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  1. I think a lot of driving abuse is acceptable, just pretend you are in France or Italy or somewhere. Gesticulating, shouting, beeping or flashing lights is just something people do to pass the time, imagine Jose Mourinho driving a minicab in heavy traffic. It probably allows people to vent annoyance, so it doesn't develop into much more dangerous behaviour like seething for ages, then ramming someone the road and beating them to death with their own steering wheel. The thing is not to take it personally. I had a bloke in a Punto flashing his headlights at me for ages last year on my way to a job in Walsall. Couldn't think what his problem was. I just ignored him. When I arrived at my destination I realised my numberplate had come adrift and was hanging by the last remaining screw...
  2. I remember getting on a bus in NW Bristol with mrs warch and a yoof got up and offered us his seat. We were in our mid-30s at the time.
  3. That is absolutely brilliant, and makes the already palatial* (dare I say sumptious*) interior of the MK4 even more welcoming as a place to spend those long hours on the road.
  4. To paraphrase Alan Partridge it’s basically the Japanese MGF…
  5. As advertised the cow one at one and a half minutes in made me rofl
  6. Makes nicking the wheels trickier too.
  7. My vote is for that height adjustable suspension beloved of the lowrider fraternity, and frequently seen featuring in gangsta (sic) rap videos. Simply leave it at maximum height, tempt a grinder wielding scumbag under it then gently* lower it on them trapping them until the pleece arrive.
  8. It'd be a novel way of failing your next MoT certainly...
  9. That Roadblasters thing is awesome, ten year me would have loved that in 1987 (although tbh 45 year me still quite likes it in 2022). Hadn't realised it was a computer game tie in, Mad Max was hugely influential back in the 80s, so I assumed it was intended to cash in on that.
  10. Picture from an advert for a reasonably priced old 110 on the 'Trader. It does rather sum up the diesel Landrover experience, where every day is like an old Hammer Horror film set.
  11. warch


    What's that everybody? You want 3 and a half hours continuous Russian tractor racing (with some racing trucks thrown in)? The action* starts about twenty minutes in...
  12. Saloon versions of popular hatchbacks were still being sold into the late 90s-early 00s for the three people a year who were still buying them. Small saloons are quite popular in Ireland and the EU, the UK is unusual as we prefer hatchbacks apparently. See also the contemporary Focus and Astra
  13. is it Japanese cats that are particularly at risk? I only ever see things like Honda CRVs with missing cats, presumably because they are easier to get at being 4x4 and ting.
  14. warch


    Sorry if someone has already posted this, but it's such a good video. It's also a relic of the days when tractors were relatively inexpensive and farms employed quite large numbers of (often mixed ability) drivers. Most modern farms are run by a skeleton staff or even a single individual and tractors now cost as much as a house.
  15. It had occurred to me recently whilst watching prescient dystopian documentary Mad Max that, even in George Millers hellish imagining of the future they do at least have actual pleece. Toecutter and the lads could spend days fucking about in my endz before the police would turn up, so I imagine car thieves would have a field day.
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