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  1. Nice to see so many fine old commercials. And car of the show for me is that beige Landcrab with period goodies.
  2. Thanks for posting. I missed this as I went to the Bexhill one instead. But thanks to your many pix I feel like I was at Folkestone too. That yellow Zed at the top was for sale at a dealer a short while ago. Glad it's found a home. The Fiat should be in the "cars I never knew existed" thread. And wow...a Harrington Alpine!
  3. Funny how one's perception of cars changes as they (and oneself) age. I thought these were terminally tedious when they were new but that now appeals to me for some inexplicable reason. Appears to be in very nice nick and is loved enough to have the plate and badge. Like so many cars of that era, when did you last see one? I agree with the sentiment too.
  4. Weald of Kent show was surprisingly good I thought. I went to the Lullingstone "patina" show today as well. Quite a small show but some some nice stuff there albeit that most things were show-worthy rather than "patina'd" which I understood to be the point of the show.
  5. You should've done. I hate people like that.
  6. Keep it?? Selling a car is always a PITA. I recently went through a wobbly phase of trying to sell mine but gave up and decided to keep it. It's worming its way back into my affections and I'm starting to think it's all the car I really need.
  7. Perma-poppies wind me up more than they should. On a par with people who fly "Lest we forget" flags. Not that I disagree with the sentiment, far from it, but they just seem to shout "look at me I'm really patriotic and appreciate the sacrifices that have been made for me, unlike you, you selfish uncaring bastard".
  8. Uh oh....cue Mr LBF again...1...2....3........... Oh hang on, just noticed he's already liked😁
  9. Love it. Same age and colour as mine. I take it it's a 230?
  10. I'm glad Stuboy posted these pix because although I was there I don't remember seeing half of those cars. I guess either the sun got to me or I glazed over at so much modern Ford-ness.
  11. SLKs are for WINNAS😁
  12. Brill. I put my SLK into an auction recently because I came over all sensible, too many cars etc etc. It didn't sell which is a disguised blessing as I've now fallen right back in love with it.
  13. That museum looks right up my street. Loads of old stuff kicking about with no particular rhyme nor reason. Love it. Love that Amby too. I wanted to buy one years ago but by the time I'd finished umming and erring and actually rang the seller it had sold. Kicked myself for ages afterwards.
  14. Quoted to a mate when he was arranging to collect a recently bought car: "If I'm not here when you get here it's cos I've gone out".
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