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  1. That's a rare old mix of interior bits; the headlining is both disgusting and a fantastic colour.
  2. The IOC should be lined up, given wedgies and then handed a P45.
  3. Much cheapness for admittedly sad-looking Cyclops, 550 BINs, Newton Abbot. @HMC?
  4. Yup, give it an italian tune-up and stop fretting about it.
  5. I just looked at the price of cinturatos and had to sit down briefly; they do look nice though.
  6. Not a lot to be done if you don't have air conditioning; as long as they have shade and water they should be OK, you could experiment with giving them a dampened towel to lie on or freeze a bottle of water and wrap that in a damp cloth and they can use it as a cold equivalent of a hot water bottle.
  7. My advice is; at some point early enough that you don't faceplant into a warehouse.
  8. Cheap and crispy Doloshite Sprint project; 1650 BINs, Nuneaton. He has others for more with less crispiness.
  9. Eeep. Take plenty of water and salt tablets/electrolyte goo as you're going to lose your bodyweight in sweat. With those tyres driving in rain's not a great idea either, but perhaps that won't be a problem. If I'm going more than 30 mins in the land rover I wear earplugs, it makes it much less tiring.
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