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  1. They liked the effect so much they used it in several of their music vids, so it could be several others.
  2. Impressively shonky conversion job on the tailgate peekaboo rear doors.
  3. Degrease with a whazz of aerosol IPA or contact cleaner. I find threadlock is quite tolerant of residual oil as long as things aren't dripping, especially the gooey non-permanent ones.
  4. Spring washers might have been the answer in 1946, but threadlock or stiff nuts(if available in the relevant thread) would do a far more reliable job now.
  5. Clean the old cylinders up, replace the seals if necessary, smear with rubber grease, bag them and stick them somewhere safe so that when the new ones inevitably fail in due course you will have forgotten where they are and need to buy new again. Guess how I know this.
  6. You mean the GF didn't leap at the opporchancity to combine her birthday nosh with shite car talk?
  7. Most leccy aerials I've seen don't have a relay controlled supply, just the switched feed from the boombox?
  8. Series 1 lwb pick-up, series 1, Belgian Minerva?, series 1. Standard on REME recovery things probably since the war, a Swindens vice. Scammell Pioneer; go anywhere, through anything and probably scale buildings too with a run-up. The other two are AECs, Militants I think Looks like a Coles.
  9. Not surprising at all, you've returned an engine to service after slumbering for 2 decades and the gaskets aren't quite as resilient as they ought to be and aren't coping with the thermal cycles.
  10. Do you get a durable shine from Fosters?
  11. Who thought having a mental hospital livery was a good idea on a tipper waggon? Gr9 pics trig.
  12. The Javelin was Yorkshire's answer to the Lancia Aurelia, both are handsome beasts from an era when most cars were dowdy looking rehashes of pre-war things.
  13. What isn't revealed is that there's nowt but fresh air being hidden by the undergrowth...
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