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  1. C15 going home for a visit.
  2. I saw that on fb and was quite tempted myself! Well bought.
  3. Just been to France in the C15, This beaut was at a garage that sèemed still to be open.
  4. A big thank you to @chaseracer & @kirton for their combined shitely contributions in collecting and conveying an exhaust for my Audi 80 This place..
  5. Schoolboy error alert. 1 hour before going to work I decided to change the alternator belt on the C15. It all would have been fine if the new one was the same size, and the old one not too knackered to go back on.
  6. Yes Please! That would be amazing if possible.
  7. Thanks chaseracer. I'll sort out the purchase and PM you.
  8. As per title. A centre section for an Audi 80 exhaust has appeared on eBay for collection only. Anyone able to collect it until I can get to Brum? Thanks in advance
  9. Not enough to make me do it again!
  10. I was selling his worldly possessions! He did perk up when he realised he had made £22 from stuff that was gathering dust.
  11. I did a carboot with the C15 today. My son enjoyed* it immensely.
  12. Audi exhaust collected. It's not brilliant, but much better than the one on the car. Beggars and choosers etc .
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