions to see how much muck was in the Mondeo carpet... I'll file that under "lots". Need to attack it properly with a wet vac!
  16. Not much to report, work has been too crazy to do much else! I did get a bit of garage re organisation done though, these shelves were kicking around at home. Wheels are spares for the Bluebird which I don't need but would otherwise have been thrown out by a friend as surplus!
  17. Driving to work this morning and I hear a squeaking/clunking/dragging noise, which continues. Now I'm sitting here thinking the worst and wondering exactly what I'll be trying to fix at 10pm tonight. Pull over and it's just an arch liner that's dropped and rubbing against the wheel. Phew.
  18. New window regulator arrived yesterday. In a rare display of common sense, I set it up on the bench with the motor and gave it a good test first. In we go, Replace some rubber washers to give some cushioning (previously it was vibrating) Put the trim back together... Hurrah. There's still excessive play in the track mind, despite that being a new part itself - something somewhere must be awry. But it works. Next jobs, the CV boot recently fitted feels loose, I think it's those steel cable ties, so will need to re do. And I may even look at the bluebird central locking that hasn't worked properly since I got the car. Unusually, when I got back home there was a space next to the Mondeo so both 'moderns' could park together.
  19. A productive day was had. First, the Bluebird bumper. A bit of persuasion later and it's back on, a couple of fixings replaced. There's still the crack, and the paint is flakey as anything, but it's better than it was. Mondeo has had a few bits and pieces sorted. Passenger door opened after a bit of key jiggling, trying to lock and unlock quickly, thanks @sierraman that got it open fine! Soaked in WD40 and seems to have behaved after that. Changed a bulb, changed fag lighter fuse, cleaned the inside, grind back and krust and paint the sills where they're bubbling, and do a coat on the bumper. cc @stuboy. from this angle it looks almost half decent! Will do another coat in the morning and lacquer.
  20. Used the rattle can I had in the garage. First coat... Need to get another can for coat 2 tomorrow. It doesn't exactly look great but the car as a whole is definitely a ten footer anyway.
  21. It looks a heck of a lot better than what was there before! I worry about a rattle can job looking worse...
  22. Oh yes, the ULEZ. End of 2023 it'll expand to encompass Barnet. So some fleet decisions will need to take place. I think I want to spend some time focussing on the Bluebird, getting the 'niggles' that it's got ironed out, give it a deep clean and tidy up, get the welding done, polish the paintwork where it's dull etc. And then get some proper use out of it for the next 18 months or so whilst I still can. Then as ULEZ approaches it'll likely need a new home. Funds from that sale then go into something cheap, boring, economical etc (Fiesta size?) to do the day-to-day running around with. Meanwhile the Mondeo gets relegated to being used on long trips where comfort and space are key, and the odd DIY/big shopping trip, covering if the new car is off road etc trips down the road to the lockup out of sight of cameras. I'd be saving money running something economical around town anyway, both the Bluebird and the Mondeo return 25mpg on the commute around the suburbs (40+ on the motorway) but hopefully something more suited would save substantially petrol-wise. The Capri, exempt from the stipulations, plods on regardless (it capably swallowed a 150-mile round trip to Oxford today with no preparation, in the usual stylish fashion!).
  23. I've got a week off work, and a list of things to do. I don't want to spend the entire week fiddling underneath old cars, but hopefully a day or so will sort out many of the bits. As seen in News 24, somebody pranged the bumper of the Bluebird last week. I'm hoping to get that back into position, then get the tailgate struts replaced so they hold the thing up properly, and when arrived fit the NSF door runner. The Mondeo has a jammed passenger door. It won't unlock either on the key or on the interior handle. Possibly a door card removal and WD40 job? Paging @sierraman just in case there's a secret trick or knack?! The N/S and O/S sills also need re-rustproofing as they are starting to grow orange. And a couple of odd smaller jobs, niggles to investigate etc. Capri needs a bit of radio wiring re-doing and a general service/checkover. I'm hoping that if I go down tomorrow and spend a day on them I can crack most of the jobs off the list!
  24. Noted. I feel it will probably be next summer - the new ULEZ comes in at the end of 2023, so I hope to enjoy it for another 18 months or so. But if/when the time comes I definitely want it to go to a good home.
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