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  1. The Octavia I’ve just bought has a smashing set of “autojoy” tyres in the rear. once it’s on the road I’ll update as to how much of a Tokyo drift machine they make the car 😂
  2. That too 🙈 - was probably drunk when I wrote that.
  3. My brother had one which I had the unfortune to drive. it was a hateful, HATEFUL car because of that box. Buy one 👍
  4. “ went nuts” AKA over engineering. Youre welcome
  5. I was at knockhill and can confirm it went like the clappers. I can can now add to my cv “White gaffer tape expert”
  6. The Saab is pure rapid aw that mister.. Lol T’was a great trip
  7. Will check that however I’m sure this waters coming in from the sunroof somewhere.
  8. Did you have any luck with finding the leak? My dads crv has always had a slight leak, occasionally dropping water from the light behind the interior mirror. I’ve yet to find the cause, sun roof drains seem clear after firing some pipe cleaner down them
  9. I’ll come over and do the heavy lifting dome.
  10. Set a small fire inside to burn the mess out?
  11. This is exactly true. Both cars need to be insured regardless. If it doesn’t say on the cover note, it does in the terms and conditions of the policy.
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