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  1. warch


    Before I forget, have a Grimme self propelled spud harvester. This spent about a week marooned outside my folks place during this year's unusually wet potato harvesting season, whereupon the contractors basically gave up and went home.
  2. warch


    Fun at the tip recycling centre. Liebherr kit too, check out the maahosive zorst on the loading shovel.
  3. Some shite in Portinatx in mid November last year. A slightly matt but really good E30 with the inevitable paint fade after 30 odd years of Baleric sun A two door Jeep Cherokee diesel, with a slow puncture, keeping an 80s Merc company in the apartment car park. A lovely Mehari in Citroen racing orange
  4. My cars tend to have a single polished panel, usually something easy to reach like the bonnet or one of the front wings, before I get bored or tired or distrac 'ooh look a butterfly!'
  5. warch

    Bodge Jobs

    Did you fill it directly or decant it before use?
  6. warch

    Bodge Jobs

    Before petrochemicals were widely available animals fat, olive oil and the like were often used as axle grease. The best bodge I've seen was a shite Mk 2 Golf Driver my brother bought. The head gasket had clearly blown. despite having only just being replaced by the previous owner, a 17 year farmer's son. Of course what had actually happened was that he'd snapped two of the head bolts and attempted to make good his mistake by doing the others up extra tight and then 'glueing' the rogue ones in with thread lock or hylomar. In the 70's my dad had the clutch replaced in what was then his Land Rover (on the cheap, because proto shiter). The bloke who did it replaced the bolts holding the transmission tunnel and floor in with coach bolts. Years later (mid 90s) a link pin in the clutch release mechanism sheared off. The 'pin' turned out to be a section of four inch nail cut down to size. That said it did last 20 years so it wasn't the worst bodge ever.
  7. My Triumph actually went somewhere today, having being hidden under a sheet since about October. I was quite impressed that I could just get on and ride it away, no discharged battery (although I did charge it at Christmas), no seized brakes and no soft/flat tyres. To be fair to my old bike it was pretty reliable considering I spent the last five or six years of ownership running it into the ground. All my Triumph needs at the moment is a service (10 minute job) and a new front tyre. I have the tyre but haven't devised a means of holding the front of the bike up whilst I change it. My Honda was easier because it had a centrestand so you just seesawed it back with a car jack so the front wheel came up. Any ideas?
  8. Not particularly obscure or forgotten I'll grant you but a lovely simple design from back when Subaru were a niche market seller. Really handy off road too.
  9. We have a gay vegan from Yorkshire in our organisation, interestingly she like shit old cars and tractors and stuff.
  10. To be honest there are people from primitive cultures as yet untouched by the modern world who would take one look at that and say (and I paraphrase their exact words) 'That looks fucking shit mate'.
  11. That was a brilliant concept. Not the sort of show you could have a second series of though.
  12. I might have a go at that, would make a fun design project
  13. Agreed, although if its anything like my land rover, it'll takes ages to start with everything wired up/connected so there'll be plenty of oil pressure when it does go. BTW I am wondering if I am the last person left who still uses a starter handle when starting from cold, these are also very useful for things like valve adjustment or for testing for tight spots during an engine rebuild. 30 odd years without running is nothing for these old engines, very tough well engineered motors.
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