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  1. Another years MOT for the Sierra. Needed a track rod end and two bits of welding on the rear arches-£185 -couldn't be bothered pulling the MIG out and freezing for that! Heres a before pic-too dark tonight. They replaced all the rusty bits you can see on the wheelarch near the door on both sides.
  2. Yep-top photo taken in Barry where I volunteer-£95 a month to store it here. Can’t recall seeing this one-pic must have been taken a while back.
  3. Thought I'd better get on with trying to remove the leaking steering box. I'd disconnected the linkages to the wheels a few months(!) back. Today I removed the servo which gives much better access. Also noticed the master cylinder was leaking into the servo. Have spare servo and master cylinder so will inspect and change over. When my back recovers I'll get the steering box out.
  4. Been volunteering here for a while. https://www.ctpg.co.uk/ Currently working on this Guy Arab. It's been converted back from a camper and all the wiring ripped out and partially replaced-all dash board cables ripped out, main loom cut in the middle and nothing to the back. The guy who ripped out and partially replaced the wiring has long left-it's taken me and my butty Rich quite a while to work out what goes where. Dash needs complete rewiring. We've more or less sorted the interior lights, bell etc. We've also now got the side and head lights temporarily working from the dashboard. All the exterior wiring you can see will be placed in a waterproof connector box under the front apron-it's connected to a choco block for ease of testing. Next is to connect main feeds up and ensure all the so we don't have to cart the battery about. There are a couple of feeds from the regulator-one to the front for the dash, and all lights, one to the speedo sensor and one to the board with many wires dangling out for the interior lights etc. Then its fix the loom, run a wire from the starter solenoid to the front and from the stop solenoid. Getting there now we know whats missing and what goes where.
  5. This was fucked when it went in this garage in 1988. Dai The Duff (he once owned the Dyfrynn pub) said it was wrecked when they went playing golf to St Pierre in the mid 80,s.
  6. Saw this on the tat forum the other day and it rang a bell. It was owned by Roy who used to drink in a pub I worked in many years ago-he was known as Range Rover Roy as he always had a Range Rover- I remember when I was a kid-he had an M reg one, then a few others, then when i was working in the pub a couple of years old D reg Turbo d, followed by a year old Kreg 300TDi Range Rover. Last one he had was a brand new 2003 Vogue. SA03 ROY. Always had interesting cars-opposite this garage he parked up his V12 XJS and it ended up like the Roller-absolutely wrecked. He'd had Interceptors and E types in his time. A very interesting character who looks like Jeff Lynne-always wears dark glasses and in his 70's. Perfectly balanced as we always said he had a chip on both shoulders!
  7. Lovely, When I was 14 in 1979 Mr Bonner the maths teacher had a brand new one exactly the same as the one in the ad. Not a typical teachers car of the time! Made a lovely sound when he used to gun it -which h3 did most of the time. Superb cars and one I always wanted along with a Renault 30TX.
  8. Mot passed again for my Range Rover. Had it nearly 16 years now. Calipers and backplates need cleaning up-quite rusty. Also found out why air con stopped working-the drier is rusted through.
  9. An absolute steal at that money. Cracking colour too and the most reliable engine.
  10. Could smell petrol from rear of Sierra over the last couple of days. Had a look today and fuel filter leaking. Think it must be the original-had the car 22 years and haven't changed it. Luckily had a new one with washers I bought "a few" years ago to change. Petrol didn't look to clever out of the old one.
  11. Found a drip from the back diff of my range rover. Then these two commandeered the boot.
  12. When you think about it, the Cavalier was way ahead of the game, I would say superior to a Sierra (I’ve had a Sierra for 20 years) . Friend of mine had a couple of year old G reg 2.0 GLi superb car. Cousin had a Cavaluer SRi changed it for an N reg Vectra Sri-said it wasnt a patch on the Cavalier. How did Vauxhall lose the game?
  13. Neighbour gave me a shout today-remembered he had these wheeltrims in his garage. Used to work 20 years ago for a company that made wheel trims. Genuine Ford-will paint up and replace the old ones.
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