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  1. Simply on ebay just now...
  2. So I just dont understand this stuff anymore and that's after a 40 year career of shite buying and selling. Daughter needed a cheap car, so found a v nice 54 plate Clio, 60,000 service history and long mot, drives perfectly bought for £400. Crazy cheap. Son needs to sell his C1, 10 plate, super condition and v low miles, so I sell it easily for £2000. For a 10 year old supermini, crazy expensive. Wanted to buy a nice old 1991 french saloon, 100,000 and no mot, they want £4000 for it. Crazy crazy expensive. Selling my 1976 CX, paid to much for it, then spent the thick end of £4000 on it, now trying to get £3000 for it. About right... When every piece of crap in a barn is more. Crazy...
  3. My, now sold early base 14 and my for sale late full monty turbo diesel...
  4. My old one, now fully restored, dash change model...
  5. Now on latter style wheels with good half worn tyres...
  6. After the thick end of 20 years of Multipla driving, in 4 different ones and over 250,000 miles, its all coming to an end. Fed up of dirty diesels I bought this low, 55,000 mile petrol in Jan this year. So here is a very half arsed attempt at getting rid. Super black/ dark purple metalic with tidy red interior. Marks and dents all around and a couple of rust blisters. Drives well, with a few knocks from the front suspension of course, and the beginings of an exhaust blow. The big problem is someone screwdrivered both front door locks and the plip does not work, so to lock you open the back door and press the door button down. Then to get in use the key to open the tailgate, lean in and unlock the door. Or buy a new lock set. Just need it gone, short test and get you home tax until end of July. £300 to strong? More fun than you might think.
  7. Le bon coin is not just for cars...Just saying...
  8. Wow, simply the best thread ever on here, more Renault 4's please... You might want to consider selling the formula 1 stuff, there is a egar market for these kind of unseen images.
  9. Get it done! Paperwork is easy, just make sure you get the French log book. Over there collecting this in a couple of weeks, bought off Le bon coin.
  10. Its not looking that way! Will have to sell some stuff to make up the dosh and free up space though...
  11. Door always an option and yes 6v, 3 speed, 1962, so yearnewer than me...
  12. So it happens occasionally, a Frenchman sells to a Brit! Its a perfect addition to the other R4's here at capsule towers. 1962 all original, up and running, although I will pick it up on a trailer as the last time I tried driving back the car ended up being recovered and we jumped ship and flew back from Limoges. Will keep you updated...
  13. Well my offer of delivery is out as the Avantime tow car has just spat all its power steering fluid out and parts are being sort. Multiplas still here though if you want it...
  14. My old 07 plate Fiat Multipla has a dpf.I know that coz the bloody thing is always giving trouble! Its got a perfect body and interior, runs well with less than 90,000 on it from 2 owners. But needs some bits for the MOT, rear arm bearing and tyres, plus its due a service. The best news is I live in Birstall and it can be super cheap. £300 sound interesting, oh and could even deliver it next Thurs if you need as I have a hired trailer that day...
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