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  1. Its worth liking his fb business page. Lots of interesting stuff!
  2. Yes. It's a metric version of the Kent engine. Although much modified over the years. Ford internally always called it Valencia as the Kent name internally referred to the 1.8D! Oh, and nice Ka @Vince70
  3. Cough. I was a suppliers rep at Ford Engineering at the time. The orbital 2 stroke was considered for a few projects but was dead quite early on in the gestation of the Ka (BE146). The engine planned for Ka was a 1.05 litre 3 cylinder version of the ZetecSE/ Yamaha motor. Loads of work was done and it nearly happened. The reason it didn't was cost. The Valencia engine was a bag of nails but it was cheap to build and actually quite reliable.
  4. Citroen C15? Sorry that's the next swap.
  5. That is nice. What's the story here @Frogchod?
  6. Aye. The Doovla will have all the ammo to keep it off the road till it suits them.
  7. Well done dude. I always thought that this Visa was a bonny little thing.
  8. Almost. the C15 is deputising for a police Leyland DAF 200
  9. I did try to restage the scene from Lovejoy with my Safrane.
  10. Mind me trunions Grommit. Nice
  11. A bit late to this, if still relevant. From '59 to '62 The Prefect was available with 998cc ohv engine and 4 speed box. Reclassified as 107E
  12. That is amazing Rob. Well done. I do like an ADO16.
  13. I'm a member of the Facebook group for Dagenham Engine Plant. Just reported there that they've shipped their first consignment of ventilators. Well done Ford. There are also some great photos of V4 engine assembly that someone put up recently.
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