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  1. It's a Taiwanese pattern part. It looks good, but will it paint or fit correctly? I don't know.
  2. So... £21 delivered, fuck me the postage must have been £20.87
  3. I have been texting a thousand people all bastard day. Trying to figure out the logistics. I should find out tomorrow if all is well... If it's a no, then I'll tell you all everything. If it's a yes, then you'll have to wait to have your mind blown. 🍊
  4. This is the stupidest thing I've ever done. 'Operation: X Supreme' appears to be a go... 🤔
  5. I wish. I'm waiting for the exKiltox raffle to be reraffled.
  6. So, I'm not going into details yet. But things are possibly going to get interesing. If everything goes to plan. In related news, I probably shouldn't...
  7. Ugh fuck me, ugh, ugh, but why now??? Fuck. ... The Tangerine Dream is fine, however........ Things just got interesting.
  8. It reminds me of Maseratis Bianco Fuji. Seen also on many Ferraris,
  9. I drove 20 miles to the only chippy I goto. With the tangerine dream steaming up like a bastard all the way there. The air con clears it instantly, but I hate using the climate as it'll break on me. Small fish and chips later and it's straight back home. I still love driving mk3s, there's no power whatsoever but it's fun.
  10. £450 or £600 as a pack. http://www.fiatpress.co.uk/press/article/new-panda-pricing
  11. This is a delightful colour, not white nor silver. (Unless a weird filter)
  12. This is from the 7 sins Panpan brochure. I have this physically somewhere, anyway 'Interestingly' the Alessi has an orange facelift grill and the Skydome is an optional extra. (I don't believe any UK cars have it)
  13. Stupid sexy ebay, £20 for a brand new albeit unpainted facelift grill.
  14. The punch is too small, but if I use it multiple times its alright. I still haven't got around to glueing shit yet. The Cactus goes back in 2 months time and there's a Fiat 500 subwoofer ending tomorrow in Hull. Nobody knows if it'll plug and play though.
  15. I removed the dvd player. The amount of wires it needs and it was jammed into the dashboard I feared it would burst into flames. I also fitted a used door seal I got a while back... Then smashed the inner door sill to pieces in the aftermath,
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