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  1. So, garage quoted 2 days labour to patch it up to MOT standard. Found someone else who will cut out and replace inner and outer sills and do a few other bits for less so it's going off to him at some point. In the meantime I'll deal with the other failure points today's fun and games replace a front spring, track rod end and arb bush. Went out at lunchtime and sprayed everything with plusgas and started freeing off bolts, came out after work and finished it off, only sticking points were undoing the top nut as my cheapo mains ugga dugga seems to have destroyed its gearbox and getting to the 3 bolts at the top of the strut as they are behind the dashboard. Had to cut off the droplink but ordered new ones anyway.. No pics as forget/raining/twitch about doing a spring, good news still got ally fingers, head, balls etc.
  2. Would of thought this should be worth way more than £500 when you've finished with it based on the current market
  3. Thanks for the hospitality Mr & Mrs 6C lovely day as always. Great to chill out, faff about amd drink coffee😃
  4. Sad times with the planned transit camper conversion project. MOT spectacularly failed on rust on inner / outer sills, steps, rear suspension mounts, bushes, bosted front spring.. how can something are in 2011 be so rusty! Garage have quoted £800 for two days labour to patch it up + other parts so not viable, considering either moving it on or doing all the prep myself and seeing if I can get someone to weld it back together with replacement panels, any volunteers for beer tokens?? Thought not... Other option is selling spares / repairs... shame as I've just done rear discs/pads, bought a second set of wheels /tyres amd done a few other bits & bobs, got to be worth £1k... Decisions decisions, any wisdom appreciated, cut my losses or press on.... DU11XML for anyone bothered to have a look..
  5. Still waiting for a call from the garage with a price to a) patch it up to get it through an MOT b) do a proper job, replace the sills, step etc. Expect the cost of labour going to put either into the not viable category. Any crazy sparkly stick wranglers want to volunteer for beer tokens & lols if I do the prep? Thought not!
  6. Brilliant, can you share the link direct, too good not to share!
  7. Mmmm, camper conversion project in doubt... A price being put together..
  8. Now back on the drive and dropped the transit off for a front spring and MOT which will be done next week. Spent over a month considering doing the spring at home and couldn't work up the enthusiasm so I'll let them do it..
  9. Pretty well considering. A couple of years ago I did some work on the rear suspension and whilst I had the arch liners out I gave everything a good clean and a coat of Bilt Hamber Dynax, also did inside the sills, and rear subframe. I definitely think that helped. Its starting to go on the rear arches, should probably try and do something about the rear arches.. In other news, just needed a bulb to pass.. an excellent result.
  10. Mazda 3 due on the MOT ramp at 11.. KD57VMM for anyone at a loose end..
  11. Early 90's we used do this on our works car park which was next to a college, right in the drivers line of view with permanent spray mount
  12. Anyone coming to the FOD this weekend or next who could pick something up from @castros_bronear Guidford for me?
  13. It's a PAT tester, smaller than a cabin size suitcase..
  14. Anyone able to Shitely assist from Guildford to either FOD (for 13/14th Sept) or Stafford?
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