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  1. Astra went today, had a bit of interest at a couple of hundred quid but I started it up the other day and it was smoking like a bastard for some reason. Couldn’t be bothered to try selling it like that and nobody was rushing to buy it anyway so I scrapped it in the end. The passenger seat lives on as a computer chair though; it’s really comfortable. This means the driveway is empty, so we can get the Dolomite back on it and start attempting to fix it (again).
  2. Also, please still let me know if you come across any others, a spare or two would be handy!
  3. Hooray! Only minor damage that won’t be very noticeable when it’s back on. Now, how do I secure these so it doesn’t happen again? There are no holes in them for cable ties or similar.
  4. Contact established - seems like a nice guy, and I’m getting it back 🙂 Thanks again to Greengartside (and Trigger) for spotting this and bringing it to my attention!
  5. Shit that is mine! I can’t get the link to work though, anyone know his username or have a method of getting in touch? Thanks GG!
  6. I have a lead on a wheel trim via the VX4/90 club - the only one available is scruffy (and quite expensive!) though so I’m still on the lookout for a better one. It wasn’t a cheap car so I’m willing to give fair money for a good one if anyone spies one. In happier news, I finally managed to take my aunt and cousin for a drive in it the other day (before the wheel trim incident). My cousin was about 10 when it was laid up and neither had been in it since about 1975... they loved it despite the weather (and slight reluctance to start!) and hopefully we can go out in it properly somewhere in the summer 🙂
  7. Dolomite’s still here, awaiting drive space and motivation. Gonna scrap the Astra in the new year and then I can get the Dolomite on the drive. One of the previous owners had Rostyles on the Ventora, and the tyres have been changed at some point, so it’s not been on there the whole time. I laid awake for ages last night stressing about where I’m gonna get another wheel trim from, I feel really bad for losing it... hope one turns up soon!
  8. Took the Ventora for a drive today and managed to lose a wheel trim ☹️ Really annoyed as it looks shit with one missing - if anyone sees one for sale please let me know! Quite keen to replace it ASAP but I expect I’ll be looking for a while...
  9. I will if I can find something cheap that looks good, works and will fit (it needs to be quite “short” as there’s not much space behind - hence this is a radio/MP3 only thing as a CD/tape player won’t fit) It does deserve something more period; it’s not top of the list but I’ll keep an eye out.
  10. Yes an FD/FE shootout would be good! Be great to get them together at some point. That would’ve been my Dad, I would have been there too (aged 11)... Thanks all, the weather was nice today so we took it for a short run. It’s a bit stressful as I’m so protective of it, but it’s a lovely thing.
  11. I’ve not been on here much lately; I’ve moved house, gained a dog, have a longer commute to work and life’s sort of got in the way. Good to be back though! At the start of the year I had my trusty Mondeo, the Mk3 Astra convertible that came to SF18, my Mini that’s still asleep in my parents’ garage and the Simca, which is stored at a friend’s and I haven’t seen for ages. I moved house in April (after already moving in January 🙄) and needed a sensible commuting car, as we need two working cars between us and a garage quoted silly money to weld the Astra. So I bought Sigmund Fraud’s Dolomite 1300. That was great for 3 months and 2,000 miles but has developed annoying issues as detailed elsewhere. [I was going to insert an image here, but I have absolutely no idea how to do it on this new mobile site - so seemingly they’ll have to come at the end!] The arrival of two more cars means I now have five at home and I feel bad about taking up all of the parking outside the house. I also need money to repay the price of my latest arrival so it’s for sale, along with the Astra and, once they’ve gone, the Simca. With the Dolomite out of action, despite my best efforts, another daily was needed. My friend has always wanted a Saab, and last week I spotted a 900 convertible on Gumtree. It was very cheap, because the roof doesn’t work. Still useable as a coupe though, it had a new MOT and had been quite well looked after. It’s only a 2.0 NA “S”, so is quite a low spec, but still has leather (but not heated) and a trip computery thing etc. We bought it from the quite elderly second owner, who’d done only about 2,000 miles in the 8 years he’d had it. We had to change the starter motor immediately, due to user error (not by me!) - the spring in the ignition barrel has gone so you need to turn it back from ‘Start’ to ‘On’ once started or the motor runs continually. After being driven home with the starter on most of the way, it was dead. Replacement wasn’t as difficult as expected though. Other than that, we’ve given it a clean (the roof was horrible!), replaced the broken stereo, and repainted the screen surround and wheel trims. Just needs new badges and it’ll look quite smart! May attempt to fix the roof (or at least try to get rid of the CHECK LATCHES warning from the dashboard) at some point. Now, I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my ultimate “first thing I’d buy if I had some money” car is an FD Ventora that used to be my dad’s. A history lesson: In March 1972, my uncle (Dad’s brother-in-law) bought WPA 506G, a 4-year old Vauxhall Ventora. He had a company car so only used it for family holidays and was keeping it nice for his retirement, which would be about 20 years later. He stopped using it at all in 1976, but kept under dust sheets in his garage. He died in 1989, before retirement and in 1992 my Dad bought the car from his sister. It had 18,000 miles at the time. I was 6 then, and we had it until I was 13. I loved being driven about in it, it was super cool and nobody else had one. I was devastated when it was sold, because we were moving house and would no longer have the garage. Since then I’ve attempted to