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  1. The rocker seems to be riding something villiers powered judging by the egg-shaped crankcase, throwing out a destroyer-sized smokescreen too. What's the sporty number behind the Wolseley 1.5?
  2. Given Medicare is free stuff for oldsters isn't this just a means of separating the gullible from their money?
  3. What's her manifesto then? Empty bins for all? That would be a winner round our way.
  4. Orson Welles doing an advert while trolleyed.
  5. Today this is my new favourite source of procrastination.
  6. Worth hiring an answering service? If there is interweb could VOIP work? In extremis a Starlink dish could be used to go around the shitty inhouse phone system.
  7. Was it a NOS head? Casting flaws can hide until a few thermal cycles have happened.
  8. About an preening over-indulged peacock behaving like a yob who's enjoyed too much booze at the pub windmilling into someone? Not really, but it's a crime to hit people whereas telling a shit joke isn't. Yet.
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