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  1. ... And there's a cat C for £10k
  2. One of these drove past me, it seemed normal. Except the fucking base model arse. 🤷‍♂️
  3. One of these drove past me, there must be alot of bicycle crime in Notts.
  4. I dont remember getting home, because I was behind one of these which said 4x4 on the back. 🤔 So I spent 5 Miles, trying to look under the rear bumper whilst driving. Turns out, it's a thing.
  5. Fuck me I love that, I may even have that magazine in the loft.
  6. The tyre gel working wonders.
  7. 72,000 euros? Still, imagine the fun you'd have turning up to a Jag owners club in this.
  8. They look like standard Morette headlights?
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