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  1. Not-obviously-crusty Alfetta, 1000 BINs, Pretoria
  2. The difference is tiny and also overwhelmed by manufacturing tolerances which are often larger than that; molding round black things out of squidgy stuff is a bit of an art.
  3. That looks horrible; when are you collecting it?
  4. 50% of their WTG capacity FTPed due to the cold, it's not clear whether that was blade icing or whatever; regardless that only represents ~10% of gross capacity or about 12GW, the majority of the FTP was good old-fashioned thermal generation from gas, coal and nuclear. ERCOT is a delinquent organisation with a board packed with loony ideologues, they're the reason the generators and the grid are not fit for purpose.
  5. They do, but because of a particularly virulent strain of libertarian fruitloopery they aren't connected to the rest of the US grid, such as it exists, and there's little regulation of the power network as we understand it in the UK; when ~36 gigawatts(a bit less than 1/3rd of total capacity) of generating capacity FTPed in the recent cold snap the supply/demand equilibrium stopped being in equilibrium and those that weren't simply cut off and were on a floating tariff learnt the down side of demand management when 5c/kWh became $10/kWh. The loss of supply to such frivolous customers as hospit
  6. The same principle has power companies charging Texans usurious rates for electricity, even when it isn't available. Because FREEDUM!
  7. Non-OLLIed OLLI-mobile, 1750 BINs, nr Jo'burg
  8. Never heard of that brand; are they a winter tyre?
  9. I don't read the comments, nor do I read Yootoob comments; why would you? It would be like going for a swim in a sewer or reading the Daily Mail. Just there for the LULZ cars for sale.
  10. Still showing for me; you probably need to join the farcedrool group; PRE 1996 RETRO CARS AND PARTS FOR SALE UK ® THE REAL DEAL 174.000 + MEMBERS
  11. There's an app for that, or Gixen if you're a luddite like me. Pontiac Fiero of crispiness, 850 BINs, Johnstone. Have you considered this one @DodgyBastard? The vendor's been trying to shift this for a long time so may be vulnerable to being bid in the bollocks.
  12. Smol car, 500 BINs, Barrow so the delightful @eddyramrod may be able to assist.
  13. Call Trumpton; it's shit like this that you pay taxes for.
  14. No good used dizzies available? Might be worth wobbing it rather than welding.
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