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  1. Anything with all that lest we forget shit slapped all over it. Particularly Vauxhall Vivaro delivery vans which are trying their hardest to die but their owners won't let them. Literally 454,000 people spinning profusely in their graves I tell you.
  2. I find it to be an abject failure of my cockney DNA if I return from the tip empty handed.
  3. We tried it for a school fundraiser concert flyer. Made the gig sound like you were going to be wanked off and reincarnated as Ringo Starr for £8.
  4. I feel like this is the makings of a half decent Christmas gift idea for me. Car Trope Guess Who.
  5. 5.4mpg better than mine, I always got 12.5 from it by going carefully to the shops or driving the tits off it at Snetterton. I don't remember a gear whine, but it was only on 19k miles. Best colour btw.
  6. I really like these miser spec "premium brands". Is that BASE?
  7. Boy am I glad that's an L
  8. Be the yolk of the town with this egg on wheels. https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/681560133819019/?ref=browse_tab
  9. Very good very nice, but analogue clocks! 🤢
  10. Interacting with a Sintra causes PTSD.
  11. Not car related but whatevs. How would YOU like to be the proud owner of a "Arm wrestling machine" toss-yourself-off-machine for £20? If this is the future of AI then bring it on. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1331902657736021/
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