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  1. No one prepared me for the fuel light coming on. Fcukin hell it's like an air raid siren I shat myself.
  2. No wonder if you're driving at 136mph 😀 These supercharged ones are not known for their fuel economy
  3. I think I'm going to clean it up, stone chip it, seal it and then try to get some similar coloured wrap or decal to go over it. I dont want to get involved in trying to paint that,
  4. To be fair to him I think he was trying to size out a decent next owner . He said he decided to sell it to me as I had a garage and I was going to use it as a 2nd car. That and I probably offered the most money. It was quite frustrating though.
  5. No it's okay thanks, I'll not need them. 😀
  6. I hope he was level headed he's an air traffic controller.
  7. No idea Ive gone into this knowing nothing about them, which I think is clear, 😀
  8. Ah right, 😀. I don't think so he seemed a pretty sensible chap.
  9. That was was the R26r. They have the same engine as this but some added lightness at great expense. They sell for 20 plus grand now.
  10. I'm not sure Ive seen a normal Megane with that mileage, The pickup was done in a hurry the buying process was a bit more protracted.
  11. They'll keep them cool too as they're full of water
  12. I'm not sure I'd have been comfortable spending much more on it than I did (as he sets out to spend 200 quid to get the wheels powered coated).
  13. There's been a bit of discussion about this on the modern thread but it was mention given the stupidity of this purchase it might be worth putting it on the main board. I had a BMW Z4, some of you may have seen my trials and tribulations with it but I eventually managed to beat it back into shape with some minor work (new brakes, rear quarters, roof motor, PCV that kind of thing) so thought it was time to move it on. I sold it three weeks ago and have been frantically looking for something to replace it. I've been to look at a few things included a TT with a baseball glove interior that was both mouldy and rusty and a Mk2 TT that was CAT N, had 187,000 miles, no history and a weird engine noise. On Tuesday I spotted something on Autotrader reasonably locally I fancied the look of. I went to see it on Wednesday and there commenced the most baffling buying experience I've had for many years. After viewing it in the pissing rain I made the seller and offer and he said "okay I've other people coming I'll let you know". I said I thought this is were you normally negotiate but no he wanted to let other people see it. Now the car itself is by no means perfect but it is something you don't see every day but it has one large elephant in the room, which I'll get to later. He said he'd let me know on Friday and I crumbled somewhat and upped my offer he then emailed me on Friday and saying he had one more person coming to see it and he'd let me know. Aaaagh. Late Friday I night I get the email saying "if you're still interested you can have it for your offer" 😎😎 I got my insurance sorted first thing and jumped on a train to Glasgow, As you can tell by the plaque it's a Renault Sport Megane but a special edition model they built to celebrate winning the F1 champions ship. The car has 3-4 more bhp taking it to 230bhp but what the motoring journalists of the time all wet themselves about was it has a limited slip diff. All very Pistonheads but whats that Elephant in the room? The mileage Yes thats 202,000 miles. The seller has had it for 12 years and used it to commute daily from Glasgow to Ayrshire (about 25 miles each way). It has a VERY detailed service history over that time and not only had a set of Continental winter tyres on it, it came with a spare set of good summer road tyres. Bodywise it's not bad given the miles but at the bottom corner of doors on the B piller the paint is no longer there. It's not really rusty but the daily used of rain and road grot over 200,000 miles has basically shot blasted the paint off. That could be quite difficult to fix given the pearl colour and location of the missing paint. The wheels are also a right state and I might actually splash some cash here and get them re-done properly. The interior is surprisingly okay especially for a 200,000 miles megane. It has fancy Recaros with a split on them and the passenger door bin mysteriously fills up with water but other than that it's pretty good, everything seems to work okay. The seller even kept the original stereo when he replaced it with a more modern one. It has the daft keycard (two of them infact) but the primary one is held together with sellotape. Driving wise there's no bad clonks or anything and it feels like it's got a lot of power. It makes big whooshing noise when you floor it and seems to be really torquey. These can do 0-60 in 6.2 seconds and 147mph!. I don't fancy the later too much if I'm honest but this is probably the fastest manual box car I've owned. What isn't so great is the gearbox. The shift is a bit clumsy and if you try to rush 2-3rd you can struggle to get it in. To be fair the seller did tell me this and I think it'll be better once I'm used to it. I'm not sure I'm a good enough driver to pick up on if the LSD makes any different especially when it's pissing down and 3C out side. I'm looking forward to some some dry days to see what it's like I've got it tucked up in the garage (thankfully it fits). All I did was remove the spare tyres from the boot and bailed out the door bins.
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-TRANSIT-MK2-SWB-1983-Cologne-V6-Capri-Engine-VALUABLE-REG-NUMBER/293484109040?hash=item4455041cf0:g:TUwAAOSwk09eTSSx
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Saab-900i-Classic-2-0-8v-Turbo-5-dr/114123696762?hash=item1a924d6a7a:g:he0AAOSwgN5eToj6
  16. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mercedes-w123-estate-1983-drivable-project-possible-delivery/293486196187?hash=item445523f5db:g:0vQAAOSwBQ1eTtnn
  17. Full beige cloth interior too. It was actually quite pleasant to drive I sold it to one of mates Grandads.
  18. I bought 3 in a job lot. This was the best of the 3. 318i, 8v with 5 speed box. Not fast but ran sweet as. I dailyied this for a bit and it was great. 5 by cort16, on Flickr This all gold was a 316i auto with 50,000 miles on it with one owner. Had new wings and stuff fitted to it before I got it. The interior was even gold. It only had 50,000 miles but it seems 50,000 miles with no oil changes as while driving it to work the oil pressure light started to flicker. I did an engine flush and and oil change and it fixed it thank god. IMG_1107 by cort16, on Flickr Finally this 320d touring. Was reasonably low mileage and had a nice leather interior. It'd had a new turbo fitted before I got it but it never ran right. I changed the breather on the side of the engine, did a swirl flap delete and a few other bits. I eventually got it running nicely, drove it about 500 yards from home when it suddenly started smoking furiously and conked out. I couldn't get it going and sold it for spares. It was the last car I actively tried to make a profit on. IMG_1112 by cort16, on Flickr
  19. cort16

    Ford timelord

    Thank fuck he didn't chop his arm off, which was the original plan.
  20. Tide y 350 quid tho https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2623900811038951/
  21. I dunno about the lower specs but I think there was a weird 3.3 litre v8 diesel in there somewhere.
  22. cort16

    Youtube moments

    I never used to be a huge fan of this channel but their recent cheap car buying videos have been good. I think this auction video portrays my experience of going to the auctions pretty well. I.e convinced at the start I'll get a bargain and at the end buying some heap and over paying for it.
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