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eBay tat volume 3.

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This dude either lives somewhere very hilly, has one leg shorter than the other, or is perhaps trying a little too hard.

My good man, with what you have there, you really dont need to try too hard....


Thats Suttys old one I think. FOAD had it after him didn't he. Is it someone on here still that has it or not?

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These are bloody good cars


Except for these shit carbs


Nothing I've driven has more leg room



"The chassis is solid and in good condition...

I haven't seen any rot anywhere,

the doors haven't dropped out of line at all

which is something to look for on these cars"


I'd want an expert to confirm this, but if it is truly rot free, buy it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Renault-Alpine-GTA-V6-Non-Turbo/112940795430?hash=item1a4bcbc626:g:q8AAAOSw7WZa01hk


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I actually like these big oul Audis. That one's going to need a lot of metal, though, Treser or no Treser. The Ronals are worth something, though, and there'll be a few ur-Quattro owners after them.

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Always my quandary with these 100 / 200s is:


facelift model with zinc-coated steel and flappy handles?




first series with proper door handles and more rust?

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