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  1. Always back to dogging on here...
  2. Brighton registration, hasn't strayed that far.
  3. Funny you should post that today, as I visited our local independant plumbing merchant this morning to obtain a brass screw to fix a tap handle to the replacement cartridge they supplied. (I'd had to drill the head off the old screw as someone had been there before and buggered it). He couldn't find one in his bigboxofscrews and sent me to a nearby ironmongers (yes, a real one!). Guy took one look at the screw in my hand (which I had taken from the other side of the tap) and said 3/16 Whitworth. Unfortunately, he only had a steel one in stock which I've cut down and fitted temporarily.
  4. An overweight problem? (Aka fat bastards)
  5. Brilliant, well done her! Shame you had to drive twice as long, passing a fairly good DGH on the way though. #political
  6. £40-£50 on th ebay, it seems. I'll do a post on the 75&ZT forum when I get a chance. I like the bodge idea, will bear it in mind. Removing and replacing it will be interesting as I have a poorly back/leg/knee at the moment which is restricting normal operations, and sitting on low things results in difficulty in regaining uprightness. I'm perplexed as to how it happened, unless some miscreant was scouting a neighbour's place out (they won't find much here 🤣)
  7. Went out to the bins the other day and noticed the o/s door mirror had snapped of its mount. No-one else has cause to walk past it, as it's further up the drive than the front door, and we live in a very quiet, small cul-de-sac. I don't think that UHU shite tack, as kindly suggested by @Datsuncog in the grumpy thread, will solve it - but is it a whole new mirror or is there any well-known fix?
  8. I think the first 2 letters of 'impossible' have been obscured.
  9. You're not. I doubt any of us can drive two vehicles at the same time, unless one conveys or tows the other.
  10. According to the graphic above the key Nos. the profile appears to be different. Dredging my memory from long- past key cutting days the length is from the tip of the blade to the 90-degree stop nearest to the tip.
  11. I'm going to be totally honest here. Having worked in BL dealerships in the 80s I'm a bit of a purist. I'm not a fan of pink, on anything. I'm not keen on your lights, or the mirrors. But... That looks well cool, as the kids used to say.
  12. I guess the gate swung as the car approached with little or no time for driver reaction, hence going through the windscreen? They were lucky - passenger seat empty?
  13. That sounds like a good day's work! Looking forward to more updates.
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