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  1. At last a small corner of the net where there's positivity amongst all the doom n gloom. Am just hoping I might get to one or two shows that might still be on before the year is out. Apart from that, anywhere that's not the local shop!
  2. Re that collection my sensible head always wonders why oh why do old eccentrics like that do that sort of thing?? But then I realize that he's probably no older than me and if I had any land I'd inevitably end up doing the same. I can see how it happens. I often wish I could have kept every car I've ever owned. Truth is, if I had, many of them would be in that state by now. As it is, the seven I do own are crammed onto the front garden/driveway. From the scenery in the background in a couple of pics, that's a fabulous location.
  3. Private plate (from the days before DVLA started selling them).
  4. Mine don't change simply because I never have dream cars per se. I am likely to start suddenly thinking about something on a whim/because I've seen one/because someone talks about something and I think hmmm... If I had money I'd end up with a completely random and probably ever-changing collection.
  5. Yes I think most age related plates issued to cover plate-rape and latterly made non-transferable are from remoter areas of the country where they still have a quantity of plates unissued back in the day. Incidentally the DVLA have clarified my original query: "I have clarified matters for you from our support department and the vehicle could have a cherished number assigned to it and that cherished number can be removed in the future. It is the plate that is deemed as non-transferable that could not be removed. I apologise for the confusion regarding this." This means we were all right all along and I have created this thread for nothingšŸ˜. Nevertheless it has confirmed that Autoshiters are on my wavelength and I need not have worried about seeming nerdy.
  6. Everything you're all saying was my understanding of it and I was expecting just to receive confirmation of this from DVLA. I understand that you can't turn a reallocated original plate into a "private" plate and the hypothetical reasoning behind this. But didn't know that any other reg that is subsequently transferred onto the vehicle ALSO becomes automatically non-transferable, which is what they seem to be saying.
  7. That's what I thought, guys. Even then I don't really see the point of making a modern style meaningless plate non-transferable as it's unlikely anyone would want to transfer it, though I suppose it's just a logical extension of what Kiltox describes above. What's more I have just transferred a private plate off another car and onto retention, the car has been reallocated its original reg and the V5 makes no mention of "non transferable". How do I tell the DVLA they're talkin bollocks? I do actually have an eye on a plate for it, but as I don't plan on keeping the car indefinitely I don't want to risk wasting money. Seems this whole subject is a minefield where the DVLA just make up rules on a whim as they go along.
  8. Ok, controversial I know as I'm guessing most on here will think that this is a subject for people with more money than sense and it's all a bit naff, and I tend to agree. Reason I raise it is the V5 for my Octavia is marked "non transferable registration". I've always wondered what this means and guess it's to do with the previous owner having a private plate on it which he transferred off before I bought the car, which was then reallocated its original reg by the DVLA. Curiosity finally got to me after several years and I've raised it with the DVLA. This is their reply: "It may help if I explain that you may transfer a private registration to this vehicle but once this is on the vehicle it will not be able to be removed. I am sorry I have not been able to provide a more favourable response". I have asked for further explanation, but it seems to me someone in these circumstances could spend money on a plate and the transfer to the car go ok, but then find it cannot be transferred off when the time comes (ok I know you're all saying more fool them!). Just seems a massive pitfall for the unwary that's not mentioned on the DVLA website nor any of the plate dealers I've skimmed through. Luckily for me it's all academic, but this could be a massively devaluing feature on an expensive/ high class motor.
  9. Spot on. This thread makes for thought provoking discussion but in the real world life is short. Just buy whatever car tickles your fancy and run it for as long as it continues to do so.
  10. It's a Morris Oxford, the later version of which became the basis for the Hindustan Ambassador. (The Morris Major was an Australian market car and was rather different). Anyway, where on earth do you live, Mr Bunglebus? Spotting any one of those vehicles would make my day. Never see anything vaguely interesting around here.
  11. Well done sir for taking part. I've the greatest admiration for anyone prepared to dice with modern traffic in a valuable and irreplaceable veteran. Yes that junction can be very dodgy, even in a modern car. Also I always think the veterans look very vulnerable at the bottom of the A23 where it widens out towards the junction with the A27. Idiots in modern cars make no allowances. I really hope safety concerns don't put the future of the event in jeopardy.... Anyway, I unexpectedly went to Staplefield to spectate. I was a bit disappointed at the lack of classics* parked round the green. Only a few years ago there was always a full blown informal car show but in recent years this has dwindled to only a few. Wonderful as always though watching the veterans come through. Then on to Madeira drive to see the stragglers arrive....again a real spectacle. An added bonus in Brighton was a duo called Fukushima Dolphin who were busking near the pier and were really fab...I was actually distracted from motor cars for a while! All in all a great day out.
  12. That looks bril. Thanks for posting. Is it a regular event?
  13. This whole thread is the very stuff of Hot Car mag, circa 1973. I used to drool over articles about this sort of stuff when I were a lad and knew no better. Earlier this year I made my first ever visit to the National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh. My impression was that there is still a thriving kit car scene, but it has moved upmarket with new mechanicals being required in expensive and sophisticated kits. No longer can you nail something together from an old Cortina and a few bits of fibreglass. I see no mention of Banham in this thread. They used to operate out of a small unit in Rochester but somehow produced a bewildering array of kits. The Banham Bat was probably the most bizarre (Google it).
  14. Am recently back from hols near Barcelona and didn't spot anything vaguely noteworthy in the wild. Did attend a car show which yielded old Fiat-style SEATs, old Renaults, and loads of American stuff.
  15. Indeed they did. I owned one such beast for a couple of years a while back but sold it in one of my regular getting real clear-outs. J275 SOC where are you now?
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