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  1. Looks like ruffled leather . Nice
  2. The sign of issues with those mazdas is when the oil level starts to go up .The have inbuilt protection to stop the car starting once it reaches a certain level but it doesn’t get around the fact you’ve been driving around with a sump full of diesel .
  3. It's quite a big problem, Mercedes cheaped out on the injectors and the customers pay the price. The e350's are a nightmare to work on as they have the turbo in the v. That's why I thought fuck it and bought a Citroen as they're all as fucking hopeless as each other.
  4. You're missing out they're nice.
  5. These can have terrible injector issues. I looked at an e250 before I bought my citroen but the online horror stories put me off. Also the interiors feel like they're made out of laminated egg boxes.
  6. This A6 looks like a good buy even though it's previously biffed https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2011-Audi-A6-Avant-2-0TDi-S-Line-Estate/323948526930?hash=item4b6cd63d52:g:O3YAAOSwT9Fdpaz-
  7. Superbs are nice if you can put up with people jumping into your car when stopped at traffic light asking to be taken to the 24hr garage to buy pot noodles.
  8. I'd stay away from the Ford power shifts. The Sportages are nice but the engines choices are limited to 1.7 diesels as are the Hyundai i35s and i40's The Mazda 6's still offer a reasonably large engined diesel in a new car but they seem to have terrible DPF problems they've not managed to shake off even in the newer generations. These CRV's look to be good value and you can still get them with the 2.2 diesel https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201908221436990
  9. That's a weird sound are you sure a squirrels not left it's nuts in the inlet manifold?
  10. The DPF is a bit of a monster under the bonnet on modern diesels. I was told the other day some of them won't regen unless you have a quarter of a tank of diesel (I've no idea if this is true) Mazda diesels seems to get caught in a regen loop of death that ends up filling the sump with diesel. They even have built in high oil level detections so they won't start if the oil level starts tocreep up. The issue on newer stuff like my Citroen is, is they're now mot'd based on the stats the factory published so if you knock the DPF out it'll never hit those levels and it won't get through it's MOT. Fair play for investing in it. I remember looking at them when they were fairly new and found them pretty deeply unappealing compared to what else you could get for similar money.
  11. I always find the little holes the most annoying as they still take ages to fix. I’d buy the floor panel if you can I wish I’d bought them for my cortina as I patched it then it always bugged me knowing I’d need to revisit at some point and do it right.
  12. Nice work , you did okay with the rust not too bad for an old ford .
  13. Factory two tone apparently. Have doubt https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-75-connoisseur-SE-tourer-DUO-TONE/183966107193?hash=item2ad53c0639:g:BHgAAOSwHaddh5sx
  14. This isn't Disneyland https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bedford-rascal-bambi/153654156712?hash=item23c6805da8:g:NPwAAOSwhXhddjKh
  15. Well price Sierra TD https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-SIERRA-18-TD-ESTATE/293244398258?hash=item4446ba6ab2:g:EvsAAOSwAe1dcQ6n
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