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  1. At 600 pages I decided it wasnt so New any more. So its now the News 24 Thread, not to be confused with the other News 24 Thread that isnt called that any more anyway.
  2. B&Q sell perspex sheet, its cheap. But shit for windows. Honestly, all the windows at my place of work are perspex and have gone that funny cloudy yellow that you can no longer see through.
  3. 3 Wheeler version or 4? 1959 Berkeley B95 - four wheeler 1953 Bond MkC - three wheeler Had umpteen Berks (4xT60, 1xSE328, 1xB95) C15 pickups are more common than you think - almost every C15 Romahome (built in IOW) is based on a pick up. I thought the T60 was a 3 wheeler?
  4. I love these cars, my first was a white 1300 (VTC 263H). Really do love em. But by the gods, they rust for fun. I dont envy you at all.
  5. W T rubbery buggery F is going on here?
  6. Arr, that be a nice little motor and no mistake.
  7. Land Rover, probably a Defender 90 but Im not averse to a Series 3. Why? Well anything lower down with my hip and knee will be an utter bastard to get out of at the other end of wherever Im going to, and I figure the Landy will be better for "parking by Braille" type driving as my eyesight fades.
  8. Billy - rub the Deep Heat on your ring piece - I guarantee you will completely forget all about your back ache and be able to run faster too.
  9. Bastard buggering NMC want to start charging me £120 a year (from the £76 I currently pay) to work as a nurse and index link it to inflation so they can dry bum rape me even more each year. Move the fuck out of ~Portland Place and ooop north, if its costing too much to hold court there you bastards
  10. I love AD016's in a big way. Something like that would give me cold sweats just thinking about it, but it has to be said the metal work can be fixorated if the rest of the meckanikery bits are good.
  11. Good grief, I have a load of Bond Brochures from dads, I also have a copy of Nick Wotherspoons book which is going for stupid money on Amazon these days, but as its full of pictures and hand written notes by dad about Bond I dont think I'll be parting with it anytime. In fact some of the notes I transcribed and sent to Nick for his next book....
  12. Kids getting under your feet whilst you clean that engine in the kitchen sink? No more....
  13. Here is my dilemma. I have a caravan that I leave sited for most of the year. Up until recently I have used a 3 mobile 3g dongle plumbed into an Edimax wi-fi router running an external 9Dbi aerial to improve the (already) poor signal. Now 3 have gone and cut the power to the transmitter for some unknown reason (its been like this for 2 months now) and internet is non existent. When it will connect it drops out after about a minute. Like all camp sites this one is in the arse end of nowhere and in a lovely dip surrounded by trees. Mobile phone coverage wise Orange is about the best of the bunch, but even then only on 2G, not on 3G. There is a WiFi network on the camp site, but I can only get 1 bar signal at the back of the caravan (where my kids bed is) and not at the front. So wondering if I can capitalise on this I started looking at wi-fi aerial boosters - and got very confused very quickly. Ideally I would like to utilise the signal from the camp sites wi-fi network and feed it into my own wireless router to create my own caravan wifi (so the kids on their ipods can do what they do, and both me and the missus can sit there in the evening tapping away and occasionally saying "what did you say?" to each other.... Realistically Im not sure if thats possible without a helluva lot of arsing about and hardware. So can anyone recommend either an omnidirectional or directional aerial booster that I could set up and run a cable to the one lap top via a USB?
  14. K11. I really shouldnt have bought this car. But at the time it was too good to turn down. Sub £1000, fresh MOT, one giffer owner from new, FNSH, incredibly low miles (20K), last one I owned did over 45 MPG and it was small and red.... So I bought it.... Now Im financially stuck where because its so bloody reliable I cant afford to replace it with anything else that is likely to be as reliable. & know that if I do replace it the moment ANYTHING at all goes wrong with the replacement the wife will be moaning at me " you shouldnt have got rid of the little red Micra should you...." Its soooooo boring though. Father Ted could never decide which little red K11 to take to work....
  15. Is "consumed a sausage" being used as some sort of euphemism here, like "playing the pink oboe", or are we really just talking about bangers & mash for tea? http://www.networks.nhs.uk/editors-blog
  16. Its a little known factoid that over 70% of unexplained motoring accidents involve insects distracting drivers. Interestingly over 50% of people attending A&E have consumed a sausage within the last 72 hours too.
  17. Its the oil in peanut butter that acts as a restorative and adds sheen, but its not permanent or long lasting, nor does it get rid of nasty marks (it hides them). You can get the same effect with a WD40 soaked rag. I have some dubious white marks on the door vynil of the wifes car that I can hide for a while with WD40 & rag, but they re-appear after a few weeks.
  18. You see this is where the electric car thing falls down for me. I dont even spend £40/ month on petrol.
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