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  1. Oxymoron of the year. Anyone wish to save me from myself?
  2. Hmm I wonder what else he's selling...
  3. Hang on let me check my copy of giffer weekly... Ah ha! Or
  4. Drop him a line. Could only be a couple of hundred away or he'll be happy to let it go if you're straight up with him and quick to pay and collect.
  5. Get yourself a slice of that spring sunshine! Autoshite style. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/558670212146932/
  6. I'm sorry but was there a Lady Pleasure Hygiene Pack option in the brochure?
  7. So it's fucked but that's the going rate for an MOT under the table?
  8. I spend my life researching myself out of a purchase, it's crippling but welcome to the club.
  9. "A Monza for 800 euro groats" Autoshite:
  10. Oh christ he's given it a dodgy mot, I didn't even notice that!
  11. So after a house move I stared at this bloody thing for two years and I stuck it on the Facebook members group as a last chance saloon and it was gone for 400 quid in a day. Clearly the guy has seen it up close and realised it's a shitbox and wants nothing to do with it. Although I am saddened as he owned a body shop and I thought that would be the place for its best chance of survival. He's taken the autoshite sticker out of the back window. 1/10
  12. Manta, manta, Monza, Carlton, Carlton. And yet I don't like Vauxhalls.
  13. That's mega, although the guys lungs at 29:55 probably wouldn't agree. I was watching the whole thing expecting horrible accidents to happen at any minute.
  14. What's the gearstick about? Some kind of encrusted jizz moulding of Anneka Rice?
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