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  1. I have these, but I'm still missing the Pipe Truck version from MIB Superfast collection:
  2. Have you ever only filled your car up to half or three quarters of a tank because it leaks through a hole in the top if filled to the brim? Or relied on always opening the car from the passenger side because the driver's side lock has failed? At least the Camry has central locking, it was a bit more awkward on a much older Datsun.
  3. Great to see another series of updates, very enjoyable reading.
  4. Blue car is a Polistil Datsun Violet, roughly 1:24 scale. There's a smaller version of it they did as well. Cardboard road layout is either Roadmaker or Roadways - I have one of each, to replace the set I had as a kid. I liked the scale of it for Superfast/Juniors stuff. When I was young I also had a thicker, narrower card roadway set, possibly made by TW. It was a bit narrow and the bends too tight, like the card road pieces that go with Hypercity. By concidence, the only Roadmaker set I can find on eBay contains some of the pieces of the other set: https://www.ebay.co.uk/
  5. A friend had a 1.3 back in the '90s, it was pretty economical.
  6. Very interesting to see all those Majo-Kit sets in the Diapet catalogue. I have just the one boxed set: I also bought a random assortment from someone on here a few years ago. It's nice stuff. Tomica's Hypercity was like a modern rendition of it.
  7. As the owner of a small, RWD, 2-door Datsun, fingers crossed.
  8. With glue I often put it onto a separate surface then pick up what I need with a cocktail stick, a bent paperclip or an offcut of sprue material. The latter also come in useful for stirring pots of paint. I don't use a lot of poly cement any more, preferring superglue (or PVA for clear parts).
  9. Thanks. Black (actually dark grey/anthracite) brush-painted enamel, without masking if possible. That easier when it's on a dark-coloured car, there's a bit of margin for error...... Chrome done with Bare Metal Foil, which looks good but takes a bit of patience. Some people use Molotow silver marker pen. In the past I used brush-painted silver enamel, but the Humbrol #11 I favoured 25-odd years ago doesn't have the shine it used to. Well done on getting the Honda done.
  10. Another of the Tamiya buids completed: Three down, two more to go to finish this set of replacements.
  11. I had that set, the helicopter, boat and trailer have disappeared over the years.
  12. Nice one, a heck of a buy for that money!
  13. I think the Bluebird trip was later in 2008 when we collected the Laurel from Datman's down at East Grinstead, not a million miles from the Accord in Crawley.
  14. A cold, school night collection mission in January - didn't we use my first Camry estate? Mine was a bit cheaper though, £265 with MoT (maybe tax too, back in those heady, long-gone days).
  15. To be honest, I really can't think of anything specific. Have you looked at the MoT history of it online, there's nothing too scary there. It'd be good if the cam belt and water pump have been done relatively recently. Try and get feel if the the wheels all rotate freely, to make sure you haven't got a sticky caliper somewhere. My Sport had a bit of rot in the door from a former accident repair, otherwise this generation doesn't seem to rust much. I used mine on several trackdays, it acquitted itself remarkably well: Like I say, you need to own one for a while to get
  16. Hmmm, what to say?! I've had a 2.2 Sport version of this generation, and four of the previous-gen including three 2.2s (one of which I still have on the road, I used it just yesterday). I've had one or another on the road for most of the last 14 years (sometimes several at the same time). Parts are expensive when they're needed, but it's a 1990s Toyota so you shouldn't need them that often. Get half-decent parts by Blueprint or the like if you can. I imagine it would be possible to get some parts from the USA, but I've always managed to work something out here so far. Brake cali
  17. Already tapping out a reply
  18. That is one of my favourite kits, nicely detailed and it goes together very well. Here's mine from 25+ years ago: Had a good weekend working on the Skyline saloon: Main thing now is the foil trim around the windows, then final assembly. Black trim and bumper painwtwork was done by hand with a brush, no masking tape. There's a family thing with shaky hands, but doesn't seem to be affecting me much yet, just had to be grateful for my new varifocals......
  19. Bonus Rancho on the artwork behind it, did they keep it going until then?
  20. I daren't start buying them on eBay, or even browsing. I look forward to the day when I can get to a toy fair again and see if this is the case there. Finished another kit at the weekend: It was another of the batch that went a bit Dali on me. Managed to grab a few minutes up on the flat roof to get some shots in daylight with the others I finished last weekend.
  21. Great to see continuing progress and that your thorough, methodical approach is still there, you're not rushing to get it finished.
  22. Took them to a car show and left them on my dashboard on a sunny day
  23. Another day, another completed kit: With the original version that it's replacing: Snap-fix assembly with basic detail, but still spent some time and effort on detailing it and getting the paintwork done to the best of my ability. The other four replacement kits in this series are still moving along nicely, should get another one or two done this month.
  24. I'll go for the Renault 5 and wheels if I may. Please send me a PM with your payment details.
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