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  1. Fired a pair of eBay springs on the back of the @NorthernMonkey320d touring. Sketchy; Sitting a bit more nicely now, even with a fully laden boot and full tank of fuel. Really happy with this old tub, first BMW I've owned and I think I "get" it. Feels quite cosseting and all the controls have a direct feel. Steering nicely weighted and it's fun to plot down a twisty road.
  2. Don't be daft man, par for the course with a 14 year old van, there were advisories for a few of the bits anyway so half expected. Was nothing that could really be picked up driving it.
  3. The stress-o-meter had been off the scale of late, between moving house and life in general. Having moved house however and having access to a drive I thought I should probably buy something else to sit on it. I acquired this Kangoo from the @chancerfire sale. As mentioned in his ad, it's really clean and straight for a 14 year old van. I knew it absolutely needed rear wheel bearings and a handbrake at a minimum, I also decided to stick four tyres on it. Rather than mess about with the rear brakes I just bought the whole kit and caboodle, shoes, fitting kit and adjusters. @chancerhad already put the handbrake cables on recently and they were in good order. Bearings were manually brayed out with a big fuck off hammer and a it from a brake caliper tool. Used the outer race from the first bearing to beat the second out. I had a right war with a circlip, but did get it out eventually. Freezing the bearings for a day previous got them in with some light percussive persuasion. Gave the drums a good clean up and they were in decent enough nick so were reused. Built up the back brakes, which was pleasingly easy. I don't have specific tools for drums, easiest way I found with these was to build them up minus the bottom spring, put one shoe against the pivot point and pull the other towards you over the front. Install spring under no tension and lever the shoe back in behind the pivot point with a big screwdriver. Adjusting the threaded adjuster under the van gave us full application of the handbrake after about six clicks. It got four Michelin tyres, they worked out about £50 a corner fitted, which was very good value I thought. Without having even bothered to look at the front end, I put it in for an optimistic MOT. It looks a bit more drastic than it actually was. Came down to front brakes (which I'd actually already bought), pair of ball joints, pair of ARB links and a rack gaiter. I ordered supplies. I rather stupidly ordered full suspension arms when the ball joints are just held in with two bolts. On reflection though, doing the full arms probably wasn't much, if any more work while I was in there anyway. Went for Lemforder arms as they've always struck me as decent quality in the past and it wasn't a job I fancied doing twice. Work begins. I recently bought this new SGS 3 tonne jack, it was £71 and has been a great buy for the money. Lifts things high into the air and feels much more stable than my old dinky jack. Only issue is the weight for moving it about, but worth the hassle in my opinion. What ensued was a bit of a battle to be honest, it was a job that seemed to require a real mixture of tools. I ended up with most of the contents of my sockets and spanner sets littering the ground. There was nothing particularly tight, just found angles and access a bit of a trial. The ARB links are an odd design and took a bit of fucking about. Got there in the end though. Passenger side built up; I don't have any photos of the other side as it was a bit of a race to try and get most done in daylight. Brakes ended up being assembled in the dark and rain ahead of an 8:30am retest on Wednesday. Success! It got a wheel alignment too just to finish it off. Think after all the work I've got a really well sorted and economical van. I don't have much need for it, but may have plans to change that.
