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  1. Range Rover picked up and home after a bit of work (over 2 years!).
  2. Nice-doesn’t the cubby box lid flip over with cup holders in it?
  3. He bought it about 2 years ago from Cornwall I think, paid about £300-it's a diesel manual. Iain the owner is a Range Rover genius-simply the best.
  4. Here's mine-sold it last year.
  5. Range Rover due back in a day or so-just been valeted. Front indicators will be changed back to gingercators before getting it back.
  6. Thought I'd better get on with it. Passenger side done. Funny rust on transmission tunnel-thought a hole would appear-but its double skinned and the outer skin has gone. Drivers side about third of the passenger side to weld.
  7. Range Rover starting to look good-work nearly finished on it.
  8. Changed front discs and pads on Sierra-disc is kaput-about 6 years old.
  9. Took the seats and carpets out today for a better look- gave it a good bash and poke. Better than I thought it would be-strange rusted holes on transmission tunnel! Friend getting me the metal from his work-then time to spark up the MIG and grinder. Previous garage repairs over the years can be seen-should have bought a MIG and had ago years ago.
  10. I'll put them in again. I think it's when I copy and paste.
  11. Thanks all-will take out the carpets this week to see the extent of the rust. Definitely worth doing!!!!!
  12. Update on Sierra. Used most days. Thought i'd have a look at the underside to tackle a bit of rust and uncovered quite a bit. Drivers floor where it meets the sill has had it. Will have a look in the week if I can tackle it from above for the majority of the welding. Looks like I need to either brush up on my welding or its curtains after 21 years.
  13. It is-never been before-but will definitely return to the area! Aberdovey beach yesterday.
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