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  1. You had me with the first image. 1989 was when I moved into Ipswich, so this exactly what I'd have been seeing back then. Wonder if the Granada estate ended its days at Foxhall Raceway? Apparently it made it to 1995.
  2. At pretty much the exact moment @bunglebus was purchasing that Majorette horsebox, I found myself one here: Complete with lady singing accompanied by mechanical accordion, it was very French. The horse has bolted. RR at least had its ladder and is the best of the three. Majorette Monte Carlo is a bit chunky. Seller also had a Mercedes which I already have and rather battered examples of Golf Mk1 and Escort Mk3/4 which I left behind. He managed to keep his cigarette going throughout the whole exchange. Drew a blank at a couple of other sales. At one it rained and everyone packed-up or covered their stock, and the last was at a spooky derelict chateau where it was only really the owner selling off some stuff.
  3. I've been finding Renault 21s to be surprisingly numerous, possibly even more so than Laguna Mk1s. Just one 605 and no 25s yet though.....
  4. In recent years I've favoured Revell enamels to Humbrol (although I do still have some aged pots of the latter which I use every so often). A lot of people have gone over to acrylics, but I don't like brush painting with them.
  5. I'll see if I can pick up another one.
  6. An interesting selection of Japanese stuff there, particularly this Toyota. Always a bit of a rarity here, I think there is at least one other saloon in the UK and there used to be a coupe: Last saloon I recall seeing was in a scrapyard back in the mid-late '90s:
  7. I stopped at a used car place in Caussade yesterday as they had a tidy older Mercedes S-Class lined-up with the modern bilge (and a Hyundai Sonata!). My eye was caught by a 2003 406, apparently a 1.7 petrol Comfort Pack with just under 100k kms on the clock. Admittedly quite tidy-looking, it was up for 4,490 Euros.
  8. Still haven't found a French supermarket with as much as the Belgian stores above, certainly no 1:18s. There were a few 1:43 bBuragos, but I don't find them very appealing. Got these at a Super U yesterday: The Majorette Celica is nice and I'll keep that one. The ambulance (or Bureau de Poste van purchased the other day) was bought with @Split_Pin in mind, and if only we knew of someone who liked custom diecast Beetles - can you think of anyone @bunglebus?....... This seems to be the full range of 12: https://matchbox.fandom.com/wiki/Stars_of_France_(2021) A slightly random assortment, the one I'd like to find is the DS.
  9. This Micra has since been scrapped, it's now in the yard where @greengartside also found the Mazda 929. The L-reg Camry saloon has also been sold by its long-term owner, he did offer it to me but I'd moved by that time and had got rid off all my Camry stuff. No tax or MoT showing on it so I don't know if it's been properly scrapped or exported. An attempt was made by @YugoLada to save the V-reg Mazda 121, but the garage had already already loaded it up with scrap so that one is now no more. After that sad start, I'll move onwards with this year's holiday finds. It'll take a while and won't be complete yet as I'm still in France at the moment - who knows what else I'll find?...... M25 spot. Anything seen on the way down to Newhaven counts, this was it for a busy Friday evening. First French sighting. Whenever I see a Traction Avant I think of an old article I read in something like Road & Track, where a chap used one in an attempt to set a long distance driving record. I don't know if he was successful and as I recall the article ended on a slightly sad note. I need to unearth it. Compare and contrast '90s Japanese people carriers. By this time we'd got to Tours and were heading across country between autoroutes, so there was much more chance of seeing interesting stuff. Also caught sight of a Mk1 Espace, for example. Driving straight through a town rather than around the ring road paid off when I found this charming 4CV. I had a somewhat one-sided chat with the owner as my French is pretty poor, but he seemed pleased that I liked it and showed me the super-clean engine bay. This stern-looking couple followed us through the same town. The first of many. As other AS people in France have noted, most now seem to be in rather smart condition rather than everyday hacks. The same cannot be said of 21s. Still a surprising number of them in use, mostly the 5-door hatchback, but most