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  1. I had similar plans for ours, but it was a pile of overrated rusty shit.... big MOT fail for grot.
  2. Yep, PM replied to, and I can confirm they are very foc.
  3. UPI at Inverkeithing had 2 or 3 75's in when I was there couple of weeks ago. But the big, some would say crucial question is - has the Paul Walker sticker been removed and burnt with actual fire yet ?
  4. Cash monies sent and excitement set at near incontinence levels....
  5. Seddon Atkinson 401 buried in there too ?
  6. May I offer... 1 x Vectra B front bumper in silver, all mounting tabs unbroken, fog lights intact as is the rubber bit along the bottom edge. 4 x Vauxhall 4 stud 15" steel rims, with Pirelli P600's with about 6mm tread. Been off the car about 2 years on a pallet at work. 1 x Vectra B estate load cover. Collect Edinburgh or Falkirk.
  7. Don't know what the crack with Nobles is, only time I was there they let me in the yard but as everything was so jammed packed together I couldn't get what I needed... Stacks 3 & 4 high and 12 inches if yer lucky to get between them. My Vectra got collected by Car Take Back by Nobles, I guess they aren't interested in breaking now, just crushing..?? Went to UPI instead for parts, job jobbed.
  8. gearoil


    East Fortune Air Show this Saturday the 27th... http://www.nms.ac.uk/our_museums/museum_of_flight/whats_on/airshow/stars_of_the_show/air_display.aspx
  9. That's lovely. I'll bet polishing that of a weekend is very enjoyable day indeed, bronze and chrome look great together. I'd be grinning ear to ear
  11. Ah yes, the summer hol in pursuit of yer nat king lol...
  12. I put a wanted ad on Gumtree and within about 4 days had a farmer rang me to ask if I'd found somewhere. I did state for hobby use, the guy who ended up in the shed next door was a spray painter and his rent was a lot more than mine...
  13. Keep an eye out for the Holden HSV thingy sat on Crewe Road North in Pilton, been sat a while now which makes me think the owner is either banned or something expensive has gone pop... Craigentinny has a fair bit of chod too, there was one place with 3 Minis and a 2.9 GLS Sierra which I never did get around to sticking a note through the door enquiring about...
  14. Wonder how long the blue Mini has left, it's super crispy in the front end and the gaffa and cooper bonnet are recent additions ( I work just along the road from it )
  15. That's the spirit Dave...
  16. Good stuff. My mate is on his 2nd, the first clocked up 268k before alternator, turbo then HGF within two weeks sent it over the bridge ...
  17. £9 out which is bloody good guess, although Garycox was only £75 out. PM me your address Gearoil and I'll pop your winnings into the post for you mate. Crikey, I ruddy well won...!! That's a bloody stupid price. Wonder what he really wanted for it..? Anyhoo, winning gushing acceptance speech thus: I'd like to thank my parents for bringing me home in a Landcrab 35 years ago, my brothers mate Gudge for letting me hang around with them and go round the town centre at breakneck speeds in his Avenger, my Dad's mate Shug for teaching me to swear,Trigger and Autoshite for this opportunity to shine, and finally the makers of Vise Grips & Bradex. Thank you all.
  18. Renners just not agreeing with him...
  19. £8991 worth of leaf sprung nonsense and not a guinea more I wager thee good Sir. I used to like all things old and Ford, but there are so many other cars to try for much more sensible money.
  20. Mate of mine ran a couple of 1.5 Kangoo's, last one hit 170k with no problems - other than 3 rear beams... But that was purely his own fault.
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