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  1. Yes. I can definitely see you in that. Well bought....... You mad bugger!
  2. Jubilee street party. We clubbed together with friends and booked a table at our local event. I suppose it was inevitable that our table should have been where a Renault Kangoo had been abandoned!
  3. I just had to look twice, I thought the orange coat tosspot was me. ( not this time).
  4. The Fiesta 1.4 D I bought from here in January has achieved an average of just over 60 mpg for the first 3000 miles of mostly A road commuting.
  5. Interesting thread. Especially where the world is with A series engines these days. I last had an 'A' powered car at the end of the 80s, when anything other than genuine Cooper S parts, were both cheap and plentiful!
  6. Your glowing endorsement might have put one of these on my radar.
  7. Touché. I will pull the radio if it comes to it. Actually I am going to have a fiddle with it to see if I can coax in to further service, but the spectre of hgf is lurking in the background.
  8. Expired in Waitrose car park with (I think) an ignition fault, however it has developed such a voracious appetite for coolant, I decided it was borrowing time.
  9. Remember this? I won this lovely saab in a roffle a few months ago. Since then it's been my daily drive. And it's been great. Until today. Sad times. Anyone got a car for sale? Oh, and happy new year.
  10. I'm glad I had the opportunity to own an Escort 1300e at the £500 price point. With the greatest of respect to the Ford pervs, I enjoyed it but wouldn't even now spend much more on one.
  11. Hello. Honiton is just down the road from me. Glad to help if I can, although I don't claim to be an expert. Feel free to pm me.
  12. Leyland Road Runner. Maestro headlamps and indicators. Also the cab rear pressing was shared with the Sherpa 400 series pick up cab (designed from the outset for use on both).
  13. I've been rummaging in the attic. Spotted 20 years ago on holiday in France.
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