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  1. Is it worthwhile firing a new dizzy cap, leads and plugs on anyway given it looks like that caps breaking up? Alternatively a cheap spark tester to have to hand to check what the spark is doing when it’s not idling/running right? I got one of those online spark testers from eBay a while back. Fine for occasional use. (Not that I’ve owned a petrol in years) Also - do you know the temp gauge works? I always thought that if a temp sensor wasn’t working in those engines you could swap plugs to test the gauge is working correctly. Assuming at least one of them is wo
  2. Leave it till it gets louder and easier to work out what bearings gone. 👍 or a wheel falls off. Either way you’ll know which bearing it is then!
  3. Meet Sven. My last Saab. He was fantastic. This was him on the NC500 where he showed @dome a pair of tail lights for many miles.
  4. That is particularly nice.....
  5. Good news is the discovery has working parking sensors now. I should add - the lack of parking sensors has nothing to do with the broken window.
  6. Thanks liam. I’d spotted that myself and shall be making a purchase today to get it mobile again. no cctv and tbh I’m almost positive it wasn’t done deliberately. However I can’t work out what’s happened at all
  7. Really! Whereabouts is that. didn’t think they were desirable enough to steal tbh
  8. How did that happen I hear you ask? no idea. Nothings been stolen. If it was vandalism someones walked round the full car, into my driveway and tanned it for no reason at all. Nothing inside of the car should have done that either. Literally no idea what’s gone on there
  9. We’ll day one wasn’t a good start for the disco 🙈
  10. Can confirm an epic poonami upon you two leaving. Poo count 3 at that stage
  11. It didn’t manage 42mpg.. let’s just say that. Fingers crossed Craig’s spirited drive home ruined the mpg. Lol im not scared of fixing it. Taxed worse etc etc
  12. Well today was the day I got a slightly leggy 4wd monster from a fellow forum member. My one and only picture of collecting it is as follows - @dome can explain
  13. Having owned far too many vehicles with this engine I would suggest that what you’re experiencing is the start of a coil pack dying. Personally, I’d drove it until the hesitation/misfire is constant then it’ll be easier to identify which coil pack is going/gone. The other option being replacing all 4 at considerable cost.
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