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  1. I've had a 2008 E class estate for 7 years but 220 with 5 speed auto so completely different engine and box. Rear arches are starting to show surface rust at front edges on both sides - the arch liners have foam material attached to the back for sound deadening but these hold water which I think is the cause, I've also had to have some brake pipes replaced for MOT a couple of years ago that run just below these liners and consequently get water running down them for most of the year. Can't see any rust anywhere else... Other issues, a leaky injector, a snapped front coil spring (fortunately when parked), the odd suspension ball joint for MOT, etc. Outboard rear parking sensors (behind back wheels so get all the crap thrown at them) I have replaced myself, easy £22 ebay DIY job as they can be reached underneath. Electrics otherwise have never missed a beat, still on original battery (looks like one from a truck) and I can't remember ever replacing a bulb... Very quiet car at 80mph with minimal wind noise - something I really notice on later cars, do they have thinner glass? And with a spare set of alloys with winter tyres has been surprisingly good in the snow, got up the hill to our house when neighbours X5 couldn't keep traction... Good workhorse, hope the above might be of some help if you see another one..
  2. SAAB 9000 Aero manual I owned had a 'book' top speed of 149, speedo only went up to 140. I couldn't possibly comment any further, officer.....
  3. Olice, Olice, who the f*ck is Olice......?
  4. Are these all the points to look for rust?
  5. I actually found that quite interesting..... But that's probably because I'm mainly boring too!
  6. http://www.daimler-dn250.net/main.htm Daimler 2.5 V8 based on Cresta bodyshell. Did I read somewhere that only one exists?
  7. Victor FA based Daimler prototype thingy?
  8. Viva/Bedford HA van had single transverse leaf spring front suspension also. P6 front suspension set up with springs pressing against the bulkhead.
  9. That wonderful and distinctive exhaust note of a Marina TC at 24.26. Great bit of film, coppers putting themselves at risk before the days of 'elf and safety...
  10. Leonard Rossiter did car deliveries for Rolls before Rigsby then? (5 posts up)..
  11. What's the red one? At first I thought R-send of a Sud but having googled I don't think it is....
  12. .....I can't find the log book but you can get one online...
  13. Passed with no advisories when last MOT'd, not been used since, so should pass again no problem...
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