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  1. Your shed is whispering "fill me with a two poster lift please, it's my destiny". Good luck with the chodbothering.
  2. Why the tipper hate, or is the mechanism?
  3. It's in the boot, already prettified by a generous shiter whose identity escapes me.
  4. Dibble may take a dim view of the tyre/wheelarch skimpiness quotient, especially if their attention is drawn by a carlos fandango exhaust and lairy driving.
  5. Where's the Ladybird book of it's fucking fucked M9 when you need it.
  6. Not a shit tonne, it's 2.4 tonne. Someone's making AS custom steelies in safferland.
  7. Bastard is fighting you all the way; it's like a dug that knows it's being taken to the vet.
  8. Mr Murad was quite an eccentric gentleman, he made machine tools for a living.
  9. I stayed very briefly in Dee St when I first moved to Aberdeen in '08; parking was still an utter nightmare. The car mart is now a Triumph bike dealer. The stalled bloke is about to be run down in Union St, I think at the junction with Market St.
  10. An Esso filling station now apparently.
  11. Same place today. Either they jacked it all up to add a storey or two, or it's a weird but strangely endearing architectural pastiche.
  12. Makes a change from SMIDSY I suppose.
  13. One of those answers to a question no-one asked.
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