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  1. That was on my Ebay watchlist last week.
  2. I hope you listened to Robert Palmer on the way home.
  3. I can confirm the C15 is still in regular use in and around the town of Sidmouth.
  4. Nice! I'd forgotten that one. I nearly offered you the silver one I got from Wingz, but didn't think you did revisits!
  5. I tried hard to make my 405td hit 50 mpg but never quite managed it, 47 was my average over 4000 miles. C15 van has done 43 over similar mileage.
  6. Re Xantia, I was looking for a dimmer switch for the dashboard but I think I'm sorted now
  7. Legend! Ex girlfriend's mother had one in the same colour. I did a few miles in it when I was between cars.
  8. Wow HMC, that's pretty grim! I nearly bought a slightly older one at a house clearance, equally grim, I managed to resist.
  9. That seat fabric was listed in the Citroen brochure as 'plasterers radio'
  10. @catsinthewelder I guess the trail went cold last time. I'm still up for the above
  11. I saw one in the Flight shed at Longbridge of all places. Although I did have a nose under the bonnet I can't remember if it was RHD.
  12. @bramz7 ISTR it's a watered down version of what they had planned. Back in the day working at Ford Engineering I saw a prototype Fiesta that had a glazed front all the way across. ala Citroen SM. The Ford engineer I was working with was totally dismissive of it and told the suits that it'd look better when they put the fish in
  13. My comment based on buying a car from vantman and it being a belter.
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