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  1. Try streamyard, browser based, will do a record only, dead simple to use..
  2. Camper on MOT system, last Motd 2006 so probably awaiting resto in a barn somewhere.
  3. Glad to see it stay in the fold, I enjoyed my time with it, only sold due to first lockdown..
  4. Just popped up on Hubnut Fans fb group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1961589207481678/permalink/2651674561806469/
  5. A view from the frontline@Barry Cade ?
  6. Come on, tell the full story, it's cos they make u look like Bono... With or without yoooooo
  7. Latest entries on the members map looks doubtful.. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1C3CdAkb2HLYPtxB5TY8v5mFgK0S4MJGt&ll=56.420869309107275%2C-3.813373340679891&z=7
  8. Spent about an hour trying to change the cabin filter on the C4GP, what an utter **** It's in two parts and fits in the matrix housing in the centre of the dash, I'm sure if you've got a LHD one it's a doddle however impossible to feed through the peddle box, steering shaft, managed to get the old one out which a garage had mashed in however I only managed to get one half back in the other one is in the glove box where it will be staying!
  9. Peugeot 306 FTW! No 1 - cost minus £950 - Bought for £300 from a mate with 252k on it, did another 30k in 18m then someone went into the back of it and wrote it off, insurance pay out £1250.. No 2 - cost minus £50 - Given free as as a project for Smollest FL, unfortunately made mostly of bran flakes, scrapped, got £50 on top of delivery cost
  10. 10k on a 3yr old Passat in 2001, sold for 4k two years later and bought a 2yr old Gooner 2, both financial disasters, haven't spent more than 5k since
  11. I only drove it from MK to Stafford when Cats won it but my findings.. Drops into gearbox limp mode which keeps it in 3rd Difficult to start when hot, very sluggish to turn over but gets there eventually PAS leak Wiper motor was in boot, problem was worn out linkage which I fixed with strategic cable ties. - some of these may have been fixed in the intervening couple of years but worth a check.
  12. Didn't these have the most horrendous cupboard door handle fitted on the boot?
  13. This is a thread of future win! Glad to see it in safe hands..
  14. Just watching the Sunbeam video. Lovely car All around where I grew up, as a 17yr old in a Mk3 Escort I didn't half get a hoon on down those lanes.. + many near misses and a bump.
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