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  1. @Cavcraftonce uploaded his hidden areas. The forum hasn't been the same since.
  2. It's taken a month to pay the tax man... I can't complain. But fuck me, I now need to wait for the nova letter, then go through the dvla rigmarole.
  3. On the way back.... Db7 vantage Volante, slr McLaren. Muricelago sv, aventador roadster, alfa 4c, Ferrari 355 etc Edit:
  4. Something is going on, Ferrari Scuderia.... Challenge Stradale, lambos, mclarens, astons, the odd audi r8 that I mock internally. A mclaren speedtail and an f40. All in the m1/m42 area.
  5. Looks fucking effortless. I'd still take a Chiron.
  6. I have never seen the alloys before. Seicento? That is a perfect spec Panda. Sadly Cat C
  7. They didn't fit me... And I think it's a racoon.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fiat-Multipla-JTD-ELX-115/233743623753?hash=item366c34a649:g:VhQAAOSw0p9fhICq
  9. Stupid 4x4. Didn't start on the first turn, I left at 6:30 so it wasn't too bad. However if I leave the house at 5am as normal. The neighbours will batter me to death.
  10. Yes, can I lose all of the structural integrity that I didn't have in the first place?
  11. Fuck me, maniac. 👍
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