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  1. Salty 106Gti - £10k https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3255553311207016/?ref=facebook_story_share
  2. Paging @Six-cylinder and other Alfa Lickers to the beige vehicular sourcing hotline. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/176813203958382/
  3. Tidy looking Primera Ooh, Luxury Primera.. Eh up... Woah!
  4. I had a DT50 when I was 16, did 25 miles a day on it, most of them in a 60 zone with my head down on the tank, after a number of tweaks it would top out a 42 (mate had one that would do 48) mine needed the head rebuilding every couple of thousand miles.. (but a weeks worth of riding for £1.70 - Happy days
  5. Welcome @Symjack sadly @bramz7hasn't knocked around these parts for a while and when he did he was prolific in the speed at which cars came and went. You can find him on Instagram as Bramzcars
  6. We've got the thing where all calls are screened, when someone calls they have to say who they are before it rings our end it seems like dodgy calls have dropped right off, you can add friends and family to a safe list so they come straight through..
  7. In a moment of madness I checked all my tapes away about 12 years ago..
  8. Arse! At least not too difficult to change..
  9. The world as I see it has become a lot more politicised and polarised in recent years mainly due to Bre*it with all sides believing they are right in the real world this caused real friction so I for one see the need to try and keep things sensible here, everyone can bemoan "its not how it used to be" but the world isn't either, if many of these discussions had continued unabated we could have lost far more members than if politics had been allowed to pervade almost every thread. I'm with @Ghostythe rest of my life is full of politics and its nice to come here for some respite from it, we
  10. Just watched this bloke buy a Y plate 206 for £200, give it a service, quick touch up and a polish and sell it for £1399!! Who the chuff gives £1399 for a 20yr old Peugeot...
  11. Have you got a cd player one? fiesta ones got a broken eject button so stuck with the disc it came with..
  12. 1985 SD1 - Paging @Motownto the beige courtesy phone please . https://www.facebook.com/groups/retrocarparts/permalink/4308774465805671/
  13. We've had ours coming up 13 years, been brilliant, now @Smoll Floatylight's bodywork still brilliant at 18yrs old. Very comfortable for a small car (SX spec)
  14. Is this a first? Alfa Mito for £450... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/453541782421370/
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