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  1. Someone I know has just posted this hackneyed slice of prime motivational bollocks on their Facebook feed. For reference this someone doesn't work for a living, and as far as I am aware has never worked for a living (incidentally nor does her partner). Her little turd of a baby lion is showing every sign of following in his parents footsteps.
  2. I can remember the Convoys from my days as a student at Ludlow College. As previously pointed out the LDV/Leyland minibus at Ludlow School had an interesting rear door lock system whereby the last person aboard had to hold the back door shut with a piece of wood attached to the door by a length of baler twine. LDV Maxxus's were ok in many respects, they went well, possibly quicker than the contemporary floor shift Transit, but didn't handle as well and the gearshift was horrible. I'm sort of torn, because I quite liked the old hat dog slow but nothing to go wrong Mk3 Transit/LDV Convoy/Pilot etc, but found them annoying as a daily driver, bearing in mind the vans I had subsequently were brand new and were owned by the company so I DGAF about reliability. Anything can get to a high mileage these days, engines tend to be about the last thing that wears out, most cars and vans are economically unviable long before they reach 750,000 miles though. It would take the average driver a lifetime driving the same car to get anywhere near that total. Most vehicles don't last more than 15 years these days so the window to achieve mega miles is quite limited.
  3. That's so good it could be a Viz Top Tip.
  4. I’m probably the only owner of a real Landrover I know who likes the new Defender. I bought an Oxford Diecast one instead. As new cars go they’re quite jolly plus mine cost me a few quid not the 40 odd thousand pounds a real one would be.
  5. Stick a few bottles of redex down it then drive it cold along the Embankment, that'll alienate a few people.
  6. That’s a very well turned out trucker (second from left). Sort of Peter Bowles-esque. I can still remember older farmer workers who’d turn out for work every morning in a shirt and trousers, one old boy even wore a tie.
  7. On the subject of width restrictors I have been across the Usk at Llangynidr a few times, the bridge isn’t much wider than the 2.1m width limit. Coincidentally my work van is exactly 2.1m wide with the mirrors which fortunately stick out above the parapets. Theres a 6’6” bridge somewhere as well.
  8. I was quite impressed to receive a letter from Transport for London informing me that my mutterbyke is not up to ULEZ standards. I live about 160 miles from Hyde Park Corner, which is the nearest extent of the zone to my res. I'll have to go in the old Landie or the Gashqai instead both of which are ULEZ exempt. My Land Rover is no stranger to London traffic having spent much of the early 70s navigating the highways (and byways) of the Capital when my dad was visiting my Mum who, as a nurse at Queen Mary's Hospital could only afford to live in Kensington.
  9. I think an MT 07 would be a super first bike. I prefer old bikes bought outright for various reasons, but fashionable bikes like MT 07s depreciate glacially so if you can afford the deposit and monthly repayments something like this would be worth most of what you paid for it two or three years down the line.
  10. I think some people who own things like litre bikes or Hayabusas do tend to overdo the danger aspect with them. They tend to say things like 'it's a missile', or 'the front wheel comes up in 5th'. I think they think it makes them look more manly (it is invariably blokes who say things like this). My experience is that the real difference between a 600cc bike and a 1000cc bike is gearing (most big bikes have much longer gear ratios which I quite like) and often power delivery, my 955 is much torquier than my 600. But both are safe and fairly vice free to ride, neither had any unpleasant tendencies to trip up the unwary newbie even with 150hp on the bigger bike. The only slight issue, especially with things like twins or my triple is a tendency to lock the rear wheel if you drop down the gears too quickly but other than that you can ride safely in any conditions provided you aren't a maniac. I think the bike that suits you will depend on what you like to do when riding. I really rather miss my old CBR 600, It went quite well, but had amazingly cornering ability and could achieve impressive lean angles so that even a fat bloke like me could achieve authentically worn knee sliders. I like tootling about on its replacement but it feels nowhere near as stable when leant over. It's worth keeping an eye for bikes that are less desirable, I bought a very clean Speed Triple for a song in 2019, it was cheap because it had done 41,000 miles which puts people off.
  11. I wish I'd had the equipment to record my old six cylinder diesel Omega cold starting, it sounded gloriously lumpy for a minute or so.
  12. Bronze green does come in various hues and tends to flatten or become more pale when it weathers. My Land is Bronze Green for reference. before and after.
  13. Things must be on the up, I imagine they were practically key workers during the last 18 months or so.
  14. I’ve actually watched that before, I love the sheer drama and will it won’t it start related tension. I will try and rope Mrs w into videoing my old Landy firing up. It’s still got the battery it had when Tony Blair swept to power so it usually gets started on the handle.
  15. Thieving Amazon delivery drivers. Ordered a new Nintendo Switch for the family. Attempted* delivery twice, both times we were all in, absolutely no chance that we or the dog would have missed a knock on the door. I suppose it’s easy money for them, pretend they couldn’t deliver it then it vanishes from the depot and reappears on eBay. I’m done with Amazon they need to start using reputable delivery firms not agency fly by nights.
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