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  1. Father had a 5 year old 3.0L manual-RTG260R -I had just passed my test in an Allegro 1.3. There was a “slight” difference in performance when I drove the Granny.
  2. Can’t remember to be honest. Young free and single - so we never cared as long as we had a few quid left for a pint or three on the weekend. I would imagine he had to work the 2600 a bit harder than the 3500.
  3. Lovely, I had a 3500 series 1 manual and my friend had a 2600 manual series 2- performance wise there wasn’t much between them.
  4. As I’ve said previously , I call them Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travellers.
  5. With the dealings I’ve had with them I’d call them a Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travellers.
  6. Better not offend them whilst they are stealing dogs, having roads closed off in Cardiff due to gun offences, having horse and cart races on my local roads, driving around in untaxed vehicles, forcing contractors to crush stolen vehicles etc. Don’t offend the poor souls.
  7. Drivers electric windows been playing up for around 6 years on the Sierra so i thought I'd better swap the motor/mechanism over. Took a couple of hours and lots of swearing-but now works!
  8. Took the Royale around the block to warm everything up. Brakes very good now. Will swap the door maybe in the summer! (have had a spare for 5 years) and put the wheel centres on. Only got Opel centers - but can only see if you really look!
  9. Had a Daimler Sovereign 2.8 30 years ago. Thought I’d do an oil change. It didn’t have the usual screw on filter which I was used to- it had one of the cartridge types. Whipped the cover off, changed the element and put 14 [yes 14] pints of the finest Castrol GTX into it. Started up and then wondered what the splashing sound was. Turned off and the ground was covered in a nice coat of GTX. Bother I thought, I didn’t tighten it up properly. Another nearly 14 pints later it did the same. Oh double bother I thought. I then realised I’d put the new sealing ring on top of the old one. 14 pints lat
  10. I've had mine for 14 years. Its a 1999 4.6HSE. Bought it off ebay for I think about £7500. It's been a good car-broken down twice -both due to a dodgy door lock (apparently there is/was a fault in the wiring between the door lock and bootlock)-once under my car port and once in Newport-had to be recovered. Obviously its had a few niggles-headlining drooping, air con went kaput due to underbonnet insulation wearing through a pipe and sunroof wouldn't work. I had the air springs replaced years ago due to age and I replaced the suspension pump a few years ago-it also had an intermittent height se
  11. Went for £9500 at Brightwells last March. Had a sit in the drivers seat-it was a lovely bus!
  12. I agree. I replaced my 3500S with an S reg 3500 SD 1 manual a few years later. I liked the SD1, but it was nowhere near as quick as the P6. My P6 would spin the wheels in 2nd gear. The interior of the P6 - especially the instruments and switches were superb-much better than the SD1.
  13. I had a multi coloured 3500S years ago. Went like stink. Rear brakes were easy to do-I used to disconnect the driveshaft to the inboard disc. Plenty of access then.
  14. I agree New Pod. I had 2 estates. A 3 year old 2.5 GLS auto and an 8 year old 3.0 Elite auto. Both supremely v comfortable well made cars. Vastly underrated. c
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