keep an eye out for it and vowed to get it back one day. I last saw it in about 2008 though and, other than periodically checking it was still “taxed” etc, I’ve had no idea if its whereabouts. About six weeks ago, a picture of it cropped up on a Facebook group, still looking great. From there I got in touch with the current owner and arranged to meet him at a show so I could take some pictures and have a sit in it, but that, disappointingly, got cancelled. A couple of weeks later, he messaged me to say he fancied something else and was thinking of selling. My heart sank. I didn’t want anyone else to have it, but I have no money at all and the asking price was way out of reach. All I could do was politely decline and ask him to pass my details to the new owner. It was advertised within FD circles but, quite unsurprisingly, most either didn’t have the money or already had one. But he did receive one offer of the full asking price. He’d sold this guy a very nice original Victor 3.3 estate previously and was saddened when he put a V8 in and messed about with it. He’d been circling for a while and said he “already had an engine to go in the white one”. He didn’t want to sell it to him. I didn’t want him to either. But it would be a quick easy sale and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. He even offered me it for £1,000 less, but that’s not much help when you have very little. But I couldn’t get it out of my head. I had to save it. After explaining the situation to family, I was offered a loan for the reduced asking price. Should I? Of course I should. So, after modifying the shelving in my rented garage that I’m not allowed to modify, I collected it today. I still can’t believe it’s mine. It’s had about 4 owners since my Dad, and the mileage has doubled, to 45,000. It’s still 95% original but now has an upgraded water pump and radiator and a better carburettor (that cost nearly £500). A stainless exhaust and new tyres too, and it’s been meticulously maintained. The guy I bought it from absolutely loved it and his enthusiasm was very reassuring. The receipts prove he’s not making money on the car. Faults are limited to a stuck fuel sender making the gauge always read full, and I’d put the ugly cheapo seatbelts in that category too as they’ve inexplicably replaced the nice light grey Britax originals, that weren’t passed on a couple of owners ago. Replacements need to be sourced. Considering its age and originality, and that it’s been through a few owners since I lost touch with it, the condition is still fantastic. A small amount of barely noticeable lacquer peel in one area is about the only deterioration I can find, apart from what was already there 20 years ago. Yes, it uses a ridiculous amount of fuel. Yes, it handles like a cruise ship. Yes, I’ll be scared to use it or leave it anywhere out of sight. But I don’t care. It’s mine. And I’m keeping it.
  12. We fitted a heat shield as suggested by a couple of other Dolomite 1300 owners, and simultaneously the clutch decided to go on strike, so now that needs fixing before it can be test driven 🙄 Frankly, I’ve lost patience with this now. I’ve spent a load in train fares because we need more than one working car, and yesterday I bought a Saab. Another imminent purchase means I need money and space, so this, the Astra and the Simca need to go. I’d like to fix this so it goes in a driveable state but motivation is pretty low right now so, if anyone fancies it as-is, let me know.
  13. Not much, there was some “stuff” in there but less than expected. Anyway, all refitted with a new rubber pipe and it’s EXACTY THE BASTARD SAME. in addition, the clutch is now playing up again and it’s near impossible to get in any gear when stationary. AARGH This car is costing me an awful lot in train fares.
  14. We changed the condenser and it made no difference. Crap in the tank is the next thing to eliminate, so the tank’s out and currently drying in the garden after being flushed out as best I could. The short bit of rubber pipe joining the tank to the main metal pipe was knackered so that can’t have been helping. Question: when I removed (cut in half) that pipe, should fuel have freely flowed out of the tank or does it have some sort of thing that makes it not do that? Because it didn’t.
  15. Long shot, but we’re pretty desperate... We’ve been let down at the last minute by someone who was supposed to be doing the work my Mondeo needs for an MOT this weekend - sill welding and airbag light on. So with the Dolomite out of action too we now have zero vehicles that are working and road legal, and can’t get to work! Needs to be done ASAP, we’re in Hayward’s Heath. Any help or suggestions appreciated!
  16. There’s a new clear in-line filter before the pump which is full and clear, and the pump is new. I’m convinced it fuelling related rather than electrical but most people are more knowledgeable than me so open to any suggestions! It must be something relatively minor but it’s doing my head in (and has already cost a days pay so far through being unable to get to work!)
  17. FUUUUCK So, we’ve now changed all of the above plus the condenser, rotor arm and plugs. Seemed like it was working but has got as far as Cuckfield (from Hayward’s Heath) and has died again. Exactly the same problem. It’s now being towed home by a friendly man who was passing on a tractor. AAARGH!!
  18. Might have to make do with whatever I can find locally tomorrow - but then will track down a decent one ASAP.
  19. SiC - I’ve just replaced the pump and no change... no idea what condenser’s on it but will change that too if I can pick one up tomorrow
  20. Wuv - it’s significant; not quite “engine off” but not far from it. TB - I’m crap at carbs so haven’t fiddled with it; if it’s foolproof to check it’s worth a look I guess though; the float bowl’s definitely clear but I’ve not opened the “main bit”. Petrol cap off’s a free check at least...
  21. The float moves freely and fuel seems to be getting to the carb okay (there’s not much en route that isn’t new!) Condenser seems a popular suggestion; will probably try that next..,
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