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  1. When you think about it, the Cavalier was way ahead of the game, I would say superior to a Sierra (I’ve had a Sierra for 20 years) . Friend of mine had a couple of year old G reg 2.0 GLi superb car. Cousin had a Cavaluer SRi changed it for an N reg Vectra Sri-said it wasnt a patch on the Cavalier. How did Vauxhall lose the game?
  2. Neighbour gave me a shout today-remembered he had these wheeltrims in his garage. Used to work 20 years ago for a company that made wheel trims. Genuine Ford-will paint up and replace the old ones.
  3. Back from a few days holiday in North Wales. Here's the Sierra at Lake Bala-another 500 miles completed.
  4. Gave the Sierra a wash today after rubbing a bit of surface rust off the underneath from the driveshafts back. Kurust and then a coating of Screwfix red lead (no lead). Another coat tomorrow and the underseal-then onto the middle. Underneath not bad though after last years welding fest!
  5. Moved the cars around so I can get my Range Rover out easier. Royale into garage and Range Rover into carport behind the Sierra. Need to find an estate sharpish as Sierra averaging 200 miles a week.
  6. After my mammoth (to me) welding session on the Sierra in July/August-had to weld drivers side floor and inner sill and passenger floor-it's now passed its MOT. Should have put it in in August-but didn't bother. Needed a car after the BMW fiasco so put it in-failed on suspension arms and broken spring-changed those and now passed.Need to fit new rear arches next.Must praise Parts in Motion who delivered the parts in a day-all for a total of £66.
  7. Good news -spare not MIA-found it under here-thought it would be in this carrier.
  8. 318i-its the older 1.9 8valve which is supposed to be a longer lived engine (apparently) and auto box.
  9. No big trip or poo count as car was 10 mins walk away. Collected the BMW I mentioned last week. Took it for a test drive on Tuesday-very nice drive. Heater fans fixed themselves (bloke put new hedgehog in-made no difference-fans came on halfway through test drive)-I think it was a dodgy relay-anyway bits are cheap for these. It was put through an MOT on Thursday and passed with three advisories-rear tyres-which I already knew (seller told me about these) and a slight oil leak from the sump. Paid a grand-not bad in these times-94000 miles, a couple of owners, stamped service booklet up to last year (for what its worth) and a body that is severely lacking in rust (apart from a small pleb on the rear arch). Plus point again is steel wheels (wifes car)-spare is MIA but one from my spare Senator wheels fits. So happy so far- will tax on Weds , change engine oil,gearbox oil and spark plugs. Focus being picked up next week by car take back-£241-had it 9 years-paid £2000 so not bad apart shitting the PAS pipes 3 times. Steve
  10. Wifes Focus has started leaking power steering fluid again-3rd time in 9 years. There's a fault on the pipes for the 1.6 100bhp model. I could take a chance and replace the pipes £45 - but if the pump is leaking I have to replace the pipes anyway. The pipes have a one use push fitting thingy on the pump. Really would like to get another estate-but even shit is expensive!
  11. Range Rover picked up and home after a bit of work (over 2 years!).
  12. Nice-doesn’t the cubby box lid flip over with cup holders in it?
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