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  1. @Vince70 a year? I thought it was last owned on here back in 2016/17? By previous member @Station who I tried tracking by means of the next owner of his RX7 who contacted me to say he was planning to move to Canada. The mot ran out last Feb. But I'll search again!
  2. You tell a lot about what kind of car a man drives by his footwear.
  3. Mot history has stated the inner sills are made from that quality Asian steel.
  4. Front of a Supra with the back lights of a Sierra?
  5. I spy with my little eye our next collective mission...
  6. Tried it a lot as a postman, never worked out. I did get responses when I sent letters to houses in a particular area and none were listed for sale. Worked a treat.
  7. Who wants a green moneypit? https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/1999-bmw-z3-1.9-2dr/1357856041
  8. Nope, the first person who messaged came this morning and bought it. Probably a trader... Nuts.
  9. I'm messaging her now. Free train travel for me so distance isn't too much of a problem! Could be steering pump, maybe even top mounts not sure yet.
  10. @Aston Martin There's an orange alessi on Facebook for 400 quid, Brighton. Have you seen it?
  11. Kringle

    Wedding Car

    Phwoar, if only you was in the south west, i'd have that for mine in September. I saw an SEL inside Tallinn airport's terminal and liked them ever since.
  12. Don't miss out because of my father ted gif!
  13. Oh nice, Feck for a numberplate unmolested too. So, you've got an Impreza, 45 and 760 on the fleet now?
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