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  1. Is this with you now @Split_Pin? Turning into a bit of an AS bike..
  2. On a similar note son had an amazon delivery yesterday, they sent him a pic of where they'd dumped it, a brown paper bag perched on tip of the half full, open waste cardboard bag. Who could of possibly predicted that MrsFL would add a load of cardboard to the bag, thankfully emptying all the cardboard back out revealed the unopened package at the bottom.....
  3. 10k miles in on the S203 after 8 months Now on 184k In that time it's had:- Front & Rear Drop links and ARB bushes Front tyres (Toyo Proxes) Rear Springs Inner & Outer rack ends Front o/s lower arm Starter motor Filters & oil Still needs new shocks and rear tyres shortly Currently doing Swansea and back every week (340 miles) So it's cost a few quid (about £900) but it's a comfortable place to be, does around 40mpg and most of those 10k have been for work on 45p mile so no complaints, only grumble is some moron delivery driver bent up the wing for me about a month after I got it
  4. Maybe put together a list for each car along with estimated time, cost and skill level then you can plan what to do when you do have some spare time you can make a decision to crack on with something productive. To be honest I've found it difficult this year to keep on top of things and I've got garages to do things I could of done and I've only got 4, don't know how I would get on with a fleet your size, maybe its time for some rational decisions.... Will pray tho 🙏 😉
  5. Nope it's just AVERAGE even says so on the dash, the Voxhall Average, describes all of them since the Cavalier..
  6. Offered me a free breakfast (which work had already paid for)
  7. That's why I did because I didn't want to either leave it or put it in the bin in case they thought it was mine (I've got to come back every week for the next few months)
  8. Stopping away at a Premier Inn and found this under the bed, (empty box) just put it on the reception desk, staff speechless....
  9. Here's one of the other 9... https://youtu.be/6IdywoySEvs?si=8Hn0OGErXyz5-C6X
  10. Time for the MOT on MrsFL's Xc60, on the ramp now. Prace Bets Now! NL62OVH for those interested..
  11. The Mk1 Astra looks great, always loved the look of the Exp and the Celebrity as a kid, one was two tone black and silver the other black and gold. Mum had a three door 1200s which I learnt to drive in and out of the garage aged about 12.. Halcyon days (until I caught the rear arch on the door frame!)
  12. So sorry to hear this, deepest condolences to you all
  13. On the motorway this morning the thought occured - What's the longest running model name? Initial thoughts Astra - 1980 But trumped by Passat - 1973, got anything earlier?
  14. I think what you've got there is Blingo Bingo
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