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  1. Blow-through carbs are witchcraft frankly; best not to think about it too hard, just service them and bung it all back on. WCPGW? Keihin do make pretty good carbs though.
  2. Quality* repair work on the wing there. Not sure what it is though. Pics from Grauniad. Oz street scene.
  3. Douglas C54 Skymaster; 56528 participated in the Berlin airlift and later in Operation Deep Freeze for the International Geophysical Year 1957-58, which is probably why it was photographed in southern NZ. Pohowhera is obvs a DC3; NAC acquired ZK-AYZ in 1951, renamed Hastings in 1963. It crashed in the Kaimai mountains later that year in what was at that point NZ's worst civil air disaster.
  4. Oz bus shite from a grauniad pictorial about the Freedom Riders.
  5. It's like someone's caught and skinned a womble, or maybe a clanger. Need to add some stick-on googly eyes for the full effect.
  6. I believe a wire brush and dettol is the traditional treatment offered to such miscreants, especially for laryngitis or piles.
  7. 90+% of it is fucking wet wipes; they are an abomination and a environmental crimewave, whoever invented 'flushable' wetwipes can get in the sea.
  8. The biplane is a DH Tiger Moth, ZK-AZY was wrecked in 1967; seems a bit weedy to me for tugging gliders, perhaps they were launching from a winch or towing with a car to get up? The glider is a Schleicher Ka-4, ZK-GBO was bought by Southland Gliding Club in 1965 and flown from their Five Rivers airfield. Chod content; the pale blue estate looks like a Rootes, whether a Singer, Sunbeam, Hillman or Humber I don't know as the antipodes had weird badge-engineering going on.
  9. Are you in a no bonfires/clean air zone? If not it's time to release your inner pyromaniac.
  10. Yep, a few ended up in production, Triumph of Germany did quite a few of this type of two stroke in motorcycles.
  11. Temporary fix with self-amalgamating tape until it arrives?
  12. ZK-BKD. Perhaps @STUNO can identify the busshite?
  13. The ferry in the first pic is the GMV Aramoana, which probably means the one the photographer is on is the GMV Aranui. The catering seems to have rivaled the nadir of British Rail sandwiches;
  14. The first pic is of Fokker F27 Friendships of NZ national airways corp, the other two are of Bristol Britannias.
  15. Can @Angrydicky help with the brake cylinders?
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