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  1. I've had one out by hammering a larger torx bit into it. Can also get a chisel and knock a groove into it then try and hammer it out counterclockwise.
  2. A grand night as always and good to see you all. Hope to see our contingent of cross border shiters again soon.
  3. Good to meet you @sdkrc Glad you made it back, I birled round in the bus stop and tried to hang about the vicinity to make sure you got going, probably the worst place along the route you could have come a cropper. You were not a popular man on that slip road! 😂
  4. Great work on these @brownnova cover page looks great.
  5. Have had a wee squint, few things I can see similar on list price; Fiat Panda 1.1 Active (Wasn't introduced until 53 plate) - £6152 Seat Arosa 1.0 S - £5870 Skoda Fabia 1.2 Classic - £6870 Hyundai Getz 1.1 GSI - £6870 All much better cars. In addition, Citroen were having a fire sale on the last of the Saxo's around that time, you wouldn't have been a kick in the arse off a 1.4 Saxo Furio for £6.5k, although not reflected in list prices of the time.
  6. Brownnova x 1Fumbler x 1 Craig the Princess x 1Garythesnail x 2Billybunter x 1Datsuncog x 1BL Bloke x 1Xtriple x 1Saabnut x 1Catsinthewelder x 1puddlethumper x 1Six-cylinder x 1blguy1975 x 1jamhowe x 2GM x 1Stinkwheel x 2adw1977 x 1Semi-C x 1barefoot x 1Supernaut x 1sporty-shite x 1dozeydustman x 1MorrisItalSLX x 1Asimo x 1castros_bro x 2red5 x1chaseracer x1garycox x2djoptix x 2I_am_Diesel x1 (Thank you)agw9262 x 1Clayts450 x1RobT x1Vulgalour x1Fat_Pirate x1Captain_70s x1 davidfowler2000 x 1 Davehedgehog31 x 1
  7. Set up a search alert on Gumtree and eBay for ML cats. If it shows up we'll go round and pull the cunts fingernails out.
  8. A good evening was had, good to put a face to the name @eddyramrod, hope you can make it to Scotoshite or something one month.
  9. I would have a less significant overdraft.
  10. Remembering bornite. May his soul rest in peace. Goodnight sweet Prince x
  11. These are tremendous cars. Top work on the servicing, satisfying doing little jobs like that yourself. Save money and have peace of mind it was done correctly. I've had two C1s and will absolutely have another. Really fun and capable little things. The engine is a peach and tremendous on fuel. If you ever find yourself down the central belt you'll be welcome at our little meeting, last Wednesday of the month;
  12. Will it fit? Load lugger Handsome basturt Frugal
  13. Would have been rude not to make it up to one a month...
  14. A pass with advise on front brake pads wearing thin.
  15. Has power steering light extinguished? These are magic. Should go well.
  16. So at the turn of the year I had a fleet of; Red 405 - Love this car, won't be going anywhere for a long time. Saab - Still have this but shortly to move on to a new shiter. Has been a good car, but I've lost my mojo a bit so good for someone else to get enjoyment from it. Astra - Now with @blackboilersuit who has really given it a good home C1 - Sold to @Kiltox , would definitely have another. White 405 - This has been passed around the forum quite extensively since. Bought it from a chap on Gumtree with a weeks MOT and in dire need of TLC. Got it tested and it's moved on a couple of times. Arrivals; MGF - This was a basket case. Cubed. C5 - This was a nice car actually but always a bit persnickety with me. Wish I'd given it a bit more of a chance; Blue 205 - Still on fleet. Possibly my favourite car I've ever owned, it's fucking tremendous. 1.8D and handles like a dream. Very solid for a 205. Red 205 - Not quite as sterling an example of the breed. Now with @Saabnut Polo - Now with @jaypee, It wasn't french. 607 - Still fucked. Hoping to regain mojo toot suite.
  17. Good to meet you too chief, glad the 205 is getting a chance at life. It's blue friend is quite confused now.
  18. I'm on a work outing, left Glasgow yesterday headed for Inverness in the 205 of win. Decided to take the scenic A82 route. The drive through Glencoe never gets old and with the low window line of the 205 you really feel like you're in amongst it. From here I'm heading across to Aberdeen to stay the night, work there tomorrow and down the road on Friday. The 205 isn't bad at distance and was great fun on the twisty sections. The fact you're driving pretty much flat out most of the time makes it all the more fun.
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