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  1. Good choice, sir. You can't go far wrong with that.
  2. skoda_fan

    my spots.....

    Blimey that looks suspiciously like Nikolodeon...or if not it's a very good copy!
  3. Apart from the fact that that looks bloody awful I've never understood the point of a flat bed with no sides. There used to be a VW splittie pickup around here that was the same, with no means of securing anything. I never saw it carrying anything and there was no way that it realistically could.
  4. I have the Partner version in lower spec. I envy your "luxuries" like the cubby holes and central armrest. I too only bought it as a mate was selling it cheap and it seemed "a handy bit of old tackle" (as my grandad would say) to have around. I didn't think I was particularly going to enjoy driving it, but I've grown quite fond of it and it's certainly proved its usefulness more than once.
  5. You may well have a point, sir
  6. Might well be of course. But wouldn't surprise me if they're not. I know of one of these in nice condition that sold for 12k! Much as I love them I'd be the first to admit there's no way they're worth anything like that.
  7. Yes unbelievable what these genuinely fetch now. I sold mine for four grand a few years back and thought I'd done well. I am an idiot!
  8. Sorry but I saw that at a show a while back and fell in love with it. I accept that this does not on any way detract from the above remarks and says an awful lot about me! (Luckily there is no more room here)..
  9. Just love that. Love these anyway and like the fact that it gives absolutely nothing away about what's up front. Be interesting to see more details...I was expecting to see at least an auto shifter in there.
  10. This thread is dreamer's paradise today! Another one I'd love as I've secretly fancied another ever since I sold the one I inherited from my grandad. Where is this one? Link doesn't seem to work.
  11. I'd love that if only for the privilege of sitting on that well worn seat and gazing in wonder at that dashboard!
  12. What's the origin of the pic in the OP? It has popped up in two or three places recently. Looks like the sort of thing that could become "worth" a ridiculous fortune to "collectors" in future.
  13. I think that exemplifies a lot of the problem. Take current issue of PC. On the cover: best soft top for 9 grand. (Like someone said above, who can afford that anyway?). Pics shown: MGB (natch) Alfa Spyder (ditto), Minor convertible (yawn), TVR etc. Also on the cover: VW bay, restored Healey, Interceptor buying guide....like we're going to rush out and buy one of those!. Admittedly somehow a Ka has crept on there too which is a bit more Autoshite. Yes, I'm left with the feeling that I've read it all a hundred times before. All the mags whose loss we're now bemoaning dared to feature stuff that was a bit more left field. But they're gone and PC is still here which I guess says it all.
  14. Agreed. Of course Covid isn't helping either. They are obviously struggling to put issues together now. I still subscribe to PC, but can read the interesting bits in three minutes flat. I'll prob cancel in due course if it doesn't improve. Btw what do others do with their mags once read? Bin them or hoard them? I'm a hoarder but often wonder why. They'll prob all end up in recycling one day.
  15. At last a thread for dreamers!! Pretty predictable I'm afraid, but I've always fancied a V8 Pop. Or a 70s style small van (Escort/Marina/HA) complete with sidepipes and Wolfies. My favourite custom of all time is the well-known Wolseley 1500, 620 LPH (plate now on a Porsche according to Doovla). I think this is because it was owned by a guy round the corner from me as a kid so I saw it change identity several times over the years from stock to a massive V8. The nearest I've got to owning anything vaguely like this was a Standard Ten I bought back in the 80s which had a Marina 1800 engine transplant. It was a right laugh but I eventually got rid as I didn't trust the engineering. The dearth of car shows this year is making me really miss seeing all this kind of stuff.
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