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  1. Thought I'd better get on with it. Passenger side done. Funny rust on transmission tunnel-thought a hole would appear-but its double skinned and the outer skin has gone. Drivers side about third of the passenger side to weld.
  2. Range Rover starting to look good-work nearly finished on it.
  3. Changed front discs and pads on Sierra-disc is kaput-about 6 years old.
  4. Took the seats and carpets out today for a better look- gave it a good bash and poke. Better than I thought it would be-strange rusted holes on transmission tunnel! Friend getting me the metal from his work-then time to spark up the MIG and grinder. Previous garage repairs over the years can be seen-should have bought a MIG and had ago years ago.
  5. I'll put them in again. I think it's when I copy and paste.
  6. Thanks all-will take out the carpets this week to see the extent of the rust. Definitely worth doing!!!!!
  7. Update on Sierra. Used most days. Thought i'd have a look at the underside to tackle a bit of rust and uncovered quite a bit. Drivers floor where it meets the sill has had it. Will have a look in the week if I can tackle it from above for the majority of the welding. Looks like I need to either brush up on my welding or its curtains after 21 years.
  8. It is-never been before-but will definitely return to the area! Aberdovey beach yesterday.
  9. Took a visit to Aberdovey yesterday to pick up a load of Royale spares-many thanks Dave! Will take me a few weeks to sort them out-totally filled the wifes focus estate!
  10. Father had a 5 year old 3.0L manual-RTG260R -I had just passed my test in an Allegro 1.3. There was a “slight” difference in performance when I drove the Granny.
  11. Can’t remember to be honest. Young free and single - so we never cared as long as we had a few quid left for a pint or three on the weekend. I would imagine he had to work the 2600 a bit harder than the 3500.
  12. Lovely, I had a 3500 series 1 manual and my friend had a 2600 manual series 2- performance wise there wasn’t much between them.
  13. As I’ve said previously , I call them Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travellers.
  14. With the dealings I’ve had with them I’d call them a Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travellers.
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