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  1. Oh my god you're right I must have one of those!
  2. There were quite a few recreational bikers out and about where I live over the weekend. Quite frankly good for them, it's a perfectly reasonable (anti)social activity and no worse than cycling or running which I've been doing. Yes there'll be bleating about the potential for accidents taking key workers away from more important work, but pretty much no fucker has had coronavirus in my area anyway, so the hospitals are pretty much empty. I used mine to go shopping the other day, the triple sounds a bit Audi Quattro at pace. Which is nice.
  3. I rofled at this sentence. They've done that 90s thing where you take a 70s or 80s shape and soften the edges a bit like its been lightly melted. It's horrible but I kind of like it.
  4. Was it the Mercedes badge on the front that aroused your suspicions?
  5. Very Duel. Is that the wonderfully named Holmes wrecker man driving the Pug?
  6. I'm loving all this back garden toy stuff, it's what toys were born to do, not sit in collections or worse still MIB. In the spirit of fantasy, my 1/87 Herpa(?) Volvo Mercedes (thanks Eddy) 2238 and non matched low loader is featured delivering some Landies to an unspecified outback location. The new owner will wish he'd specified Land Cruisers rather than those 'bloody pom 4x4s' once he's had to drive 1000km in 40 degree heat in one of them. I'm a big fan of Outback Truckers which to my untrained eye seems to have quite a lot of elderly and hence shiteworthy trucks featured. I think the 2238, a V8 engined model from the 70s or 80s was quite popular in Aus back in the day.
  7. Some people develop really strong emotional attachments to a car, even one that's been sat deteriorating outside their house since the year dot. They're often the type you see on Car SOS, the car is one they owned when they were younger but it's rotting away and they don't have the time or money or skills to repair it. Some people get quite shirty about quite innocent enquiries about a car they own, many people think that they are sitting an automotive goldmine. Owners of old land rovers (for example) all know that their vehicle is worth thousands, even if there is little or nothing of salvageable value on the rotten immovable algae strewth heap that's been sitting outside their house for 25 years. Personally I'd generally rather move something on if I don't use it. I'll always be polite to people asking if I want to sell a vehicle. My Land Rover has been in the family for nearly 50 years so its a keeper but I won't be unpleasant if someone inquires about it, I'll usually put them off by explaining how shonky it is.
  8. That nugget of information would have been very useful to me in 1999, as I replaced my Mini Chelsea (the car I drove at 20mph) with a 450 quid D reg Orion Ghia. Quite apart from astonishing rust, it also managed 3 engines and a head gasket in the time I owned it. Admittedly one engine only lasted 20 minutes, the same scrapyard that re-engined my Mini called me after they'd fitted an engine I'd supplied to say it had a slight issue with back pressure. They were having fun putting the oil filler cap on, running it and watching it fire the cap into the air. The rings were completely fucked.
  9. I got the Land Rover I still own at 17, but when I was 20 (1997) I was a student tosser. 60s and 70s retro stuff was the in thing back then and as I was a big fan of the Italian Job there was only one choice of car for me. Unfortunately I should have spent a bit more and bought something with the classic 60's look, ten inch wheels etc, but 600 quid bought me this fucking piece of 80's shite. Image from the launch advert. Mine had a solid floor but crusty panels, unlike my 70s Mini I bought a few years later which looked great but effectively had no floorpans. I believe all the Chelseas were all a sort of dark red, with 80stastic 12 inch alloys and disc front brakes. It had the binnacle behind the steering wheel, including a rev counter. It was 'powered' by a 998cc engine which overheated and blew head gaskets, so I got a scrapyard to swap it for a 1275 out of an MG Metro. It met it's doom in 1999 when a pissed up Hawaiian tourist pulled out of a junction in front of me without looking in my direction.
  10. warch

    Budget X Type

    The front subframe can rust on these too, but is hidden by the undertray so the MoT man can't see it. Nice looking car, my father in law in Aus had a V6 one.
  11. I was idly searched ebay this morning for a boxed BP promotion orange Jeep when I happened across this. Someone on here did a post about obscure Corgi movie and tv tie ins, this 'Chopper Squad' Jeep apparently pertains to an Australian tv series about the eponymous squad, who carried out rescues (in their chopper). The series was made in the late 70s by Reg Grundy of Neighbours and underpants fame. I remember having a model based on the same casting when I was a nipper, it was in their 1/36 range, mine was sort of metallic red with an eagle on the bonnet.
  12. Use a drill to hold the other end and lap it in like that? Don't forget to change direction periodically to maintain the grindiness.
  13. warch

    Chod Papping

    I've always quite fancied a UMM Alter, never even seen a real one though.
  14. Wasn't that part of a BP garage fuel promotion back in the late 80s?
  15. I agree on the build quality, really well made cars. I might consider getting another one as a daily driver. BTW I was tidying my shed yesterday and found a set of genuine and bloody expensive trim clips for my old one.
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