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  1. Well done Datsun! My happy is also Oxford Diecast related, although unlike you I'll have to pay for the privilege. Oxford are (hopefully) releasing this, a teeny 'railway scale' County 1884 next year. Praying it doesn't get mired in development hell.
  2. Endless Mk2 Escorts and various less expected motahs like an old 80s Mercedes and an E30 at the Woodpecker Rally today. I didn’t see them in action but the refuelling point was next to my house so I saw/heard/smelt them going back and forth. The unsurfaced access road did result in all my stuff on the drive getting coated in dust.
  3. I spotted quite a few engineering refurbishment places in Aus, offering remanufactured engines and the like. I think its quite common in the US and Canada as well. On a related note a lot of agri repair places are refurbishing old or middle aged tractors and other farm equipment for farmers who don't want to or can't afford to pay for modern (astonishingly expensive) kit. There is also something to be said for mechanical systems which usually give fair warning before they break, whereas electronic systems can often shut down and leave a vehicle completely inoperative.
  4. I've often wondered why older trucks aren't more common, is it a question of them reaching the end of their economic life and being too expensive to contemplate rebuilding or it is more to do with the need for reliability/warranty on something that needs to be utterly reliable? TBH I've heard that some modern trucks can be a bit deficient in the reliability stakes these days, usually down to electronic or sensor issues. I couldn't help noticing how many old trucks are still running in Australia, and how many engine remanufacturers/rebuilders there are. Same with heavy plant, people prefer to keep rebuilding what they've got rather than buying a replacement digger or whatever every six or seven years. They also prefer fairly old tech designs, although I think emissions rules are much more lenient over there.
  5. At least that's one thing owners of old Landrovers don't have to contend with. +1 for bodging it up though.
  6. An Aussie fuel truck. I did see loads of exciting American trucks, including the iconic Peterbilts and Kenworths also loads of Macks (my favourite) but whilst driving, so couldn’t photograph them.
  7. A Sterling truck (defunct US manufacturer) now used by the same learner driver school as the ones previously snapped in this location.
  8. Couple spotted in Australia…. Haval H6 (generic Chinese crossover made by Great Wall) quite popular in Aus. Skoda Scala, presumably on the Golf/A3 platform.
  9. I work in the heritage sector specialising in surveying historic buildings and this sort of thing is increasingly common. Historic buildings especially listed ones are especially at risk as owners or developers see them as a pain in the arse to redevelop. Also it is hard to get change of use for a commercial property such as a public house for housing which is where all the money is. There is little risk to the developer in all this, they’ll get what they want and it’ll keep happening.
  10. warch

    Bus Shite

    Sorry for the shite photo but the Australia women’s football team coach this morning.
  11. A clean MoT suddenly makes it all worthwhile again.
  12. The Mk 1 Qashqai is Autoshite heaven. Easy to work on, well made, easy to get parts for and utterly disposable. It’s really quite old hat and decidedly unpretentious too, not unlike a Dacia in fact (also has French underpinnings for that matter).
  13. I’d describe the Duster as a crossover rather than an SUV. As far as I can tell the appeal of crossovers is as follows; Has the desirable and fashionable 4x4 look but without the weight, complexity and running costs of a real 4x4. Bear in mind most actual 4x4s are completely superfluous as they aren’t used off road. Raised seating position, for improved visibility, also easier for old people or people with restricted mobility to get in and out. I like mine because it is good for use off road where traction isn’t too bad, it’s no bigger, heavier, worse on fuel or worse to drive than a hatchback, it is excellent in floods (quite common in mid Wales) and it is a perfect an car. I suspect Volvo are discontinuing estate models due to lack of sales. ETA- In respect of the last point motorcycle sales, which have had to allow for an ageing demographic now tend towards to adventure bikes and upright tourers with many manufacturers completely discontinuing their sports bike ranges (the once ubiquitous 600cc super sport class is now almost extinct).
  14. More Aussie trucks…. I think this is a Mitsubishi Canter or similar but a 4x4 version with outback touring body and camping trailer. Next was this interesting Bedford pickup owned by a newly licensed driver (red P plate).
  15. Another Aussie UD learner truck, this time a cute little 6x4 (7.5 tonne size) flatbed
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