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  1. You've spent £400 with him, how much do you have to spend to qualify as an appreciative customer?
  2. I'm pretty sure carrots are vegetables, although being root veg they are quite low down.
  3. Ideal for pretending to be a minor middle-east potentate.
  4. Cheapest source these days will be fucked Morris 1000s.
  5. Given this is a thread about a Galaxie, is the paint falling off a demonstration of red-shift?
  6. Most actors spend their lives in poorly paid obscurity, 'resting' or doing things that aren't acting to pay the bills.
  7. That does seem to be the subtext of the article; "This man is a prize Colin Hunt but we can't publish that, so here are some words about how painful he is to be around." Presumably he collides with a lot of street furniture and other pedestrians on account of him walking everywhere staring at the ground, lest he step on a bug.
  8. As per Nigel; prime the oil pump and spin with the starter. Take the plugs out if you want to featherbed it, but it won't make much difference.
  9. Where was that then? What a fantastic bit of concrete lunacy.
  10. Revenge of the technical writer; it's pretty boring, you've got to get your kicks where you can.
  11. That sounds like the figure for the first V8 90s or the Stage 1; they got detuned to avoid people fragging gearboxes etc and to stay within the limits of the brakes.
  12. I'm not going to lay claim to being normal, but aside from the one time I was persuaded to go to a Hogmanay dance, which being a non-dancer was like being damned to heck by Phil of Insufficient Light and the handful of times I've been at work for it, being at home scoffing my own food and drink and sharing it with people I like is how I normally do it. First footing may be done if the weather isn't shit, but I'll take booze rather than a lump of coal.
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