  4. Another busy year this year - quite unexpectedly. Opening balance on 01/01/2021; Lexus RX300 SE-L - Still on Fleet This has been a good car. Pretty sore on fuel, but very comfy and absolutely effortless to drive. Has a bit of an identity crisis, not sure if I should be punting eccies or Werthers Originals from it Peugeot 107 - Left Fleet This was the first of three cars sold to @Tickman this year. Another good car, only ousted by the arrival of a diesel equivalent. Peugeot 405 GTX TD - Left Fleet A car I never thought I'd sell, but I'd lost enthusiasm and not really missed it. I'd had my fun and enjoying it's replacement. A useful lesson in biting the bullet. There are plenty cars to be experienced so I best get on with it. And now onto the incomers.... Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI - Left Fleet I bought this in January as I was bored with not a lot to do. An eBay purchase with no test. Got it through MOT and into service. Sold to Joe Public. Would definitely have another, think they're great AN CARS. Citroen C1 1.4 HDi - Left Fleet This arrived in April and covered a fair few miles during it's stint on fleet. I really liked it. I can't help feeling the petrols are a more enjoyable drive, but it done great real world MPG and was still fun. Second fleet sale to @Tickman. Saab 9-5 2.3 Aero HOT - Left Fleet Bought from @blackboilersuit and sold to @Tickman. Now with @Flat4 I believe. A bit of a tired car, but goes very well. Very usefully shaped. My third 9-5, I'd have another... Lexus LS400 DHP - Still on Fleet This was the 405s replacement. It's a tremendous car. Have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Mazda MX-5 - Still on Fleet (Sort of) Bought this for just under scrap money and it will be going to the scrappies for scrap money just imminently. It got myself and @davidfowler2000 a day out. Citroen Synergie TD - Left Fleet This one left a really sour taste. Travelled down to Surrey to get it and loved the drive home. Class thing to drive and interior was spotless. However, the OS strut tower was ripe. Feel daft for missing it and not suggesting the seller would have known. I was initially keen to have it repaired but put on my big boy shoes and poked it, it was fucked. Had to accept I probably wasn't going to fix it and it was just a weight on my mind. Left on the back of a wagon. RIP. Renault Scenic 1.5 dci - Still on fleet This only arrived less than two weeks ago. Another impulsive eBay purchase.... A hastily planned collection with @davidfowler2000saw us travel to the West Midlands and back in the space of one evening. An inauspicious start with haywire front wipers that I hope to fix on the cheap.... Time will tell with this one. It's only done 78k, has 11 months test and drives fine. \ So end of year sees the Lexus RX, Lexus LS and Renault Scenic on fleet. First time I've not owned a PSA product in quite some years.
  5. Glad to see the 205 back on the road. What did it all need?
  6. Wow, what an effort. Well done that man.
  7. A tale of two collections, part two. Idly browsing Gumtree at the beginning of last week, I stumbled across a highly desirable piece of Autoshite. "Posted four minutes ago....". The location was sub-optimal. Redhill in Surrey. Two stops from Gatwick though... A deposit was sent and a flight booked, all arranged for Saturday evening. A very excited wait ensued. Set off about 5m on Saturday. Mode of transport one, a little Mercedes Sprinter based bus into Town; Step two, the Glasgow Airport "Express"; I hate this bus. Nine fucking quid for a single journey to the airport from Buchanan Bus station. You can dress it up with nice upholstery all you want but it's £9 for a one way 7 mile bus journey is ridiculous. At least it's a scenic trip; Anyway, it got there. I was on the 19:50 flight to Gatwick which was pretty painless. Toy train to South Terminal at Gatwick and onto a train to Redhill. Met the seller at home in Redhill and picked the car up, lodgings were booked in Milton Keynes to do the M25 portion during night hours. Here we see my purchase outside my salubrious overnight stop for the first time. It's a 2001 Citroen Synergie 2.0 TD in SX trim. It's done 160k. Was purchased off a nice French couple who were really sad to see it go. It's a nice honest car that wears its miles quite well, don't think it's had a stint as a works van at any point! The sills have had a tickle at last MOT and one of the doors has a suspicious tidemark, there are dents here and there. There are plenty receipts though,the interior is in nice order and even the A/C works. Decided to make a bit of a holiday of it. Got a cheap return from MK to London on the Sunday morning and done a tourist. Room with a view; Tourist; Spot of the trip, outside Euston Station; Monday started with a visit to Crich Tramway which I thought was great, three different trams on the go all day. Highly recommended. The editor has gone a bit haywire, so see video at the end. The steed in daylight; It got home no problem. It even had just under 3/4 of a tank in it when collected and made it home absolutely no bother despite having A/C running whole time. Cruising between 62 and 70 variously. Seems to be very decent on fuel. It's a comfy car, the two armrests are well positioned and the driving position pretty conventional. Not a great deal of room for clutch foot resting and no cruise being the only drawbacks. Far more refined than I'd thought. Some all important interior money shots; You'll notice it has fancy seats from the Executive model in the back row. They're really nice and have twin armrests. There are various slots in the floor so you can arrange the seats in a myriad of different ways. I think I'll remove the middle three and bring the rear two forward to create an executive four seater. They can them tumble forward to allow for load lugging. I rarely need to carry more than a couple of passengers. The large load area is more useful. It's not had a timing belt since 2009 from the look of things, so I think I'll put it in for it's MOT and if all OK stump up for that. It does leave me with five on fleet (although MX-5 will almost certainly not be here past the next week). Will have to decide if it can stay as part of a group of four, or if something will need moved on. With this collection trip, I believe that takes my collection mileage for October to approximately 2000 miles. Inverness, Basingstoke and Redhill. Tram as promised; VID20211018124813.mp4
  8. A tale of two collection capers, part one. Not myself buying the car this time but my brother. Found on an owners club forum for ACTUAL MONEY. 8 years old, sub 100k and full main dealer history meant it should be fairly uneventful. These events took place last Thursday and Friday. Basingstoke was the destination. Leg one; On to Waterloo for a train to Basingstoke; It was a hideously muggy day, but we made it to our lodgings at the Premier Inn in Basingstoke around 12:30am. After a Greggs breakfast we met the chap and a distressing amount of reddies were digitally exchanged. We set off North towards the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, where we see the steed for the first time; It's a Lexus GS450H premier. A 3.5 V6 twinned with a Hybrid drive system. It goes like the hammers of fuck and is ridiculously serene and comfortable. Really enjoyed our visit to the museum; \ Venturing North ocne more; The spot of the trip at Warrington Mcdonalds; The rest of the trip was as uneventful as you'd expect. CVT witchcraft seeing 1k RPM @ 80mph on a private test track. Got home about midnight, feeling not too bad for 425 miles in a day.
