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  1. It's nice to know London - which most of these are from, this year - isn't totally devoid of interesting vehicles - though still a crying shame how many have gone since ULEZ.
  2. Very sadly, most of the interesting Romanian cars I used to enjoy seeing are long, long gone - even the R12-shaped Dacias are really hard to see these days. This was from a week or so spent there and admittedly I was in pretty well-off cities, but the pickings were slim indeed. I did enjoy the lash-ed up Merc hearse thought, and the old Rover (rotting on that driveway for at least the past 30 years) should be a protected monument by now.
  3. This weird little thing - which I saw in Iasi, northern Romania, at the start of this month, was totally new to me: I thought it was a recent Lada but turns out it's actually a Chery Jaggi - not a 70s stripper but a dinky bug-eyed little Chinese supermini.
  4. Have some properly rare Streetview Dacias, plus a few other things...
  5. London's two remaining Saab 90s. This was in 2013 but we replicated the photo the other week.
  6. This is gently rotting round the corner from me and it's a crying shame. Lovely things
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/404526650936?hash=item5e2faad638:g:zjkAAOSwc4xk4NYj - this is surely a bargain? Especially in manual
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/404526785480?hash=item5e2face3c8:g:TukAAOSw4dtlGZfw Christ I'm going to have some horrible dreams
  9. Yep. Definitely played Granny or Glasto a few times - is the battered hatchback doing 60 in the slow lane carrying Sid and Doris to the garden centre, or Hugo and Arabella on a comedown?
  10. Yep. Ultimately with 1.2 million Poles in the UK there will be some with the nostalgia _and_ the cash. It'll make good coin and has been well advertised,
  11. UK Embassy in Bucharest, 1958. All familiar stuff apart from the vans, which look like Austins - are they?
  12. Friday Polo on the M4: Polo crammed full of impossibly happy 20 year olds with signet rings and the sort of genetics that imply generations of right life choices. Inside filthy and full of clobber, tennis rackets, cartridges etc. Sticker on the back saying "Exeter - probably the best university in the world" aping the Carlsberg logo. On the way to someone's country house for a festival / shoot. Next car will be a Golf, then an Audi A6 estate or a Discovery. For bonus points, there's a yellow SMTC badge attached shonkily to the grille.
  13. Drove past me in Putney yesterday, megaphone blaring out. Raised a smile. Also thought N-reg is late for one of these as that was Vectra territory...
  14. https://auctions.savills.co.uk/component/bidding/1-march-2023-112/55-sutton-lane-south-chiswick-london-w4-3jr-5730 - I went to have a look at this the other day and lo and behold there was a Saab 96 in the remains of the garage...
  15. Opel tried to flog their models here in the 50s and 60s - but must have been very few sold. Interestingly* London seems to have had a fair few of the more unusual foreign makes. Here's an Olympia Caravan. German makes also had a crack in the UK in the late 30s - a friend's great uncle was the Auto Union dealer in London and till a few years ago the family had an original 1938 DKW in the garage. DKWs were the most popular, I think, but hardly made an impact and then other events got in the way.
  16. This 1938 Opel, with extended bootlid, was in regular "normal" use till a couple of years ago in rural Romania. There's a rebodied Willys Jeep from 1942 which was also going strong till recently - and quite a few prewar cars made it into the 90s. One guy bought a BMW 327 new before the war and kept it till 2005, having fled with it to West Germany in the late 60s. Stayed with a French family a few years ago who were still using Land Rovers they'd bought new in the 50s. I've kept the Saab 90 for 17 years and it was 20 years old when I got it...
  17. Taken over the last 12 months... Chelsea Notting Hell Lovely Rati in Queens Park No idea what this is but Renault based? Visible Fiesta infulence Decent old Beemer in Fulham This was my #2 shite spot of the year And this, in Fulham, number one. I love the patina. Volvo was a daily driver - and worker Moving to SW1 now and this OAP-driven Yugo Finally, two rural detours, one Oxford with a late registration madness (Polish built I think) and a gloriously crumbling P6 in rural Wiltshire Not sure what it is about the upmarket postcodes, but people sure tend to hang on to their tat! One car I didn't manage to get a picture of is something really special - a Ford Taunus 26M RS, Dagenham-converted to RHD, old H reg, sat for 15 years but kept running and tested, in magnificently shabby Berlin-cab-beige. Completely shagged condition. On Carnwath Road SW6 if anybody's keen to take a look.
  18. On the following pages I'll whack a selection of the best things I've seen over in Romania...
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