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  1. Looking at her phone no doubt. The amount of that you see going on now is terrifying.
  2. Spent a couple of hours cleaning the focus up. It's come up really well, I don't really want to sell it now.
  3. Aye, still wouldn't be rushing out to recommend, but at least it wasn't total bullshit.
  4. Had the Focus in for front alignment and wheel balance yesterday. Was pre-booked for 8:30am, took them 6 hours.... just as well the garage was close to home. Anyway, to his credit the guy did spot one of the front pads had delaminated, so I had an afternoon of tinkering planned. Still wasn't happy with the holed and generally shagged drivers seat so decided to try another scrappy. Abbey Breakers in Paisley. Came away with a seat for £20 which I was very happy with. It's currently in the flat drying out.... A fine scene; Good selection; Was back home to start on
  5. Driver's seat in the Fuckus is a bit shagged. Almost feels like the bolster has jumped off the frame. @cms206 identified a matching Focus in a yard in Paisley so went over for a gander. Unfortunately the seat was similarly humped, must be a TADTS. They did have a Zetec with a full interior present and offered it for a half decent price, I decided I just couldn't be arsed and that it probably wasn't worth the hassle/expenditure. I did at least manage a small improvement; And I finally had a look at it in the daylight;
  6. I'm trying not to think about that.
  7. I hadn't bought a car for a while, I have absolutely no need. Idly browsing eBay I noticed a MK2 Focus 1.8 TDCi "Style" not far away. A rash bid later and I only won it... A short trip through, it looked fine so I unenthusiastically bought it. Put it straight in for a test and it didn't embarrass itself too badly. Required three springs and a tyre. I'd planned to do any work myself, but I was reluctant to mess about with widow maker spring compressors. Bought four springs from eBay and it went down to the tame mechanic of Ayrshire, who may make himself apparent on here. Ver
  8. Fuck me, did you run over his dug on the road there?
  9. Up to 1400cc, under £7k - Peugeot 205 (Close run thing with Proton) Up to 1400xcc, under £9k - Clio 1.4 RT (Close run thing with BX) Up to 1800cc, under £10k - Honda Concerto Up to 1800cc, over £10k - Peugeot 405 (Audi 80 a close second) Up to 2000cc, under £15k - Toyota Carina Up to 2000cc, under £19.25k - Citroen XM (190e strong value!) Under 2000cc, under £25k - Jaaaaaaaaag Over 2000cc, under £29k - W124 260E Enjoyed that! Cheers for uploading.
  10. A lovely car that, has done you very well so far.
  11. Quick progress here, bet you can't wait to get out in it.
  12. Would love to see more of these. I have a brochure somewhere from (I think) the 1998 Scottish Motor Show. I'll have a look.
  13. Memories of various ingeniously* deployed bungee cords on cold commutes.
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