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  1. Mrs h used to work in a small business that always sent post with loads of vintage stamps. ISTR the owner used to buy them in bulk. The downside was she was always rummaging to get as near as possible to the correct stamp value.
  2. I think it was @simon8201 who noticed! I was too busy snatching the keys! Tossa-Del-Mar sticker is intact, if I ever feel the need to peel it off, you have first refusal.
  3. Remember this? My roffle win Saab 900. Courtesy of @Minimad5 It's not perfect, but I bloomin' love it. In the last month I've done about a thousand miles with no real issues. I've reinstated the rear wiper as the motor and wiper itself were MIA. @simon8201 has helped me out sourcing a leather steering wheel from a 9-3 to replace the rather worn original. Fingers crossed that'll be swapped tomorrow!
  4. Said goodbye to this today, a friend is having it for his 18 year old daughter to learn to drive in.
  5. When I had mine I found the same. My research found plenty of German web forums moaning about the same too. I managed to find a middle section on Ebay. The rear section is as near as dammit the same as the 2.0 exhaust which is (or was) available.
  6. That is nice. I quite fancy pottering around in a lupo for a bit. It'd be perfect if it had a webasto.
  7. @Minimad5 N/S front looks fine. All good. Thanks once again for the full tank of fuel.
  8. Roffle Saab collected. No petrol station shot as @Minimad5 left it with pretty much a full tank of fuel. Thanks what an amazing gesture. 225 miles via mostly A roads so we could have a meet up en route with @83C in Shrewsbury. Not bad at all.
  9. Haha! The photo shows them working but they wobble. They're actually not on the car at the moment for their own good. I did go over to France in 2019 to an autojumble primarily to look for replacement lamps but whilst I had a nice time, I came home empty handed.
  10. Hello. Yes. I'll own up to having a Rancho. Currently Fritzelled away in storage awaiting a cash infusion to sort it's multiple ailments.
  11. This was up for sale at my local auction, I used to see it from time to time in town and even spoke to the elderly owner a couple of times. It's tidy, but short MOT so I lobbed a £500 commission bid on and thought I was in with a shout. The hammer has just gone down at £2K! That's £2326.80 with auction fees. Insane.
  12. What's the problem with the autobox? (asking as one has come up in a deceased estate auction locally and thought I might lob a bid in).
  13. Keeping it eh? In that case you've saved me having 'the conversation' with Mrs h.
  14. That's actually me you're describing.
  15. holbeck

    tyre prices

    This was what I found looking for tyres a few weeks ago.
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