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  1. They are normally red and come in packs of four and can't be crossed under any circumstances.
  2. Zantimisfit

    Rover 827Si

    As Rover were owned by British Aerospace thousands of the 'Rover registered' cars hit the road as BAe employee lease cars. My brother worked there and you could them ultra cheap and get a new one every six months. He had a succession of MG Maestros, Montegos, 200s, 400s and 600s. They must have shifted loads that way.
  3. I reckon I'm in pole position as my nephew lives walking distance away from the park. He is my Godson (yeah I know...but it kept the grandparents happy!) and, though I say it myself, I've done a quite excellent job looking after his spiritual and moral wellbeing, and, as an aside, done much to try to encourage an unhealthy interest in all the works of British Leyland. As a result then he feels, understandably, indebted to me and is letting me stay at his place. I will be at the front of the queue at dawn with the Swedish "Hundkoja"
  4. I think the broader BMC, BL, Austin Rover, MG Rover product line is welcome. I can't see that the ghost of Leonard Lord would angrily haunt you if you turned up in something from Cowley for example. Having said that I've not actually been before so maybe you would be attacked by a torch wielding mob if you turned up in a Morris Minor....I'm just going off photos of previous events though so what do I know
  5. So we have a selection of Rover loveliness plus an alligator skin VDP. Excellent. For he uninitiated how does it work? Do you just drive up at the required time and get directed to the appropriate bit of parkland? Or are there secret things to be aware of?
  6. Anyone going? Date is April 13th I believe. Not been before due to being in that there abroad, but assuming its not the victim of weather like last year, then I will be there with the very orange Mini . Anyone else going there for a spot of Montego licking? Just wondered.
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