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  1. Is the sun visor going to make a recovery?
  2. Are there enough series 1 800 fondlers left to make breaking them anything other than a monstrous waste of time?
  3. Alloys that look like cheap shit trimz, nasty. I wonder when the last pork came with steels? Random wiki-browsing turned this up; the front cover image on the page for 'The Motor' magazine is this splendid bit of gallic bargery. Clearly the answer was a resounding No.
  4. A 1950s correspondent to 'The Motor' advises; rotate your tyres regularly to even out wear.
  5. GCC like charging motorists; they don't think 24hr bus lanes are a perversion even though the buses only run in 18 of those.
  6. I thought it was 'interesting times'?
  7. Deaf and a clype; they'll go far, if someone doesn't do them in.
  8. Bits of Glasgow still look like that, minus the seventies motors and flares. Flytipping is certainly still a popular sport.
  9. Stole the keys? Why not use a screwdriver like normal people? 🤣
  10. Hotly pursued by what looks like a Barkas B1000.
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