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  1. Current estate car fleet; Old faithful Modern forum for this pish And on the V5 this is listed as an estate...
  2. Well, glad those hints have cleared things up 🤣
  3. Last Monday morning the woman next door reversed into the Fabia with her Audi Qsomething. She came to the door to let me know and was very apologetic. No ill feeling and I had a look at options for getting it fixed. Local body shops were only interested in insurance work. I couldn't really be bothered going to the insurance and declaring it for the next five years. A painted wing was £177 from eBay. I bought this and will fit it myself. Let her know this and gave her the receipt with my bank details written on it. Have saved her a pretty penny and potentially a lot of hassle. You guessed it, the bint still hasn't paid me, they're not short a bob or two either. The moral of this story, fuck people. Just get things done properly. As it stands I'm £180 out of pocket, have a bashed car which will shortly have a poorly colour matched wing and I'll have to spend my own time fitting it. I bet the liberty taking bastard sends me the exact amount when I eventually get it too. I'll be asking for insurance details after work, I'm sure this will hasten the transfer of funds.
  4. Ooh, could I have a whopping FIVE of these please? Will PayPal monies.
  5. Think this is the same lump. Love the bit where they ask the old boy about diesel emissions.
  6. Not bad for me at all. It was sold to me at a very competitive price point with my eyes fully open that it was likely an end of life vehicle. I actually enjoyed owning it for a week or two. Timing worked out well for it to help WV02VEG live on.
  7. Yesterday BIG BLUE recovery services were called to my mates Corsa van which seemed to have lunched it's gearbag about a mile from my door. Tow rope on and dragged it to my lockup where it was swapped with the Kangoo to let him get to his work today. The Rexton genuinely offers exactly the same sparkling* levels of performance regardless of whether it has another vehicle hanging off the rear of it or not.
  8. Gave the Sexton a wash, splashed in 20L of WVO without spilling it down me and went a run.
  9. Glad it's not just me who saw that 🤣 The thing is monolithic, if I park it in the car port I can hardly get round it and it has an eclipse effect on the strip lights on the roof.
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