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  1. Vastly underrated cars. I had two estates-both superb. Pity you cannot get anything like them these days. Steve
  2. Here's a photo-ducting been here for 5 years next to spare Sierra petrol tank.
  3. Also changed a rear bearing on the wife’s Focus this morning-again. I’ll try and get a proper Ford one next-the cheap ones don’t last long. May be a problem with car but no strange tyre wearing. I hate changing these-access is a right pain.
  4. It must be a Royale thing. I’ve also got ducting in the boot 😳
  5. After throwing my toys out of the pram regarding spares I thought I had obtained for my Royale-I taxed the Senator yesterday as I had sorned it due to bat flu. Took it for a spin and realised it ain't going to be for sale. Puts a smile on my face when I drive it. Got it home and fixed the passenger electric window. Funny thing on this-with wear the cogs on the motor and window get pushed harder together jamming the system-so I bodged a few spacers to loosen things off. Back out for a spin and all is well with the world!! Even loosing the Royales keys didn't upset me-found them in the boot-eventually. Will take the Senator for a spin later and then start a few jobs on the Royale-again many thanks to Angry dicky! Steve
  6. Think I'll get rid of the Royale and Senator. Getting parts is a right fucking pain. Was on the lookout for a set of rubbers for my Royales master cylinder-brakes iffy (got a new set of pistons thanks to Angry Dicky), asked on ANS forum-ABS parts secretary replied that he had a 2nd hand master cylinder and a few other bits i wanted, replied within 2 hours of his email last sat-heard nothing-asked again today only to find it's all been sold to another member who's a trader and will most probably appear on his ebay shop. Fuck paying £30 next time for membership-no point-the club even sells spares to non members via faceache. This has boiled my piss- MG fucking B next. Rant over Steve
  7. Friends father had one of the last ones. It was beige and on an X I think. I remember it was very quiet inside. 5 speed manual.
  8. Not me in the background , but my father in I think 1989. Friend was getting married so we used my Daimler Sovereign 2.8 MOD as the wedding car. This is the morning of the wedding, I remember it started to miss when I started it, but it soon cleared thankfully. Had it a couple of years-nice car-bodywork was ok-the only thing was it was a bit sluggish even with the manual box, sold it and bought a P6 3500S which was a flying machine compared to it. Wish I'd kept both. You can see the multicoloured 3500S in the background behind my Interceptor.
  9. I use red rubber grease-worked on the pistons. Fuck all worked on the bleed nipple.
  10. Wish mine looked like that!
  11. I'll get some photos of my Sierra-that has worn on the side bolster too. May be me being slightly overweight! Steve
  12. Spurred on by recent forum purchases got me thinking of car interiors. How well have they lasted over the years? Skizzer mentioned the interior of his Royale-and his seats are in superb condition for a 40 year old car. pottering about this afternoon, I had a look at my interiors and again these Vauxhall/Opel interiors have lasted extremely well. I've looked at other cars in shows and on ebay and lots of the seat trim has gone baggy and looks worn-this I've noticed quite a bit on Granadas. The 5 series BMW seats seem to fall apart. Here are my two-the Vauxhall is 40 years old-don't know exact mileage as the engine and box were changed at 109,000 and the speedo is not compatible with the 4 speed auto. Seats, carper cover and door cards in excellent condition. The Opel is 37 years old and has done 67000 miles-again interior in excellent condition. Why can't other manufacturers-some do- make things to last?
  13. Looks good! Get some Vactan on it and it will be all good. Went to look at a saloon a few years ago -same colour as yours -in Telford. Bloke assured me it was running-got there and the bloody thing would only idle. Two of the butterflies had fallen off. I was not amused in the slightest!
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