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  1. As someone who very much enjoyed the Paddington films, I was most disappointed by this selective editing/clickbaity story on my newsfeed this morning.
  2. I have already mentioned Autoshite several times in conversation
  3. We’ve got a new bloke at work, only three years out of university. Rocked up in a 1995 Vauxhall Frontera. I think we ought to get along rather well… Edited to say his backup car is a Subaru pickup. The bastard....
  4. Actually I was caught looking at this one, which looks incredibly rude!
  5. I love this site sometimes, there I was, innocently ignorant of the wonderful and varied world of road signs, now I'm well versed in the work of the Worboys Committee. It's fun and educational! My wife did have questions when she caught me looking at some old signs on Google images though...
  6. Is this an older sign? The post looks quite modern but the red triangle looks quite old fashioned to me. Photographed in the Lane opposite my house.
  7. Made a start on the bulkhead, which is basically sound and has plenty of good metal in it but which also has loads of little holes where the metal has gone weak. You can see a repair, mix of welded in plates and weld repairs next to the hinge and a bit that hasn’t been attempted yet. More on the opposite side next to the screen hinge. And the piece de resistance a new inner door pillar and footwell side piece.
  8. I think it's a late model Land Rover 110.
  9. One of these managed to make it up Snowdon several times, the authorities were getting (understandably) pissed off about it though. Very good trucks and decent off road too.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324677063843 Not tat by any means but the latest iteration of the evergreen and really rather capable Lada Niva, cunningly updated for the modern marketplace complete with* seven speed auto box, touchscreen control centre, electronic damping and heated leather.
  11. There is an assumption that the British were backward in developing new cars or updating existing ones, but the problem was often that profitable elements of BL like Rover or Jaguar saw all their profits and therefore development budgets fed back into propping up less successful parts of the organisation. Land Rover developed several concepts for a radical clean sheet replacement for their utility vehicle which could have competed with the new Toyota Landcruiser but there was no budget to push this forward. They also experimented with fitting a V8 in their existing vehicles during the late 60s for the same reason, in order to make a vehicle more suitable for Australia or the US, it took ten years to bring this to the marketplace by which time Toyota and the American brands were firmly established. The unions didn't help matters either, there was enormous arrogance and high handedness in the way some workers and shop stewards conducted themselves. I remember reading about a service engineer who was touring the Leyland tractor factory at Bathgate. He noticed that some internal components visible on the line were fitted incorrectly and pointed this out to a worker. The worker's response was to tell him to eff off and that it was none of his bloody business. Vehicles built at the height of BL in the mid 70s were generally awful in terms of build quality, they were made by disinterested workers who had a poor or antagonistic relationship with their management.
  12. My petrol Series II Landrover is suspiciously fuel efficient, it rarely drops below 20mpg. I have driven other examples that do 10-14 to the gallon. If you fill the tank right up the float for the sender bangs against the top of the tank. My Triumph is 955cc and has 150hp, it also does 200 miles until the light comes on, the refill is 21 quid so over 50mpg, which is nice. The most surprising car* I had for good economy was a work Mitsubishi Warrior with all the bells and whistles and 170hp. I'd have thought perhaps 30mpg if driven carefully, but did 32-37 to the gallon most of the time I used it. Not bad given that it was 4x4 and bloody long. Had a monster van sized tank too. Conversely I don't remember my old Mini ever doing more than about 30-35 to the gallon, even with the 998 engine.
  13. Play resumed with the welding. The bottom of the offside chassis rail had a long fissure in it adjacent to the gearbox crossmember. Luckily there was good metal either side of it so it was reasonably straightforward to make and weld in a repair section. I could probably stand to grind the welds down a bit more but they are completely invisible under there, especially when the fuel tank is refitted. Also welded a short section of chassis rail adjacent to the steering relay. That’s the chassis all completed just* the bulkhead to do.
  14. That is pretty close to the coolest thing I've ever seen. I assume it didn't float, not a popular requirement for fire engines I'd have thought.
  15. If you built a ramp you could jump them into the back of the truck then handbrake them rou.....
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