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  1. Back in the day, I always found Bars Leaks worked better than Radweld. Neither would probably cure a leaking expansion tank though.
  2. Fame! I wonder what the verdict will be...
  3. When I met my wife (+ siblings + cousins) in the '80's these were referred to as 'dog pies'. We now eat fresh meat.
  4. What is the Regal reference? 3 wheels or monarchy?
  5. Welcome back, you've been missed.
  6. Smurf territory. Mrs J used to work there, during the riots. Sounds a good shop to browse in.
  7. I know you embrace accuracy, but his surname was plural. Just saying...
  8. [Goodman] That's not pink, that's baayyyge! SE-VEN! [/Goodman]
  9. It was, yesterday, when mine updated. Am back to 'normal' now
  10. Settings then display, iirc, go for classic or white. Bloody annoying
  11. I thought it was standard. Mine was an '87 2.0 dizzle, lovely car.
  12. At least you have warning lights telling you not only that a brake light is out, but which one. Any other '80s cars do that?
  13. Sorry, which way round was this?I'd have though one-man drivers were paid more, for doing 2 jobs? Never been as much of an enthusiast about buses, though I did get a bit interested as someone I knew had a full history of the Eastbourne bus company (1st municipal service in England), and I loved the old Southdown buses I went to school on.
  14. Postman's knock is an old game...
  15. Toyota Yaris Verso. I think the image is slightly distorted at the edge of the pic
  16. Just looking at those shorts makes me feel cold!
  17. I have heard that, allegedly, some humans do actually enjoy meals with no meat in. No, I can't see it either.
  18. I'd push the cat off the table (after retrieving said watch)
  19. Only trouble I ever had with mine was when the immobilizer would not turn off. Cost a replacement ECU. Owned it from '03 to 2014.
  20. It's a super addition though...
  21. Ohhh, that one. Carry on.
  22. Oh. One of them. Please, step this way... It won't hurt...
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