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  1. This only has any effect if the carb has an accelerator pump that literally squirts fuel into the venturi; many don't. Obviously if it does then it richens the starting mixture.
  2. Without, because lightweight and therefore fast.
  3. Getting ready for its close-up? Not a Santana PS10, they don't have scuttle vents.
  4. Sherpa doors are even more wonky; they're only that shape as that's the shape of the J4's doors, the rough clay of which, melded with leftover bits of Oxfords and MGBs, the mighty Sherpa was hewn.
  5. Sheff traffic is fucking shit because the road layout was done by a drunk ant walking through ink. I've been a few times, most recently to kollect a car for brother SWF.
  6. If it is ticking hydraulic tappets an oil change followed by an Italian tune-up or two is worth a go.
  7. Are these hydraulic or steel tappets? Set the valve clearances if not hydraulic.
  8. If they've despoiled it why are the pictures of it in a non-despoiled state? Plus that means someone has expended manhours dong something for no guaranteed return, a pretty shit business model viewed from here. Putatively I'd want to see the bare shell to confirm its minty fresh status, not gawp at lovely now-non-existent velourousness.
  9. There isn't anything about that poor Kitten that isn't half-arsed, hamfisted bodgery.
  10. Assuming the locker doors are insulated that's a lot less of an enviro-fuck than the yards of refrigerated shelves with no doors or curtains that are inside every supermarket; there was an article in the paper recently about french supermarkets installing doors/curtains, it is a willful waste of energy solely because it helps them flog stuff to the gullible who apparently cannot operate doors. Anything which enables me to spend less time in a supermarket is worth paying a small premium for(except Didldidi as they have the aisle of mystery to draw me in).
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