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  1. Could be good for someone?
  2. There's a joke in there somewhere...
  3. So chopping the springs and split rims next then..
  4. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/news/business/popular-stoke-trent-taxi-firm-5378169 Hope they've done their due diligence, good chance they've paid millions for a fleet of very leggy Avensis and Almeras..
  5. I found that with the Fiesta I had, great to be able to have a go and not be that concerned if the result wasn't great, allowed me to learn.
  6. Hairnet bannister to the naughty corner for being a wuss and having the top up..
  7. I promised @Six-cylindersome pics of the 306C in idyllic summer scenes..
  8. Bit of minor tinkering has taken place with 6c's 306 Convertible, stereo now saves settings and doesn't light up like a drug induced disco experience on startup and knackered speakers replaced.. Next the ABS warning light (anyone nearby (Stafford) got a code reader that's likely to get abs codes?
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