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  1. I watched an episode of Car SOS recently when they refurbished someone's Series One Land Rover, which had formerly belonged to her late mother. It had quite a few modifications including a much later turbo diesel engine. They were originally considering restoring the Land Rover back to original specification but the decision was made to keep as many modifications as possible as that was what made the vehicle unique and special to the owner, which when they handed it back proved to be completely the right decision. Yes a original spec vehicle would be worth way more and probably look a lo
  2. This is an excellent thread, unbelievably clean looking car too, although I think the 80s Minis did at least have decent underseal on the floors. My C plate Mini Chelsea had a good floorpan, and largely superficial rust on the bodywork, whereas my R reg one from the 70s looked mint but had no floor to speak of (as I discovered after conking out in a flood).
  3. Is that on 10 inch wheels? Must have aftermarket smaller brakes then to clear the wheels, the 80s disc brake set up was too big for anything smaller than 12 inch wheels.
  4. My Qashqai's gear linkage is currently held together with zip ties, so useful.
  5. I'm finally starting to get to grips with my Speed Triple. First off, I found the bike very ponderous and slow turning, which I initially put down to the 190 rear tyre. Having inadvertently bottomed out the rear suspension driving up a trackway last week I thought I better check the rear shock, which on my bike is one of those posh ones with a remote reservoir. Sure enough the setting was as soft as it could be, not surprisingly as the previous owner was rather smaller and lighter than me. A quick turn of the screw made the bike instantly nicer to ride and easier to lean. I also adju
  6. Pinched from Djoptix's MGeeF ad for posterity once all this batflu stuff has subsided/been replaced with something even worse; Boris MOT - state mandated extension to the mandatory annual vehicle inspection during the coronavirus epidemic, due to the need for key workers to drive to work unimpeded and the enforced closure of non essential businesses. Exploited by all and sundry to legitimise the use of unroadworthy shitheaps on the Queens Highway for a further six months after the ticket was due to expire. MOT exempt- indefinitely exempt from any form of compulsory testing and the co
  7. Yes, ironically the real key workers in society are the high earners. Although they have a vested interested in the rest of society not being a knife ridden Mad Max-esque dystopian hellscape shound they ever want to park the Bentley in town whilst they lunch.
  8. I found this from the ONS statistics for tax liabilities from 2011-12. Obviously they are a bit out of date but it gives a fair idea of the current state of affairs. 29.9% of taxpayers earn more than 20k.10.1% more than 30k.2.4% more than 50k.1.2% more than 100k.
  9. People are often pressurised into feeling bad about not being able to afford new or expensive stuff these days, or being made to feel like they are a failure if they aren't able to afford to buy these things, it's the price of consumer culture I'm afraid. The thing I like about things like Bangernomics or the whole Autoshite ethos is that it is very much a rejection of the idea that you simply must have a new(ish) or even conventionally desirable car to fit in. I can let a modern Aston Martin pass me with nary a second glance but I'll be fascinated by an original shape Ford Sierra (like
  10. I don't think there is anything wrong with PCPs, when people know what they are getting and have correctly budgeted for it, it is increasingly the preferred method for 'owning' a car, it is little different to a mobile phone contract, or, going back in time renting a television set. The only slight caveat is that occasionally people sign up to really rather expensive monthly repayments that they can barely afford at the best of times (let alone when furloughed or something has reduced their income) and also don't account for insurance, gap insurance and the cost of consumables like tyres (henc
  11. If you'll permit me, this is a result of the British preoccupation with class and snobbery about anything regarded as pauperish. Weirdly this has nothing to actual posh people, lots of upper class types drive ancient dilapidated cars because they won't waste money replacing something merely because it is old. I think it is a modern upwardly mobile working class thing, where conspicuous consumption is equated with social status. How better to let everyone know how well you are doing than to have a 20plate SUV on your drive? The housing association estate at the far end of my village is an
  12. Once locked myself out of my Land-Rover. Luckily it's the pre 1971 version with the protruding hinges, so It took all of a minute to unscrew the hinge pins with the special tool (flathead screwdriver) remove the pins and stand clear as the door fell off. I've mentioned this before on here but my Mum and Dad used to own an Astra Twintop, with the folding metal roof that folded into the boot. Unfortunately when the roof mechanism detected a fault and refused to fold down it also locked the boot. The only way to open the boot was via the handy manual release switch, in the boot. The boot wa
  13. Looks like it belongs to Bungle off Rainbow (in a good way).
  14. I like that! These are rapidly becoming the thinking man's Defender* *As in an increasing number of men (and they're invariably men) are thinking, why pay four or five times as much cash for a Defender which is not much better off road, is way worse on road, is a massive theft risk, and has a cab interior designed in the late 60s? Incidentally are the wide tyres ok off road? I do/ have done lots of off road work and tend to favour narrow tyres like the 7.5 inch wide tyres on my Series IIA. My experience of wide tyres on crew cab pickups and the turf tyres my old mowing tractors had
  15. I might have to watch Fast and Furious 6 (!) if it features British cars, if only to see Vin Diesel (real name Mark Sinclair) driving a nitrous equipped Saxo VTR or Nova SR.
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