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  1. Yep, she's trying to do the same to the driver's door now.
  2. We seem to have a vacancy for a hamster expert.
  3. So you're in comparative luxury?
  4. That's where he likes them. Ready to squeeze
  5. I think Viscount just pips Ventora. Velux is a lovely word though, just not windows!
  6. Guys and gals, we have a hamster expert on board now!
  7. You avoided those pubs near the docks, smart.
  8. Date. Red lipstick. You telling us something?
  9. I hope that wasn't an omen, and the date is going (or has gone) well.
  10. Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to test.mitsuoka-motor.com.
  11. Nominated for a shite award. No, no clue which one. Just, mega.
  12. "You can't fit quicker..." Bollocks!
  13. As I believe the kids say, 'Oh! MG'
  14. Would be interested to know, if you come up with anything. Of course, it could be a solitary one-off, but if so appears to have been done well.
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