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  1. Looks good-but was it the power shift that caused a few problems? Especially towing?
  2. Same for me. A cracking looking car. I’ll have one when they drop to a grand.
  3. My Sierra is the same. Put it on my Aldi charger this afternoon. Will have to buy a new battery me thinks.
  4. Looks a cracking car! I like the look of the LS460-I'll wait till they hit a couple of grand though.
  5. I got hooked on Interceptors whilst in junior school. The local corner shop owner near the school had a brand new white one-think it was L or M reg. Even as a 9 or 10 year old i used to drool over it. I think he had one prior to this as well. Must have been lots of money in sweets in the 70's! See some specialists are replacing the engines and transmission with the Chevrolet Ls range of crate engines. Bet those shift.
  6. Don't think it ever got into double figures very often MPG wise.
  7. Would love one-but the days of a four grand Interceptor are long gone. Half decent ones are at least £20000-may as well be a bloody million!
  8. The bumpers were both painted when I bought it. I think I paid £4250 for it including delivery. It was from a dealer in Oxford who had a barn full of them. I stripped both bumpers using “proper” Nitromers - the front one came up ok but the back was a bit dull. Body wise it had more filler than Halfords- but was a nice drive, though not as nice as my brothers V12 XJS.
  9. Just found these. This was it at Tredegar Park Car Show in 2012. First time I had seen it in 12 years.
  10. Found a few more. These were taken by my father when I just bought it. You can see my p6 3500S in the background.
  11. Funnily enough I still see it about at shows. I first saw it about 10 years ago, Tony who bought it off the person I sold it to, had done loads of work to it. The suspension was totally shot as well as the camshaft. Mechanically it's now superb-last time I saw him-about 2 years ago-he was going to start on the body. I'll see if I can find some photos of it as it now is. Stevve
  12. They did-especially as my brother had this at the same time.
  13. Found this photo up my mothers. It's around 1996. Shows me and my series 3G Interceptor. 6.3 V8. Wish I had kept it-but marriage and new house got in the way. Steve
  14. Looking very good, I had a c reg Ghia 2.8 auto. I found it a little sluggish. Friend much later had a 2.9 which was much, much better than my 2.8. What a find!! steve
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