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  1. What a transformation. Love it. Well done. Who else would've bothered? I love stories like this.
  2. Damn I missed that as I was away. +1 thanks for posting all the pics.
  3. I'll be honest I hated these when they were new. Seemed to be the "sensible" choice for every old fart who had no interest in cars. My opinion has changed now that they're a relatively rare sight and I can see the appeal. A brilliant buy, well done. Always worth paying slightly over the odds to secure a nice example of something.
  4. I can't believe what I've read here. Amazing save. Brilliant.
  5. Featured in the latest PC mag. Built by a man who rejoices in the name of Friend Wood!?
  6. I'd have to be a total Philistine not to admire the vision, ingenuity and skill of the creators of all these machines. Nevertheless after viewing this thread not only are my eyes hurting but I feel a tad queasy.
  7. That's the same one as I mentioned above. Owner evidently soon got bored with it. It's an Apple 2000.
  8. Ah yes the Skoda Museum. Where someone had the bright idea in more recent years of stacking most of the cars up on "shelving" so you can't get near them or even see them properly. Was much better years ago.
  9. Good question. If I'm not careful it's whichever one is parked nearest the road at the end of the weekend, which then gets used most of the week cos I CBA to swap them around. If I'm feeling conscientious though I will swap them around so they all get some regular use.
  10. A dealer in Cambridgeshire had one for sale recently. Gone now though.
  11. That's all nuts. I had no idea. I'm not normally a lover of the later grille but it looks good on the Sportline. The seat treatment is similar to Monte Carlo editions of current models (I quite fancy a Citigo Monte Carlo). Weird how the trim in those Colour editions is like the "Frog Prince" trim in the Fun, but without the Frog, just the crown. I hadn't realized the Pacific wasn't just a one off. Words fail me on the "Harlequin"....even the dials are mismatched! I wonder how many were sold.
  12. Blimey didn't realize there are almost as many variations of Felicia as there are of MX5! Used the L&K for work today. I've fallen back in love with it.
  13. That's very honest. Don't worry mate I absolutely understand. I've been out for a run in the L&K today (having been all Mazda'd out over the weekend!) and am now feeling the same as you do about yours, ie what the hell am I thinking?! I'm now 90% convinced I'm going to keep her for posterity as I originally intended, unless I get an offer I can't refuse from the Czechs. I know where you're coming from and it's the reason I bought back the Silverline after I'd sold it and the reason I bought TPJ for an inflated price after I'd sworn to myself I was done with rear-engine Skodas (all of my previous ones I regret selling). They all just get under your skin.
  14. Hi Yoss. Thanks for coming up and it was a pleasure to meet you. Always nice to meet someone who appreciates my collection of old shite instead of the usual "why don't you get rid of that lot and buy a proper car" type comments from normal ie boring people! Your second photo clearly shows that the paint used on early Octavias was none too clever either. Not too worried about the Felicia as I won't be heartbroken if I "have" to keep it....though I have had some interest from CZ so she may end up returning home. G.
  15. Yes many thanks to egg for arranging a fab afternoon, to LBF for his encyclopaedic and genuinely fascinating knowledge of Invacars and to the collection owners for being so welcoming and friendly . I'm just sorry I wasn't there for the start due to OMG traffic chaos on the M20. I arrived as the lady was explaining the Velorex, It made me wish I had donated my example which I owned years ago to this collection instead of selling it. My bro who arrived by pedal power enjoyed it all too. And yes, the Jap Sherpa convertible in LBF's pic is mine; my recently acquired bit of summer fun.
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