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  1. It's endemic. Worst offenders here are young females, or 30ish ones in Chelsea tractors on the school run (very important)
  2. That was a thing! God knows how profficient he/they were.
  3. Brilliant, well played. Looking forward to your progress with it.
  4. The reg can't be original. Thought it was a K at first.
  5. "I'll get you, Butler" He tried to do his job, like many others.
  6. Dim memory says 063 & 015 were 2 most common. Supplied dry, to Longlife shops, as were barrels of acid. It holed clothes, and the taste still lingers...
  7. I have actually catalogued my catalogues this afternoon. Sadly nothing Maestro related, guess we must have moved on to Microfiches by then. Will post a list of what I have when I can transribe it from a grubby piece of A4.
  8. Email and complain. You're likely to get a voucher so you can repeat the experiment - for free!
  9. I don't think Unipart did road springs, at that time anyway. They'd be in the Maestro catalogue. I do have a Unipart Sterling suspension catalogue but no listings for Maestros. Have been through one tea-chest of catalogues this morning, the other boxes are more of a challenge to get to but I intend to list them all to help where I can. Bear with...
  10. Hoon Drive it for a fortnight then hand it back?
  11. Sorry, no gasket catalogue in the folder. Maybe there's another folder in the lockup, will try to look tomorrow.
  12. Have found Unipart catalogues, mostly dated August 1983, if you (or others) need any numbers. Covers all sorts of sections, including batteries, steering, exhausts etc. Also have other AR group and Jag/Rover/Triumph parts catalogues too.
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