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  1. Have you had a look at the New Retro Blaupunkt range like the Bremen!
  2. Given in and booked the Merc in with a specialist to at least diagnose terrifying fault and give it a good look over, I await the prognosis (and cost of repair)
  3. My Mum had one identical to the blue mk2, lovely thing especially to my 10year old self. Remember my Dad touching 120 in it on an A road..
  4. Anyone know what the definitions of modern or unexceptional is? Is 2001 SLK Modern or unexceptional? What about 2003 Citroen C3?
  5. Citroen had a go with the C4 Lounge, does look comfy in the back, just missed the executive Market tho..
  6. If its cheap as chips, decent MOT then you can't go wrong, run it for while then cheap roffle, saves another automotive oddity from an uncertain fate and brings another motor into this community. 👍
  7. I remember looking at these when they were almost new, quite fancied one..
  8. Update time. Mazda 3 - currently having new tyres fitted due to worn to cords on inner edge + tracking & further diagnosis, otherwise going well at 152k miles C4GP - Looking a bit sorry for itself, needs dpf cleaning / replacing, keeps going into limp mode, needs a good service and some attention to bodywork.. might be due for replacement soon, its had a good innings 188k miles R170 SLK320 - Recently woken from hibernation, bodywork needs attention to stop the rot, needs bsi diagnosis and possibly Yaw sensor replacing due to random locking of front offside wheel by BAS/ESP system which certainly keeps you awake.. 122k miles
  9. They've only had it a few days, was sold by a friend of mine a week or so back. He bought it off a retired English teacher who moved to France 10 years ago and took it with him, my friend got it shipped here just before Christmas and only got it UK plates a few weeks ago.. It's a fun little thing.
  10. Ooffftttt! Loved these as a teenager, they really stood out..
  11. Loving this..https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/994443464776037/?ref=facebook_story_share
  12. ZX aura 1.9D non turbo AUTO Only 80k miles and looks spotless.. Full on giffer AS spec
  13. Extra points for bird in flight shot..
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