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  1. A fair spread of opinion there but probably the majority advise being "sensible", and save the money towards a property, which is of course the "right" thing to do without a doubt. But I think we all know the feeling of obsessing about a car we've seen and either not being happy till we own it or else cursing yourself when someone else buys it. I'd say if it grabs you that much, go for it, but with your eyes fully open that it's going to cost more than you think to sort. Don't expect it to turn a profit. I'd be quite rich if I hadn't spent my life snapping up old shite that has grabbed me but
  2. Er, a car show?? Thought they weren't allowed?? All the usual ones around here have been cancelled this year.
  3. Ah thanks. Carbaba is kinda helpful but not as good as the tool you use. Never mind, I would only use it for curiosity's sake really. For instance my SLK has a non-transferable reg, so I conclude it once had a private reg on it. Would just be interesting to know what it was, that sort of thing. Just nosiness really!
  4. Firstly, thanks again to Mr Barrett for some amazing spottage. I'm convinced I must live in the wrong place; I never see that kind of stuff. Interesting background info there too, Mr LBF. Years ago a friend of mine imported a 64 VW notchback and it was given an L reg which was current at the time. Even back then it looked a bit incongruous. But what I really want to know is what website are you reproducing that info from? That would lead me to hours of wasted but pleasurable time in research, but I always thought DVLA didn't give out that information. Evidently they do, but where do I fin
  5. Morris Commercial. The Post Office used to own fleets of them.
  6. Trouble is it's extremely rare to spot anything even vaguely interesting. I never spot anything of that quality around here. So Mr Barrett sir, your spots ARE very much appreciated. Please keep them coming. This is by far my favourite spotting thread on here. Yes odd that there's interesting stuff in London. I've no reason to go there much these days, but always noticed that in pre camera phone days. My best spot in recent times was an abandoned Ford Pop in a side street somewhere opposite the entrance to Camden Market. It was a scene straight out of the sixties, but sadly no pic and I doubt
  7. LOL. I had this problem all the years I owned my Felicia Fun. Now the same with the Partner; they insist it must be a van. No matter what their advertising might say, they all have this "if it's not on my list it can't possibly exist" approach.
  8. Good choice, sir. You can't go far wrong with that.
  9. Blimey that looks suspiciously like Nikolodeon...or if not it's a very good copy!
  10. Apart from the fact that that looks bloody awful I've never understood the point of a flat bed with no sides. There used to be a VW splittie pickup around here that was the same, with no means of securing anything. I never saw it carrying anything and there was no way that it realistically could.
  11. I have the Partner version in lower spec. I envy your "luxuries" like the cubby holes and central armrest. I too only bought it as a mate was selling it cheap and it seemed "a handy bit of old tackle" (as my grandad would say) to have around. I didn't think I was particularly going to enjoy driving it, but I've grown quite fond of it and it's certainly proved its usefulness more than once.
  12. You may well have a point, sir
  13. Might well be of course. But wouldn't surprise me if they're not. I know of one of these in nice condition that sold for 12k! Much as I love them I'd be the first to admit there's no way they're worth anything like that.
  14. Yes unbelievable what these genuinely fetch now. I sold mine for four grand a few years back and thought I'd done well. I am an idiot!
  15. Sorry but I saw that at a show a while back and fell in love with it. I accept that this does not on any way detract from the above remarks and says an awful lot about me! (Luckily there is no more room here)..
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