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  1. Mercury wouldn't be much use in a bourdon gauge measuring 0-100C, it doesn't start boiling until 300C+ so the vapour pressure graph is all wrong.
  2. Good job China is only the 4th largest producer in the world, behind Chile, Australia and Argentina.
  3. Once a hydraulic component shits itself it can contaminate everything in the circuit and this contamination can easily fuck up replacement parts; it's not a bad idea to replace hoses and flush/dismantle/clean the other components to minimise this risk.
  4. Teeth in an exhaust pipe? Virgil Exner will be spinning in his chintz driver's armchair.
  5. What a titanic rocket the vendor is. Morons like him need firing into the sun and then banned from e-flog.
  6. May I be the first to crayon Orl Vocksals R Shyte on this thread? Is this the triple for extra mingebaggery?
  7. I could be completely RONG and just blagging it; I read once that Cooper esses all had twin tanks, so it must be true. It wasn't on the internet either so I might have just dreamed it. I have clung to this pub fact about Cooper esses for 20+ years, just like Princess Anne's Scimitars.
  8. That's Anaglypta, not woodchip; much posher. Dole pole for added levels of authentic misery. Obvious non-Cooper S is obvious; does anyone actually fall for this shit in the age of the tinterwebs?
  9. Many adventures to be had out-accelerating glaciers. It does look entirely lacking in internal damp-related horribleness. 18.6/10.
  10. It is mildly terrifying that TEL can be bought by the general public.
  11. Bigger hammer plz. Also the in-car garden is a big positive; if the floor pan was flintstoned it wouldn't hold the water in!
  12. I'm pretty sure vets need to learn about cows even if they don't want to do large animal practise; much like Maxfacs surgeons and ENT docs need to learn about arses.
  13. Holden used to flog repro fug stirrer heaters; I'd be surprised if there were many variations in size.
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