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  1. What an unmistakably Ayrshire or Lanarkshire scene.
  2. Haha, not at all. I'll give it a try at the next service and keep an eye on things.
  3. As an aside, a quick question for anyone with knowledge of the B205/B235 engine. My car burns a bit of oil on startup if it's been sitting overnight (was advertised as such), needs topped up at a rate of roughly 1L/1000 miles. It has been running on 5w/30 fully synth which I believe is the recommended grade. I'd like to try some 10w40 at the next change to see if it reduces consumption any. However, I know the oil pickups are a known issue on these, is the thicker grade likely to cause any issues there?
  4. I find myself with scarce time for the fleet nowadays, which is a bit shite. After all the duties of work and family are taken care of I've maybe got a couple of hours a week. Just as well the Saab and Jeep continue to just work. Since I bought the Saab I've put about 1500 miles under it's belt and it's taken it in it's stride. Comfy, fast, working air con and a good stereo, perhaps 35mpg if driven nicely. Not bad. I have rewarded it with a councours restoration; Before; After; Before; After progressive sandpaper; Nipped over to @320
  5. And it's true, the optimal number of cars for you.
  6. Three - which is one too many. 9-5 - Tested til August 21, just insured last week. Hope to keep it going til then as the main steer. Jeep - Tested til June 21, taxed too. Drive it on rotation with Saab. Would like to do some sort of undersealing as it's really very solid for one of them and would like to keep it so. 405 - SORN'd, MOT'd but on a Boris test. Drives alright but needs a bit of attention. Sticky front calliper. I have however seen something rough as arses, far away and absolutely unnecessary which is turning my head big style.
  7. A masterclass of modern Swedish design, and a Volvo. My cheap cheap 9-5 Aero and my Dad's diesel V90, incidentally the V90 is a lovely big thing for a modrin.
  8. YES! Have had my head turned by these too in the past. Would be interested to know how insurance is?
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