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  1. Maybe use navigation on your phone with a solar charger to keep it topped up?
  2. *semaPHWOARS! Top buyage Mister, glued to the screen for updates.
  3. Can't say I've been involved in booster seats since then. I just remember mine from sitting in my dad's Opel Monza, had a thing for green cars ever since. Looked like this...
  4. Like a 90s Halfords booster seat?
  5. @Danterzza hats off to you Mister, it's nice to see something with a bit of class and that looks like a fine specimen. Is it for daily use?
  6. "You're not the highest bidder." Current bid £720.00
  7. I'd change it to Ali and watch the froth from a safe distance
  8. "You're the highest bidder."
  9. 13 quid for a slice of Italian Stallion doesn't sound salty to me, might be a slow roffle but it'll go.
  10. Are these any good? https://shop.alfisti.net/Tuning-Styling/Alfa-166/Brakes/Stainless-Steel-Brake-Pipe-Set::8513.html or https://www.alfaworkshop.co.uk/parts/166_Brake_Hose.shtml Saves on labour time being flexi, a bolt on job.
  11. That sounds like the brake as opposed to bearings, especially if it stops when pressed is there much meat on the pads?
  12. Sold by the same seller as that maserati 3500 ^
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