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  1. I forgot about the non-removable valve caps... So I had to remove the wheeltrims like a lunatic. Because it's a £10 minimum Myanmar car wash, on the outskirts of town... Infront of me was an E55 AMG and behind me a brand new 8-series. 🤔
  2. The same engine... Top one is a normal 2wd 1.2
  3. They're slow as buggar normally, I suspect the winter tyres don't help,
  4. The old battery was a Lion eurocarwanks special I assume. It sloshed about like buggary. The new battery is smaller and yet has 4ah more. 🤔 He didn't fire up straight away and "ABS/EBD FAILURE ENGINE OFF IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!?!?!!?!?!!?" So, I turned the engine off and on..., "ABS EBD failure, the car is going to explode, engine fucking off!!!!!!!!!" I tried lock to lock and it did nothing, I drove 10 feet and the lights vanished. Here's the thing, the car feels soo much lighter than the 4x4. It actually moves from a standstill, unlike the 4x4. The brakes are binding to hell and I need to lob some air in the tyres. I may treat him to a £10 car wash.
  5. These are fucking fabulous. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2389082034692279/
  6. 100 Autoshiters land in Chesterfield armed only with Phillips screwdrivers. The last survivor gets this... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/790000608187744/
  7. Collecting a Bosch S4 battery today and I need to take it to a £5 Uzbekistan car wash.
  8. I thought they were only available in white, red and black.... Fuck me, this is amazing. https://www.artandrevs.com/car.php?id=589
  9. OK, it's a bit battered, but it's a pre-facelift with a 3 litre V6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alfa-Romeo-166-3-0-v6-super-lusso-manual-full-history-long-MOT-sought-after-car/303445741818?hash=item46a6c690fa:g:VSoAAOSwmHBeHigi
  10. Stupid sexy Japanese people... And they're taunting me with the bastard Skydomes!!!
  11. You can fly from Manchester, Liverpool, East Midlands etc. Last year Flybe used to do Doncaster, but I think they stopped that? I'm flying from Liverpool for an extortionate £31.98 return. No allocated seating or luggage, but it's an hour and 10 minutes.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324041273799?ul_noapp=true
  13. Thanks.... But I have my heart set on the stupid Alessi Adventure of 2020. 😔 Plus I'd rather have a 2015+ version, I'm not sure if there's any revisions. But that's what the orange one has.
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