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  1. Looks OK - are they getting a MOT on it for you?
  2. Why have I missed this? Stunning!
  3. I think it's called sales spiel. Truth not essential.
  4. Weren't thoss gaskets rubber originally? Maybe I should dig out that catalogue.
  5. I suppose it's one way to sort a leaky Mitsi
  6. I don't know if it was a visitor or a local car, will keep an eye out for it again.
  7. I hope the tow-bar fitter was sobbing as he drilled the mounting holes...
  8. For use in France? Sounds eminently sensible.
  9. According to google: I can't seem to find out where they're based in the UK, no listing at companies house either. Are you aware of a connection or just a random thought?
  10. That's a bit much, giving themselves their own rating!
  11. I may have driven that years ago as I worked for the Honda Car Centre in Bexhill for a few years. Love that generation of them - unusual that it's spanish though, most were Hondamatics.
  12. ^^^ An 1930's Albion model 119, apparently. Love the look of it.
  13. Yup, no joy on phone, she even admitted that it is a crazy situation. Will probably stick with same insurer more cheaply via a comparison site.
  14. Just looked at insurer's renewal quote for house buildings and contents cover - 75% up on this year! They will get one phone call and if they don't lower it to at least what THE SAME INSURER is offering on a comparison site I will go elsewhere.
  15. Not sure what's going on here really - what is the plate supposed to read? Surely not a reference to Hydrogen and Manganese? I'd also never heard of Lumma CLR - apparently it's a posh bodykit.
  16. Mayor's car? There seems to be something going on in that town.
  17. I'd say there's a reason why it's like that on the 88. Maybe to do with the sloping roofline? Looking at yours though, the roof is more like the profile of the 90?
  18. Thanks, never knew they did a 1.3 - or even a 1.2!
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