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  1. I think you can be very confident about Lands End being where you expect it to be on Wednesday, I just hope the same can be said of your fine steed.
  2. Avoid, as it will be heavy shifting, or v. repititive and hot. Or both. Ask me how I know.
  3. Where lieth this miraculous wonder of a fuel vendor? Tiddler looks good, low milez and a pretty good MOT history too, but I wonder where the corrosion went?
  4. Might you not have to re-set something first to clear the fault before it will realize the new sensor is OK?
  5. Thanks, I though it was only me that think that sort of cut looks stupid.
  6. I got to Sainsburries about 6:30, only cos queues had gone due to thier tanks being empty. I wonder why. I also wonder about the design of a supermarket layout where a queue for fuel stops you shopping for booze essentials.
  7. No, the point was that they can put the stuff up, with instructions, but lack the nous to remove it and buy extra crap for next year.
  8. Maybe they only got the assembly instructions?
  9. Shh, don't tell him - it'll be a nice* surprise! Seriously though, good for you @Tommyboy12 - is it for chaidee? Hope you'll have time to do a live thread on the journey.
  10. Funnily enough I saw a red MX5 this morning with RED on the no. plate.
  11. Saw a tanker at local Esso on way home at lunchtime, was queued after lunch but just filled my van on way home as had only about 40 miles left and not much of a queue. 2 girls marshalling on the forecourt, said tanks probably half empty by now.
  12. Just driven past 3 supermarkets with fuel forecourts. Every one queued, blocking the main roads. Can't even get to Sainsberrys to do the weekly shop
  13. Or just taking a racing line. Great pic tho
  14. Can't see on twatbook, but THAT is awesome!
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