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  1. AS spot of the year so far Shirley. Be thankful. Some of us have failed to escape from Medway.
  2. There's something deeply annoying about illegal spacing, especially when it makes no sense as is usually the case. WTF does "Pint V" mean? Are we supposed to know? If it were shown as P1 NTV it'd be quite cool.
  3. I like those for some reason. I think it's the puppy-eyed face and they're probably excellent at being a car. Wrong end of the country and too many miles though.
  4. Er yeh that makes perfect sense (I think).
  5. I don't even get that. Around here I just get total indifference and a feeling that I'm always in someone's way.
  6. S110R I've owned since the year dot. Resting since before covid times. I must get her sorted this year.
  7. More fool him. His loss. I've owned three of them in the past and loved them. Kinda wish I hadn't sold my last one.
  8. I know the feeling. Delights (to me) like Skoda Favorit, FSO Caro, Peugeot Partner and even SLK don't seem to cut it either!
  9. For years I drove virtually nothing but rear engined Skodas but have given up on them (bar the one I'll prob keep for ever) partly because I got sick of the remarks and in recent years the "but they're much better since VW took over" and then telling me how good the new K**** is. (Insert name of tedious modern Skoda blob with daft name beginning with K). Yeh I guess I'm a car fanatic but I don't talk about it in polite company for all the reasons given in this thread. Always makes me feel a bit daft and nerdy and as though I'm keeping my end up. Plus people find it boring. I'm also not sure about car clubs. I've belonged to a few but it tends to feel like a group of losers with whom I've nothing in common herding together to cover their nerdiness. I guess I'm just an antisocial bastard in a world of my own really.
  10. Ditto. Though it prob won't happen (I have no resolve).
  11. Many thanks for sharing that, it's invaluable (albeit it seems to limit to five look-ups a day). A Christmas gift indeed. I've now discovered that my Merc has had no less than six previous plate transfers. It may soon get a seventh cos I'm a nerd and this info makes me feel less guilty about changing originality.
  12. Now on an ageing Merc last MOT'd in 2010 apparently. (Yes I actually bothered to look it up. I need to get a life).
  13. Wow, just wow. I love it! Excellent buy. Quite the collection you've got there too. I'm in awe,sir. I've had no dealings with the "grumpy man" but you describe him just as I envisage him. You can tell from his ads that he doesn't suffer fools. Looking forward to more about the Austin. I often wonder when I look at ads what kind of home the car will end up in. This one's obviously found a good one.
  14. I think we can all identify with that! Or the even worse "My cars are all pissing me off for various reasons. Gotta do something about it. I know, I'll buy another one (without selling anything of course)".
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