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  1. Bluebird! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/371581510912995/
  2. Yeah, not bad at all, tracking must be a mile out, tyres have only done a thousand miles!! Was going to get the tracking done anyway as the wheel is off centre, hopefully with that done the tyres will do another year. Also planning on cleaning up the bodywork a bit, mopping & polishing it and doing oil & filter
  3. Fail! But not too bad for a 22yr old Ford, parts being priced up..
  4. Second MOT in a week! Fingers and toes crossed that SmollestFL's Mk4 Fiesta isnt too crispy in the sill and rear wheel arches.. More to follow....
  5. Must be quite a rarity now... Sd1 2300 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/359342168573594/
  6. Special edition silver / green 318i £250 or offers (No front seats)
  7. It's a pass! No mention of corrosion which is encouraging on a 13yr old Mazda
  8. Brilliant, replacement ordered! Cheers!
  9. If she comes unstuck try contacting JCWI - Joint Council for the Welfare o Immigrants, they do some good work in this area or contact www.settled.org.uk which is run by an ex colleague of mine..
  10. An RS inverter buried in that lot.. Bet that was a few quid..
  11. No aircon fitted! Will try and get into a scrappy at the weekend but none round here lettering anyone in..
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