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  1. So you're heading north, probably in the direction of Dundee, Aberdeen or Inverness?
  2. 205 failed on a pair of front headlamps. Apparently lining them with bacofoil doesn't produce an acceptable beam pattern. New ones will be here early next week then it will be back on the road. The drive to the test centre and back just reminded me of how glorious it is.
  3. That's looking much better inside! Far more excited to see this than I should be.
  4. That cost me a lot of money. £4 from Falkirk car boot.
  5. A working party was convened featuring @davidfowler2000 and @captain_70s to effect final preparations of the 205 for MOT tomorrow. There was a fine lineup of scrap metal; I caught a young man fiddling with brake adjusters A rationalisation of the shite cluttering the back was undertaken and the Hedgehog patented boot divider system implemented; The Captain also left with a typewriter from the loot in the back of the 205.
  6. Yeah, it's certainly a fair bit better. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/3379343 That's the one I have, I got it for £80 with the attachments etc, it may appear on sale again. @davidfowler2000 has the Worx equivalent too.
  7. Vauxhai of this era seem to be hardy beasts. Not much concession to styling flair but competent and pretty robust. The Astra G I had was great at being AN CAR and continues to provide sterling service to @blackboilersuit
  8. It's nothing like a 240v pressure washer, but I've certainly found it really useful. It's far better than I expected. You can run it off a mains hose, the unit itself has a standard hose fitting on it. Running off the water drum the pressure is somewhere between a garden hose with a spray gun and a proper pressure washer. The spread is quite narrow on the pressure setting, but I've managed to clean a couple of pretty grotty cars with it, just takes a wee bit more patience than a big boy pressure washer but very doable.
  9. So the 205 has been languishing MOT-less from February thanks to a cracked windscreen. Seeking a replacement I sent a few messages and found another place for the c**t list in the process; https://www.ds-windscreens.co.uk/ Phoned on Thursday, very keenly arranged to do it on Friday. Waited home all day, a no show. Phoned them at 4pm, gave me some rubbish about ordering it "a few days ago", despite the fact the first contact was 26 hours previous... Anyway, gave him the benefit of the doubt as he said he'd be out Saturday between 10am and midday. Never showed up again, no reply to texts and no answer on phone calls. Left an appropriate review and got a cheeky response full of lies, will just avoid in future. Anyway, I got quotes of £120+Vat from both these chaps; http://allglassglazingltd.co.uk/ https://www.albawindscreens.co.uk/ In the end went with the second one, just because they could do it a good bit sooner. First guy was just dead busy, but comes recommended. They came this afternoon and had the old screen out and new one in in less than 15 minutes, top work. Would recommend. Here is why you don't leave your car parked under a tree/next to a hedge for months; Quick wash to get the worst of it off; Anyway, MOT booked for Friday at 1pm. Fingers crossed. When I phoned the test centre the boy asked on hearing it was a 205, "Is that a cherished vehicle then?", "eh, well...." was my response. I better convert it from shed to car beforehand though;
  10. If the oil leak is from the Turbo oil return just loop it into the fuel filter and operate a total loss oiling/fuelling system.
  11. A mornings work for a man of your calibre. Let me know if you need an extra pair of hands at any point!
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