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  1. Last week my mum whinged her car was going woop-woop-woop. The brakes were gammy because she hadn't used it. I said use the bastard more. ... I haven't used the 4x4 in months because the air con doesn't work and the Alessi isn't motd. The brakes were fucking locked on. The handbrake on one side. I can't boot it forwards as there's a metal fence I'm bound to burst through. So I keep rocking it and get free. WOOP-WOOP-WOOP. 😒👎🏻 I couldn't give it a proper run as it's on fumes and tesco was rammed.
  2. Yep, £7,990 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3069214659821501/
  3. I believe the service manual lists the spark plug change at about 6 hours.
  4. Can you lob the headlights, rear lights, exhaust and wheels into the sea please?
  5. He still has a Y10 that hasn't moved in years. I assume it's the same one. Wait, he might have 2? 🤔
  6. ... I ordered ATS mot on cunton. After I ordered I discovered the hull branch doesn't do mots. I live chat for a refund, we can offer you cunton credits. 😒 I order an mot for the credit price from some back street garage, where the reviews state they don't do the mot. They take it somewhere else. So for £18, this dude is making money...and cunton... and the bloke writing out the certificate. Seems like a plan.
  7. It was on private property in an industrial area
  8. Yep that is what it is...
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