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Optimistic scam artist of the week:


http://www.carpoint.com.au/used-car/FIA ... 91067.aspx


"Rare 1989 Giorgetto Giugiaro ItalDesign-styled Croma ABARTH -Prototipo luxury Sports sedan."


So rare, I bet one would find Fiat doesn't even acknowledge its existence. Fancy that.


My favourite bit - apart from the bog-standard Croma interior and autobox of course - are the "5 x 6" x 14" ABARTH Fondmetal ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy competition/road wheels" which just happen to look remarkably like these:


Posted Image


And all for just $9,950. I reckon the phone's ringing off the hook. :roll:

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These were £3850 new! Thats what my dad paid for a Mayfair in 1985

Plus as the mayfair was red, it didn't disolve in the rain like the silver ones.

I gave him £1500 for it in 1990 as my first car with 26k and the original tyres, hooned around in it for 18 months and sold it for what i paid for it.


Apparently they are now worth 10 times that?! :roll:

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Yes, LHD & from the US probably going by the stickers on it. I don't know how the rally clases work but you're probably right. Won't there be some sort of later "Slighty more post historic - a bit more modern" group though?Considering what it would cost to get the on on RR up and running I dare say it would be more cost effective and less hard work to find one abroad and bring it over. Must be plenty in Sweden?

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Never heard of the limited use road tax.Vehicles used solely for the purpose of agriculture, horticulture and forestry are exempt from vehicle tax; however, they still need to be taxed each year and display a ‘free’ tax disc. These vehicles can either be taxed in the ‘agricultural machine’ or ‘limited use’ tax classes.You can tax your vehicle in the ‘limited use’ tax class if it’s used solely for purposes relating to agriculture, horticulture or forestry and it’s used on public roads only in passing between different areas of land occupied by you and the distance it travels on public roads in passing between any two such areas does not exceed 1.5 kilometres

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