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  1. Junkman


    I really did intend to coordinate the Bromyard thingy, honestly. Now all I can say is I agree that it will be cunt free, because the cunts are obviously over here, qed. What are you actually thinking you achieve with being such an arsehole? I thought we are friends.
  2. I shit on this forum what with its stupid full of themselves lying stonewalling moderator wankers. Don't expect me to post anything of substance on this circus of arseholes ever again. The rest, as they say, is history.
  3. Re horns. I think the correct equipment would be a pair of Delco Remy, one in low, one in "highway" tune. Now, the correct correct ones would be 6V, the 'hi' one the B note, the 'lo' one the F note. Replicas do exist in 12V. An American car should never ever have British sounding horns.
  4. Yes. Also check whether the handbrake mechanism isn't stuck on.
  5. If you can look past that naff styling of the 1986 - 1999 3.8 litre GM H bodies, they are darn good cars. Having said that, if you manage to find the sole surviving A body Olds Cutlass Ciera with the LG3, you'd have the cheapest and most underrated muscle car of all time. Shite by definition, if there ever was one. I wasn't impressed when they foisted one on me as a hire car, but that changed dramatically at the next set of traffic lights. Here I was, having a stick of Dynamite with the fuse lit under my arse that could give even Corvettes a run for their money, and nobody around me knew a thing about it. Marvellous. Apart from that, the Taurus/Sable was bloody brilliant, too, extra ballsey points if you find an SHO. I didn't say pretty, mind. All the while good old Mopar exclusively unloaded pure, unadulterated shit onto an unsuspecting clientele. So those are actually the ones to go for. However, your search will be futile.
  6. Yeah, that's fine. It just occurred to me that we have a joint account...
  7. I told the Junkwoman about the conspiracy against me and she had a laugh and then said she is buying me a ticket, too. I just can't lose.
  8. If Hoovie likes it, I like it even less than I did hitherto. That and Lincolnshire.
  9. Everything I owned at the time. What else is new?
  10. Yeshhhh to the Eldoradoyo, please.
  12. LightBulbFun, I begin to understand your fascination with the devices failing at the speed of dark. For decades, it was just a nuisance for me that I had to remove one light here and put another one there, just to make something even the septics grasp legal on another continent. I'm baffled that I now am surrounded by dolts who can't tell a 7 inch sealed beam from a 7 1/4 one. Mind you, I'm the one accused to be a smartarse when it comes to cars, not the ones that still have to learn what we already forgot.
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