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  1. Good program. He looks and acts weird, but an ace car builder.
  2. I’ve done a couple of these on the wife’s focus. Access to the torx screws or whatever they supply is difficult. It’s from behind and on the focus there’s a dome shaped bit of metal covering it.It’s not too bad if they undo ok like my first one did, but the second ones screw# would not undo and I had to cut it off with a grinder. Also depends on whether an expensive or cheap replacement.
  3. Focus today and Sierra tomorrow. Don’t know about Monday as I’ll be in the pub in the afternoon. Live in Wales.
  4. Gave the Sierra a quick polish in time for winter. Pity it's half in and half out of the car port. Shrunk the shed so will have to extend the car port roof.
  5. That’s the one I wish I had bought. That was a corker. e
  6. I went on one about 5 years ago. It was good. Friend was on his way to attend one and got booked speeding half a mile a2ay.
  7. Friend had a 300tdi auto years ago. It was the slowest thing I ever drove. Foot to the floor and wait to pull out of a junction. I wouldn’t fancy pulling anything in one if this was typical of the auto. He now has a Td5 auto, much, much quicker.
  8. Another MOT passed-advisory for body corrosion. A few days underneath should sort it!!
  9. Just saw the original ad for this-what a bargain! Fastidious owner too!!! Well bought-what a machine!
  10. Looks bloody fantastic Eddy! Keep up the good work.
  11. I always fancied an Austin 3 Litre fitted with a supercharged Jag V8 in Damask red.
  12. Funnily enough Lee the transporter guy said it would eventually end up in Ireland. The guy who bought it had sold his last one to someone in Ireland and Lee had taken it over. Guy who bought this one lives in Burnham on sea. How did you guess Ireland?
  13. Leaving for it's new home!
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