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  1. I saw a SAAB 9000 beavertail.... With a Citroën XM on the back. I am not on lsd.
  2. Today I sent my buddy this pic I took of this sassy Panda. Her reply....
  3. The roof was already shagged and had been bodged.... The boot handle however.
  4. @Kiltox £650 or offer!!!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FIAT-PANDA-100HP-ABARTH/264736366509?hash=item3da3845fad:g:irMAAOSwLhJexCek Have at it, because I cannot.... and it's shagged.... and has Abarth badges... and it's red.
  5. Panpans for everyone!!! Mk2... But whatever.
  6. I think maybe India too? Somewhere they're pumping them out.
  7. Aren't alot wob jobs from Thailand?
  8. Stop fucking taunting me!!!
  9. There's only 79 on the road and one above is a Jap import.
  10. Best £17k you'll ever spend.
  11. My mum was whinging that the car hasn't been driven in months, and won't be driven in many more months. But fine I'll take it out. Her version is to Tesco and back, my idea is a 30 odd mile B-road blast, I've never seen so many bastard horses, walkers, bicyclists etc. On the plus side I returned the car with the fuel light on.
  12. 6 years ago today I collected the sweet prince. 😢
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