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  1. I always fancied an Austin 3 Litre fitted with a supercharged Jag V8 in Damask red.
  2. Funnily enough Lee the transporter guy said it would eventually end up in Ireland. The guy who bought it had sold his last one to someone in Ireland and Lee had taken it over. Guy who bought this one lives in Burnham on sea. How did you guess Ireland?
  3. Leaving for it's new home!
  4. I passed in 82 in an Allegro 1300 with square wheel. Bloody kids have it easy with power steering, radios etc.
  5. Picked up the sons new car yesterday. Due to bat flu he's had two driving tests cancelled and being in fucking Wales still means no driving lessons or tests-behind England again. Wasn't planning on buying till he passed test but needed to get him out on road. Better car than my first- a Mk5 Cortina 2.0GL when I was 21- not a Fiesta Zetec S when I was 17. Must be bloody mad.
  6. We all did it years ago. I remember buying my first car a Mk 5 Cortina in 86 and rushing straight to Argos to get a Sharp cassette player which you could rewind to the last or next track. All the boys had one!!
  7. I took the original Philips out of my Royale as the tape player didnt work. Put in an oldish Kenwood CD player with cd stack in the glove compartment. Everything can b3 easily put back if wanted. Original Philips in my Senator works fine so does the Ford one in th3 Sierra. I have the opinion that I travel in the car and if I want better sound or some other improvement I will do it.
  8. Afternoon all, problem with my Senator this morning. After coming down a long steepish hill, started to drive up a long pull. Car seemed down on power-then I could smell brakes overheating. Pulled in expecting a sticking caliper, but discovered all calipers and wheels were extremely hot and a bit of smoke about! The brakes were on. Turned engine off-gave the Master cylinder a wack and drove it home about 7 miles-seemed ok-although wheels still hot but no lack of performance or smell. Dodgy master cylinder??
  9. Also says it’s a Vauxhall Monza!
  10. It was. When I bought my Royale nearly 5 years ago, the bloke I bought it off had a huge workshop. He was just finishing this. The donor car was a Carlton GSi -I only know this as the receipt was in my Royale. Both were in Shrewsbury.
  11. @Skizzer For sale on Facebook £3250 But wait a gearlever! But there's more!
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