  9. Can't find a mechanic to look at a modern Peugeot, but can find one to hack the back end off and line it with plywood. Makes sense.
  10. If we're talking an actual usable everyday car, I think I'd stick to diesel as I can't be fucked with carbs or early fuel injection. Probably an estate too. Maybe a Peugeot 305 Estate; I think with a 1981 cut off I'd be limited to a petrol, or the 1.55 diesel with a whopping 49bhp. The XUD didn't come along until 1982 by looks of things. The 505 estate and Citroen BX didn't appear until the same year. Maybe one of these; Or maybe a 240 estate, not sure what diesel they would have been onto at that point, but there would have been one available;
  11. I'm not actually sure. I've not looked at it since Friday but I'll check what size they are. I hope so! I think my initial plans are to have a quick gander at just how rotten it is underneath and like you say give it a last hurrah at Knockhill. It's tested until December anyway.
  12. Glencoe, near the various viewpoint car parks. Must have been about 4pm Friday. Neither of us were up to speed with your thread, so didn't even twig at the time
  13. A collection retrospective. I didn't really plan to document this, so not many pictures I'm afraid. On Monday evening last week I drank quite a few cans and browsed Gumtree in a slightly inebriated state. I spied a cheap, but oh so very crusty car in the place what cars go to rust, Inverness. A message was deployed and on Tuesday morning the chap called back and offered to hold onto the car until Friday and even knocked £100 off the already reasonable asking price. A deal was made. A collection plan was hatched for early Friday morning. Leg one got underway at 6:20am and was completed by glamorous red Saab convertible courtesy of @SRi05 - Top man. I was accompanied on the trip by @davidfowler2000 and as a perk of his employ, he bagged me a £6 train fare. We met at Glasgow Queen Street for the 0700 Inverness Service. \ Disappointingly this service was being operated by a Class 170 DMU, not an HST as we'd hoped. Furthering the disappointment, there was no trolley service on board. Dreich; NO LOITERING, by order. We arrived in Inverness and spied our first scrap of the trip, a Volvo 940 estate, also a remarkably rust free 02 plate Pisshat. We were met by the seller at the station who kindly gave us a lift out to his house about a mile away. Monies were exchanged and the crispy car collected. On the road to the petrol station we spied an Austin Maxi (!!!). We sloshed in some fuel at Tesco and got a quick bite to eat. A real 40 footer this one, but oh so very cheap and with plenty good bits to plunder. It is really incredibly crusty and the exhaust is bursted to all fuck, but engine and box seem bob on, there are some natty seats and some other good bits. We took the back road down towards Fort Augustus which was entertaining. Here is the MX-5 with Fowler having a pish in the background. Fort William was achieved and a pub lunch taken. The Fort as fucking dismal as always. Despite the gloomy skies we managed to keep the roof down from Fort William to Ardlui. The road home was a real rich seam of scrap. We spied @Tommyboy12 and @sharley17194 heading North on their heroic trip. Scrap count that we can remember; 02 plate Passat estate NOT ROTTEN IN INVERNESS!!! Austin Maxi Montego Estate Citroen AX 2 x Citroen Xsaras and a third on 4 axle stands Triumph TR6 Vauxhall (Carlton we think) Hearse "decorated" for some gumball rally that's going on up there this week DeLorean Reliant Fox camper (pictures earlier) E reg Ducato camper Smiley Transit Camper Volvo 940 Estate MG B GT Saab 900 Convertible Home was achieved almost exactly 12 hours from initial departure;
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