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  1. Very smart of you to post this when the deadline for entries is today.
  2. 1. Brownnova 2. clayts450 3. davidfowler2000 4. skattrd 5. chaseracer 6. catsinthewelder (probably) 7. strange angel 8. Ghosty 9. Beko1987 (probably) 10. Sporty-shite (with junior_sporty) 11. Dollywobbler 12. Snagglepuss´╗┐ 13. Fumbler ((With Brother_Fumbler) Probably) 14. cms206 15. eifion 16. Squire Dawson
  3. Beko Sam I will give you a lift if you want. Don't want anyone to miss out, I have plenty of spare capacity in the car.
  4. Good stuff. Not necessarily the Hubnut way - but - worth calling Autosparks if needs be.
  5. If they were all listed on eBay from different areas of the country they would be laughed at for the worthless junk they are, if they were even deemed worth crowing about in the first place. Just because the site has some 'legendary' status does not change the fact that they are all still hopeless pieces of shit which ought to be stripped and cubed at the soonest opportunity. There are loads of well preserved examples of each of these cars and when they come up for sale hardly anybody gives a wank. Get over yourselves FFS, its hardly a treasure trove.
  6. Good-o. I just use Bluecol or suchlike as its always been. No purple berry scented nonsense for me.
  7. I'll be there. Conrad Conelrad has kindly volunteered a lift. If he's early I may well rope him in to help bleed Humber brakes...
  8. Great stuff. I don't know much about motorcycles, though I'd heard of them being prop-driven, I've never seen one. Fantastic.
  9. Take the cover off. It's only held in place by a single grubscrew. There is likely to be a sticker inside with the voltage stated. This Pontiac would undoubtedly have left the factory with Autolite or AC Delco horns, high and lo note working together. I have a Clear Hooters low note here someone has pinched a contact from, I will eventually repair as it promises to be a real manly bellower.
  10. I see the little horn. Is the bracket to the right of it for another horn? When you get chance, horn video please. Best I ever heard were the twin Delco horns fitted to a Victor F, proper low rock n' roll note.
  11. If you don't mind I'll pop round and try them out.
  12. I have been busy, exhaust manifold replaced, chassis and inner wing painted where I cleaned all the grime off the brake fluid damaged area, and divers other jobs my addled brain cannot recall. Today has been one of those appalling days where everything was hard to do. I replaced the radiator and the bitch fought me every inch of the way. The space is really limited, and the radiator frame is just out of alignment with the stud holes, probably from when it was rebuilt. The bottom hose is a pita to fit and you have to manipulate the whole rad which weighs a ton, whilst bent double. A terrible procedure, without doubt the worst task on this car. Son of a bitch drew blood. I was about to take the sledgehammer to it until I realised an old screwdriver would work better, just so I could spring the frame enough to get the bolt started in its thread. Most of what I have been doing people will never realise or appreciate. No garage would pay so much attention to detail. Cleaning up screw threads, carefully cleaning and oiling parts, including the original hose clips, fitting wire hose clips for authenticity. Much of which comes under the header of what Cold War Motors calls shitwork, for good reason. It's a time consuming, labour intensive task. But technically correct, in the way those concours saddos can only dream about. I rounded off the day by fitting the new brake servo. Unfortunately some cretin binned all the original parts, so I just bent the copper pipes to fit. I also need to source some 1/2" AF nuts, I scratted around the place for some bolts but the nuts I need to find. It would have been so easier had the originals been retained. Enough for today, I need beer.
  13. Good stuff. Sidevalve inline engines are generally very quiet runners, does it have a timing chain or constant mesh gears? You will not be able to hear it run most of the time, like my MO the only noise is the fan over 50 MPH, going downhill it increases in pitch so it sounds like a WWII fighter plane. The other benefit of SV engines is they run for longer periods without needing adjustment.
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