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  1. Gutted to read this, only met Richard a handful of times but as everyone has said, a lovely bloke and would chat about anything. Sincerest condolences to all the family, RIP Richard.
  2. I only noticed this morning that Classic Shows have reintroduced this to their calendar (after the failure of the Chumley Pageant of POWAAH) Is anyone going? I don't have a ticket obviously but think you can pay (more money) on the gate and still show your car.
  3. Good to see you all, and the Dacia 1310 and SuperSnipe. Sorry I couldn't hang around.
  4. I'll probably be there earlyish until 1ish. I got my ticket direct a few months back so it's for the 80's section but most of you know my gold Escort so if you see me come and tell me where the stand is.
  5. Obviously it is a lovely sunny day here today
  6. drives me round the twist Darren, millions of pounds of taxpayers money every year for a guess but that's for the grumpyoldman thread
  7. ha, the forecast!! It changed everyday over the last 3/4 days and pretty much every 10 minutes today - that ain't a forecast!
  8. A shame, it's usually by far the best show of the year and heaving. The compere twat always does that about going into the arena, it's like he is on commission or something.
  9. replied to your message - here if you want it.
  10. Late notice but due to OMG car issues yesterday and shite weather I can't make it so have a ticket here in Crewe (20 mins from chumley) if anyone wants to pick it up. I don't think they worry too much about the 11am deadline. Have fun folks.
  11. Sunday looking like a total washout at the moment
  12. I've already got a ticket for this so should be there all being well.
  13. I've seen those gantry cameras randomly flashing loads of times with no-one around speeding.
  14. fair point....like I said, just seemed quite violent compared to a human but probably isn't at all.
  15. It was the fact they needed to put chocks on the rear wheels to stop the car shaking itself off the ramp that was a concern as well.....glad to hear they have been in use for a while. I've never seen them before so a new one on me.
  16. .When I took the Pic for it's MOT the other day the place I use have just had a new ramp fitted with these plates the wheels sit in and they just press a button and it shakes the wheels all over the place instead of a person doing it. Anyone else seen them in use? They were really violent and although the Pic passed o.k I don't think the Escorts 30 plus year old rubbers and joints will appreciate it too much, or the rest of the car for that matter!
  17. o.k, so I must have missed something about Picassos/MPV's somewhere but is it related to my post about ours on Tuesday? Probably made by someone that doesn't know my shite either?
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