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  1. It should refund automatically. Apparently they can get a bit angry if you cancel Direct Debits.
  2. Put yer teeth in and fuck off Keith, you slavering chanty wrassler.
  3. That Alex boy is an utter bunnet. Spends the entire video wandering about like he's shifting a pair of rolled up carpets.
  4. Encountered this top tier fuckwit earlier this evening. I was heading straight onto the M8(W) but had to divert thanks to him. Pulled alongside him at the lights and looked as if to say "what the fuck?". Bit my tongue as I had my kid in the back. He proceeded to hurl abuse at me. If he had just held his hands up I'd have just left it, worth reporting to the police, or will it be entirely inadmissible?
  5. As has been mentioned above, you'd need to be able to offer significant exposure before a company are going to offer anything that's going to make a significant dent in overall car channel running costs. When you're operating inside tight financial constraints, the last thing you want is those financial accounts being compromised. That's where our sponsor NordVPN come in. Protect your information from interception when using public WiFi networks. It works on up to five devices and as a one off to you good people, Nord will do you an exclusive two year plan for just $26.99, use the code "
  6. This was on last year, was well run and a good day out.
  7. Definitely, I'll be keeping Fuelly up to date too. Will be doing the same type of driving as the petrol one so should serve as a direct comparison. Will do a write up of diesel v petrol once I've had time to familiarise!
  8. It's a bit odd hearing a completely different engine note in a very familiar car!
  9. Thursday night saw a new arrival to the fleet. I'm a serial C1/107/Aygo botherer, this represents my fourth of them. My third is a petrol 107 I've been running since October last year, has done over 3000 miles since then. There are a few firsts here though. First diesel, first five door and first with A/C. A diesel, five door, facelift C1 with Air Con is a rare beast. This one was flagged up by @Jimbob McGregor, he and @loseronewere both very helpful with viewing, buying and moving it north. It's a really clean and presentable little car, the NSR door is a slightly differen
  10. That ought to have covered it.
  11. I am quite excited to meet this.
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