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  1. Good to meet you @fairkens Pretty sad to see the Rover go, hope you're having a comfortable drive home! When it comes time to move it on do let me know 🤣
  2. Carlisle? Excited to see what it is.
  3. Elephants arse textured plastic. Has to be late 90's early 2000's Nissan? Primera?
  4. The C looks like an Asian car typeface and it's posh enough to have a rev counter. Still no clue, I'm going to go Ssangyong Rexton
  5. All the best motors come from East Kilbride Oh, wait...
  6. I have always said my ideal fleet is three cars, enough redundancy if one breaks or needs work and enough variety to keep it interesting. I had a fleet of four, the LS, Kangoo, Rover and Subaru so needed to do something to address the situation. So I bought this from @sdkrc
  7. Well bought man, looks like a textbook collection trip too.
  8. I take it you could. I did spill some and white spirit cleaned it up easily. I might try and clean some of the dried overspray off the exhaust, will let you know. The application would be very easy with better access. Just need to get the stuff good and hot first, it's like lard at room temperature and returns to that state quite quickly when it cools. Like I say though, seems to be acceptable to thin it a bit with some white spirit.
  9. Sadly the last thing to smash that particular one was the big claw at Copart. Goodnight sweet prince.
  10. Cheers man. I had heard that Lanolin based products were on fleek at the minute, as the youth would say. I worship at the altar of Project Farm and he said good things about Lanolin based Fluid Film which got me curious.
  11. With winter fast approaching the roads will have salt on them any day now. I already have the sacrificial Subaru, but given the Kangoo has four nearly new Michelin all season tyres on it, I thought I should use it. It's very clean for an old van and is a genuinely useful tool that I'd like to have around for a while yet. I'd thought about various ways of protecting it against rust. It was pretty clean to begin with so didn't want to hide it under stonechip, I also don't have the patience to apply it neatly. In the end settled on a Lanolin based wax. I looked at Lanoguard initially, but at £100 for 5 litres I thought better. I went for a product called Corrolan; https://www.rust.co.uk/product/cat/corrolan-sustainable-rust-proofing-43 At £35 for 5 litres it seemed like a more affordable bet for when I made a hole of applying it. They have a couple of products, the "pure" is a thick underseal for exposed bodywork and the "Active" is for cavities. I suspect you could probably just thin the "pure" down with white spirit and use it in cavities in a pinch. I got 5L of the pure and 2.5 of the Active. It's seriously gloopy stuff, when it arrived it was almost solid. I sat it on a little 130 watt tube heater overnight which had the whole bottle runny. You could hear some of it in a vessel in a pot of boiling water if in a hurry. Alternatively it can be thinned with a bit of white spirit. Given the time of year I should probably have done this too. This is the gun I've got to apply it, it's a Sealey Professional number and seems very good quality; Got the van up on stands. I done a bit of preparation. I treated surface rust underneath with Vactan the day before. The OSR arch was scabby so I cleaned it right back with a wire wheel to solid metal, vactan then primer and paint. Removed all the plastic liners and the spare wheel beforehand too. This was my first mistake, it really needed to be much higher in the air for the undercoating. In future I think I'd drive it up on ramps, or jack one end right up and do one half at a time. The main issue was that I couldn't get the tip of the gun far enough from the floor to get a wide fan on the spray. As a result I've probably applied it too thick in places and used more product than I would have with the car higher up. Still, it's well covered all the same. I used my 6 litre SGS compressor to blow it on. I had it heated, so very runny and it managed fine. I'd probably add a nip of white spirit next time. I didn't mask anything up really, just put a carrier bag over the front brakes. I could probably have been a bit tidier, but it's a van so aesthetics aren't high up my list of priorities. Anyway, got there in the end. The flash on the pictures makes it look a bit glossier and patchier than it is, but it's well covered. Less visibly, I used the extension with the 360 degree nozzle on it to get wax into the cavities and front subframe. We'll see if I regret it the next time I need to do any work on it. It dries to a slightly tacky finish that you can scrape off, I'm sure a bit of effort with a pressure washer would take it off. The stuff gets good reviews online. Hoping it will provide good protection while being relatively easy to remove or top up as required.
  12. Seeing the car in its proper habitat is making me miss it even more. Let me know when it's time for it to move on again 😂
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