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  1. Launched as Austin/Morris/Wolseley in Mar 75. Relaunched in Sept. All 'branding; dropped and car just became the Prncess. Wolseley dead at that point. Princess still appeared in the separate Austin and Morris range brochures that BL ran in 1976, along with the similarly 'not an Austin or a Morris' Mini.
  2. That's quite lovely but I understand your concern. Luckily my 1000 has a whole 39 horses (or at least it did in 1970), so my only problem is not having a headlamp flasher to get those pesky Audi R8s out of my way on the M6
  3. This has been sitting outside the gates of local tip for a few days now
  4. I don't have the words....... It's just a wonderful find. Well done. Impressed!! As an aside, didnt realise you could get a 1.3 in Estate shape
  5. I wasn't sure what I thought about these but having seen the interior shots I am sold! As an aside, always a pleasure to see East European public works of art. Spent some time in Bulgaria a few years back and always made a point of seeking it out in local villages etc
  6. I have a Gamma sales brochure. It says they're really good if that helps
  7. I had a 1.6 diesel V70 Momentum for a few years. It had done over 200k kms when I sold it. Needed its water and fuel pumps replacing as a result of coordinated and simultaneous failure which was a bit irksome but otherwise no problems. Not fast but pefectly capable of relaxed motorway cruising and soooooo comfortable. Seats are great (get one with heated seats!) Sold it three years ago but about to go back into Volvo ownership on the back of it. My vote: HIT
  8. A while since I've been on here. Just gone through the whole thread. One of the opportunities provided by lockdown. The post on 30th April 2018, with the Princesses from many lands...there is an unknown Princess with a request for identification. Its another picture of JFT223, one of the Swedish Princesses shown earlier in the post. They got moved around from time to time. Here's another retired Swedish Princess. Not sure where it is as its not my photo this time
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