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  1. Submitted the Scimitar SE4 GT find to Classic Car mag...only for them to call me yesterday to refine details...their doing a series of Scimitar Find of The Month....that means i have at least one more set of images to add...
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELXF853UY3Q&feature=youtu.be
  3. The 20th Anniversary of the Isle of Eigg community buy out...drink dancing and fun..and camping. Te..the first Maori on Eigg....supposedly.
  4. Yesterday morning I caught the Port Askaig to Kennacraig 7am ferry...watching minke whales having a playful rise...then bus to Lochgilped..met by my old Kiwi mate in her sugar daddys new flash 4WD..then bus to Oban...kicked around with the tourists...then final leg-bus-hitch home..to find that my ex-wife had moved back in..fresh from Australia...ah well..she just made me breakfast... What roll over bars are supposed to do...except protect rear seat passenger Last of staunch British tradition So..ex-wife and I are off to the Isle of Eigg to exchange mutual independence vows with the islands annual liberation festival
  5. Delivered to Oban by diligent parents...to catch the 4.30pm Colonsay-Islay ferry. Another extended member of the family collects me at Port Askaig..whereby Im delivered to Heather House..to become Rab The Butler for my Uncle Sir John..duties entail catering..polishing silver...hand washing porcelain and grilling sausages.I can only walk as far as Port to collect The Telegraph..so the other side of the island wont be inspected until July on my return. The local farm i actively investigate each time Im here 1952 Land Rover 80.Alu bulkhead. Impulsive Sculpture Aunties MX5 Childs Celtic Gravestone. Port Askiag Hotel trying to blend in their Toyotas RNLI gets my spare change when they got cool LD's like this...
  6. Bumsticks!..my commiserations..glad yer relatively ok tho..
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