looking somewhat time-worn. These were seen in the same village. The batch above were all seen in/around a garage, where they also had...... Ding-ding ding-ding ding-ding! As I tediously mentioned to several people at FOTU the previous Saturday, finding the Holy Trinity of Renault 30, Peugeot 604 and Citroen CX is my aim whenever visiting France. As yet I haven't managed the other two but I remain optimistic.... I'd seen this place on Google Maps, a couple of fields full of old military vehicles. Apparently they're Simca Marmons, part of a project to recondition/remanufacture them for use in North Africa and presumably other places needing transport in challenging terrain. More here: https://actu.indre.cci.fr/entreprises/rbh-industrie-constructeur-eco-industriel and here https://business.lesechos.fr/entrepreneurs/idees-de-business/0603487330124-rbh-industrie-la-pme-du-berry-qui-reve-de-faire-revivre-les-camions-sumb-339083.php The fields were also home to goats who seemed quite excited to see some visitors. Back on the autoroute. I presume that at least some of this load belonged to holidaymakers whose trip hadn't ended so well, whether through mechanical FTP or accident. A salutory reminder to take care out there. Obligatory tatty 205 at the supermarket, an XRD in this case. First (and so far only) 4. Previously I've got to the point where I don't photograph all those I've seen, as they've been sufficiently commonplace not to keep getting excited about, but that certainly isn't the case this year. Classic brown colour on this mid-period Visa. A few C15s still to be seen, photos to come. French division of the SVM, beng enthusiastically driven. As mentioned in the Grin thread there's a hillclimb on this road next Monday, looking forward to that. Good to see a few Supercinq 5s still in everyday use (there will be more here). This tidy example is a GTR Saga, which seems like an amusing juxtaposition. More to follow, another day.
  10. How many AS members are now rattling around France? Hopefully we're all safely clear of the fire at Bordeaux.
  11. Lord Sterling's Belgian finds put my efforts in France to shame - I need to get to more large supermarkets!
  12. I've seen a couple of them in the UK, both on Polish plates:
  13. Same where I am down in Tarn-et-Garonne (82), apparently no rain for four weeks and there's a hosepipe ban. I thought the really high temperatures were over, but it looks like we'll continue with mid-high 30s. Great to see the stock car photos, would love to find something like that. Looks like there was an original 5 and 104 amongst the '90s bilge. Perhaps a Honda Concerto too?
  14. Do you want me to get you one? Can't make any promises but I'll keep my eyes open for more....
  15. It's Monday morning, I would usually be at w*rk, but instead I'm sitting here editing my first couple of days of French holiday photos: Having not been for three years (and there was a moment an hour or two before we left that I thought we might not make it this year, so I'm massively grateful we're finally here) I was concerned that older stuff would have thinned out, but my fears seem to have been unfounded. A small selection, there'll be lots more to follow on Spotted's Spottings in due course. I was looking forward to the cross-country trek between autoroutes, hoping to find everyday stuff like this. Whoa! Was part of a stash of interesting stuff at a rural garage, and a significant tick on the Renault numbers bingo score card (with a couple of the other more difficult numbers already marked-off too). Pretty much every supermarket we've stopped at has a well-worn 205 parked-up. On a sunny Sunday at a town busy with the weekly market, I suspect it was enthusiast-owned, but still great to see. Got overtaken by a speeding Volvo estate. In a week's time they're closing this road up out of town and there's a hillclimb taking place, looks like there should be some interesting stuff taking part and there's also going to be some sort of historic car parade before the competitive event. The annual exhibition of old agricultural machinery had a few cars in attendance, they were later joined by a Mehari and Renault Dauphin. The local farmers and machinery enthusiasts enjoyed operating mildly dangerous-looking equipment: Long arms required to achieve full steering on this contraption. It went around the block a few times and was like something out of Father Ted (the early episode where they're at an utterly miserable funfair). More to come in the usual place at some point soon.
