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  1. Watching Columbo all day. Fucking whitewalls.
  2. Followed this Donna Air.... Debonair 🤔 Through Derby. Some kind of bike on the back. Some kind of bike inside. Taking up all the space. 😂
  3. "Looks like a Porsche, goes like a Mondeo."
  4. Maybe I'm on bleach fumes. But I'm pretty sure I saw a banner at a new build site. "Demand Safer Roads, Build More Houses."
  5. The X-class is pointless anyway, but I've just seen it in Dacia Sandero spec... In 2021.... On a "Mercedes" 🙁
  6. By all accounts I'm delightful... I did not laugh at this 207 cc with the roof stuck half closed..... Or is it half open?
  7. I've seen 21 X-Types in less than 3 days. Either they're everywhere, or I have a shit radar.
  8. I saw a British racing green mark 2, driven by a woman heading eastbound m62 near glews this morning.


    I haven't seen one in the wild in years and it looked nice.

  9. The usual, it's the weekend so prices are ignored. 1 of 7 "The Tartan" limited editions.
  10. Wait, you also have a Panda Guac? 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
  11. Yaris GR BRE 5T Sadly, probably a bloke called Timothy Brest... and not some slapper with big tits.
  12. Are they fucking torch headlights?
  13. The weekend means prices don't exist.
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