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  1. Conrad Conelrad and I had a splendid Drive It Day on the LAC St. George's Day Rally. There was a good turnout of various cars.
  2. Always via the relay. It was a late 1940's car upgraded gradually over the years. The 1000 model we are concerned with employed two types of indicator switches. The first from the 1000's introduction in 1956 until 1959 was a combined horn and trafficator switch which received a lot of criticism, so it was replaced with the now familiar green (or early orange) illuminated stalk operating trafficators/indicators only, and the horn push was moved to the centre of the steering wheel. Then the trafficators were dispensed with and the American system adopted (already used for many years on export Mi
  3. No, Morris were one of the last to abandon trafficators in 1961 and henceforth used white front red rear indicators until 1964 on the Minor. To operate the indicators with brake lights (using the same 21w filament) a Lucas DB10 relay is needed which complicates the wiring if planning to retrofit. The indicator stalk with green end is the same. My 1962 station wagon uses this system and nobody following has ever failed to understand which way I want to turn.
  4. You use the L488 bulb holder and rubber and the L489 lens. Alternatively you reinstate the trafficators and fit flashing LED's.
  5. The switch is a panel light switch for the higher trim level Leyland cars. Ital, late Princess etc.
  6. I have been following this thread and your work is very impressive. I expect the panel lamps will be 2.2 watts. The holes look like they will take the larger glass size of a 5 watt bulb, which I have used before and make a considerable difference. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MES-12V-5W-Screw-In-bulb-E10-New/131815315935?hash=item1eb0ce19df:g:zwAAAOSwwZtaaQYQ Independent control of the panel lights, whether by a dimmer or simple on/off switch is a great feature and the idea is to switch them off when travelling along dark unlit roads to avoid glare and distraction. Old ca
  7. To paraphrase Junkman, Mercedes-Benz are a commercial vehicle manufacturer who make a few cars on the side. Once you accept this you will be much happier. Merecedes-Benz cars are taxis.
  8. Very smart of you to post this when the deadline for entries is today.
  9. 1. Brownnova 2. clayts450 3. davidfowler2000 4. skattrd 5. chaseracer 6. catsinthewelder (probably) 7. strange angel 8. Ghosty 9. Beko1987 (probably) 10. Sporty-shite (with junior_sporty) 11. Dollywobbler 12. Snagglepuss´╗┐ 13. Fumbler ((With Brother_Fumbler) Probably) 14. cms206 15. eifion 16. Squire Dawson
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