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  1. warch


    Is the rear axle driven on these or is it still a 4x4? It is awesome incidentally, and one of the few vehicles that makes a Series Landrover look a bit effeminate. The crane would be ideal for doing odd jobs, engine changes, shipbuilding you name it.
  2. warch

    eBay tat volume 3.

    I think this would be a perfectly good coupe (if enormously heavy) if you accept that the roof is probably never going to move again. My Mum owned one, it was really terrible, had constant problems with the engine sooting up/DPF failure etc and the roof packed in at an inopportune moment, trapping a Father Christmas outfit in the boot shortly before my dad was due to do a turn as the festive fat bloke at my kids pre school. If the roof detects a sensor fault it locks the boot and you can't unlock it with the fob. The seats don't fold down so you have to use the ski hatch to reach in with an implement to pop the internal release. I eventually bypassed the roof/boot issue by simply unplugging the roof ECU (handily located in the boot) until my mum managed to offload the bastard thing in a scrappage deal a few months later.
  3. 700 squid for one of those is an absolute bargain, I'd definitely be interested if I didn't live so far away. SV 650s are a genuine allrounder, perfect for someone who wants a commuter, back lane scratcher and track bike without having to have three different bikes. Also raced at the TT in the highly entertaining Lightweight category. I think they look much better with the belly fairing too.
  4. I'll see if I can find a photo of my mum and dad's old Toledo which they owned when I was born (1977). I can't remember much about it apart from the colour BL Apeshit Russet Brown.
  5. I've done a bit more research and it's clearly a mock up, based on the classic Sentinel open fronted design. Shame, I suppose steam lorries in safe working condition were pretty much non existent by the early Seventies.
  6. I love steam engines, especially steam lorries. When I was a nipper one of my favourite films was the 70s Disney live action escapade One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, rarely if ever shown these days due to overt racist connotations, i.e. all the bad guys were Chinese but all played by British characters actors and Carry On stalwarts (in yellowface). The film features a steam lorry in the pivotal scene.
  7. My CBR 600 F2. I bought this a week after I passed my test in 2010 for just under a bag. I've done 45000 miles on it. I've also lowsided it into a wall, hence the shitey Chinese replacement plastics. It is awesomely reliable and has been used all year round, although I tend to avoid winter nights as the pathetic single front headlight has all the candlepower of a wind up torch. Plus it's so shit that no self respecting bike thief is ever going to give it a second glance, so I can park it anywhere with impunity.
  8. warch


    The ditching bucket would easily accommodate my weekly purchases, plus the high seating position would allow me to access those high shelves without dismounting. It especially appeals to me because I love scaled down machinery, especially small horticultural and groundscare tractors, and miniscule tracklayers. My absolute favourite are those tiny Ransomes crawlers they designed for market gardeners.
  9. Too right. I have previously worked for quite a few posh people including; an earl worth £30,000000-1988 Subaru 1800 GLX, his son- 1989 Mitsubishi Shogun, a former Sheriff of Bristol- 1993 Renault Espace diesel, an owner of a Repton designed country park and lodge- 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser VX.... Nothing shouts old money like an elderly shite car, to be driven in your grandfather's hand-me-down tweed jacket and hand made, thrice resoled boots.
  10. warch


    A few years ago a friend of my parents rang them up and asked them if I'd be interested in a 'dumper'. I literally couldn't get around there quickly enough. Imagine my surprise when I turned up to find this little beauty buried in a hedge under a tarpaulin. It's a Powerfab 180c, with the 11hp Honda petrol engine. As the name suggests it digs 180 degrees (actually slightly less due to the design of the slew), but due to the lack of a turntable it is much lower and more stable than a typical 1 ton minidigger (it weighs only 0.9 tons so is ideal for light towing vehicles). The hydraulics are pretty sluggish by modern standards but that makes it much less jerky to drive. It does have a dozer/levelling blade. Top speed is apparently slightly over 1.1mph. No idea when it was built but I reckon it was around 1990. The initials H.S.S stencilled under the seat suggest a previous history as a hire machine although it is far from clapped out (despite appearances). They were built by a company in Gwent, who are more famous for towable diggers, that came on non powered wheels which could be towed into position behind a small car or van. It's been used for a bit of trenching, a fair amount of landscaping and for grubbing out tree roots. It really excels at the latter, it is so stable and has massive breakout power so roots don't really stand a chance. It's pretty good on fuel, you can manage 6 hours on a gallon of unleaded. Being a Honda it starts first time, every time. http://www.oilyhands.co.uk/images/Powerfab_180C_Brochure.pdf
  11. I'll err dig it out and take a few pictures of it. Might even deserve it's own thread unless you have a plantshite thread on here.
  12. I'm from West Shropshire, where the line between Welsh and English is inextricably blurred. The 'Cow' is indeed petrol, and 2wd which hasn't stopped me going off road in it.
  13. Hi everybody! This looks like my kind of forum. I am serial enthusiast for anything a bit shit and unloved. My current fleet includes a 1960s Series IIa Land Rover that has been in my family since the early 1970s, my dad having subsequently upgraded (to a Series III). I also own Western Europe's shonkiest looking CBR 600, it has done 75,000 miles and was due for replacement about five years ago but resolutely refuses to fail an MoT so is still in service. My daily driver is my wife's old Qashqai which is an interesting example of modern shite. It is effectively French, is ludicrously easy to take to bits, a combination of high ground clearance and a huge engine compartment with a tiny engine and gearbox making access easy, like a four cylinder Capri. I also own an early mini digger, the rarely encountered Powerfab 180c, a tracked machine with a 350cc Honda single, designed and built in Wales!
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