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  1. I had an email exchange with PC recently about them using a car I own for a photo shoot. The figure of (a maximum of) £50 expenses was mentioned.
  2. If you got one would it be a SiCrocco? Mind you if they're unfashionable and cheap, I'm interested.
  3. Agreed. Hillman Hunter. What is it with Rootes drivers obstructing railway lines?
  4. Right. Where are we with this? AIUI, it runs but still misfires? It needs a steering rack gaiter and a tester who will be sympathetic to the windscreen chip. What else? Rather than transporting it to further storage, is it plausible to get it to a place where it can be MOT'd? I'd be prepared to contribute on that basis.
  5. Remember this? I managed to get an MOT on the MINI just before Christmas and I've been dailying it since then. The ABS problem was sorted out by an Auto Electrician that my local garage got in when they couldn't sort it. The fix entailed replacement of the wiring between the sensor and the ECU. Probably because it's been such a PITA, I haven't really gelled with it. I reckon I'll keep hold of it until the lockdown is over and then punt it on. However this is unlikely to be via this forum as it owes me far more than the pricepoint here!
  6. You did! last year my thread about it. Your welding still sound btw.
  7. Err, sadly I no longer have it. I ended up getting rid. It just wouldn't run right, I spent a long time trying to sort it, my local garage had a good go but it still ran like a bag of shit. I was quite relieved to see the back of it.
  8. Beat me to it! A clean pass. No one more surprised than me.
  9. I hear you. I don't have a solution, (well I do have a lock up, but it's 300 miles away). Shout if owners need to lob in for a local solution.
  10. It must be the Van's birthday. New boots all round.
  11. ^^ If people can make stand alone videos for a toaster popping up, I reckon you could make an aerodeck headlight vid.
  12. The verdict is in. My work colleagues say a Delmonte Yes!
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