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  1. Think this was @Schaefftone 3.0 v6 exec, went to @flat4alfa, I took it up north in a thunderstorm with the wiper motor in the boot and loosing its pa's fluid to @catsinthewelderwho won it in a roffle and ran it for a while, now owned by @Six-cylinderand @Andyrew
  2. Could you bring me back some merc fuel filters from Andyrew which are in the barn?
  3. 1990 BX St Tropez 1.4 only 34k miles... £3500.
  4. There is a Cafe that was pretty reasonable last time we visited at Bridnorth where we had breakfast, watched the choo choos, some did catch a train down to Bewdley and back.
  5. Patiently waiting at the garage while the MOT is being done. Think the oil leak may be it's undoing.. ST08XMC
  6. I started working for a local hifi dealer in early 1990 as a Saturday job, business was good he had just opened his second shop, he had recently taken delivery of his first brand new car, A 480ES turbo, lovely car. Unfortunately there was one major flaw, the boot of the Volvo could just about fit a boxed pair of bookshelf speakers, a decent pair of floorstanders and the rest of the system had no chance, if lasted another few months before he gave in and p/x for a ex demo 740 estate..
  7. Holy Thread Resurrection Batman! Is it time to Resurrect the Midland Massiv New Year's Day Trip out to Severn Valley Railway? @chaseracer
  8. And this one's better than your current one.... 😂😂 P.s rong Fred m9
  9. @Pat Earringsis West Mids and I believe has invested in some decent diags kit.
  10. Paging @Six-cylinderto the slightly less than pristine Lancia availability hotline.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/619081919567069/
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