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  1. Knew I'd seen thst exhaust manifold somewhere.
  2. This was my first thought, but can't find one quite the same.
  3. @Split_Pinto reception please, glorious conveyance waiting.
  4. Enough about here, what about Mumsnet?
  5. A gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life right there.
  6. What are the symptoms? Liked for the quick recovery not the FTP. Dead on key. Battery reads 12.7v. Hazards etc work but no ignition lights.
  7. Red 205 unfortunately shit itself on Sunday - suspect ignition switch or something, not looked yet. Another glowing recommendation for AutoAid though, showed up and recovered the car within an hour. Nice chap too.
  8. Fuck me, that is utterly glorious.
  9. A mornings work for a man of your caliber.
  10. Heated velour sounds immense. Especially on days like today, first windscreen scraping of the season this morning. The Astra continuing to car as always then. My polo was very much acquired to fill the gap left by the most car-like Astra. Its very similar feeling. If it proves to be as good on fuel I'll be delighted.
  11. Ah, the remapping wasn't part of the buying consideration, so no harm if it doesn't. I suspect the shit tyres fitted don't help, but where most cars have a trade off in ride v handing, this doesn't seem to have a particularly great balance of either, but is perfectly acceptable. Yeah the load lip isn't great, the boot aperture is pretty small to post stuff through. Does mean you don't have to worry about your stuff being skittled all over the road when you open the tailgate at least. It came with 3/4 of a tank of Derv, I've done 340 miles and it still purports to have around a quarter of it's 45 litre tank left, think it could be a propper fuel sipper.
  12. I remember that oaf Clarkson and his cronies in the motoring press slamming these as characterless white goods when they were new. Thrummy 3 pot engine, 13 inch wheel at each corner, tiny dimensions, light as a feather and a large expanse of glass. Characterless right enough.
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