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  1. Even more familiar, I brought it into the fold. Initially I was sad that it left the forum but it ended up bringing the owner here so a warm welcome! Oh and first dibs if you decide to y'know, get bored of it.
  2. Absolutely, trying to change an engine mount was a bastard though, it weighed a ton! The power output matched it's weight pretty well. The feeling of something the size of a cathedral shifting with such enthusiasm is quite alarming. On mine, the handbrake issue reared it's head, a series of panicky emergency releases, and re-engaging the system sorted it somehow. (aka monkey smashing all the buttons method)
  3. There's only one buyer for that, and he needs to come out of cryogenic freezing, pronto. @bramz7
  4. What news of the Alfa chief is it still serving you well?
  5. Is that some questionable paint matching from bumper to wing or just my eyes?
  6. I'd have charged a Lidl bit more for them personally. *and there was much groaning*
  7. Best wishes to you dj, I was hovering over the reply to this thread and I was going to wait until the new year before being a nag about the latest news.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1510691239124608/ @flat4alfa still got yours?
  9. I did like it but it's being sold by one of those frothing loons that have a union jack pole in their garden, just in case they or anyone else forgot what country they were in. Am oot.
  10. Stumbled across code BC20 for 6months for £19.99 for that new mag ^ remember it's direct debit incase it's shit.
  11. £545 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/798757910944141/
  12. Not sure if this counts. A hinge broke on the wife's ancient laptop and tape held for a while before I thought I'll make a new chassis for it... Ended up using a wooden artists box to transfer all the components, using tiny bits of dowel to make mounting points for the motherboard and a ply surround for the monitor. As is the way with my life, the reality never matches up with the image in my mind. Proper shit.
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