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  1. You obviously didn't have the regulation quantity of spiders living in the ducts to eat all flying miscreants.
  2. Doesn't dehydration to this degree turn you doolally anyway? Anecdotally from SIL who is a nurse a lot of the time when OAPs are admitted to hospital with dementia symptoms it's actually dehydration.
  3. By jove I do believe you're right! Google isn't helping with model/type.
  4. It's a Commer Walk-Thru I think, grille looks funny though.
  5. The sheeting is obvs still watertight, for a temp repair I'd be shoring it up with some wood to get through the winter. Nice gun locker.
  6. Hylomar will help but the seals are available, assuming the wedge isn't a unique size; I wouldn't be surprised if all BL products had the same size seal.
  7. That seems optimistic; driving a rusty MoT failure 40 miles along the M8 doesn't usually cause branflakes to spontaneously heal themselves into swedish tin.
  8. On account of the scottish bladder worriers gaining a rare win;
  9. Mk3 transit with wrong engine.
  10. Looks a bit like the tall bloke from Taskmaster, in that photo anyway; not so much on the news, he just looked like a cutprice Ron Atkinson which as he's a racist dinosaur is exactly what he is.
  11. There are only two things better than a pogweaseled ex-RM sherpa; two pogweaseled ex-RM sherpas or one pogweaseled ex-RM sherpa with shit vinyl flame decals up the side. Is there someone living in it? The rooflight makes it look like a stealth camper.
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