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  1. Similar... except we don't have them standing at the front of the house at least. That's outrageous. I used to enjoy an occasional smoke back in the day, but I never smelt anything so pungent as what seems to be normal now. God knows what it's doing to their brains... as you say it tastes bad on the air. In a great victory for town planning we have 10 gardens directly behind us and so on a sunny day with an easterly wind our house gets overwhelmed by their bbq and stoner smoke. We are in a single room deep double fronter so there's literally no escape from it in those conditions. I suspect we are far from the only people suffering this problem right now [emoji853]
  2. I'm with you on this 100000000%. Furlough has seemingly turned all my neighbours into bbq obsessed stoners.. except for one who seems to suddenly fancy a future career as a balearic DJ. For 13 years it's been a relatively quiet corner of the world but since easter it's been exhausting just trying to live a quiet life and WFH.
  3. I miss owning a hopeless camper. I also reckon it would be quite jolly to live like the pope on tour for a day. Verdict: You are a winner and I have envy.
  4. Alba Sport [emoji848] Presumably the cheapest tyre available in the argos catalogue [emoji1787]
  5. Tremendous scenes! Looks ace and the maroon headrest panels work so well. I'd feel like king of the world if I were you today [emoji106]
  6. Vulg, once again your attention to detail has paid back 10x over. The refreshed interior looks brilliant. It was bugging me what the pic of the back your front seat reminded me of. Then I realised.... Engage!
  7. I've had a couple of prime candidates for this: Nissan Almera "Ambition" - presumably relating to an ambition to drive something else Vauxhall Astra "Excite" - "dull yet worthy" would be a much better name for it
  8. Bonus overspray on the front tyre
  9. 2020 bonus edition A Great Wall!
  10. Curiously this is the decal they've stuck to it's bonnet...
  11. Another Nova killer here Too fast turning right into a side street in the wet... understeered straight into a signpost. RIP C228PKA.
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