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  1. Can confirm - Mazda 3 MPS REALLY shift down the road.
  2. Less brown trouser? That doesn’t sound very cowboy motorsport at all.
  3. The hole surprised me also. I fell into it as I stared into its dark centre for too long. Luckily I landed back on domes driveway so it was all good, I don’t think dome noticed. I LOVE this car. It is tremendous value for money I think.
  4. That’s terrible chat. Certainly don’t get that service in sunny Scotlandshireness.
  5. Did they specifically say they won’t carry out any investigation? Very random.
  6. What is it you wanted the police to do? I’m assuming they took the report of your stolen bike?
  7. I’ve welded one exhaust previously which never fell off so I’m now classed as a time served welder obvs
  8. What Dome doesn’t realise is that he will be welding it and I’ll be helping. In return I will drink his beer
  9. It’s funny how we all watch and have similar views on the YouTube channels. ive just started to watch “diesel creek” on YouTube a nice mix of old shite lorries, farm equipment and rust. I’m a fan
  10. And here she is all cleaned up nicely ready for wheelies and the like. We’ll see how long she lasts before she returns to cowboy motorsport for more tinkering
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