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  1. More like commandeered for an invasion; of western europe, trailing behind the 3rd Shock Army.
  2. More like commandeered for an invasion; of western europe, trailing behind the 3rd Shock Army.
  3. Late registration madness; Ryton's finest and former Stondon inmate, B reg Alpine, 1100 BINs, Crewe.
  4. Not tat but wood(those plates need frisbeeing though.). 1913 Autocar, 18500 BINs, York Has Datsun dizzler but comes with what is assumed to be the original engine.
  5. Does she shit in a lavvy, wipe her bum with loo-roll, then flush it like the rest of us? She's coated in a sparse layer of poo particles courtesy of lavvies being good aerosol distributors of whatever you put down the pan. Probably not a great idea to tell her that though.
  6. I'd imagine there's no value at all in the V5 on account of the Elford cars being a dealer conversion; you could fit the extras and stickers to any UK RX7 and it would be a pretty good facsimile of the real thing.
  7. A caravan with a porthole; does it float? They were obvs going off-piste given they're packing wing-mounted jerrycans and a capstan winch.
  8. There are better ones that are reinforced with fibres like proper angry grinder discs, they are quite a bit thicker though, perhaps twice as thick as the shatter-o-matic discs.
  9. Given the very high levels of Frenchness converting to RHD seems fraught with eyebleeding expense and wallet-swallowing chasms of unfathomable hydropneumatic doom.
  10. Careful attention should be paid to the angle of dangle to prevent hot ash and cinders from being blown up the hooter by the slipstream.
  11. Motorcycling shouldn't interrupt a good fag.
  12. Vennalls should be banned as a director, IDK whether there's evidence she committed perjury(if not perjury she was certainly incompetent and negligent in post) but plenty of other witnesses did in the various trials that have resulted from this travesty.
  13. The colour is a good match for the BeigeX.
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