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  1. Yes I've ordered a quarter chassis, which as you say has about 18 inches of chassis leg to play with. I will definitely use the rear tub as you suggested to line everything up. To be honest, I did toy with the idea of a new chassis and may well acquire a galvanised chassis and bulkhead for mine when I have room to store them, but I reckon I can squeak another 30 years out of my current arrangement, by which time I can probably have it modified so that it can fly like the cars in Back to the Future 2.
  2. My Land Rover is MoT exempt, so I am responsible for its roadworthiness. I was aware that the chassis was getting a bit crusty, but it seemed strong enough, it towed a two ton trailer earlier this year, retrieved a Hilux Crew Cab out of a ditch and towed my Dad's Land Rover to the menders (see Ask a Shiter). This last expedition, undertaken unwisely using a tow strop rather than the more mechanically sympathetic (and legal) towing bar spelt the final straw for the rear crossmember. See below, note the angle of the tow ball. The bottom of the crossmember and the last four or five in
  3. It cuts both ways with farmers. Having someone trustworthy in the yard all day is handy from a security point of view, lots of farms are run almost singlehandedly so the place is deserted for long periods of time. On the other hand farmers may not want a constant stream of people they don't know coming into their yard, checking out what equipment they have or where the diesel tanks are located.
  4. Sorry to all the job seekers on here, horrible at the best of times. I’m better off because my work is secure, in fact I’m rushed off my feet. What’s pissing me off is my company admin and new line manager are leaning on me to get stuff written up and invoiced, despite the fact that I’ve been flat out actually doing the fieldwork and literally haven’t had time to do anything else. Not helped by home schooling commitments so I’ve being working early in the morning and late at night getting work done. There is a distinct clique in my firm, people who do little work, and spend ages chatting
  5. I'm sure she has been driving tractors since she was old enough to reach the pedals. Most videos apart from fails (sic) tend to showcase ability, it's just the initial click rate is much improved if its a young attractive woman rather than a portly middle aged man, unless its gymnastics or parkour or something.
  6. Phwoar! I'd love a go on a Fendt Favorit. This is quite a common trope on Youtube now, young attractive women does job of work, musical recital etc (especially in strappy top) and gets 2m likes. There is also a Brazilian lorry driver in much the same vein. Those 'reaction' videos are especially embarrassing where a girl sits in the passenger seat of a powerful car so she can be impressed by the manly driving skills on show, must be the wet dream of a thousand boy racers.
  7. I watch rather too much Outback Truckers (because it's usually on when I want something undemanding to watch). I am often bemused by the size of the trucks used to tow what appear to be fairly modest loads though, "he's got nearly a forty ton rig, he's going to need a whole load of road to slow down". I thought UK lorries were heavier than that. I know they often have road trains on the show but there are also things like loaders with a couple of tractors on them, which aren't uncommon where I live. I also don't really get some of the loads that they seem to be able to make a profit by to
  8. My uncle found a picture of my Uncle Bill and Grandma (and sheepdog) on holiday in Dorset in the mid-70s, several years before I was born. That's my Land-Rover (then belonging to my Dad) towing the caravan. The Landy is finally about to get a body off restoration this year after 57 years, mainly because I bent the rear crossmember towing my Dad's Land Rover to a garage. Edit, I was struck with how far down in the world it has come since its glory days towing luxury* wheeled accommodation around the highways (and byways) of Britain. Here it is last month towing my digger.
  9. Berbatov/Jude, I've seen bits of metal that have spent nearly 2000 years in the ground that were in better nick than those diff mounts. I must show this to someone next time they start regurgitating the same trite old bollocks about Toyota build quality. I suppose road salt isn't a thing in the Aussie Outback.
  10. With Audis etc I think it was lost in the combustion process, my shite Golf diesel needed topping up between services because of this.
  11. Unfinished project= I've given up trying to fix this fucking thing. (Goes with) 90% complete= just* needs that windscreen that no one has had in stock since 2008. Nice patina= synonym for rust, shamelessly nicked from the classic scene.
  12. I did read a story about a bloke who flew to Aus, but didn't fancy the long flight home, so bought one of these and rode back instead. Mind you NZ is a bit further away.
  13. Sabine Schmidt was in that episode where Paddy, Freddie and Chris drove around Yorkshire (York?) in supercars in their first series together. She didn't look terribly well then.
  14. This afternoon I finally managed to do something I’ve been wanting to do for nearly thirty years and managed to drive a Series One Land Rover. It was a nice low mileage example built in 1956 which my brother has just bought as an unfinished project. He has spent the last fortnight rebuilding the transfer box, sorting the brakes out and refitting the interior of the cabin. I was the first person to have driven it on the road in about five or six years. I think I have driven every model of proper Landrover, 1, 2, 2a, 3, 90, Defender, Td5 and Puma including a 16 plate last of line model tha
  15. I imagine the Banksy ones are available as prints (hadn't actually seen those two before despite having lived in Bristol and being a big fan of his work). Feel free to pinch mine, I don't suppose the National Gallery will mind.
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