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  1. Exactly. I got it into my head that I wanted an Audi TT (without selling anything else to make way for it, obs). Falling in love with it and driving it about didn't disappoint, but I (consciously) let myself be conned by a dodgy dealer into buying the worst example, telling myself it would be fine. That would've been ok if I didn't have six other cars to worry about, so reality soon kicked in when it started playing up so I sold it at a loss. That said, the very fact of buying it really cheered me up and I'm glad I experienced it, telling myself I'll have another "one day" (which means I'm bound to repeat the whole wallet-draining experience sooner or later).
  2. Ditto. Same here in every respect😄
  3. What an interesting and honest thread! +1 here for admitting to being a CA. I hate to think how much money I have wasted over the years...probably enough to buy a half-decent property. Yet I have no intention of changing, I shall continue to waste money in this way until my dying day. Even if I am compelled to give up driving I shall probably buy cars just to look at and sit in. The same old pattern will continue: take a shine to something advertised, to the point where I can think of nothing else....go and pay too much for it....gradually fall in love with it...spend a lot of money fixing it...then either A keep it for years or B move it on at a massive loss. In my case there is no cure, nor do I seek one. My default position in my brain is thinking about cars. For about forty years I have been "learning to play the piano". I have got nowhere because every time I sit at the thing I am bored within ten minutes and start looking online at car stuff.
  4. +1 for saying everything I've ever owned, but in particular rear-engined Skodas. Just got rid of my 23 year old mk1 TT due to its ever-growing list of issues, and come to think of it you don't even see so many of those around now either.
  5. I think the problem is the attitude of other drivers. There is always someone up your arse willing you to get that old banger out of the way, regardless of your speed. I would love to live in a part of the country that has open traffic free roads, instead of the manic south east. I agree there is also the sense of vulnerability. Both my Wolseley and my Eunos feel tiny against modern traffic.
  6. That's so sad and depressing. How does a cherished car like that end up in such a state. Reinforces the old adage that if you love a car, don't ever sell it. In my experience it's inevitably the kiss of death for it.
  7. Thanks for that post. I had no idea the Cord dies were used by these other companies in this way. More Googling required methinks. Every day a school day.....Btw this reminds me of another recent discovery (well it was news to me), namely that the Studebaker Golden Hawk (the one we all had a Corgi of) was also produced in a (hideous) Packard version.
  8. This is Autoshite. Therefore question does not compute😄. If pushed I was going to say Morgan Super 3 just for laughs...but I've just discovered the OTR price for those starts from £43k. I guess I'm +1 for a new MX5 then. If forced to buy something sensible, I'd have to approach it like buying a new white good, ie comparing costs etc, but with no enthusiasm.
  9. I inherited mine from my Grandad in 1983. He'd owned it from new and being elderly he never went anywhere. In a moment of impetuosity I sold it and it got written off a few weeks later.
  10. Even more depressing that the gist of these comments is true of pretty much anywhere nowadays.
  11. Agree. In fact I'd go further and say it's true of most British towns nowadays. Full of litter, closed down shops interspersed with charity shops and vaping emporiums, choked with traffic, slobby people who don't give shit, etc etc. I can't remember the last town I went to and actually thought "yes, this is nice". Most places nowadays I just want to get out of as quickly as possible.
  12. Don't get me started. The verges all around here are awash with litter of all sorts. It makes me feel physically sick to look at it and to think that people are such selfish inconsiderate slobs. Probably my number one pet hate to make me despair of humanity, though there are plenty more.
  13. Vauxhall Victor FE. Had one in my youth and now have massive nostalgia want. Trouble is decent ones when they do come up seem to be pushing £10k. Re the Polonez driving experience, having owned a couple (well, Caro's actually) I can confirm that it is precisely midway between said Victor and a Lada Riva.
  14. Off topic of headlight colour (I'm ambivalent about yellow lights) but that looks great. First time I've seen one that isn't NHS blue and that colour makes it look quite funky imho.
  15. That looks nice. I've had two of those in that colour and now I'm looking at that I wouldn't mind another. Only trouble I had was the vacuum operated central locking playing up and the heater blower causing a battery drain. Otherwise great fun (though I still prefer my MX5 if I'm honest). Also wasn't so keen on the tacky interior trim which looks nice but is a bit cheap and nasty and damages easily. Also, a minor point, but I always wished you could close the doors with say a cutout in the door armrest, instead of the grab handle quite near the hinge.
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