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  1. It just leapt out at me. It was on the verge of a very narrow country lane, and made more treacherous by having frozen solid last night. Luckily the Cashcow shrugs off impact damage like a Volvo 740.
  2. Had an unusual car accident this morning, hit a snowman. I was assuming snowmen would be soft and fluffy, this was like hitting a boulder.
  3. Last time I went to the ‘Dam was with a group of mates, one of whom was desperate to shag a prostitute. Not sure why, must’ve been a bucket list thing or something. Despite being outwardly confident about the whole idea he ended up prevaricating so much that he ended being taken down to the red light district by another mate’s girlfriend so she could do all the ‘setting up’ for him and so she could make sure he got a nice girl to go with.
  4. I am no expert but I think I may have identified some previously undiscovered work by Banksy, or at the very least someone whose work also contains the trademark shared elements of satirical street artwork and subversive epigrams, combining dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. #reclaimthestreets #mkhanisbent
  5. At least its the diesel version so you can recoup your 12 grand outlay by running it as a minicab.
  6. Is the same sort of 309 GTi as the one I had ? (purchased back in the day for 150 quid). My abiding memory of 'residing' in the interior of that was the seats used to get damp due to a leaky sunroof. It was a good fun car to drive but I would struggle to describe the interior as fabulous. Also I know Wilko pointed this out, and the main point of this thread is overpriced cars on the web but Jeesus 21 grand for a 5 door!
  7. People over here can be ridiculously obsessive compulsive about oil too. I remember quite a funny thread on pisstonheads a few years ago when someone was breathlessly posting because he'd had a low oil warning light come on and had to refill his Beemer or whatever with generic oil obtained from a petrol station. He (I assume it was a he) was obsessing about trying to get all the non approved oil out of his engine. There were quite a few replies suggesting the pouring genuine approved oil through the engine as flush then flushing the engine and changing the filter then refilling with more
  8. I hope you are already working on a Carlton mega thread!
  9. Vauxhall Heaven! welcome diplomat2.6!
  10. I like how Scotland still has it's own distinct tv programs. I live right next door to Wales and apart from the odd show like Pobol Y Cwm and various Welsh language magazine shows, they seem to watch the same shit as people in England. You've got me bang to rights on Last of the Summer Wine though, which was looking a bit tired in the 80s when me and my brother watched it as kids. I think my preoccupation during my formative years was people falling in water or the possibility of someone falling in water which I still find weirdly hilarious. See also Ninja Warrior, Wipeout, Its a Knockou
  11. It does look as if the footage has been doctored, goodness knows why, a bit like on reality tv shows when they remove company logos or registration plates. That's surely quite an old episode of Scottish Last of the Summer Wine.
  12. I can't imagine being allowed to do stuff like that these days. Someone would do a risk assessment and (justifiably) shit a lung at the prospect of letting a load of teenagers loose on the school field. Mind you back in the day (1990ish) our school minibus had a knackered back door so the last student in had to hold it shut with a piece of baler twine when we used to go anywhere.
  13. Bit convoluted I learnt how to drive aged about 12 on a small tractor in the walled garden next to my house (my dad was the head gardener). I used to mow the lawns at the big house on the estate on it so I had been driving for years by the time I was 17. Around the age of 16 I acquired the Land Rover I have now (my dads old one). Me and all my college mates used to 'learn' in it in the orchard and field next to my house. By learn I mean piss about doing wheel spins, donuts etc, and eventually land rover surfing and using it to tow tyres attached to ropes for us to sit in, like
  14. Not me but a garage I used. I had a Corsa Dti. I thought I'd treat it to a cambelt change. Got it back, used it a few weeks then the first sign of trouble was a misfire whilst driving through London. Drove 150 miles home without issue, parked up and it wouldn't start. Took it back to the garage, they had it for a few weeks without figuring out the issue, then sent it across the yard to a Vauxhall main dealers again without solving the issue. I eventually took it back, still dead as a doornail, they suggested contaminated fuel. Some months later me and my brother were looking un
  15. I very nearly had a similar occurrence with the front o/s wheel on my Land Rover. Drove nearly a mile wondering what that funny rattling noise was before I put two and two together.
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