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  1. Give him a big hand! 😁 The man from del monte with the mike is Jeremy Beadle. Google images reveals it to be the Tivoli concert hall in Copenhagen.
  2. Milk crate and a choke cable for a hand throttle. 😁
  3. Kazakhstan's Martin Scorsese in a landaulette GAZ Chaika?
  4. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-023-03212-1
  5. Royal Signals doing stupid things on Triumphs.
  6. They were sufficiently posh that Armstrong seemed working class, perhaps they were looking for University Challenge and got lost?
  7. A widowmaker; anything else bent?
  8. How difficult can it be? Undo the octopus and put it in a bucket, run the thing and top the tank up as it goes while a glamorous assistant does some citroen aerobics?
  9. I'm liking that the legend on the hand brake release looks like it's been cobbled up with a dymo printer and also the antediluvian suspension that has eleventy grease points.
  10. High attrition rate or just a small class? AS car transporter trailer kit; some self-disassembly needed. @sdkrc
  11. DIY V bought hydragas fluid seems as contentious an issue as grease V oil in landrover swivels.
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