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  1. I watched the last third. Turns out a v12 Ferrari is expensive. 😧
  2. Hard to say, the boot was full of suitcases etc, as it was going on the ferry.
  3. This is almost Panda yellow.
  4. Panpan one hundo... In waitrose.... With blue badges. Someone is miserable and living the dream.
  5. There was a 2019 Range Rover Sport on the hard shoulder. Flat tyre? Engine explosion? Nope, the factory rear spoiler had fallen off on one side.
  6. Who knew the Diahatsu Materia was rebadged as the Toyota bb? And why would anyone import and spend money on one.
  7. Yes it was illegally spaced, but I'll allow it. DR 60OSE
  8. You know that's been restored?
  9. They toyed with the idea, but mk1 Cactus sales weren't what they wanted.
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