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  1. Just a wee update. The MINI still does not have an MOT so I've been dailying my C15 van instead (no hardship). It's been a bit of a war to be honest. First up the headlights, I'll hold my hands up to overthinking the headlamp leveling problem (google was not my friend here and I got thoroughly confused). I got a replacement used set of headlights through fb marketplace and found they had the same (common) fault as the ones I already have. Grr. The second set I acquired were much better, in that they weren't fogged and levelled on the Rheo. Next up, the strut mounts,
  2. Niiiice. It's a shame that it's lockdown. Otherwise I'd be inviting myself to visit.
  3. As the MINI is now an MOT work in progress, having the C15 to dust off has been a life saver.
  4. Ford contracted KHD (Deutz) to design the engine, but retained all ownership of the design. I understand the original plan was for KHD to also make it in Germany on Fords behalf before deciding they could make it more cheaply in house at Dagenham.
  5. That is weird, but fantastic. Perhaps a place for an AS meet when (if) we can do such things.
  6. Stickers had crossed my mind, although it's like rearranging deckchairs on the titanic at the moment. Bathgate also made tractors and engines as well as the light trucks it was best known for.
  7. Not really. I made that up because of the tartan blanket on the roof. It is however based in some truth, there was a Bathgate edition of the original mini, produced to celebrate the opening of the BMC Bathgate plant. It had a thistle on the bonnet in place of the normal Austin badge. They used to have one at Gaydon, but I think it was sold in that big auction they had 15 years ago.
  8. Update. Having done some research, the headlight leveling system seems to be the biggest show stopper due to cost. If they fail, they fail at their lowest dip. Lots of stories on the web of people getting rinsed for replacements and the lack of known good second hand ones could be a problem. I've found a pair through a fb group so have taken a punt. If I can sort that problem the rest can follow. Fingers crossed. (Although starting to check the classifieds just as a contingency).
  9. Yesterday was MOT day. It did not go well. Quite a long list of stuff, all doable but put together quite a bit of aggravation. Handily the ABS fault came back for the test. The main other expense is the headlights which have u/s leveling motors both sides. Plus front strut top mounts, exhaust and some other minor stuff. Considering my options at the moment.
  10. Every time I see the Saab, I regret selling it. (Although technically I didn't sell, I swapped it for a BX, which was also great)
  11. Nice. But not for me, quite happy to render assistance to anyone from here who is interested.
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