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  1. Every post was "you fucking idiot. Don't park near this type of tree."
  2. Wait, if it snows you can't park within 50 Miles of where you live. Those streets are crazy.
  3. When was the last time anyone blew an engine up?
  4. $200k whip round? https://www.goodingco.com/vehicle/1973-citroen-sm-custom-pickup/?filtersInput[make][0]=Citroën&sortBy=ENDING_SOONEST&pageNumber=0
  5. No point taking it back. The car just needs a run out, it's been stood since about October I think. The sub, I need to get the multimeter out. I suspect it's the 12v wire.
  6. Why does the sub have no power? I don't know why to either.
  7. Just collected it, not idling properly and £60 a pop handbrake cable.... 2 needed. Oh and my sub doesn't work. So that's fun.
  8. Pass is a pass I guess. Just got a tax refund so this is paid for.
  9. You could turn up at Pebble Beach in the motherfucker and win the 'rarest car ever made award' at Concours De Elegance. Second place winner is the Suzuki Kizashi.
  10. 4x4 never ever an Alessi and maybe not for sale.
  11. Just got walloped with a £565 MOT bill for new rear calipers.... Only needs one, but that's neither here nor there. I have done about 2,000 miles since owning it and it's a good little van, with a banging stereo and yet. It's not for sale, but maybe its for sale, cos I don't use the bastard.
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