  16. Holiday purchase #1: The choice was limited, at least in the supermarket I found them yesterday. Others were strangely un-French, stuff like Fiat 500 and some sort of small Jeep/Fiat SUV. They were 2 Euros each. Is this Kangoo Express available in the UK Matchbox range? Also saw some 1:43 Norevs at 6-7 Euros a go, will wait until I get to a shop with a bit more range before I spend my pocket money on them. I'm here for most of another two weeks so there should be opportunity to find something interesting.
  17. Do like that J-reg Mk3 Cortina. We found it strangely difficult (well, impossible) to buy a pork pie in Melton Mowbray when we wanted to take one back as an edible souvenir for Master SL.
  18. You're doing well with the stuff you're seeing, no CXs/GSAs for me yet. But I'm only on my second day in France.....
  19. It was, and sorry we didn't catch up with each other! Next year?....
  20. Nope, I still haven't found one yet. The local Tesco has scaled back its space for HW/MBX, with just pegs (or whatever they're called) rather than room for a whole box. 95% of what was on there was that wretched luggage carrier thing. There was a reasonably fresh box of HW in Morrisons, but I didn't notice the Civic, I'll watch out for that one. Any purchases I make from now over the next couple of weeks will be in France, fingers crossed I'll be reporting back soon with bountiful tales of Majorette acquisitions......
  21. Rather nice Lamborghini seen recently:
  22. Good luck for the rest of your trip! Things can surely only get better after a start like that? In a few days I'll be following in your wheel tracks as far as Rouen at least, also having used the Newhaven-Dieppe crossing, but then continuing to head south.
  23. I didn't, but there was a point at the end of the day when it was being lined-up with the Horizon and Solaras so somewhere there'll be a group shot. As to be imagined, it wasn't the quietest affair....
  24. I certainly noticed that salmon pink RAV4 too, it had a slight metallic/pearl effect. The W-reg Renault 12 was intriguing, surely well into 18 sales by that time and not far off the launch of the 9? 1981 registration too, must have been sold with a healthy discount. A little selection from me: Our time in the queue, with one or two familiar cars already evident. Chap in the old Lancia behind us seemed to be having issues, at one point it wouldn't restart so my kids jumped out to push but he managed to get it going again after much churning over. I ended up parked behind this, conveniently next to the driveway. Great to see on the Suffolk plate as my dad had a Giulietta registered VGV 272X and I've seen others in this series. Compare and contrast. I liked this. A lot. Don't know if that's the owner giving me a look. Steph doing one of her interview things. I got collared too and probably made a complete fool of myself. The other Sapporo's interior, amazing. Chap at the back looks deep in thought. I suspect that the red sleeve guy has asked him if he's ever seen a cooler wheel design, and he's trying hard to think of anything. Ratdat's Daihatsu must have generated more interest per cc than anything else. This was like some sort of royal procession. Wonderful to see. The driveway passing up through the middle made for some good photo opportunities. The Mazda trim did eventually end up with a grateful recipient (Alpus on Flickr). There seemed to be a variety of reactions to this six-pot Landcrab. Guess what car wore this? Initially I didn't notice it. A scene that might have confronted a visitor to a Datsun showroom in 1980/81. Turns out the wonderful Cherry belongs to a chap I've known for a long time. It had the more restrained shades of beige interior, rather than the violent blue or maroon also available. When I had my hatchback version as a first car in 1988 I'd have loved to add the 4-spoke wheel and dash with rev-counter. Miss SL gave the Daihatsu her seal of approval. It really was an amazing thing and certainly rewarded lengthy study, lots of clever touches and despite it being very small an owner wouldn't have felt they were being deprived. I fitted into it quite happily, the pedals were a long way up-front and incredible to think there was an engine up there too. Stylish badging. My favourite part of the day, just hanging out with long-time (and newer) car friends. We left at about 6.30. Saw this oddity in Stamford on the way home. P.S. Did anyone attend in a P-reg 850 saloon, or know someone who's got one in/around Bury? I got acknowledged by one on the A14 as we headed home. P.P.S. Got a nod of approval on the way up there from a guy on a pony and trap, complete with car rear seat from him to sit on.
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