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  1. Am I right in thinking there is a Nissan Stagea behind Betty on Southampton Docks, if so ironic that that a Stagea is one of the latest drive videos..
  2. Interestingly I had some Japanese made tyres fitted today, the Falkens I usually get had gone up £20 a corner due to changes on import taxes on Chinese goods apparently...
  3. Just picked it back up, MOT'd, Serviced, Air con regassed. Old pollen filter minging! Even had a mini valet.. The garage I've started using has an interesting selection of cars knocking about.. Sorry some pics upside down!
  4. The man from the ministry he say - Yes! Pretty good for a 20 year old Merc..
  5. SlK MOT & Service day - 8 litres of oil!
  6. Just been taking up some carper that been down donkeys years and found it had been put down on old newspapers, plenty of gems to be found, I'll bring them with me if anyone wants any, found articles on 205, BX, 305, Merc 190 + many adverts..
  7. 407 heater problem - powered flaps break off the control motor and the flaps stick in pulling air through the matrix..
  8. Maxi, looks tidy for the money.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1102505580159600/?ref=facebook_story_share
  9. Stop the Internet- I've won today.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/502726924380932/
  10. Like I said on fb use a Shimano gear selector, comes with the cruise control option..
  11. My two penneth - In my view firmly drive it till it breaks, essential basic maintenance and quick DIY jobs, if the clutch gives out meh! Could go tomorrow, could go many thousands of miles. If it gives out:- A - You are never going to be without transport. B - There is always something around here which will fill the gap and is probably as much of a known quantity as the C5, maybe the Vel Shatis, a Picasso, always an Ovlov or two knocking about, who knows.. C - Miss HN very much seems to be an enabler so no need to worry about the "Told you not to buy rubbish old cars, why can't we have a nice Aldi like them at no 22.." D - If you fix it you'll probably swap it for something else in the next 6 months anyway and lose your investment. TL:DR - drive it till it breaks, plenty of decent choices always about for replacement when the inevitable happens..
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