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That Montego is now being advertised on R-R for "about £2,500" and is attracting a few comments...

Talking of Retro Rides...


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What the fark?! GR8 4 BURNUPS @ TEH DRAG STRIP


I'd like to see that attempt to negotiate some of the speed humps we have round here... :twisted:



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That 505 is a mess. :( I don't understand all the R-R drooling over it.'A' reg is the earliest one I've seen in a while.

as a life long modder and afficenado of the weird and wonderfull...........its pants.......dont mind the style but the arches and wheels are pish.....for less effort it could have been way cooler 8)
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Oltcits are cheap in Romania, about 400 quid for a goodun going up to 7 or 8 hundred for something interesting ie a clean, very ealr car, or the later Rodae and Oltena models produced until 1995. There were also a fair few factory pickups in the 90s and three factory convertibles in around 1988. Good solid shite; nobody wants them, even in Romania...

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2000 Toyota Corolla 1.4 GS Estate - £3800 Offers Invited (!)



I have to mock this....




'The car starts first time on the dot and drives like no other car, you would have to take it for test drive to know, cars driveability is unexplainable too good, and the nearest car that would match it would be one of the Lexus...'


So, Lexus, the gauntlet has been laid down...



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