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  1. Bit late as it's over a month since now, but I was thoroughly impressed with Ceri's service, even if I was still asleep when I got the message to say he was nearly here! 10/10 will use again!
  2. If I win the lottery I'm going to buy this plate and put it on a £500 shitter:
  3. Found on Streetview in Austin Texas, beyond "Ford" I haven't a clue.
  4. I actually quite like fray bentos pies!
  5. My unit is full of fray bentos pie tins full of nuts and bolts. It's been long enough I don't remember what any of them are!
  6. I don't mind the 90s Volvo approach to the seatbelt warning of having it tick like the indicators, it's not too grating when you're shuffling it around but starts to get on your tits by the time you should probably be wearing a seatbelt. Flying along the farm track at my unit in the 205 with no seatbelt on is quite enough for me.
  7. My boots are of varying expense and quality. Worst are the DM Industrials who's soles split within 2 months, I still wear them for work though. The ones that get worn outside of work most are my Ariat cowboy boots, cost $$$ but look the part and are quite comfy. Most comfortable are the cheap walking boots I bought last year, I don't even remember what brand they are, but if I'm walking any distance I wear them. Special mention to the DMs I bought in 2013, I wore them every day for years and they've held up remarkably well, they could probably do with being resoled soon though. Outside of boots I wear Converse trainers, because that's what I've always worn. Current pair is black with black rubber, comfy enough and can be had quite cheaply if you know where to look. Great driving shoes.
  8. I have to write a CV, a CV which will ultimately be rewritten by a professional. I hate writing CVs. I'm going to get fantastically drunk first, that'll show them.
  9. I too missed the payment instructions, paid now
  10. The ITIL training I got was a rather rubbish series of videos, it felt like someone just reading off the learning objectives. Hopefully I'll get the chance to do it properly in the future. I'm quite interested in cloud computing so will definitely seek out training/certification in it in the future. My goal is to get into a position where my interaction with end users is fairly limited, hence my interest in web development. I'll probably end up in helpdesk to begin with though, which is fine really. I'm not sure I'd say I'm ahead of anyone, my professional experience is less than 18 months 5 years ago!
  11. The main thing I struggled with memorising was the steps for troubleshooting and malware removal, I feel like there's an element of the "proper" way of doing things is different from the real life way. I'll probably learn more in my first year on the job than I have done through the whole course. The ITIL section in particular completely passed me by. I'm quite interested in the networking side of things though, and not just because there's good money there! Back when I was an IT tech before I was being trained as a replacement for the outgoing network engineer, I wish I'd stayed to be honest.
  12. Yeah, CompTIA A+, I'd studied for it in the past but never done the exam. I didn't find it too bad, got tripped up on the performance based questions because I couldn't remember any of the commands I needed for one of them. I didn't really do much prep for either exam, I've never been very good at revising for exams. The principle difference between the exam and real life is in real life you can google stuff!
  13. I'm doing the exam as part of a course with a job guarantee, it seems to me to be the only way back into the industry for me right now with such a big gap in my experience. I'm capable of doing most things required, even if I need to refer to documentation sometimes, but I haven't done any of it in a professional setting since 2016. The course has been a bit shite if I'm honest, but I need to see it through in order to either get a job or my money back. Really I want to be a web developer, but I'm (slowly) working on that in my own time. I like to mess around with VMs to learn how stuff works in windows and Linux, my last two PCs have been way overspecced in the CPU and RAM area to facilitate that. I'm not sure how to put that on a CV though, my CV is supremely shite to be honest. I'm hoping this course and the exams serve as a foot in the door.
  14. I have my second and final A+ exam in a couple of hours, I'm a bit nervous about it as I'm pretty sure the only reason I was passing the practice ones was because they kept using the same bloody questions. If I pass, I'm theoretically qualified to be an IT technician again. Having been variously employed at minimum wage or unemployed for the past 5 years it's quite an exciting prospect to have a meaningful job that pays well enough again. There's a fair chance it'll be a remote job too, which I have discovered suits me quite well (I left the remote job for reasons unrelated to it being remote). I just need to pass this damn exam.
  15. Interestingly the one Daily Mail reader we had also drove old shitters so was the one person who never told me to finance something.
  16. When I worked as a delivery driver people often asked why I didn't lease something "reliable" (usually when whatever snotter I was driving had given up for the day) and my usual answer was "because I'm £15000 in debt". This sometimes elicited a lecture on fiscal responsibility from someone who spent all of their disposable income on financed shit.
  17. Lights! In a council lockup! I'm very jealous, mine doesn't have such luxuries.
  18. I'll be on slightly late tonight as I have an exam at 7.15, you'll be able to tell if I passed or not by how rapidly I'm drinking.
  19. I chickened out of using the machine, so @stereotypeis doing it by hand. Slower, but they're really good at it so it's far more accurate than my cackhanded attempts with a machine.
  20. I'm having a look through my tattoo flash books and found this that I quite like: It's a shame I don't have the money to get it done professionally. Fuck it, here we go again.
  21. So an old Volvo estate is still the ideal murder transport? Good to know.
  22. I've never heard anything so fucking stupid in my life.
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