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  1. Some sort of Lada with Father Ted bodywork
  2. I can't get enough of this. It's so wrong, it's right!
  3. When I did the metal strips on mine I used mastic tape to set in place with a bead of sika 512 or tigerseal to finish the edges where the rubber trims had shrunk or degraded. I found the tigerseal easier to work with and less prone to weathering/gaps opening up when the van flexed/expanded/contracted. So if I had to do a job like that again it would be tigerseal all the way. What a horrible job though, the cleaning and prepping is a long and arduous task
  4. Love the smart Will. They're strangely addictive things. I had one in the same colour scheme - but an early LHD example in pulse trim. Compared to which yours is positively decadent with your heated seats and air con... Glass roof+no air con was a delightful* experience in the summer!
  5. Out: Talbot Express Astra K In: Astra J Verdict: Must try harder
  6. I'm back from the Alps Let's see what the rest of the package has to offer... Vintage top trumps Cable ties The best of Car 70's & 80's What a haul Thanks ASSS!
  7. It's a Renault 17 TL!!!! I'm off upstairs to turn my quilt into a replica of the Alps and scale them in my new car. Thanks mystery sender!
  8. I got an ASSS package that contained multiple wrapped presents and this mystery box... I'm treating* myself to the contents tonight
  9. Crusty Sills - sent/not received. Beko1987 Possibly received, not sent MorrisItalSLX - sent/not received Dippy sent not recieved Bub sent/not received Ruffgeezer sent & Received Bangernomics sent The Moog Sent Mercrocker sent Fordperv sent and received Boggsy sent Drivewaymyway sent/not received Nibblet sent/not received Angrydicky sent/not received Phil_lihp sent/received Joloke Sent/Not Received Pandamonium Sent / Not received pilninggas Sent and received Kringle Sent/ not received Hpi_matrix Sent/not received Craig the Princess Sent/not received Saabnut Sent/Not Received Keymaster sent/received
  10. A few more from my saunter home this evening - it's not the prime chodfest it used to be, but there are still plenty of shonky old heaps lying around the place. Back to sunny* Liverpool tomorrow. Sigh.
  11. Here's a few I took in the Campanario this week to get you started.
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