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  1. I have been following this thread and your work is very impressive. I expect the panel lamps will be 2.2 watts. The holes look like they will take the larger glass size of a 5 watt bulb, which I have used before and make a considerable difference. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MES-12V-5W-Screw-In-bulb-E10-New/131815315935?hash=item1eb0ce19df:g:zwAAAOSwwZtaaQYQ Independent control of the panel lights, whether by a dimmer or simple on/off switch is a great feature and the idea is to switch them off when travelling along dark unlit roads to avoid glare and distraction. Old ca
  2. To paraphrase Junkman, Mercedes-Benz are a commercial vehicle manufacturer who make a few cars on the side. Once you accept this you will be much happier. Merecedes-Benz cars are taxis.
  3. Very smart of you to post this when the deadline for entries is today.
  4. 1. Brownnova 2. clayts450 3. davidfowler2000 4. skattrd 5. chaseracer 6. catsinthewelder (probably) 7. strange angel 8. Ghosty 9. Beko1987 (probably) 10. Sporty-shite (with junior_sporty) 11. Dollywobbler 12. Snagglepuss´╗┐ 13. Fumbler ((With Brother_Fumbler) Probably) 14. cms206 15. eifion 16. Squire Dawson
  5. Beko Sam I will give you a lift if you want. Don't want anyone to miss out, I have plenty of spare capacity in the car.
  6. Good stuff. Not necessarily the Hubnut way - but - worth calling Autosparks if needs be.
  7. If they were all listed on eBay from different areas of the country they would be laughed at for the worthless junk they are, if they were even deemed worth crowing about in the first place. Just because the site has some 'legendary' status does not change the fact that they are all still hopeless pieces of shit which ought to be stripped and cubed at the soonest opportunity. There are loads of well preserved examples of each of these cars and when they come up for sale hardly anybody gives a wank. Get over yourselves FFS, its hardly a treasure trove.
  8. Good-o. I just use Bluecol or suchlike as its always been. No purple berry scented nonsense for me.
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