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  1. ^I feel your pain. My experience has been pretty similar over the years and yet as soon as one has gone we find ourselves craving another. That said, I've just sold my last Estelle and am unlikely to own another for the reasons above.
  2. Every time I look at this thread it puts a warm glow in my heart and makes me think the world's not such a bad place, despite everything. Doesn't look like you've got the best of facilities there, which makes it even more amazing .
  3. Good grief! That's an awesome spot. I've owned one of those in the past too. It was hilarious to drive. (Though thinking about it, I haven't half owned some shit! )
  4. It certainly is! Must have taken some quick thinking to snap that! I've had a couple of those in the past.
  5. True😀. Of more interest to me is the Morris Minor in the row above. Can't believe my eyes as it belonged to an ex-colleague of mine back in the 90s. He bought it as a wreck and had it restored as a present to himself when we were made redundant.
  6. Sold: Felicia, Eunos, Peugeot, Estelle, Favorit. Bought: SLK, MX5, Kia I guess on balance that's a successful cull...kind of. Actual events attended: One (Autojumble at Aylesford...they got away with it by billing it as a "market" apparently). Actual driving done: Not much, though did squeeze in hols in Cornwall in the SLK between lockdowns.
  7. May I just add a massive well done for saving this. Having followed the stories about that garage I never imagined the Rover would be saved. It's the kind of heart-warming positive story we need just now. Brilliant!
  8. The DVLA plate selling site is a surefire time waster and far cheaper than commercial sites. I've actually bought a couple of their cheaper plates after a couple of sherbets and never actually transferred them onto anything. Good thing is you can retain them up to ten years for future use.
  9. Been making/thinking about making a few changes to the fleet of late. Earlier in the year I sold my solid but tatty Eunos and bought a rather nice NB. Much as I love the mk2, I almost immediately missed the mk1 character. Also almost immediately, another Eunos to the same spec/colour as mine but in lovely condition came up at an affordable price. I spent a couple of weeks umming and erring about it, you know, heart vs head etc, so by the time I'd decided to give the seller a ring it had sold. Still kicking myself. .....I've long rather fancied an Alfa 145. I think the idea of that lovely TS en
  10. Fully agree with your sentiments, Mr Barrett. I have had a soft spot for Standards since I was a child and my uncle had one. They always felt like the poor relation. I remember drooling over a grey Ensign in a used car lot and thinking how cool it was. A friend of mine had a P4 Rover back when they were in banger territory. I remember thinking how slow it was but the mechanical droning sound it made as it pulled away from the lights was just brilliant.
  11. A fair spread of opinion there but probably the majority advise being "sensible", and save the money towards a property, which is of course the "right" thing to do without a doubt. But I think we all know the feeling of obsessing about a car we've seen and either not being happy till we own it or else cursing yourself when someone else buys it. I'd say if it grabs you that much, go for it, but with your eyes fully open that it's going to cost more than you think to sort. Don't expect it to turn a profit. I'd be quite rich if I hadn't spent my life snapping up old shite that has grabbed me but
  12. Er, a car show?? Thought they weren't allowed?? All the usual ones around here have been cancelled this year.
  13. Ah thanks. Carbaba is kinda helpful but not as good as the tool you use. Never mind, I would only use it for curiosity's sake really. For instance my SLK has a non-transferable reg, so I conclude it once had a private reg on it. Would just be interesting to know what it was, that sort of thing. Just nosiness really!
  14. Firstly, thanks again to Mr Barrett for some amazing spottage. I'm convinced I must live in the wrong place; I never see that kind of stuff. Interesting background info there too, Mr LBF. Years ago a friend of mine imported a 64 VW notchback and it was given an L reg which was current at the time. Even back then it looked a bit incongruous. But what I really want to know is what website are you reproducing that info from? That would lead me to hours of wasted but pleasurable time in research, but I always thought DVLA didn't give out that information. Evidently they do, but where do I fin
  15. Morris Commercial. The Post Office used to own fleets of them.
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