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  1. Could have taken his own photos mind.
  2. Cowboy bastard cliche bingo in that advert.
  3. If it had a bald tyre on it then it was unusable before he fitted any tyres?
  4. It is indeed in the hideous tax bracket and it was indeed Tebay. Spied the Legacy on Autotrader and comms were exchanged. @jaypee and I went down a week past Sunday. It was about 5 minutes from Tebay services at a lovely big rural house. The run home was uneventful and we enjoyed a chippy in a very rainy and dark Moffat. Definitely felt like winter was setting in, so was the ideal time to buy a car like this. The chap selling it had a good collection, including an E39 M5. The Subaru had been his wife and his car for the last 12 years and had been a well maintained workhorse. It was competitive money, with a years MOT and a spare set of winter steel wheels with Nexen M+S tyres. There's a fair bit of documentation with it, although he said he had done mostly his own maintenance at his previous address where he had a lift etc. It's an Outback with the 3.0 Flat 6. Nice spec with full electric leather, working AC, Cruise etc and a few nice extras like a detachable tow bar and genuine Subaru rubber mats, boot liner and dug guard. As has been mentioned it's in the hideous tax bracket, although for some reason the insurance was extremely cheap, like less than the diesel Rover 45. Plan for this one is to run it over winter (and possibly next summer given working AC) and spend NOTHING on it, something I'm not very good at.There's a rattle from the front which is probably a drop link, both were advisories and it's taking all of my willpower to not buy parts. I can tolerate plenty shonkiness, but suspension noises make my teeth itch. I know of these things propensity for rust. I poked my head under and I couldn't prod holes in anything, but the sill covers will be staying where they are. It's a weird car to drive. With the 4WD and plenty power it can cover ground quickly. The ride is very, very firm for what it is, but that is combined with pretty light steering, so it's not really a drivers car. Still, it always feels very well planted and surefooted. Hoping for some fairly inhospitable weather this winter to test it.
  5. On board the Galaxy. SB on the M74 with @jaypee ETA circa 40 mins.
  6. Think DW's Berlingo will be pre COM2000 and multiplex wiring, like a 405 etc.
  7. The Ford Aerostar was penned by Ford's head of design as a tribute to Simple Minds' Charlie Burchill A striking resemblance, I'm sure you'll agree.
  8. Did the two lads on the left miss the memo about the Top Gun theme night?
  9. Great work, glad the pump was ok. I bought it from a very rusty breaker 205 about 3 years back. I had heard it start and drive mind, so was sure it was fine.
  10. £180 worth of scrap metal for 9 bags, where do I sign?
  11. No problem man. Yeah, £300 on transport would make it a bit uneconomical! It would be a very satisfying thing to get back on the road, hopefully someone does!
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